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Subject: Little Andre – Chapter 1 Please donate to at fty/ if you can, to help keep this wonderful site available for everyone to enjoy. Thanks. This story depicts a sexual relationship between an underage boy and an adult man. If this content offends you or is illegal to view where you are from, do not continue reading. This story is a work of fiction. It is meant as pure fantasy. I do not condone any sexual act with children. There isn’t a lot of action in this first chapter. It’s meant to set the tone and introduce the main characters. But I can assure you it will get hot and heavy moving forward. Little Andre — Chapter 1 My name is Neil. To tell you a little about myself, I recently turned 18. I’m 6’1″, 140 lbs., blond hair, blue eyes, and very pale white skin. I definitely look like a cliché nerd. Scrawny, thick glasses, shy demeanor. I got accepted to a prestigious tech school right out of high school. Since it was quite a distance from my parents and they didn’t have any dorms, so I would have to find an apartment or room to rent. I don’t come from money and don’t have a job just yet, so I needed to find a cheap place that was close to the school. I found one. Cheap enough that my parents even agreed to pay my rent until I found a job. It seemed odd that it was such a low price for an entire basement rental with a bedroom, living space, and bathroom. The owner of the house, Ms. Owens, lived there with her 11yo son. When we all talked on the phone, she was nice and said she was looking forward me staying there. We pull up to where I would be living. The neighborhood is nice. Upper middle class for sure. The house is two stories, pretty good sized, I’d say at least 4 bedrooms, not including the basement. Amazing that Ms. Owens lived here with just her son. My dad starts getting my stuff out of the trunk. He hands me my duffle bag, while he grabs my heavy suitcase. I’ve always admired my dad for his strength. I’ve tried to lift weights and strengthen myself, but it just never seemed to happen. I also can’t seem to put on any weight. No matter how much I eat. We walk up to the house and my mom knocks on the door. After a brief moment, the door opens. It wasn’t Ms. Owens. It was her son. Now, I’ve known I was gay since I was around 9 or 10. I’ve snuck glances at the other boys my age in the locker room or at the pool. As I got into my late teens, I never looked at younger boys that way. That is, until now. The boy standing in front of me is beautiful. There is no other way to describe him. I didn’t realize before now that Ms. Owens and her son were black. The boy’s skin was dark and soft looking. He’s not overly tall. I’d guess him at around 4 and a half feet tall. Based on that, I’d guess him around 9 or 10. His body, surprisingly toned for his age. Wearing a really tight sleeveless shirt, you could see the slight muscle definition in his arms, chest, and even his stomach. He must play a lot of sports or something. The shorts he’s wearing were lose basketball short, but were just that. Short. I could see a good majority of his totally smooth legs. His hair in tight cornrows that go down just to the base of his neck. His lips were full and his smile… just wow. I could stare at this boy’s smile for hours. “Hi!” The boy almost yells. He holds out his hand towards my dad. “You must be Neil’s dad. I’m Andre.” My dad takes the boy’s hand and shakes it. I could see a look on my dad’s face that I didn’t see often. He was impressed. Andre was definitely a polite and well-mannered boy. At least on first introductions. Some kids change when they are around friends or just their parents or siblings. I guess I’ll probably find out with me spending most of time here. “Mom! There here!” He turns his head inside and hollers. A few moments later, Ms. Owens shows up at the door, “Oh, hi. Ya’ll made good time getting here. Welcome.” She opens the door the rest of the way, wrapping one arm around Andre and pulling him off to the side. I follow my parents in. Doing my best to not stare at the young boy. Ms. Owens shows us to the entrance of the basement. “Let’s get your bags downstairs and then we can head back upstairs for paperwork so your parents can be on their way,” Ms. Owens opens the door to the basement. “There is a lock on the inside of the basement door. This is the only entrance and the key is different than the rest of the house. That way you can have your privacy and lock it when you leave if you feel the need.” The stairs down to the basement are fairly steep. They lead down into a fully finished, fully furnished basement. The windows are small, but still provide a decent amount of natural lighting. They also have curtains. I will likely keep those istanbul travesti closed most of the time. I’m not exactly the most sun-friendly person. “As you can see,” Ms. Owens said as we reach the bottom of the steps, “the basement is fully furnished. A couch, chair, TV, and the bedroom has a queen-sized bed, dresser, and nightstand. The bathroom has a full vanity and a walk-in shower.” I’m astounded. All this for only $500 a month? Seems too good to be true. There’s got to be some catch. Some reason why no one seems to stay more than a few months. Hopefully, whatever it is, won’t be a problem for me. My dad and I take my bags to my new room and we all head back upstairs. Ms. Owens’ son trailing his mother. I was doing my best to avoid eye contact with the boy, but I’m pretty sure I caught him looking directly at me a couple times, that gorgeous smile still on his face. We all sit down at the dinner table that already has a few papers on it. Andre hops into the chair next to his mom. My parents sit on each side of me. “These are all boilerplate lease agreements,” Ms. Owens says, passing the papers to me, my dad leaning over to read them as well. “I don’t worry about an annual lease or anything like that. We just do month to month. Makes it easier for everyone.” After glancing over them, my dad nods. “Looks good, Ms. Owens,” he says. “Oh, hun, call me Janice,” she says. She puts a hand on her son’s head, “and this here is Andre.” “They know,” he says, that big smile on his face again. I can’t help but smile back while looking right at him. Janice hands me a pen and I sign the papers. My first place outside of home. It’s a little overwhelming. I’ve always been a pretty timid person. Not ever taking charge or being on my own with anything. I guess I’ll have to learn quick. “Alright,” Janice says picking up the papers, “ya’ll are set to go. Will you be staying around for a bit to help your son get settled in?” “No,” my dad says as he stands up from the table, reaching out to shake hands with Janice, “we do have to get going. This will be the first time we’ve had the house to ourselves in 18 years.” They shake hands, “Understandable. Ever since my husband passed, I take every opportunity I can to have people around. Sadly, it’s not often, but with Andre and now Neil around, this house will stay exciting.” I hug and say my goodbyes to my parents. Promising to stay in contact with them. As they drive off, the reality of the situation fully takes hold. I nearly have a panic attack, but keep it at bay. I’ve gotten quite good at that since it tends to happen often. Taking a few deep breaths, I close the front door of my new home and head downstairs to unpack. ============================================= I wake up in my new bed feeling rested. I slept far better than I expected. I get up and make my way to the bathroom to pee. As I’m about to leave the bathroom, I notice a full-sized mirror on the door. I stop and look at my naked body. I’m damn near skin and bones, I swear. My nearly hairless body and pale skin makes me look like a ghost. What little hair I do have is in my armpit and a patch of light blond pubes. I’ve only ever shaved my face four of five times. Even then, it wasn’t always necessary. I get back to my room and throw on some clothes. I tend to wear them baggy, not really by choice, but my long arms make it so I have to get them bigger. But it does help keep me from looking so frail. As I’m throwing on my shirt, I hear the door to the basement open and Andre yelling from the top of the stairs. “My mom wanted me to ask if you wanted to join us for breakfast.” I walk over to the stairs. As I look up, I see something that I was not prepared for. Andre was standing in the doorway in nothing but a pair of underwear. Not just any underwear. These things were tight briefs. Bright blue. Even from the bottom of the steps, I could tell there was absolutely zero bagginess in the legs. They clung to him like plastic wrap. “Sure,” I say, “that sounds great! Be right up.” Andre gives me a thumbs up and turns to head towards the kitchen. I can’t be sure, but as he turned, I’d swear I saw that the front of his briefs was sticking out way more than they should be. I shake the thought out of my head. That’s ridiculous. The kid can’t be more than 9 or 10. There’s no way he’s big enough to bulge out a pair of undies, even if they are crazy tight on him. I reach the kitchen and see Andre already sitting at the table, his mother at the stove. I can smell bacon and waffles. “Smells amazing, Ms. Owens. Sorry, Janice,” I say as I sit down across from Andre. “Thanks. It’s just about ready. Would you like some coffee or juice?” she asks. “Coffee istanbul travestileri would be great. No cream or sugar needed,” I reply. I look over at Andre. He’s sitting there, eyes glued to a phone. Probably playing some mobile game. I finally get a clear view of his bare chest. His muscle definition is much more than I originally thought. His pecs are perfectly defined and his abs, a solid 6 pack. Amazing. This boy must constantly be active. I’m finally able to pry my eyes off the young boy when Janice puts a plate of food down in front of me and set a mug of coffee next to it. “Here you go, hun,” she smiles. I’m pretty sure she didn’t notice me gawking at her son. “I gave you some extra bacon since it looks like you could use it.” I laugh. “Trust me. Many have tried. All have failed. I just can’t seem to put on any weight. I’ve always been this skinny.” “Plenty of my home cooking ought to fix that eventually. I don’t skimp out on the calories,” she says as she sets another plate down for Andre, giving him a glass of orange juice. “Though, you’d never guess it when you look at my son. That boy is constantly exercising or playing sports. Most people are completely stunned to see an 11-year-old with such muscle tone.” So, he’s 11. Older than I thought. He’s just a little short, I guess. But fuck, what an incredible little body. I loved staring at the football or soccer players in the locker rooms. The swimmers were actually the hottest. I can’t believe I’m looking at this 11-year-old boy the same way. His cute smile keeps him looking like a boy, but his body makes him look like a professional athlete. “He is quite fit,” I managed to take my eyes off him and look at his mother. She’s smiles as we make eye contact. “Maybe you boys could play some ball in the backyard.” “Sounds like fun,” I said. I’m not much for sports of any kind. But when I imagined him outside, no shirt on and sweating from playing, I couldn’t help but say I wanted to. “That would be awesome!” Andre was nearly bouncing in his chair. “I never have anyone to play with at home. None of the other guys that have lived downstairs ever wanted to.” “I’ve never really played any sports,” I told him. “So, you may need to teach me what to do.” “Okay,” he smiled big. So did his mother. “By the way, Janice, this breakfast is amazing.” It really was. The waffles were perfectly cooked and had a special flavor to them I just couldn’t quite place. The bacon was just the right amount of done. Not too crispy and not too soft. “No offense to my mom, but she’s never been the greatest cook.” “Thank you, Neil,” Janice said. “I used to work in a kitchen years ago. Learned a lot.” “Can I go play Xbox, mom?” Andre asks jumping up from his chair and empty plate. I finally get a close, full-frontal view of Andre’s underwear. They are just as tight as I thought. But what caught me completely off guard was the bulge in the front. It was huge. Maybe not for an adult. But for a boy of 11. A small boy of 11. The thing looked massive. Totally out of place. He didn’t try to hide it. Didn’t act like there was anything unusual about it. The boy was confident. That’s for sure. I wonder if he knows how big he really is. I’m not sure if he would be in a position to see or be seen by other boys his age. I know I didn’t. Wasn’t until I was 13 or 14, I think. He’ll sure as fuck know then. Andre wanders off into the living room. Janice reaches for my plate, but I grab it first, “let me help you with that. It’s the least I could do for giving me such a nice breakfast.” “You’re sweet,” she smiles. “Thank you.” I help Janice clean up and wash the dishes before I head back downstairs. I catch a glimpse of the back of Andre’s head as he sits on the couch playing video games. Looks like Call of Duty. That’s another thing the two of us could do together. His mom did seem to want him to be friends with me, not just have me around kind of thing. I don’t mind. He’s a sweet boy. At least so far. I start unpacking the rest of my things. I set my own Xbox up on the TV. A nice 80″ 4k TV. Not even the TV in my parent’s living room was this nice. As I think about it, I’m pretty sure that Janice’s husband must have left her with a whole lot of money. It would explain the nice house and the nice furniture. But, if that was the case, I wonder why she would want to rent out the basement. Especially for that cheap. It’s not like $500 a month could make that much of difference for her from what I’ve observed. As I’m getting the rest of my gaming accessories set up, my mind begins to wander to the image I saw. The bulge. That massive bulge on the small boy. I’m a virgin, but I still know that I’m a bottom. Watching travesti istanbul plenty of porn has helped me realize that. I love to see a cock. I love the big ones, especially. I can’t believe I’m thinking about this young boy’s cock, though. I try to push it away, but it’s not working. I can feel myself getting hard in my shorts. My hand instinctively goes to rub it. I let out a slight moan. I need to take care of this so I can focus on getting the rest of my stuff set up and put away. I head to my bedroom and close the door. I fully strip and lay on my bed. I grab my, now rock-hard cock in my hand. I’m not big. I know that. I’m a little over 5″ when hard. I was made fun of a few times in high school about it. But I don’t really care. It’s not like I have any intent on using it much outside of jerking off. I actually like that. Some of my favorite videos to watch are of a bottom with a small cock getting pounded by a big fat one. I grab my phone and was about to look up one before my mind went back to Andre. I can’t help myself. I put my phone down and lock the image of him in his super tight underwear into my head. It doesn’t take long before I am furiously stroking my cock and begin to unleash a massive load all over my stomach and chest. I might not have a big cock, but I cum a fuck load. I do my best to stifle my moans as shot after shot of cum cover me. After a few moments, my breathing begins to settle and I grab a towel to clean myself off with. Great, already a dirty towel. Glad I have a few. Once I’m fully wiped off, it dawns on me that I just jerked off and had one of the most intense orgasms of my life while thinking about an 11-year-old boy. A part of me feels guilty and little disgusted by it, but there’s still a huge part of me that wants it again. Even after my post-cum bliss, I can’t keep him out of my head. At least I’m sporting a noticeable erection anymore. I get dressed and head back out into the main room of the basement. I hear what sounds like footsteps going up the stairs, but it was faint. I walk over and look up and see nothing. Must have just been my imagination. With school not starting for another 2 weeks, I decide to just play some video games. I’m in the middle of my own match of Call of Duty when Andre jumps over the back of the couch and plops down right next to me. I nearly yell and end up getting killed in the game. “Sorry,” Andre says looking a little sad. “Don’t worry about it, little man,” I smile at him. He’s still in just his underwear. I don’t have time to get a good eye-full before I respawn. We sit together in silence while I continue the match. I did notice that he scooted slightly closer to me. Not touching me, but only a few inches from it. As the match ends, he jumps up and plants his knees into the couch and faces me. “Did you want to play something together?” he asks. He is still really close to me. I am using every ounce of my willpower to not look down. I slightly lick my lips without realizing it at first. “Um….” words escape me for a moment. “Uh… Yeah… Sure… What would you like to play?” “I don’t know,” he puts his hands on my shoulder to help keep himself balanced. “What all do you have?” “A lot. Here.” I hand him the controller so he can browse my extensive collection of video games. “Wow. You ain’t kidding. That is a lot.” Andre sits back onto his legs. The angle makes it so I can’t make out his front. Damn it again. “How about this?” It’s a 2-player co-op game. I’ve only ever played it by myself, but it supposed to be a lot better with someone else. Though it’s an “M” rated game. Not something an 11-year-old should be playing probably. Maybe she won’t have a problem. She lets him play Call of Duty after all. “Sounds like fun,” I say as I grab my other controller and we swap them. I load up the game and start a new campaign. After a few minutes of us playing, Andre moves his legs out from under him, sits back down and spreads his legs apart. One of them presses against mine but I pretend not to notice. While I am waiting for him to do something in the game, I look down. Holy fuck. There’s no way that’s all him. The bulge in his shorts is massive. A full adult sized cock must be in there. When put on such a small boy, it’s looks incredibly out of place. But it makes me instantly horny again. Damn it. I try to stealthily adjust myself to keep my cock that pales in comparison to this little boy, from showing through my shorts. Andre squirms in his seat a little. His leg slightly rubbing against mine. I’m lightly shaking. My breathing, heavy. That’s when he does it. He adjusts himself without any concern of me seeing or not. He takes a handful, which it certainly is for him, lifts it up a little, then to each side before letting go. I watch as it jiggles in the pouch of his underwear. Andre then pauses the game. Looks at me square in the eyes and says, “You like what you see?” Fuck… ============================================= End of Chapter 1

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