Little girl tries to wrestle her buff “Boss&q

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Little girl tries to wrestle her buff “Boss&qYour working hard as usual, but today you finished early.You call me to find out what I’m doing and where I’m at. I’m just leaving the gym and you want nothing more than to see me with my body tight and muslces hard. I hurry over to your place..Very pumped, crazy and full of energy. Stopping to pick a flower and put it behind my ear. I run to your door and knock. Your still wearing your nice blue shirt and tie, loosened a bit around your neck, black suit pants and belt. I have a little cute pink and white tank top on and comfy pants. Hair still a little wet and messy from my shower. You answer the door knowing it’s me and inside bursting with energy too. I smile and say Hi baby and jump on you literally wrapping my arms and legs around you. Your arms hugging me and feeling my body. Grabbing my ass. Big SMOOCHY SMOOCH. And you put me down. I walk away to get some water and you smack my ass..OOOO!! So we talk about this and that and how our day was but I’m so flirty I just can’t pay attention because I want you so bad and cant keep my hands off you…You grab my hips pulling me into you and stand there for a minute before you lean down and kiss my sweet lips. Your tonuge slips into my mouth and we play. Full of passionate energy you could cut the tension with a knife. Your tie comes off and then I unbutton your shirt only a little..Grabbing your belt and undo it, pulling it out of the loops.. I step back and smile all sweet and then smack your ass with it!! HAHA!! I laugh and you try to grab it from me..O NO!! I start to run away..You know the game and start to play. O but round and round the table.. HAHA!! I run to the bedroom. You come in and Im standing on the bed..belt in hand..Coming over to me you stand facing me looking up. Deep into my eyes. Fire burning through me..All sweet and serious we look at eachother. I take off my shirt but still holding your belt. Then all of a sudden you smile and grab my legs pulling me so I fall onto the bed. HAHA WHO’S GOT THE BELT NOW?! As you grab it out of my hands. O shit!! I’m trying to get away but your too strong. You turn me over and practically rip off my pants. Loving the blue thong I have on, it matches your shirt.. Kissing my low back and hip then biting my little ass.. Making me scream.. LITTLE GIRL YOUR GONNA GET IT NOW! and we both laugh..O REALLY??!! But before I finish you take your belt and slap my ass!! OOO it stings. Loosening your grip for a second I get to my knees and push on your chest so you fall on your side slightly on your back. My legs slide over your stomach and I sit on you..O sir your getting hard. I finally finsh unbuttoning your shirt and take it off. Pausing a moment klasbahis yeni giriş to bring my lips to yours and tease you biting your lip. You sit up with your arm around me and reverse the move so your on top. I wrap my legs around you and you thrust your hips into me I feel your hardness. You pin my hands and grab the belt wrapping it around my hands. Teasing me looking at me and kissing my neck and lips.. I get the belt loose and free my hands slipping from your grip and the belt. One hand I grab your wrist and turn my hips throwing one leg over your head and getting you in an armbar. YEAH RIGHT LITTLE GIRL!!..You wont have it and pull your arm out pushing my leg off and getting me on my side, kneeling over me and putting your weight on me you smack my ass again with your hand. Running your hand and fingers over my pussy while kissing my leg. I get up on my knees again and push your head down and get to your back. Sliding my arm around your neck for a sexy choke. Grabbing my hands to defend we fall back. Wrapping my legs around you from behind and hands grabbing and pulling in front. I pinch your nipple so it hurts a little and you whince in pain but it turns you on. You tighten your grip and put both of my hands into one of yours holding tight. Struggling I try to get away. Reaching behind you with your free hand you put it between my thighs. I act like it’s not turning me on but Im already wet.I squirm more trying to get my hand free but you rub my clit and you feel my panties wet. MMmm I start to moan and softly kiss the back of your neck and just under your ear.. Deciding to turn around so you are facing me and between my thighs..My bra comes off and your warm lips touch mine as we kiss. Grabbing my hands and pinning them above my head again you kiss my neck knowing it turns me on. My hips push into yours..Kissing soft then you bite my neck and my shoulder. Down to my breast and playfully licking and biting my hard nipples.. I still squirm and my body moves as an ocean wave into yours. arching my back.. O you love to make me squirm. Kissing down my stomach my abs tighten and then down to my hip and over my thong. My hands are free now and I grab your hand thats on my breast and wrap my legs around your shoulder and one across the back of your neck getting you in a triangle submission….O LITTLE GIRL I STILL HAVE ONE HAND FREE>>. So with your head between my thighs I squeeze and you reach up with your free hand.. grabbing my thong and pulling it to the side your tonuge touches my clit and you begin to lick my pussy. Tasting my wetness.. Im not letting you out of the triangle but thats ok. Your fingers touch me and you slide 2 into my tightness..OMG!! klasbahis giriş I’m so wet and as you lick my clit your spit drips down making me more wet. A little harder you push your fingers into me. Both breathing very heavy and making me moan softly. My legs loosen and you push my knees spreading my legs wide. I can’t take it. Grabbing your shoulders to pull you up to kiss me.. Slowly you come to my mouth.. I slide one leg under you so Im on the side of you. Pushing your shoulder so you turn to your back. Kissing your nipple and biting. Your chest sweaty and we are very aroused. Undoing your pants and we take them off as my hand touches you. Thoughts racing , heavy breathing. I stoke your hard cock as I let spit drip out of my mouth onto the tip.. Stoking up and down.. Your hands touching me and playing with my hair. Grabbing and pulling hard enough to make my mouth and lips touch you. Slowly I lick the tip of your hard cock. Swirling my tongue around and then down my mouth goes as your cock slides deeper into it. Sucking as I come up to the tip and back down. My tongue pushing against you as your deep in my mouth. Licking your balls as I stoke you with my hand and sucking as your cock is back in my mouth again.. You want to be inside me in a different way. As my legs slide off the edge of the bed you grab my hands. Trying to resist but you take more control. You move so your not under me and you grab and twist my wrist so my arm is behind me. Pulling so it hurts so good. I continue to resist and try to loosen your grip on me. You wont let me go. Smacking my perfect tight little ass. NAUGHTY LITTLE GIRL, I TOLD YOU YOUR BIG BOSS IS TOO STRONG FOR YOU,, ISNT THAT RIGHT?!! Twisting my arm more and harder.. Moaning in pain and pleasure. O YES SIR!! YOUR SO STRONG. Smacking my ass again making it sting. ARE YOU GONNA SIT ON YOUR BIG BOSS LITTLE GIRL?!!,.,OOO YES SIR!!.. GOOD!! Smacking my ass one more time and letting my arm free you lay back on the bed and pull my hips to you. Holding your cock as I sit on you and my wet pussy devours your cock. Grabbing my hips and pulling me all the way down. Up and down on your cock my pussy slides. grabbing my ass and hips pushing and pulling. .MORE and MORE up and down harder and harder. Your arms around me and pulling me down to you, Hands on the sides of my face, fingers through my hair and passionatly kissing me. All your energy into my mouth as my ass bounces and jiggles as I fuck your cock. Laying there you absorb the feeling of my pussy. Warm, wet and tight around your cock. As I kiss your neck you grab my ass and thrust your hips hard so your cock goes deeper in me. Slow and hard. Putting one hand on my low back and klasbahis güvenilirmi the other on the back of my neck pulling me down as I kiss your neck and you fuck me hard from the bottom. O BOSS YOUR SO BIG. Faster and faster. OOOOO BOSS YOUR GONNA MAKE ME SQUIRT!!.. O fuck.. yesss harder you thrust your big fucking cock in me.. IM GONNA SQUIRT BOSS!. …FUCKING SQUIRT ON MY COCK LITTLE GIRL!!…OOOO YEESSS!! You feel my juices start to gush out of me and down your balls. I sit up legs and body shaking.. squirting my cum all over your cock and chest. Gushing and you love it. Soaking your cock and the sheets. So wet and slippery… I WANNA FUCK YOU FROM BEHIND LITTLE GIRL YOUR GONNA GET THIS BIG COCK HOW YOU DESERVE IT!!…STAND UP!! I stand up and my pussy is still dripping.. Juices running down my legs..BEND OVER!!..I bend over the bed as you tell me to put my hands behind me.. BUT SIR??!!! FUCKIN DO IT LITTLE GIRLl!! I do and you grab my hands hard and pull them as I lay with my stomach and tits on the bed. My wet ass and pussy in the air..looking so tempting and sexy. Behind me you grab my wrists with one hand and the other pulls my hair. LOOK AT YOUR BOSS!! Turning my head enough to look into your eyes full of passionate fire. With a devilsh smile you say” LITTLE GIRL DO YOU WANT YOUR BIG HARD BOSS INSIDE YOU?” O YES SIR FUCK ME PLEEEEAAASE!!! I watch as your hard cock disappears into my tight little pussy..O Fuck.. I turn my head straight as you still have a handful of my hair. LOOK AT YOUR BOSS WHEN IM FUCKING YOU!! Grabbing my hair hard and spanking my ass. I turn to look at you and you pull hard on my wrists you still have a hold of. Staring deep into your eyes.. YOU LOVE MY PUSSY DONT YOU??!!.. YOUR FUCKIN RIGHT LITTLE GIRL!!!! Your hips pushing your cock deep in me. Sweat beading and dripping down your face and chest. Im sweating too. So fuckin hot. Harder you push you big dick inside my wet little fuck hole… YOU WANT YOUR BIG BOSS’s CUM LITTLE GIRL???!! as you grab my hands tighter…YES SIR I WANT YOUR CUM!! My pussy squirts again and tightens around you still inside me.. Letting my hands go YOUR gonna CUM. I turn around and on my knees my pussy still squirting and it dripping on the floor while I rub my clit my body is shaking. Stroking your cock in front of me.. OPEN YOUR MOUTH LITTLE GIRL IM GONNA CUM!!! Looking at you with my mouth open your cock pulses. My hand around yours and your hot cum shoots in my mouth and on my tits running out of my mouth and dripping down my stomach. My mouth touches your cock as your orgasm intensifies and shoots more cum in my sexy pretty mouth..Your knees are weak and my pussy drips while your hot white cum drips out of my mouth.. Back on the bed you lay and I take a sip of water. WIth it still in my mouth I kiss your hot muscled chest.. Cold water dripping out and onto your hot skin. You shiver and grab me, holding me tight as I lay on your chest. Breathing hard together smiling and sweaty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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