Little Pig Pt. 6

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Little Pig Pt. 6Lil Pig is still being a Lil Pig. Recently Lil Pig had a one on one that brought back memories of when he was young. the guy he was with was a big bear type. All he wanted to do was lay down & cuddle with Lil Pigs ass against his cock. What happened next reminded Lil Pig of a time he stayed the night at his friends and his friends Dad did the sex act same thing. Mr. Bear rubbed his cock up and down Lil Pigs crack several times. Thinking Mr. Bear was going to stick it in Lil Piggy’s ass, Lil Piggy scooted back some more. Only Mr. Bear started jacking off till he came on Lil Piggy’s butt. Then he rubbed his cum all over Lil Piggy’s cock and balls. So Lil Piggy just was about to get up when Mr. Bear said hold on we’re not done. He rolled Lil Piggy on his back, spread Piggy’s legs and started licking his cum from Piggy’s cock and balls. as well as suck Piggy’s cock. It was then that Piggy remembered his experience when he was younger. And seconds later Piggy came. How crazy is that? What are the odds of that?Lil Piggy still has his regulars and they’ve pretty much developed a schedule. Mr. Arm got moved. No one knows where. At first it was pretty sucky for Piggy because he spent a lot of home time with Mr. Arm. But a week later came a tall, dark, black guy who everyone knew to be hung. Did he play is all Piggy wanted to know. No one answered. Piggy knew the only way to find out if he was “hung” was to get him to play. So Piggy went to his cell to get the pictures he sells so he can see if the new guy wanted to buy some. As Piggy was walking towards his room one of his regulars that double penetrated Piggy’s ass, along with his celly (also the other double penetrator) said Piggy wasn’t ready for that. So Piggy stopped and asked what they meant avcilar escort by that. They both said almost at the same time “that guy has a Huge cock”. Piggy asked if he played around. Both said yes, but one said it takes a while for him to get going. But once he goes; he goes! With this new info in hand Piggy went to this mysterious Man’s room. He knew and started to introduce himself. Before he could say his name the new guy said, “I know who you are.” Piggy didn’t know what to say, but Mr. New Guy said come in. Piggy slowly entered and then said he had pictures for sale. Okay said the new guy, let’s see what you got. He motioned for Piggy to sit on the bed at his feet as he laid back to look. Piggy just sat there taking it the man with the sweats & tank top on, when suddenly he adjusted himself 9making Piggy drop his eyes towards his crotch). By now Piggy usually sees an erection start to form. Only this guy wasn’t getting hard. Piggy said what’s the matter; nothing in there you like/ And he responded with ” yeah there’s a lot” Without thought Piggy just blurts out, “then why aren’t you getting hard.” And he says it takes a while but you could help if you want. After all this talk about how huge he was Piggy said yeah I’ll help. What do you need me to do. And he said just suck my cock till it’s hard. Piggy pulled his sweats down once he lifted his ass and that’s when Piggy saw what everyone was talking about. And he wasn’t even hard!Piggy put the tip of his cock in his mouth and sucked it, then followed it with swirling his tongue around the head. Then putting as much as he could in his mouth, while he massaged his huge balls. Little by little he began getting hard, but it wasn’t fully erect. Licking the shaft on it’s side, top şirinevler escort and bottom & back in Piggy’s mouth. This went on for a good 30 minutes before Piggy could no longer get more then a couple of inches in h is mouth. This cock not only got fatter but longer too. One of the biggest Piggy has seen since he got here. Precum oozed out and it tasted sweet. Piggy looked up with his huge cock in his mouth & the new guy said” now I’m hard. There you have it 12 1/2 inches of horse meat. Now get naked and bend over. All Piggy thought was this was going to hurt…Still he got fully naked and bent over the desk. never having a cock this size Piggy just stayed still. Then Piggy looked back over his shoulder and saw the new guys spitting in his hand and stroking his cock. Mixing his pre-cum with spit. Then placing the tip at Piggy’s ass hole so oozing pre-cum can lube his hole. Then Piggy did his best to relax so it wouldn’t hurt. But Piggy still felt his invasion. It both hurt and felt good. The friction was unbelievable. There was no in & out method with this guy. It was a push straight ahead, at a snails pace. Piggy felt like he was being torn in two. Half way in he stopped. He started massaging Piggy’s but cheeks, and rubbing Piggy’s back and shoulders. Usually Piggy just fucks and it’s down. This guy was into it. It worked though because Piggy was able to relax and let this monster cock continue. Slowly, but surely Piggy pushed back as he pushed forward. As he did this he started feeling this monster in his stomach. Looking at the clock Piggy realized 15 minutes have passed since he took on this huge cock! Was he betting messed with? Piggy didn’t know. He just looked back at him and said ” I wanna feel your cum as deep as taksim escort you can get. “Fuck me hard! That was all it took and Piggy got fucked hard and fast. All you heard was him grunting and Piggy’s booty clapping. Looking at the clock still Piggy was timing him. Every so often Piggy looked over his shoulder to witness this cock going in and out of him. giving him a visual to go with the feeling. Right about 6 minutes in of this vigorous fucking he says he’s going to cum. Piggy just says, Yes! Cum in me, come as deep as you can! That’s it, give it to me. And then he pushed all the way forward, lifting Piggy off his feet, and sending a new pain throughout him.Followed by a feeling of warmness in his stomach. The pain still felt but going away. The twitch of his cock emptying out it’s load. And for the first time realizing Piggy’s ass was at the base & against his stomach. He pulled out & cum just spewed from Piggy’s ass & down his legs. Piggy started getting dressed, but still felt like a cock was in his ass. As he walked back to his room everyone could tell he was just fucked.For 3 days Piggy felt like a big fat cock was still in him. Not one to disappoint the fella Piggy still kept his schedule. Of course they all came, but Piggy was so stretched out still that It didn’t feel as good. In short Piggy was fucked senseless. But the energy behind it was awesome. His hands on Piggy’s waist as he pounding it from behind. The contrast of this thick dark pole going in and out. And the feeling of giving this man an orgasm! Awesome! Piggy hasn’t went back for seconds yet. The offer has been there but Piggy is choosing to play with him every so often. He only pitches and Piggy enjoys both. They usually come around though. It’s funny too because they all swear it’s their first time and to not tell anyone. Piggy knows best. The even funnier part is when Piggy goes to play with these guys. Everyone things Piggy is getting it when it’s actually Piggy giving it. Of course Piggy gets some too (Piggy ain’t no fool) I’ll tell you later on.

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