Lost and Found

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Jennifer woke up to the sound of the shower running. She rolled over to find Evan was not there. Through the steam in the bathroom she could see him standing there, running his hands over his body, occasionally giving his cock a jerk or two. She smiled to herself, both loving the man she watched, yet sadly as she thought about how stale their life had become.

They have been together 9 years, and she loved him as much today as the day the married. She knew without a doubt he loved her too. But their love life had become stale. It was inevitable, she thought to herself, she knew this day would eventually come. And she had noticed little changes in Evan as well, especially in their lovemaking. She had begun to notice that he didn’t get fully hard until his mind went elsewhere, she could see it in his eyes. First he was there with her, and then his eyes would get a glazed look to them. She didn’t know where his mind was, and she really didn’t care. All she cared was they were still with together, and if it took him to live a fantasy in his mind to get fully erect, that was okay by her. The orgasms she got were quite worth it. She knew she turned him on, he still wanted sex as much as she did, and they still loved each other. And honestly, lately she has been starting to do the same thing. If he only knew where her lust came from though, she was scared he would feel differently.

It started one day about two months ago. A new couple had moved in next door, about their same age. They had become friendly, eventually becoming friends. Carrie and Mike were a good looking couple, and she thought that maybe Evan’s fantasies were about Carrie, and she really wouldn’t blame him if they were. Although she didn’t know why, or even where they came from, her own new fantasies were also of Carrie.

This morning wasn’t any different from most others they had together. Evan usually woke up earlier than her, waking her by his humming in the shower. This morning Jennifer thought about it for a minute while she watched Evan give himself a dozen strong strokes as he soaped his body up. She thought back to the day she realized she could even have feelings for another woman.

It was about this same time of day, three days ago. She had gotten out of bed and went to look out the window. She glanced over at the neighbors and noticed Carrie also standing in the window looking out. She was dressed only in a robe that wasn’t tied shut. Jennifer couldn’t help but notice Carries full bosom and erect nipples. Her body was toned, and the hair around her pussy appeared to be trimmed in the shape of a heart.

Jennifer suddenly realized she couldn’t stop looking, wondering what it was she was feeling inside. She realized she had been touching her pussy and was startled to discover she was wet. She looked back over and saw Carrie bouncing her boobs up and down, as if to awaken them. Instead, Jennifer felt her stomach leap as if startled from a deep slumber. She slipped a finger inside herself and moaned softly. She heard the shower turn off, so she turned away from the window. Her body was shaking ever so slightly, her head spinning as she fought to understand what had just occurred.

Evan had his towel wrapped around his waist, but is didn’t do much to cover his hard cock. She looked at him and saw his eyes, they had that same far away look she had noticed him having during their last couple lovemaking sessions. Jennifer wondered if she should tell Evan of her latest discovery, after all they have always been open with each other about what they find sexy. But with the look in his eyes she knew he wouldn’t care. If he could even hear her, his mind was somewhere else.

Evan led Jennifer to the bed, pushed her down, climbed on top and slid his dick inside of her. Jennifer wrapped her legs around him and let him stroke it long and deep. She halfway wondered what was going on in his mind and wondered if he noticed how wet she already was. She glanced over at the window and thought of what she saw. The image in her head gave her orgasm more intense than she had in a very long time. Her legs tightened around his waist as she thrashed and moaned. She could feel him cum deep inside her, and just like that it was over.

Evan looked down on her, his eyes suddenly clear. “Wow” he said, “that was pretty intense.”

Jennifer smiled up at him and said “Good morning my love! It was good for me too! Now let me up so I can get in the shower and get ready for work. I have a long day ahead of me.”

That was two weeks ago, and Jennifer still smiled every time she thought of it. She still hadn’t mentioned anything to Evan, wasn’t sure she ever would. This was her own private little fantasy after all, did he really need to know? She figured if she didn’t ask what his was she wouldn’t have to reveal hers. Every day since, she has awoken and went to look out the window while Evan showered, hoping to see Carrie again. She could feel the heat between her legs growing with kartal escort each step she took toward the window. And every morning she was greeted with the same view, Carrie never let her down and was always there. Jennifer reached down and felt the wetness that was already there. She hadn’t even started for the window yet, but the heat she felt was intense.

Jennifer got up and started toward the window. She glanced at Evan still stroking himself in the shower and smiled. She did love him, and even loved watching him play with himself. But the heat in between her legs, the fire that burned in her stomach drew her toward the window once again. Jennifer pulled the curtain aside and looked out and saw Carrie there in her usual spot, however today she was without her usual robe. Jennifer stood there in shock and awe, seeing for the first time the full beauty that Carrie possessed. Carrie turned away for a minute, apparently saying something to Mike, and Jennifer saw how Carries light brown hair flowed down the middle of her back, and just how round and firm her ass was . Jennifer started rubbing her clit, not caring at all if Evan would get done with his shower or not. The heat had her, the fire in her belly was building like a volcano.

Carrie leaned over and touched her toes, her ass pressed lightly against the glass. She widened her stance and as she touched each foot her now exposed pussy left a wet streak on the otherwise clean glass. Carrie stood up and turned around, her hands spanking her ass as she turned. Her hands moved to the front of her body, and Jennifer could see Carrie put her hands between her legs and gave her pussy a little rub. Upwards her hands continued- to her belly, to her breasts. She cupped each one and jiggled them up and down. She then pinched her already hard nipples. They continued up until her hands were high in the air, as if to say “I surrender, come and get me.”

Jennifer wondered-did she know? Was she putting on a show for me? For the first time in many years Jennifer could feel herself cum by her own hand-and the sight of the goddess in the window. “God,” Jennifer thought, “if only I would ever have the courage to be with her, to experiment and see if she tastes as good as she looks.”

She heard the shower turned off behind her and turned as Evan came out. She couldn’t help but notice he was limp today-whatever had his mind obviously must have made him cum in the shower. She smiled to herself, as she thought well that’s only fair isn’t it? She gave him a quick kiss as she passed him on her way into the shower. She showered and dressed quickly, and they ate breakfast together.

“I am probably going to be late from work tonight, I have a big presentation tomorrow and I have to make sure I am prepared for it” Jennifer told Evan. She saw a glimmer light in his eye, and briefly wondered what was flashing through his mind. She remembered that same glimmer, that hungry look from when they were first together, and she allowed herself a brief smile.

Evan said he understood and not to worry. “Do what you have to do to knock it out of the park babe. I love you and know you will do awesome!” As they kissed goodbye, she wondered what that glimmer meant. She glanced at the window of their bedroom as she left and smiled. She could feel the heat once again, and knew she had her own glimmer. She patted him on the ass, gave his cock a grab, pull, and twist, and said she would see him later tonight.

At work, Jennifer worked quickly. Every so often she would take a break, and think about seeing Carrie that morning. She couldn’t help but rub her clit under her jeans. By five o’clock she couldn’t concentrate anymore and knew she needed a strong fucking to get her mind off Carrie. She decided to just take to pack everything up and head for home She would get Evan to fuck her, and then be clear headed enough to finish the presentation at home.

As she drove home, she unbuttoned her jeans and fingered herself, day dreaming of both Carrie and Evan’s hard cock. She pulled in the driveway and could barely contain herself as she carried everything in the house. She called out for Evan, but he didn’t answer. “That is strange,” Jennifer thought to herself, usually he is home by now. “Maybe he stopped for food somewhere since I was supposed to be late.”

Jennifer suddenly smiled, stripped off her clothes, and walked to the window. She knew she wouldn’t see Carrie there but unable to resist the urge to look. As Jennifer pulled the curtains she let out a gasp, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She almost forgot to breath as she took in the sight from Carrie and Mike’s bedroom.

What she saw was definitely not Carrie in the window. On the bed she saw Evan and Mike, naked, in a 69, sucking each other off! Instantly her hand went to her pussy and she moaned as she touched herself. Jennifer thought it was impossible to get any wetter until she saw Carrie enter the room, naked, holding a maltepe escort bayan dildo and rubbing her clit! All the blood rushed to Jennifer’s head along with the sudden realization of what that glimmer she had recognized in Evan’s eye was from-Mike!

What does this mean, she wondered? How did this happen? The thought crossed her mind, are both of us bisexual? How did we not know this before? But really, does it matter and who really cares? All she knew was she needed to be over there with them, this was her chance to do what she has been longing for weeks. To touch Carrie, to run her hands all over that gorgeous body. To taste Carrie, as she ran her tongue over every parts of her body. Jennifer ached with a desire, a lust, more stronger than she had ever known.

Jennifer grabbed a light sun dress and quickly threw it over her naked body. She didn’t worry about her bra and underwear, they wouldn’t stay on long anyhow. She ran out the door and over to Carrie and Mikes. She tried the back door and found it unlocked so she slipped inside. Quietly she moved toward the bedroom, excited what about what she would find, but not wanting to just rush in and ruin everything.

She heard Mike and Evan moaning and sucking on each other as she drew closer. Carrie kept saying “Yeah suck those dicks boys, I want to see some deep-throating going on there.” Jennifer stopped when she got to door of the bedroom. She peaked around the corner hoping she could see what was going on inside. She had a great view of Carrie sitting on a chair, her pussy buried deep on a dildo as she pinched both of her nipples and watched the guys. Jennifer reached down and started fingering herself under her dress. She glanced up and over to see Mike and Evan taking each other as deep as they could.

“You know Evan,” Carrie started saying, “I gave Jennifer a little show this morning, I know she saw me, I made sure of it. I love seeing your hot little wife naked, it really makes my morning! It makes Mike’s morning too because I have to have him fuck me or my pussy would ache all day. I would do anything to get to taste her, if only she would give me some kind of sign I would rush over there and lick her from head to toe!”

“MMMMMM, I don’t know if she ever will or not” Evan mumbled as he rolled on top of Mike. “It’s funny, she has never said anything to me about seeing you. I thought it was kind of funny how she suddenly loved the morning view- it has become as if she can’t wait to get to the window every morning. I was just glad for the distraction because I couldn’t help but stroke my cock thinking of Mike’s naked body swimming in the pool. I don’t know what she would do if she found out I am bisexual, we have talked about many things but not this. Hell, I didn’t even really know until I started getting erections just seeing Mike.”

Jennifer watched as Evan slipped out of the 69 and moved on top of Mike.He then grabbed Mike’s throbbing cock and started guiding it to his ass. Jennifer slipped off her dress as Evan slipped Mike inside him. Little by little, first the head, then the shaft. When Mike was finally all the way in Evan’s ass, Evan started riding Mike. “The day Mike caught me masturbating while watching him was the second best day of my life” Evan said.

Jennifer fingered herself as she watched Evan sliding up and down Mike’s long shaft. Finally Jennifer couldn’t stand it any longer. She walked into the room pinching both her nipples and walked right up to Carrie. She pulled Carries head into her pussy and said “Well good evening to everyone, now we all know about how we all feel. I have been wanting this for weeks now, but I didn’t have the nerve until tonight. I knew something was going on with you Evan but I didn’t know what until I got home tonight and looked through the window. I was hoping to see Carrie but instead I saw you and Mike blowing each other. This is all so hot, I wish we had discovered this sooner!”

Carrie looked up at her with a huge smile and said “My God you taste as good as you look!” Carrie grabbed Jennifer’s ass and pulled her pussy tight against her mouth, her tongue moving as fast as it could go as she rocked back and forth on the dildo still buried deep inside her. She gently sucked Jennifer’s clit into her mouth and gently started nibbling on it. She could feel Jennifer’s body start to shake, as the moans escaped her lips.

Jennifer grabbed Carrie’s hands and pushed her away. Pulling her up off the dildo Jennifer said. “Well now it’s my turn to find out about you. I have been wanting to taste you for at least two weeks now! Let’s get on the bed where I can explore every part of you!”

Jennifer pushed Carrie on the bed behind Mike and Evan. “Don’t mind us boys”, Jennifer said, ” just keep doing your own thing. We both love watching you two fuck, it’s really hot. Feel free to watch us if you want, but if you try to interrupt I am going to punch you in the balls!”.

Jennifer knelt down, escort pendik looking Carrie in the eyes. “I was really into watching you this morning. What you don’t know is I was masturbating over you, and for the first time in a very long time came to an orgasm by my own hand. You have the most exquisite body. I didn’t know I could ever get turned by seeing another woman, but from the first moment I saw you, you made me so hot and wet. And now I finally get to taste you.” Jennifer leaned down and put her head between Carries legs, her tongue reaching out to her clit. Flicking her tongue up and down, probing Carries pussy. “Oh my God I love this! I love this taste! It -you- are everything I ever could have imagined and more.”

Jennifer then reached up and started tweaking Carries nipples. Carrie cried out in ecstasy and started squeezing Jennifer’s head between her legs. Carrie reached down and massaged Jennifer’s head, while trying to pull it closer and closer to her pussy.

“My God this is heaven” Mike said. “Does it really get any better than this?”

Carrie watched as Mike pulled Evan’s cock in perfect rhythm with Evan sliding up and down his cock. Mike could see Carrie watching and smiled at her. “Love what you see don’t you? And now you have a play pal of your own!”

Carries eyes suddenly glazed over, she shuddered and started screaming as the orgasm took over her every nerve. Jennifer let out her own yelp as she licked faster and faster, trying to lick every ounce of cum she could get. Jennifer felt her chest tighten into a fear of not being able to get it all, she craved it so bad, her mouth hurt from the desire.

“Oh my God that is so fucking hot I am going to cum!” Mike yelled out. Evan started pumping faster, sliding up and down Mikes cock groaning.

“Cum deep in me, I want to feel your hot cum shooting deep in my ass. Come on Mike, deep! Fuck me, fuck me!”

Mike moaned loudly and pulled Evan down one final last time, his ass coming up off the bed to meet Evan at the pinnacle of deepness. Every muscle in his body was tight and he could feel the cum rising from his balls and through the shaft of his cock.

“Oh my God it is so fucking hot in me!” Evan yells out as Mikes body quivers under him, letting loose the cum that had building in him. Mike managed to continue to stroke Evan’s hard cock until the cum finally stopped pumping into Evan’s ass. Mike starts pulling Evan toward him, sliding his dick slowly out of Evan’s ass taking while taking Evan’s hard dick in his mouth. Evan mouth fucks Mike, while cum drips from his ass onto Mike’s stomach, making it slipperier for the ride.

Carrie pushes Jennifer over and says “now its my turn to taste your cum.” Carrie dives in on Jennifer’s pussy while it’s Jennifer’s turn to watch the guys.

“Oh my God” Jennifer moans, “I had no idea everything could be this good. Evan, you and Mike are so fucking hot, and oh my God Carrie my God!” All of Jennifer’s senses were tingling, her body on the edge. She could think of nothing but the joy of the moment, the sensation of the woman she had been dreaming about between her legs, her husband getting the ride of his life. She could feel the orgasm coming, could feel it swelling, almost to the point where she thought it would never explode. Just when she was near passing out, Evan yelled and she could see him exploding, cum shooting into Mike’s hungry mouth, Mikes tongue working furiously to capture every creamy bit of saltiness and she just let loose with the biggest orgasm she had ever had. For the first time ever, Jennifer squirted her cum, showering Carrie with her juices. Carrie cried out and dove her mouth to Jennifer’s pussy, trying to drink it all in, determined not to lose another drop. As they finished they all collapsed together on the bed as fits of laughter started in.

Evan rolled over and grabbed Jennifer in a tight hug. “I am sorry my love I didn’t tell you sooner, but I was scared of what you might think. We have talked about many different things in our sex life, but this never came up. Realizing I was attracted sexually to another guy was scary enough for me. I couldn’t figure out how to talk to you about it.”

“I know my love” Jennifer answered him, “and it’s okay. I was struggling myself with my feelings for Carrie. I noticed the look in your eyes, as if something else held your thoughts,but never dreamed it would be this! I never dreamed I would ever be attracted to a woman, but here I am now and I love it!”

Carrie and Mike gave each other knowing looks. “When we moved in next door to you two we had no idea this would happen” Mike said. “Carrie and I have been bisexual all our lives, in fact our parents pretty much arraigned for us to get together in the hopes it would cure us. Instead we found a love for each other that allows us to both have each other, and explore our true sexuality as well.”

Jennifer and Mike looked at each other, kissed, then looked over at Carrie and Mike. “You guys have brought something out in the both of us we didn’t know existed, but we now know does,” Jennifer said. “Now that its here, we can’t deny it. As long there is an openness between all of us, we are open to explore it even more. Now, how about round two?”

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