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LouisvilleWe visit Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. I bet the long shot and lost as usual. We head back to the hotel for dinner. We grab a bite to eat and you are looking so sexy. I wanted to jump you there but I restrained myself.  We head back to the room and before the door is closed you have my shirt off. We are kissing passionately. You start licking down my chest and nibbling my nipple. Your hands are on my ass pulling us close. I respond by grabbing your ass too. You keep licking and nibbling both nipples. It is driving me crazy.  We move to the bed. I remove your clothes slowly. First your top. Then your slacks. Then your bra. Then your thong. I take off my pants and underwear. Then you tell me to pull the chair up besides the bed and to sit in it. I do.You start rubbing your pussy and rolling your nipples. I want to touch you and start to get up but you said to sit. You lift your breast up to your mouth and lick and suck your nipple. I wanted to do that. I can see your fingers disappear in your pussy. You alternate rubbing your clit and fingering yourself. I am getting so hard. I start to rub myself and you said to stop. You love knowing you are making me hard.Just when you are about to cum you stop. You tell me to lie on the bed and you sit on my face reverse cowboy. Your knees pin my arms down. I lick your clit and put my tongue in you as far as I can. You lean over and start sucking me. You are grinding your pussy in my face. I’m sucking and licking. You lick my head and are stroking my dick with your hands. It feels like I’m going to explode. You grind harder the closer you are which also speeds your strokes. We cum together and your juices flow into my mouth. You swallow my cum. You turn around and kiss me and we can taste what pendik escort is in each other’ mouth. It is so erotic.  We fall asleep in each others arms knowing what will come later that night.I wake up. It is only 9 or so. I take the covers off us and look at your beautiful body. I start to harden slightly. I lean over and kiss you and your eyes open. I ask if you are up for the hot tub. You said you are so you put on your bikini and I put on my trunks. We grab a bottle of wine and glasses and head to the elevator. Luckily you walk in front of me and I stare at your ass the length of the hall.We get to the pool and it is empty. I pour some wine and we slip into the hot tub. The water is almost up to our necks – I’m thinking this might work perfectly. I hand you a glass and you have a sip or two. I lean over close to you and give you a kiss.  Your hand disappears underwater and is on my leg. You slide it up under my trunks and start rubbing my dick. It quickly hardens. My hand finds your breasts but your top is in the way. I reach behind you and unclasp it. I lift it so it is floating in the foam. I feel your perfect breasts. My finger finds your nipple and start to pull it. We continue to kiss. Your hand unties my trunks and you reach in from the top. You are stroking my cock.  My hand runs down your stomach. I reach inside your swimsuit. My fingers slide inside you. You kiss me harder. I’m reaching deep inside you but am slightly encumbered by your suit. I think this is going to have to come off. I slide it down and am able to finger you deeper and faster. Your breathing quickens but I don’t want you to cum this way. I want to be in you. I slide off my trunks. You sit on my lap and take me inside you. I have both hands on your breasts – massaging escort pendik and pulling your nipples. My right hand again slides down your stomach and finds your clit. I’m rubbing it while you are riding my cock. We start going faster and faster and I’m rubbing harder and harder. The water is splashing out of the hot tub. When I cum I feel your back arch and I know you are cumming too. I hold you tight in my arms and we somehow manage to get our suits back on. We dry off and finish the wine. As we are walking down the hall I stare at your ass knowing what is next.We get back to the room. I turn the shower on. We take each others suits off. Your breasts are glistening wet and inviting. I kiss you and you grab my dick. It responds accordingly. We get in the shower and both of our eyes go straight to the massaging shower head. And then look at the seat opposite it. I kiss you again. Our tongues meet. My hands are on your ass pulling you close.  You sit down and I adjust the head to the pulsating jets that I know you like. You lift your left leg and sit it on the seat. I aim the jets so that it is stimulating just the right spot. I go towards you and lean down and kiss you. Your right hand pulling your right nipple. I reach down and start on your left. I feel your left hand wraps around my ass pulling me close to you. Your mouth leaves mine and you start licking and sucking on my nipple. We are still pulling yours and the jets are stimulating your clit just right.  After a couple of orgasms I have another idea. You stand and turn around and spread your cheeks. I re-aim the jet on your ass. I sit down in front of you and you are leaning over just at the height to kiss me. Your fingers go back to your nipples and start pulling them. I reach pendik escort bayan forward and am able to finger you. You are stimulated in 5 places simultaneously. This orgasm doesn’t take long. Your tongue moves faster in my mouth as you get closer and closer. When your back arches I know you are really close and finger you harder. You cum and turn around and sit next to me on the seat. I kiss you again. I think we’ve had enough water for a while.We dry each other off. You spend lots of time in my crotch area and I’m getting hard again. I see your legs quivering a bit and think you need to rest them. I lead you to the bed. You lay on your back and I start kissing you again. My fingers are running through your hair. Sometimes gently pulling it. By your tongues reaction I can tell that you like it. I reach down and start massaging your breasts. Then I run my fingernails around your stomach. This drives you crazy.  I move down between your legs and run my fingernails up and down the inside of your thighs. You are raising and lowering your hips accordingly. My mouth finds your clit and my finger your ass. The jets stimulated it so much that my finger goes in easily. Then two. You are pressing your hips against my mouth. I’m licking and sucking your clit. I stop and lean forward and tell you that I want you badly. You kiss me and taste your juices in my mouth.I grab a pillow and place it under your ass. I lift your legs and put them on my shoulders. I enter your pussy just enough to lube my rock hard cock. I take it out and then slowly enter your ass. It feels so good. I’m slowly increasing the speed and going deeper and deeper. Your hand moves down and starts rubbing your clit. I reach down with both hands and pinch your nipples. I’m fucking your ass harder and harder.  You see the expression on my face change and start to rub your clit with more intensity. As you do your back arches and you cum just as I fill your ass. I lay next to you and kiss you. We fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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