Love in an Elevator

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I feel your hand suggestively brush the top of my ass as we board the elevator. Normally crowded, it’s fairly late at night, and by chance, it’s empty except for us. I shiver slightly in anticipation thinking of what to do when we finally get to our hotel room. Inwardly grinning, knowing you want the elevator’s ascension as much as I do, I lean back, grinding my ass against you. As the doors close, I hear you groan and I chuckle, visions of nakedness dancing in my head.

Your groan is a reprise when the elevator comes to a screeching halt between the third and fourth floors, but this time in frustration instead of arousal. I sigh loudly, and you slump against the side of the elevator, the antique-looking faded wallpaper crinkling slightly with your weight. Time appears to come to a standstill as we both think. I glance at you, you glance at me and eventually it becomes a tennis match of looks.

“We’re probably stuck here for awhile, might as well make the most of it,” I muse, grinning suddenly, a plan brewing in the back of my head. You look up from the floor where your frame had collapsed in frustration, sitting on the floor, knees bent, slightly cramped in the tiny elevator.

I smile and walk over, straddling you, my skirt rising, leaving the only layers of fabric between my pussy and your dick being your jeans and boxers and my thin pair of silk panties. I grin lightly, grinding down a bit. Your hands skim my waist and a moan clears your lips as I continue to move slowly over and over, repeating the motion of a slight almanbahis şikayet rocking, feeling you grow harder and harder.

“Damnit…” I hear you mutter, as you lean over and begin unbuttoning my shirt as I lick your neck.

Not purposefully, in dressing for the game prior, I had dressed for the occasion. The black knee high zip-up boots I had purchased to go along with the short pleated denim miniskirt I had bought on a whim, combined with the turquoise tank top, black lace button down shirt and black braided hemp thick choker, it strangely fit the situation. You dressed in a suit, which turned me on even more as I slowly undid your tie, and you began to peel off my top, revealing the tank top, which was also discarded quickly, revealing a blue silk bra, which caused another groan to be emitted, and was quickly added to the growing pile of clothing in the corner, revealing my breasts, which you then dipped your head and began to lick and suck on, causing me to gasp suddenly, and your clothes to come off even faster.

Both of us were completely topless when you suddenly let out a slight growl and began undressing me frantically. The heat between my legs elevated and you could feel my warmth against you and I began to get moist, my panties dampening.

The noises became louder as we continued discarding clothes, eventually me left only in my panties and you in your boxers. You grabbed my ass almost primally possessive, leaning over and nipping my ear as I continued grinding against you. A low chuckle erupts from almanbahis canlı casino your lips as you realize where this one is going.

I mutter something in French in your ear, your hand slipping in between my panties and my skin down to rub my clit as my hand reciprocates, sliding around your dick and beginning to stroke up and down a bit quicker. I moan, and eventually break away and lie on my back, almost begging for some type of relief.

A smile breaks across your face as you pull off my panties, tossing them aside, and sliding your jacket underneath my pelvis as so I don’t touch the cold elevator floor, and then you quickly ask me to bend my knees, gently nudging them apart, and dip your head beginning to lick my clit with slow even strokes, variating that with slightly darting your tongue inside, my moans growing louder and louder, as I whisper your name hoarsely, riding the wave all the way to the peak, where I grab your hair, pushing your head slightly down as you inwardly grin. I scream your name and OH GOD collapsing to the floor trembling slightly, with a sigh and heavy breathing following. The black jacket underneath me glistens slightly with my juices and you lean over kissing me deeply, and I taste myself on your lips. I chuckle and shove you down on the floor.

I quickly lean over, taking your penis deeply in my mouth, feeling you stiffen even more and grow in my mouth. Licking just the top ever so gently, I work down, eventually reaching the bottom of the shaft, which I flick with my tongue. almanbahis casino Licking back up, I then engulf you in my mouth, continuing this pattern until you feel about ready to burst.

“Enough!” you cry and reverse our position, me on bottom. I smile, as if knowing what you are going to do. But instead you roll me over, and guide me onto my hands and knees, hands holding onto my waist. You lean over and whisper into my ear “ready to try something new?” and I feel your dick against my ass. I chuckle and motion for you to wait a bit, then dip my hand down to my pussy, rub some of my juice on your dick then nod.

Slowly, with a rocking rhythmic motion, clasping my waist, one hand down at my pussy, stroking gently, you work it deep into my ass, my moans coming from both the naughtiness to me of what we are doing, to the sensations coursing between my backdoor and my clit, almost feeling like an electrical current passing between the two. You moan, feeling my muscles clench around you as I intentionally build up a rhythm, the tightness almost too much for you at first. Your thrusts become more rapid as we build up a steady rhythm and I loosen up a bit.

“God, that feels good,” you moan as I groan with my steadily growing orgasm.

I sigh almost and mutter “Jesus Christ this is amazing..” as the electricity coursing through my pelvis grows, almost feeling like a fire within. My heat enflames you as you feel the sensations of my spasming ass on your dick and my pussy on your hand, and it finally overwhelmes both of us as you come hard, almost screaming in pleasure, and my crashing orgasm results in an abundance of juice almost coating your hand.

Crashing down to the floor in a heap, we both smile at each other, and scramble for our clothes, just as the elevator screams back to life.

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