Lunchtime Hummers and New Trousers

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Lunchtime Hummers and New TrousersSo, it wasn’t like Lisa and I hated each other, but we just weren’t compatible in a relationship. We got our little cottage in the village we wanted. We were two minutes from everything on foot and loving where we lived….just not, each other. Lisa wanted everything to be Kath k**ston and nice. She’d cook my meals every day and do the laundry and fuss about the place. Looking back, it was a nice problem to have. At the time I missed my independence. Lisa was a pretty girl. Brunette and carrying a little extra weight but nothing that looked bad. She had cracking tits, easily as good as her Mum’s and she know how to dress well. There was a touch of class about how she dressed. In the end we split. She was angry. She was also depressed and needy and I didn’t get how to support her. I’d been there when her father died and this was a big thing for her. I was working in Winchester as an Estate Agent and i was good at it. It was 2007 and the market was buoyant. I was out-performing my manager and was recognised by management as an up and comer.I think it was a Wednesday lunchtime. It was warm and sunny and I was using my half hour for lunch to dash down to Next to buy some new trousers. I was appreciating the scenery and the blue sky when Lisa stopped right in front of me. I hadn’t seen her for months at this point and so asked how she was. She updated me on work and family and how she was feeling in the aftermath of her father’s passing. It had been about a year at that point and she was still very emotional. I made my bornova escort apologies saying I was off to buy trousers and only had 30 minutes for lunch and was saying goodbye and as a throw away comment I stated that if she wanted to come and help then that’d be fine. I walked down the hill without looking back and I had no idea whether or not she was following me. I arrived at the store and went straight upstairs to Menswear. I located the boring black, work acceptable trousers rack and began to browse for a 36L when Lisa arrived and stood there looking at me. She looked nice and her look was a little non-descript. She was just waiting. I grabbed two pairs of trousers at random. I think a pair of 32S and another of 32R, fully aware that they were the wrong size. There were no staff upstairs at that point and I went in to the changing cubicles and removed my shoes and trousers knowing there was nothing to try on, but also aware that Lisa was waiting outside the changing area.I shouted out to her that I had the wrong size. She came to the curtain to take the wrong sizes away and looked at the sizes that I had chosen. She looked at me like I was stupid and wandered off to get my right size. Lisa had studied at London College of Fashion and had improved my look whilst we were together and knew my right size. She returned quickly.I had been in the changing room with my cock in my hand and had a semi and evil thoughts in my head. She pulled the curtain open a little and I stuck my head out and still saw no staff, so I pulled escort bornova her in. She protested and I took the trousers from her, hung them up and closed the curtain. I then sat her on the little seat and turned to face her with my semi. The look on her face was a mix of anger, disbelief and confusion. Our sex life when together was non-existent. I had no interest in her at all but suddenly the game had changed and she didn’t want to give me anything….and that meant that I WANTED IT.She looked at my semi and started shaking her head. She had an angry frantic look on her face like as she spoke quietly and angrily that she wasn’t doing anything for me. I pulled my pants to the side and took out my cock, reached for the back of her head and stepped towards her. She tried to pull back and I shushed her, saying that if she wasn’t quiet we’d be caught. I then started slapping her face with my hardening cock. I was trying to laugh quietly and grinning like an idiot. I leaned down and quietly told her to stick out her tongue. Her response was wonderful. She set her face in the look of a sullen teenager and with a flash of utter disgust she stuck out her tongue with her lips FIRMLY closed around it. I was loving every single second of this and didn’t care that she was complying in the most difficult way. Fine by me…she was still doing it.I started slapping my cock on her tongue and rubbing it on the wetness of her tongue then rubbing the wetness on her cheeks. As she opened her mouth to protest I pushed my cock in it and told bornova escort bayan her she shouldn’t talk with her mouth full. It was the same kind of surrender moment I had with her Mum, all those months ago (see my other stories) after her Mum saw be beating one out. Lisa was sat there with my cock in her mouth, completely motionless and wrestling with her feelings. Each split second of indecision was literally delicious…until she started sucking and moving her head back and forth along my shaft. She looked up angrily at me as if to say she was doing it cos SHE wanted to suck some cock and I was not to enjoy myself. We were uninterrupted as she sat on that little seat, rocking back and forth with my cock firmly in her mouth. I watched her efforts in the mirror. It was the perfect setting for a hummer in so many ways. I leaned down at one stage and told her she was a Dirty Bitch. She didn’t disagree, she just shot me a glance and made a noise as if she didn’t care, she was fully absorbed in her current task. It didn’t take her long to finish her work and I withdrew my cock and looked her in the eye while I shot a few thick ropes of cum in to her mouth. She swallowed it like the Dirty Little Cock Whore she would become in the coming weeks and months. She looked up at me, proud of a job well done and I acted like I was a bit of a genius for getting what I did. Then I told her to get out because I had to try on a pair of trousers and head back to my office. She obediently left without another word. I bought my trousers and got on with my day.I had no idea what I started that day. Lisa became my Obedient Piece of Meat after that. I’ll fill you all in on further adventures at a later date. She’s happy in a gay relationship at the moment but that lost part of her, at the time, made her so wonderfully approval seeking and dirty.

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