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Taking her two index fingers Daphne slipped them into her mouth, pulling apart her cheeks before lowering her head onto the engorged prick in front of her. Sliding as much of the throbbing erection down her gullet as possible, she slobbered noisily upon Mr. Dickinson’s cock, for after all, she was a noisy slut. She felt him place his hands onto her shock of brunette curls, he being careful not to crumple her maid’s cap which sat tellingly on her head.

“Suck it, Daphne, God, suck it hard!” Mr. Dickinson groaned, leaning back in his plush, brown leather chair. He momentarily peered around him contentedly in his lavish study, thinking to himself what a lucky devil he really was. His shirt was unbuttoned and his pants unzipped; he stared hungrily upon the devastatingly gorgeous maid, her cheeks puffed, her red lips spread wide around his erection.

Daphne let him spill from her mouth, a slick trail of pre-cum and saliva dangling from her lips. Taking hold of the base of his cock she pulled hard upon him, using her tongue to tickle the tip of his circumcised, purple dome. Mr. Dickinson groaned approvingly.

“I love sucking your big cock!” Daphne breathed, sucking his glistening shaft back into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down in quick motions.

“Fuck,” Mr. Dickinson replied, his hips thrusting upward, his member disappearing in and out of Daphne’s wet mouth, “and I love you sucking me.” He saw her duck under him and felt her tongue dance delicately around his balls. “Nasty,” he commented, a devil-like grin stretched across his lips. And to think that he first objected to his wife’s insistence on a …

“I’ll give you ‘nasty'” she retorted, sucking on her index finger before slowly penetrating his asshole. Mr. Dickinson squirmed as her finger entered his anus; she was nasty. Daphne continued to lick and suck on his balls as she frigged his asshole, she being mindful not to hurt him with her fingernail. She gripped his engorged cock with her free hand and tugged enthusiastically on it; lesser men would have blown their loads all over her by now.

“Are you going to fuck me, Mr. Dickinson?” Daphne asked him, playfully. Her cunt throbbed with saturated anticipation. She slipped her finger from his ass and slid her hand between her legs to part her dripping slit, scooping a slick film of honey onto her fingertips which she then applied to her employer’s prick. Daphne then licked its length, savoring her pussy-cream off his fat rigid erection.

“Try and stop me,” he growled, his eyes devouring her shapely form which was poured into her clutching black and white uniform. Her melon-heavy breasts swelled precariously within the entrapping of a black corset, çankaya escort pink nipples threatening to burst free of the frilly rim. The smooth, warm globes were decorated with droplets of spit and pre-cum which glistened like awarded medals of a slut. As he pulled her to her feet he noticed that her thighs, wrapped in slinky black stockings with matching suspender straps were also splattered with the tell-tale splotches of her sucking..

Daphne unclipped and stepped out of the frilly dress, kicking it to one side. She now stood before him wearing naught but her figure-clenching corset, stockings and suspenders, which were attached to a lacy black belt that circled her hips. Taking hold of his erection Daphne climbed on top of her excited employer. Positioning her puffy, wet slit atop his bulbous dome, she slowly slid downward onto him, hissing as his girth filled her. As she settled down onto him his hands gripped her waist, fingers slipping beneath her suspenders to take hold of her hot flesh.

“Tight fucking slut,” he grunted, his hands slipping up her corset to grasp her slim waist. Mr. Dickinson pulled her forward so that her breasts swam before his face. His tongue lashed out at her supple flesh, tasting her perfume, desperately trying to root out her nipples which confoundedly hid from his touch. As he sought out her teats Daphne bounded on top of him, lifting then sinking her wet puss onto his cock in a determined, grinding motion. Mr. Dickinson slapped her left buttock with his open palm, stinging her. Daphne rolled her eyes back with pleasure, her mouth forming an ‘O’ which she then let go a series of high pitched squeals in rapid succession. It reminded him of a small dog, and it excited him.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck me!” Daphne moaned, bouncing wildly on the thrusting lap of Mr. Dickinson, who had now scooped her breasts from her corset and was gleefully playing with them. He tweaked her nipples between finger and thumb, and roughly too, pulling on the bullet-like teats as if they were made of rubber. Leaning into her thrashing body, Mr. Dickinson sucked on each nipple, feverishly rolling his tongue across them as he hungrily slurped on them with pursed lips. Letting his right hand fall underneath the jutting buttocks of his maid he sought out her asshole, fidgeting there before inserting the digit within. His thick finger was akin to a small cock, and Daphne groaned her approval.

“You like that?” he asked, breathing heavily, thrusting upward, his finger burying deeper into her ass.

“Fuck, yeah!” Daphne cried, now resting her hands on his shoulders. She fucked Mr. Dickinson with energized gusto, her stocking thighs landing escort çankaya upon his lap with a thud, thud, thud, flattening his trapped hand, his gorgeous cock throbbing wondrously within he tight, wet cunt.

“That’s it!” grunted Mr. Dickinson, “fuck that cock! Fuck that cock, you fucking slut!”

“Yeah,” Daphne cooed through closed eyes, “call me your little slut!”

“You nasty whore,” he continued, his finger slipping from her asshole to slap and then grip her buttock, “you fucking cock-hungry slut –“

“I’m coming!” Daphne exclaimed, for being the horny slut she was name-calling always toppled her over the edge. Her pussy squeezed her master’s fat prick as a cunt-spasm exploded within her, sending ripples of electric pleasure through her. Mr. Dickinson steadied her by holding tightly onto her waist, continuously jack-hammering his rigid erection into her climaxing puss, never letting up with the name-calling that turned her on so.

“Fuck, oh fuck,” Daphne moaned, her downward lunges easing off, she wanting to enjoy the after-glow sensation of her orgasm. Mr. Dickinson’s hands were everywhere; roaming across her nipple-sensitive breasts, tugging them pinching them, his palms open and kneading her melon-heavy globes.

“I want to fuck your ass,” Mr. Dickinson said, pulling her close to him to kiss her fully on her mouth. She sucked on his tongue before murmuring a ‘fuck, yeah’, the maid then lifting herself off his iron-hard prick. Finding her balance, Daphne sunk to her knees once more and, gripping his cock her hand licked the glistening shaft before sucking him into her mouth. Nothing tasted better than her own honey dripping from a fat cock.

Daphne rose to her feet and turned round, presenting her curvaceous rear to her master. With his erection bobbing in the air Mr. Dickinson climbed off his comfy-chair and fell to his knees, he then attacking Daphne’s wet slit with his tongue. Holding her hips the randy fellow lapped and lubed his maid’s asshole, driving his tongue deep into her succulent brown rose. Daphne moaned, resting her hands on her knees as she squirmed with her master’s tongue in her anus.

“Sit,” he commanded her, falling back into the chair, pulsating man-meat in hand. Taking hold of her buttocks Daphne backed into him, positioning her asshole above him, his bulbous dome nudging the entrance to her tight ass. She reached behind her to steady herself with his hands. Like this Daphne eased her asshole down onto him, a centimeter at a time. Mr. Dickinson remained motionless, resisting the urge to thrust upwards and impale her on his rigorous shaft.

“That’s it, baby,” Mr. Dickinson hissed, çankaya escort bayan as Daphne raised and lowered herself upon his prick. More and more of his cock slid slowly into her sucking asshole, saliva and sweat lubricating the tight passage.

“God, your cock is so big!” Daphne cried, throwing back her hair, her maid’s cap loosening, falling to one side of her head. Mr. Dickinson’s hands had reached around her and were now roughly kneading her breasts. His prick throbbed within her, was being squeezed like the jaws of a python, ye Gods; it wouldn’t be long now before he blew his load.

“Finger me,” Daphne begged him, Mr. Dickinson complying as one of his hands left her jutting breasts to fall between her thighs. His index finger sought out and found her clit, he now playing with the nipple-like button. Daphne’s hand joined his and together they brought her to her second climax of the afternoon, she shuddering on his lap, his cock twitching threateningly within her.

“You wanna come?” the maid asked him over her shoulder, though Mr. Dickinson thought she was telling him to come. He surely did, and badly.

“Make me come, make me come,” he groaned, now putty in her hands. Daphne climbed off him and turned on her knees to face his glistening, sticky erection. Taking handfuls of her thick mane she placed her hair behind her shoulders before lowering her head to swallow some of his twitching shaft. Daphne then gripped his cock and slipped it between her breasts, she leaning forward to accommodate his slippery prick.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck …” Mr. Dickinson groaned, the sensation overwhelming; warm, succulent, smooth flesh wrapped sumptuously around his unflinching cock, it was simply too much for one man to bear.

“Come on me, come on me!” Daphne cooed, taking his shaft in her hand and pulling frantically upon him, rubbing his mushroomed dome off her round breasts. As he squirmed and writhed in the chair, his eyes closing, face grimacing, Daphne recognized the signs and placed his twitching erection onto her outstretched tongue. She was immediately awarded with a deluge of hot, salty cum, it blasting from Mr. Dickinson’s pumping prick. She swallowed much of his climax, letting the rest of his oozing man-goo drip from her lucent lips.

“Oh baby …” he murmured contentedly, bleary-eyed, spent.

“Yummy,” the insatiable Daphne giggled, licking his tacky length, now softening between her fingers.

Just then the telephone rang, its insistent chiming intrusive. Mr. Dickinson struggled to locate it, the receiver tumbling on the desk before he bought it to his ear.

“Oh, hello darling,” he said, winking at Daphne. She licked her lips and sucked on a cum-coated finger. “Sure. Really? Ok, well, in that case, why don’t you stay at your mother’s for another week,” he suggested, Daphne then taking hold of his hand and teasingly sucking on one of his fingers. “The new maid is handling all of your duties beautifully!”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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