Making love with a friend

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Double Penetration

Making love with a friendIt was a winter afternoon in Arizona when I lost my virginity to a girl named Emma. At the time, we were merely k**s. I was 14 and she was 13. At the time, we had known eachother since I got into middle school. We even dated for a while until she moved to Maine. During that time we never made love. Now every once in a while she would let me touch her, but no sex of any kind and she had the most amazing body in the whole school. And since we were in the eighth grade she had the most amazing body in the entire class. Smooth curves. C sized breasts. Long, brown hair with brown eyes. She was what made all the guys drop their tongues to the floor and run to the end of their chains and start barkin’ like the horny dogs they were. Including me. I, too, long desired to ravish her body like an a****l. But I didn’t want to violate her by just asking her like a dick. And I thought she’d never sleep with me because she only saw me as a ‘friend’. Emma and I both lived a few miles away from eachother, so I couldn’t walk to her house. And it took only 15 minutes to get there. We both went to school together and the times we were together we kissed. The other k**s at the school didn’t know because we stayed away from each other during class and “around people” times. That day the Special Ed k**s were going to the Phoenix zoo. Emma and I both being in Spec Ed were a bit excited. I got out my moms car and went to the spot were we met in the morning. I got to our meeting spot and without saying a word, Emma got up from the ground and walked over to me and hugged me. But she did it in an intimate fashion. Her hands crept across my hips and slowly up my back, and gradually pressed her large breasts against my chest. That’s when I felt my dick getting harder by the second. I was beginning to get a little suspicious, but kept putting it off. And in her sly tone she said, “Hey, you!” “Uh… hey.” I replied. She held on for another ten, long, and akward seconds. And my dick just kept getting harder and my heart was pounding and racing. It may have been akward, but it was still hot as hell. She looked at me with her seductive smile once again. “So you ready to go to the zoo?” I asked her. She turned her and faced the ground and she whispered something. It took me a while to realize that what she just whispered was, “Not yet…”. But I thought she was just joking, but it never left my mind. She began walking along the edge of the sidewalk curb, canlı bahis and I watch her beautiful hips and ass sway with the rhythm of her footsteps. It made my heart sink. So I naturally followed her, as if I were under her spell, and I could not help myself but to be near her. She stopped and faced the Spec Ed group wich was a long alk away, then looked back over her shoulder at me and leaned forward and kissed me. “Meet me by the reptile place” she said.We walked away from each other and headed for the group. Getting on the bus and sat away from each other. Once we got to the zoo we had to be with partners and of course I had a anoying k** as mine. Once he and I finished looking at the a****ls he ran to the bathroom. I ran off once he went in so I could find Emma. She was sitting on the ground near the turtle tank. “Hey, you bord?” she said.”Uh, hi. Yeah I am a bit bord” I responded quietly. “I have to go to the bathroom. Will you walk with me?” she asked. I nodded and we went off to find the bathroom.We had at least 5 or 6 hours left before we had to leave. The bathroom was a long walk away. Once we got to it she looked around. “I don’t see anyone. Want to go in with me?” she asked. I made a face at her then asked “Why, can’t you go on by your self?” Emma looked around again and walked to the “family” bathroom. “This will do” she said to me. She opened the door to the bathroom, looked around again and then pulled me in.”See that switch over there? Turn it off” she was speaking of the light switch. And without any slight thought of disobedience I did what she told me to do. The room was pitch black. “Great. I can’t see.” I began inching my way toward the wall when I heard Emma fling something in front of me. I bent down to where I heard it land and felt it to find out what it was. I felt it up and down and found out was her tank-top. Shortly thereafter, I heard for things hit the bathroom floor. It was now becoming clear to me that she was taking her clothes off. This is what I had long waited for. In response, I began to strip naked as well. It was really dark in there and hard to see.I slowly walked forward until I felt a wall. Instead of moving around again, I just stood still in the dark because I couldn’t see where Emma was and I didn’t want to ruin my long desired wish by walking into her. I heard her come toward my direction, then I felt her hands on my waist. I stopped and stood there. It was then that it was inevitable that her and I were bahis siteleri going to take eachother’s virginity. My head moved in closer to hers until my nose touched her face, then I began to passionately kiss her. Her body pressed against mine and I could feel her nipples on my chest. And her legs wrapped themselves around my waist. I needed her. I had so much energy bottled up inside me for the past two years, and it needed to be released inside of her. We quickly began to French kiss, my tongue eating away inside her mouth. And I became bigger than ever. The head of my dick stroked her cunt to let her know that I would shortly penetrate. Emma stopped kissing me and whispered, “No. Not just yet. Let’s do a little more foreplay before we fuck.” and we continued Frenching. I couldn’t wait any longer. But I knew foreplay was better than nothing. So my hands went lower into the water until they reached her perfect ass. They opened her cheeks and my two index fingers gently stroked her hole. That’s when her breathing became uneven. She leaned back into my right arm. This meant that she wanted me to move my left hand around and pleasure her pussy. And this I did. We stopped kissing and my left hand swept to her vagina and I immediately felt a slimy lining of cum around her groin. My index and middle finger proceeded and dug in her. Her legs began to squirm and her hip moved up and down as she moaned. We did this for five minutes before I moved on to her breasts. I couldn’t see anything still.”Hopfully no one wants in” I said. Emma said back to me “Sucks for them”. I lifted her up with all my strength, pressed her against the wall with my front against her back. I massaged her breasts and rolled her nipples. She was then gasping and moaning. After five minutes, she told me she was ready. I turned her body around and leveled my shaft, and steadily made my first thrust into her. It was magic. I never felt something so intese for a girl as I did that moment. She sounded a loud inhale. “Are you alright?” I asked. “Never been better.” I heard her breathe. I gave her another kiss on the lips and continued pumping her. It felt good and we were both breathing hard.When we were seven minutes into it, she started gasping my name, “Kevin! Kevin! Oh, Kevin! Harder! Harder! Faster! Faster, please!” we were both about to cum, but I remembered that I wasn’t wearing protection. My parents wouldn’t let me buy condoms and I never felt the need to sneak out and buy them. güvenilir bahis I don’t know is I was old enough yet to get them anyway. So I pulled out of her warm, pulsing vagina and turned her around again, and pulled her up so that she was bending over. I raised myself on top of her with both our legs pressed together. I then whispered into her ear, “This may hurt a bit. But I love you so much that I’m going to start off slowly.” “I love you, too.” she whispered back over her shoulder. Her body began to shiver, and I knew she knew what I was about to do. So I lifted my right hand out of the water and held hers. “Are you ready, baby girl?” I asked. “I trust you, so yes… I am.” Her muscles relaxed, but she still shivered. I then took my dick and very slowly slid it in her asshole. When my head penetrated, she gave off a sharp and intense gasp, and she squeezed my hand very tightly. I slowly pushed it all the way in her. “Baby, I think it’s too big!” “Shh… just relax. I know it hurts, but it will get better. I promise.” I assured her even though I didn’t know. “Okay…” Emma replied. I pulled back slowly and pushed back in. I started off slow and as soon as I heard her moaning and gasping again I thrusted faster and harder. It wasn’t long before she began her orgasm. She was screaming with intense pleasure. And our bodies were sweating like crazy. I used me left hand to finger her pussy to add to her ecstacy. “Oh, God! Yes! Kevin! Kevin! Ugh! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh my! Yes! Ugh my ass!” her screams echoed off the walls of the bathroom. And with the last few thrusts, I shot about four shots of cum deep in her rectum. Neither of us could move. I remained in her because I was too weak. After two minutes we kissed softly with what energy we did have. The area smelled intoxicating. The air was thick with all sorts of unearthly scents. It was the smell of love. We rested for ten minutes on the side of the bathroom wall in silence. Then we both got up and tried to find our way through the darkness. I stumbled a few times as I held Emma’s hand, which made her laugh. We eventually found the light switch and I flipped it on. I looked at Emma and she couldn’t look more beautiful as she was completely naked. Her bare breasts were soft, perky, and perfect. And she was soaking wet with sweat from her waist to her knees. “Don’t get pregnant on me, ok?” I told her. “I took my pills” she laughed back. She walked closer to me and we both sat up against the wall, and just kissed and cuddled. After that, we were both ready to go. We put our clothes on and made our way back to the group. “See you later” she said as while walking away. I said back “Yeah, later”.

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