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making of cindyShe choose me carefully from the group of boy to help her son with his gradeI guess she knew her son liked little frame white boy because of his web browsing habits I got to the big house on a Saturday , Maria great me with a warm hug , got me inside and didnt loose any timei coudnt believe hershe went on about her son needing to concentrate on his school and sport ”you see my son is browsing on very perticular site at night and i would prefer him asleep and not sleepy at school””the thousand bucks a month is not for helping him with his school stuff….my son needs someone to , help him with his needs”i was starting to understand but wasn’t really sure until she got the cute senza bag and get it all exposed on the table for me to really grasp her proposali coudnt stop looking at the cute pink lingerie , looking at her telling me i should try it at least and see if i feel comfortableIt was 8am Saturday morning getting doll up by Maria , a thousand buck in my backpack with my boy cloth looking at her help me dress like a pretty girl”oh you are so cute my son will love you , here get these on also”helping me into the pink heels i was getting so nervousi knew what she was paying for and went on with it”you gonna be so cute sucking his cock , he will love you”i didnt expect her to get me locked up and panicked when she got the little plastic thing to lock my little withe cock away” in a little pink cage all you gonna think about is sucking my son big cock ””oh god please please ”but i eventually was looking at it dangling so small and matching my outfit”oh you are so pretty, dont be so sad you dont need it , if you need to play with a cock, my sons is going to love watching you have fun with his ”i felt so humiliated, listening to her telling me im so small i would prefer playing with his big cock”ok he his about to get up. time to go , make sure he is happy im gonna leave you alone so you get to know each other ”she look at me one last timefeeling so shy all in pink , in heels my little cage in the transparent panty”go now, his door the first downstair to the right””be a good white sissy and go meet my son”i walk my best dowstair her leaving the house my hearth pounding ,turning the door knob i dont know what happen, i saw him sleeping deep and could sit on the bed looking at himi pull the d****s and my mind melted , he was naked his bbc so big even not hard was it the lingerie making me feel so smooth and fem or the cage keeping me dragged toward pleasing such a beautiful canlı bahis cocki crawl doggy ass up to himlicking the cock at first watching if he would wake upso big and velvet black head , my mouth open on its own to suck it up i was tasting a cock and realised how nice it was in my mouth feeling it getting harder and harderi kept sucking, him still sleeping , my mouth around his big cock ow all up and making me so horny”ohhhhh you really like this ”Maria standing close to the bed ”dont worry sissy keep your head down sucking im leaving soon”pulling the d****s over me petting on my head over the d****sshe woke him up ”morning , mommy got you a sissy , i hope your grade will be better from now on, shes yours if i see improvment”lifting the d****s making him see me happilly getting his cock in my mouth ”what the hell? looking at me smilling sucking on his fat black pole””mom …..this is crazy, i mean i like girls….””dont worry baby its ok, im leaving now”closing the door and walking up the lobby door closing with a bang”omg i want to see you ,get out”helping me out of under the d****s”wow you are so cute, i love your pink outfit, you like sucking my cock?””here show me , suck me”on my knees on the bed looking up sucking the boy fat cock”holy fuck i love you, yes look up cock sucker, you so hot my cock in your mouth”he made me feel girly , like i was just here to suck the powerfull big cock and be a good girl he pumped in my mouth having fun watching me gag and drool ”’oh you gonna serve my cock and learn to get it all in that cute pussy ass”the word made me feel so slutty, slurping on his bbc looking up listening to him getting horny to fuck me”you want it fucking you ?””yes look at me tell me baby””yes i want to sit on your cock ””i want to try sitting on it pleasse”i help his cock full of lubegetting on him , ass alighed his hand helping my waist down, my little ass bouncing down on him”ahhhh ohhh yes, so big , omg its spppp big , slow slow your so big””yes a big black cock in you, get it in baby, you are beautiful, take my cock like a good girl”my ass wasnt used to anything but some toy once or twiceyet he got in and out so many times, adding lube i felt like his cock belong there, pounding in me, hitting my sissy spot”fuck i love you, i cant believe mom got me a cute sissy””ahhhh ahhhh im your sissy, its our secret . omg i love your cock””you are mine like all i want? and gonna come back or what slut””yesss yesss i will come back, alot””damn bahis siteleri my moms the best, lay down now and hold your legs you gonna watch a real man fuck”my lil cage flapping his cock pounding good in me”ahhh ahhh ahh hyes fuck meeee ahhh ahhh”sounding like a cute girl for him, my voice all girly to please him watching him pound me down , the fat cock sliding all in then nearly out and back , the sight so powerfull , so big in my little pink ass he use like a cunthe grunt loud pumping in me feeling his wet warm load filled me looking at him cum in me , getting it all out dumping in my pink assmoaning like a wore from the explosion, his cock felt so big and happy cumming in mei love how he had me for the rest of the day dress sexy playing video games smoking weed and sucking him under his computer desk i coudnt stop worshipping his black cockall i wanted was to get him hard and happy with my mouth and new pussy asshe gave me a girl namecalling me cindy and nothing else, wanting me to keep talking with a sexy voicei spend the day learning my place as his girl and love it so muchi never expected to stay for dinner dress in a skirt and cute tshirt , maria and her son talking of me like i was a girl , his son new gfi went to the shower after dinner, not believing how i just act like his girl and loved to be called cindy by them bothMaria pick the plate bending to my ears ”go get your dessert cindy, under the table , go suck him”she wash the dishes looking at the cute fem boy under the table her son on the other side relaxing , his cock under the table getting suckthe cute little sissy moaning under the table , sucking wet the cock i did a really wet job, my face was a mess and he cum adding more cum down my throat”thats it drink it, get you dessert cibdy ahhhhhh oghhh fuck”maria in the kitchen peaking watching her son cum i got out of the table my face wet smilling maria walking to the table”here little girl, can you eat dessert without making a mess ”wiping my face with a wet towel making me feel so much a humiliated cock slut ”mom you are the best, i promise my grade will be better””i know son, can you get her a shower i left cloth for her in your room””i go out with my friends”she left when she saw me get down in the pale blueue kit my lil cage out flapping so cute following her son to watch netflix ”good night , have fun”her son helping me doggy infront of the tvporn playing, cute white girls blacked one after anothermy new bf smoking weed fucking away in me ”this is life, bahis şirketleri you like that cindy?””ahhh yesssss yessss ””thats it good girl, take the cock baby girl, soon youll be so stretch , that sexy pussy ass iam making for you, moan wore you love my black cock”i ve been a good girl so many times in a week, he was true, my ass was gaping open like a pussy and i craved him pounding it full of his cumi was thinking of how lucky i was all the way to the resort in mexicowith them both going for a holidayi tought we were going to the pool but i felt the pills getting me sleepy once in the car , looking confuse at them telling me i will wake up as a real girl and be so happyi woke up a doctor looking at me ”relax stay down cindy, its gonna take a while for you not to feel dizzy”i felt a hand on my rubbing my ……big titsi look down , two big firm perky tities getting rub by him”they look so good, i think its my best work yet”i look at him pinch them and play with it ”its all fine , you seem ok and good to go””what is it? oh this sorry i kind a think you are hot, wanna see it”i was still so weak and getting over the anesthesia”here in your mouth, you gonna feel better in a while”pumping his cock in my mouth rubbing my new hot tits”you are beautifull , im gonna cum , shit ahhhh”i swallowed him i felt dizzy yet he insist of me leavingi saw maria and her son Jay in the waiting roomthey both hugh me Jay kissing me his hand rubbing on my new tities”oh my god mom , you are the best, this is a dream she is so cute now”i didnt look at my face since i got outhe walk me in the restroom his mom waiting outside i pass the mirror and saw a pretty white girl bimbo with nice titties holding Jay big dark hand my mind melting down my voice so girly i never had time to really realised until i ask him what is happening”jayy jayy wait what is happening, omg my voice , omg im ….im a girl””yes cindy here site , i want you to see you suck me with your knew tits”my new tits out , my nice big lipse on his fat cock , short blond hair ”omg cindy , i love you my sexy girl””you are so beautiful, suck me litle girl”this is how i became the real cindyi came back home and never saw anyone i knew beforei became the best sissy wife ever, Jay using me as leverage with his friendi sucked so many of them and never tought of going back to my old lifethey were all treating me like a queen, my life was so goodall i had to do was being pretty and obedient for himwho woundt like living in a pemthouse spending time in bikini in the pool drinking having funjays friends so nice and all loving the big titty blond white sissysucking bbc all day in the pool and getting fuck i love being cindy, i dont work and only have fun like a doll

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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