Mark and Melanie: The Meeting

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This is the next installment in the sexual awakening of an average couple.

In the first installment (in 3 parts), they are approached by a sexy restaurant server, who asks them to meet her. They do, and she introduces them to a sexual reality that neither of them knew existed. The previous chapters are (links are in my profile):

First Threesome Ch 01 The Approach
First Threesome Ch 02 The Decision
First Threesome Ch 03 The Encounter

These were my first submissions to Literotica, and I learned from them. For starters, if I could do the first story over, I’d tell it in two parts, rather than three. I hope to get better at this as I continue writing erotic fiction.

As long as they’re constructive, any and all criticisms and comments are welcome.

There are references in this story to events that happened in Chapter 3 above, when the couple meets Carrie for a drink and goes back to her house with her.

And there is explicit man-to-man sexual contact in this story; if you’re put off by that, please discontinue reading.

If you decide to read this, thanks, and I hope you like it.

= = = = = = = = =

We exchanged phone numbers with Carrie; we’d shoot text messages back and forth between the three of us, and they were the normal “friend” messages rather than being sexual in nature. It had been a couple weeks since our Friday night with Carrie, so Donna and I were going to call her just to see if she wanted to meet for dinner or a drink this coming weekend.

Before we could call her, she texted us and asked us over the following Saturday night. She was going to host a euchre party, and she needed a fourth couple, and she wondered if we’d be interested. Her brother and sister would be there, and another couple would be there as well. We were going to call Carrie anyway, and we both loved to play euchre, so why not?

But since it was Carrie, it seemed like as good a time as any to talk about boundaries. It was a conversation I think we needed to have, and this seemed like as good a time as any.

If we continued on this sexual journey, we needed to establish some guidelines. I told her that if we did keep exploring ourselves and each other and including others in our sexual relationship, sooner or later we would both have opportunities to get laid by someone else. She knows I’d love to see her getting it on with another guy, and any time she had the chance, I told her she was welcome to take it. I could give oral sex, but until she could handle seeing me inside someone else, I agreed to “settle” for having intercourse with just her, and get blowjobs and handjobs from everyone else, much like it happened with Carrie (breaks my heart…NOT!).

I also told her that whatever we decide to do, at least for now, I wanted to do it together. I have no problem sitting on the edge of the bed or in a chair, or even laying next to her and watching her have sex with someone other than me; but for some reason, I do have a problem with her going out and meeting that same someone to do the same thing. I told her I don’t know why it bothers me not to be there with her, but it does. I don’t necessarily have to be in the same room with her, but I need to be there.

She wasn’t sure what I meant until I reversed it. “You were ok with me going down on Carrie and getting her off, and you were ok with her returning the favor, because you were there and you knew it was just sex. What would you say if I told you I was going over to her house because she offered me another blowjob, and I’ll see you when I get home? Or, how would you feel if I simply came home and told you I stopped by her house and she blew me again so I returned the favor and got her off orally?”

She thought about it for a second, and “I see what you mean. It would bother me if you fooled around with someone under those conditions.” So for now, whatever steps we take down this road, we agreed take them together.

Anyway, back to the euchre party. We called Carrie and said we’d be there, finding out what time she wanted us there and asking what she wanted us to bring.

We were the first of the three couples to arrive at Carrie’s house. She introduced us to a guy named Victor; she told us that he is a long time friend, and occasional overnight guest. He seemed like a nice, easy going guy. He said that Carrie told him a little about us, and how we met, and that the three of us had spent some “quality time” together.

Mark and Melanie were next to arrive. Mark is about 6’2″, and couldn’t be carrying more than 210, maybe 215. He didn’t look like a gym rat, but he obviously spent time keeping in shape. He was a good looking guy, without much in the way of body fat. Really nice guy, and I liked him immediately.

Melanie was a knockout. She was about my height, athletic, blond. She had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, and her smile lit up the room. She looked great in the sweater she was wearing, and I’d bet that what was inside that Ankara bayan escort sweater was all natural. Which is fine with me, since I’ve never been fond of big fake boobs. She looked incredible in her tight jeans, and to quote Kevin Bacon in the movie Tremors, she had “an ass that won’t quit, and legs that go all the way up”. I also liked her immediately, but for a very different reason.

The fourth couple wasn’t really a couple; they were Susan and Brian, Carrie’s brother and sister. Susan and Brian live on opposite coasts, and it had been a while since all three of them had been together. We were glad that another couple was invited, since neither of us wanted to spend the entire evening listening to the three of them (and Victor) catch up on each other’s lives.

The way the evening was organized, we would play seven games of euchre, one game each with every other person. For the seventh and final game you’d be paired with your significant other. There were breaks after game 2, and after game 5.

During the break after game 2, I noticed that when Donna went into the kitchen, Mark followed her in and talked to her. He didn’t seem pushy, wasn’t crowding her, and she seemed to enjoy talking with him. He said something that made her laugh, and she reached out and squeezed his arm, maintaining the contact for a few seconds. He finally came back into the room, and she followed.

During the break after game 5, the same thing happened. It was subtle, but it was also obvious that he was interested in getting to know Donna. And it didn’t look like she was shying away from the attention Mark was giving her. It got me kinda hot knowing another guy might be hitting on my wife, and that she might be interested.

The games ended, with Mark and Melanie at the table with Donna and me during the last game. I was trying to subtly watch for (and, yeah, maybe I was hoping for) some kind of interaction between Mark and Donna, but beyond what would normally happen with four people playing euchre, nothing else was obvious.

We all helped put everything away, and it became simply a social get-together for the rest of the evening.

Donna and Mark were off talking again; Carrie, Victor, Susan, and Brian were still catching up on old times, which left Melanie and me off by ourselves. She asked me how we met Carrie, and I told her that it was pure random chance. We decided to eat dinner out on a Tuesday night, and it happened to be the restaurant where she worked. We got seated in her section, and when she brought us our check, she included a note asking us to meet her after work that Friday evening, and we did. Melanie said that she worked with Carrie a long time ago, and they remained good friends after Carrie changed jobs.

I could tell that something was on her mind, so I said “Penny for your thoughts.” She thought for a minute, and then said “Would you mind if I asked you some personal questions? Would you give me honest answers?” I told her that as long as her questions were direct, I’d be happy to answer honestly.

“I’ve been watching you eyeball Mark and Donna together. Does it bother you that he’s been flirting with her all evening?”

After she asked that question, three things came into focus.

First, I suspected that she and Mark sometimes involved others in their sex life. If she was pissed that her husband was flirting with my wife, she would have confronted him; she would not have asked me if I was bothered by the attention he was giving Donna. She would have been in Mark’s face wanting to know what the hell he was doing. So I was assuming that under the right circumstances, she was perfectly ok with her husband hitting on someone else.

Second, I also got the feeling that Carrie had told her & Mark that we had already met her, and that she, Donna, and I shared each other for an evening. Which means I was pretty sure she knew that Donna and I had sex at least once with someone outside our marriage, which also would explain to Melanie why neither Donna nor I were put off or offended by someone hitting on her, and why Mark felt like he could hit on Donna.

Third, I think she was testing me when she asked how we met Carrie. I’d bet she knew how it happened, and she wanted to see if I’d be open and honest about it, and how comfortable I was telling the truth. If she knew how we met Carrie, she wouldn’t need to ask…unless she wanted to find out if we could be trusted.

So I thought I’d play along, and by being truthful, maybe score a Brownie point or two. I answered “This is an easy one It doesn’t bother me at all. He has good taste in women. I’ve met his wife; she’s smart, she’s beautiful, and she’s sexy.” Melanie blushed a bit, and said “Thanks.”

She said “If you don’t want to answer this next question-or any more questions-I understand. They will get more personal as I go. Are you okay if I continue?” I nodded yes, so she asked “Can I ask how you’d feel about seeing Donna in bed with Mark?” By Escort bayan Ankara now, with her standing close to me and the way the conversation was going, there was a definite stirring in my groin. Pretty soon, she’d know how much I wanted to see-among other things-my wife screwing her husband.

“I asked you to be direct, and you were. I appreciate that. How would I feel about it? I’d love to see it. It turns me on tremendously to think about her fucking another guy while I watch. Matter of fact, depending on the mood I’m in, that’s one of my two go-to masturbation fantasies, sitting in chair in the bedroom watching as she gets it on with another guy.”

She tells me she’d like to hear that fantasy; I hesitate and shake my head no. She presses; she wants me to tell her. I ask “You really want to hear this?” She says “Yeah. I’d like to know what you think about when you’re taking care of yourself.”

So I started walking her through it.

“It starts with Donna sitting between me and another guy on a couch, me on her left and him on her right. I’m kissing Donna, and he’s doing things like running his fingertips up her legs towards her hips, or down her arms and grabbing & kissing her hands, stuff like that. There’s erotic touching and teasing, but nothing overtly sexual yet. I break the kiss, look her in the eyes, and ask her ‘You ready to do this?’

“She says she is, so I look at him and give him a nod. As I resume kissing her, I see him start fondling her right boob; her kiss gets a little more intense as he grabs her. I grab her left breast while still kissing her, rolling her nipple between my thumb and finger while he’s still playing with her right breast. I pull back, and tell her that she should show him how ready she is. So she turns to him, puts her hand on the back of his head and draws him to her and kisses him passionately. He lets go of her and slides his hand down to her groin. While she’s kissing him, he’s rubbing her crotch through her pants; I unbutton the top two buttons on her blouse, and slide my hand under her bra, playing with the tit he abandoned when he reached for her crotch.

“I pull her face back to me, and kiss her hard. It was quite a thrill kissing her wet mouth right after she broke lip contact with him. I ask her if she’s ready for the main event; she stands up, grabs us both by the hand, and leads us to the bedroom.

“Once there, he and I undress her slowly, fondling and tickling and kissing and gently biting her every time we get another part of her skin exposed. He and I spend a lot of time on her tits after we remove her bra. Her nipples have always been uber sensitive, and having both of them kissed and licked and nibbled on at the same time really gets her moaning. Part of what gets her so aroused is that he and I are doing different things, so she’s experiencing two different stimulations at the same time. By the time we are done orally working on her nipples, she is panting and practically begging for one of us to do her.

“I finally remove her panties. She looks at us, and tells us that if she’s naked, we have to be naked. So he and I take about 6 seconds combined to strip. I approach her from the front, he comes up from behind. I start kissing her and pressing my erection into her abdomen. He presses his boner against her butt, starts kissing her shoulders and neck; he then reaches around and cups her breasts again, lightly pinching and rolling each nipple between fingers. I don’t think Donna has ever been as turned on as she is at that moment.

“I step back and as she turns to face him, I see that he’s left some pre-cum on her butt. I bend down and lick her clean, although I doubt either of them realized what I was doing or why. I tell them to enjoy themselves. I sit down in a chair at the foot of the bed, and watch them get onto the bed. They spend some time kissing and letting their hands roam each others’ bodies, and it’s one of the most intensely erotic things I’ve ever seen. Finally she grabs his erection and starts gently stroking him, and he slips a hand between her legs and makes a beeline for her pussy. They continue making out and playing with each other for a while, when she stops.

“She looks at me, smiles, and moves towards his crotch. He rolls onto his back and relaxes. She grabs his hardon and starts licking it like it’s an ice cream cone. She then makes eye contact with me, says ‘watch this’: she takes him in her mouth, never breaking eye contact with me, going all the way down so he’s at the back of her throat and her chin is pressing against his pubic bone. At that moment, I am as close to having an orgasm as I’ve ever been with no physical stimulation; I watch his dick disappear between her lips, knowing how good she is at giving head, I almost feel myself experience the intense pleasure he was experiencing.

“He lets out a deep moan, and at that moment, he would say or do just about anything to keep her sucking him. But after a few minutes of working her Bayan escort Ankara magic, she pulls away, telling him that she doesn’t want him to come yet. She tells him that she’s made sure he was hard enough to fuck her, and that he needs to make sure she is wet enough to get fucked. He climbs between her thighs, and his mouth quickly finds its way to her pussy.

“Yeah, she’s pretty turned on already. But it’s obvious by her reaction to his attention that he knows what he’s doing. As he gets her closer to orgasm, I see him slip first one finger then two inside her, stroking in and out as he continues to eat her. Just as her orgasm begins to overtake her, he pulls his fingers out, slides his arms under her legs, and locks his fingers across her abdomen, effectively locking her against his mouth.

“After her orgasm subsides, she tells him that she’s wet enough, and if he doesn’t fuck her right now she’ll kick him out of bed and he can watch me fuck her instead. He laughs and says ‘No way, babe. You’re mine.’ He slides up her body, and positions the tip of his dick at the opening to her pussy. He slowly pushes his way in, and as he finally hits bottom, I hear them both sigh at the sensation once he’s balls deep. She looks over his shoulder at me, probably to gauge my reaction. I’m mesmerized at the sight of their crotches pressed together. All I can do is stare and pant and grin. Satisfied that I’m okay with all this, she mouths ‘I love you’ at me. I smile, and mouth ‘I love you’ back at her.

“He starts pumping in and out, varying the speed, depths, and frequency of his strokes. Sometimes he’ll pull almost all the way out, move in and out a few times but never moving more than an inch, then plunge all the way back in. Sometimes he’ll stay completely buried and rotate his hips, grinding into her clit. Sometimes he’ll pull almost all the way out, then push all the way back in, repeating that stroke multiple times and at different speeds.

“Even though I know Donna is thoroughly enjoying the rogering he’s giving her, I also know she isn’t going to come again from it. When she senses that he is starting to zero in on his climax, she wraps her legs around him, locks her ankles together, and starts pulling him in each time he thrusts forward. She reaches up and rolls his nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She also starts talking slutty to him. ‘Cmon, give it to me. Make me feel it when you come. Show me much you like fucking me. Show me how much you like being in my pussy.

“That’s all it takes. He lets go with a roar, and I get treated to an incredible sight. Every time he has an orgasmic spasm, half his body is involved. I can see the muscles in side and back tighten then release. I can see his ass cheeks clench then unclench. I watch as his balls draw up with each contraction and relax between them. And I can see his cock pulse each time he shoots more come into her. It leaves me breathless.

“Spent, he finally rolls off and onto the bed beside her. For my benefit, she leaves her legs apart. She lets me gaze at her just-fucked pussy, and I can see a little of his come start to leak out.

“She doesn’t waste any time taking care of me. She gets off the bed, reaches one hand down to her pussy to close her lips, and walks over to me. I’m sitting on the edge of the chair, with my hard on reaching for the ceiling. She straddles me facing me, and in one motion she moves her hand away from her pussy and impales herself on me. Some of his come gets pushed back in, some leaks out and almost tickles me as it runs down my dick and onto my balls. That tickling sensation-and knowing what it is-drives me crazy with lust.

“One by one she puts her fingers to my lips, and tells me to clean her off. I lick and suck both his come and her pussy juices off each of her fingers, treating them like they were little cocks. All the while she’s grinding herself into me, or slowly moving up and down on me. At this point, there are only three things in my world.

“First, the incredible sensation of being inside her, knowing that another guy just fucked her, and it’s a mix of his come and her juices making her so wet and hot and slick. The physical sensation is almost overwhelming; every nerve on my dick is firing.

“Second is how she’s taking me to another level with her eyes and her voice. She locks eyes with me, and won’t let go. She says things like ‘Did you like it when I sucked him? I came in his mouth, babe. Did it turn you on seeing another guy get me off with his face between my legs? Did you like watching him move in and out of my pussy? Could you see him wet with my juices? Did you watch him when he buried himself deep inside me as he came? Every time he tightened up, I could feel him shoot more come into me. Did that turn you on?’

“And the third thing I can’t see but can only imagine. I imagine him sitting up on the bed, watching her as she fucks me. Each time her magnificent ass lowers, he sees my dick swallowed up by a hot, tight, wet pussy that he just filled with come. And each time she raises up, he sees my hard-on wet with both her juices and his. And I visualize him playing with himself, hoping that by the time she makes me come, he’s hard enough to nail her again.

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