Married Sissies, a Dom’s Perspective

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Married Sissies, a Dom’s PerspectiveI absolutely love all the submissive married guys you can find on popular gay hookup apps/websites these days and I have been seeking them out for years. I’m not sure if it is just my city but there seems to be an endless supply that all fit the same mold. They are all 30-50 years old, sometimes a little chubby, and have a poor quality ass/body shot as their profile picture. They’ll refuse to share a face pic (discreet) but inevitably when they show up they are wanting to be used like a cumdump. They are also very enthusiastic about sucking dick but not very good at it. I love to push them and feminize them because most don’t expect it. I am in my 30s, 6’4”, 215 lbs, with a muscular build. I also have a magnificent dick that’s 8”, thick, and uncut. I’m a total power top and love to have these married guys come over to get pounded. For a lot of them it’s the first time so I take it easy at first but after they start to get into it I’ll really let them have it. Most of them get really into it, some stay quiet until it’s over, and others just bow out after the first few minutes.A couple days ago I started talking to one of these married guys. His sissy name was Rachael and he was looking for a verbal dominant top who could host. His profile was just a leg shot with him dressed in his wife’s pantyhose, a skirt and some flats. I could tell he had very nice legs. He said he was tall, thin and very in the closet – just my type. He said istanbul escort he wanted to be dominated, worship bwc, bebent over, ridden hard, and spanked while being verbally belittled. All this sounds right up my alley and he tells me that he thinks he can sneak out for a while the next day. I tell him to let me know and I’ll send him my address.The next day I get a message saying that he told his wife he would be out Christmas shopping all day and that he could come over. I sent him my address and he showed up about an hour later. He was better looking than I expected. I invited him inside and offered him a glass of wine to loosen up. Rachael shyly accepted. “Alright, Rachael” I said, “Are you sure want to do this?” He just nodded and looked at the floor. “I want you to take off all your fucking clothes.” He looked around a little unsure. He was just standing in the middle of my living room.“Right here?” he asked.“Right fucking there” I said. He stripped down to the panties I told him to wear under his clothes. After that I made him give me a little twirl so I could get a good look at him. I told him to go and put on what I left out for him on the counter. It was an oversized pajama shirt that looked more like a nighty, a pair of pantyhose, a tube of red lipstick and some thigh high socks. He had a pretty small clitty and I could tell this was turning him on. While he got dressed, I slipped my pants avcılar escort off, sat on my couch, and told him to crawl over here and start sucking my dick.Rachael did as he was told. His lipstick looked ridiculous but I didn’t care, it was going to get smeared anyway. He dropped to all fours and crawled over. He immediately started sucking me off and it didn’t take long to for me to get fully hard. I stopped him and slapped his face. He was stunned. I grabbed his face with my hand. “Slow down, bitch” I said. “Kiss it. Worship it.”He slowed down, passionately kissing my rock hard cock. I rubbed it all over his face and his lipstick coated my cock. He kept trying to deepthroat me but couldn’t make it past 2 inches without gagging, which I enjoyed. I let him try for a while and then started pushing his head further down. He gagged pretty hard the first few times until he learned to relax his throat a little. He never was able to take it all the way. The whole time I’m calling him a faggot.Eventually, I ask him if he’s ready for it in his pussy. He responds with “yes sir,” which I did not tell him to do. We get up and move into my bedroom where I have him get on all fours on my bed. I ripped a hole in the pantyhose, which made him gasp and then spent about 20 minutes getting lubed and pushing my cock fully inside him. While working on this I had been spanking his sissy ass and he had been yelping the whole time – tears welled up in şirinevler escort his eyes. By the time I was fully inside of his pussy, hand print welts looked like they were starting to show up. I started slowly thrusting into his ass and he kept asking me to be gentle. I would manhandle his ass and squeeze is and slap it on a good stroke. Eventually I starting pounding him so hard he fell forward onto his stomach on the bed. That is when I put one hand on his back and one on the back of his head and just started hammering him as hard as I could. He began whimpering. I pushed him harder into the bed and pinned him down and asked him if he liked getting fucked up the ass while dressed like a whore.Rachael: *grunting* “fuck yes, Daddy”Me: “Do you think your wife likes my cock in your ass?”Rachael: “…”Me: “I said do you think your wife would like me fucking you up the ass like this in her panties?”Rachael: “No, sir…”Me: “So she doesn’t know she married a little faggot bitch?”Rachael: “No…”Me: “But you’re my little bitch today, aren’t you, Rachael? Say it.”Mike: “I’m your…litlte…bitch…unghh….”I started spanking him harder as I went balls deep and pulled his hair. I really let him have it. I eventually went down prone on top of him and put him in a little bit of a choke hold, grunting in his ear that I owned his faggot ass. This is how I finally came. When I pulled out of him he just laid there for a while. His hole was completely gaped and his ass cheeks were welted and bruised to hell.I went into the bathroom the cleanup. When I was finished he was still lying there. He eventually got up, tenderly, and went to the bathroom to clean up. He went to the living room, got dressed, and never said a word to me.No idea how he is going to keep this a secret, but I sure had fun.

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