Mary’s story Part 24

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Mary’s story Part 24Mary did not sleep well, as the pain in her labia and nipples meant that she kept waking up every time that she turned over. The last time she woke it was nearly eight o’clock, and the room was getting light.Sue was still sleeping like a baby; no doubt she had been working hard at Paul’s shop. Her wig had slipped in the night, and Mary reached out and touched her head. It was very smooth. Just like her pussy now, Mary thought, and laughed out loud.Very carefully, Mary got up, trying not to pull on the dressings on her pussy. She needed to pee, and went to the bathroom. She loosened the dressing to one side and sat on the toilet. The hot urine really stung, and it made her squeal. There was a noise in the bedroom, and Mitsumi poked her head round the door. “Ah, I see you are up. Would you like some breakfast? You have to keep your strength up you know, otherwise you won’t heal properly.” “Yes, thank you. I will come down and get something.” “I’ll go and put the kettle on.” And with that Mitsumi disappeared, and Mary could hear her going down the stairs.Mary washed her face and got dressed in a t shirt and pair of loose bottoms and went downstairs, moving down the stairs one step at a time. Mitsumi was waiting for her. She was wearing a long sleeved dressing gown which reached the floor. Mary remembered last night, and their peculiar conversation. The more she thought about it, the more curious she got about what Mitsumi looked like under the gown. She just had to ask, but how to do it? She had an idea. “Did you manage to shave alright with my razors? I’m not sure what konak escort you are used to?” “Yes, they were fine; it’s very smooth again now. I like to keep myself shaved, although it is still very uncommon in Japan for women of our age to shave. I suppose that we do not see enough shaved pussies in our porn films as they are all blurred by the censor. I was shaved once because I needed to have some work done down there, and have never let it grow back.”Work down there, Mary thought! Did this mean that Mitsumi was tattooed then, or did she mean that she been operated on? “Is everything alright again now?” she asked Mitsumi. “Oh, yes, everything is fine, and no, since you are probably wondering, it does not go from left to right.” “Left to right?” “Oh, that is just an old joke; some Westerners thought that Japanese women’s pussies went from side to side instead of up and down! No, it looks just the same as yours, except that you seem to have some bits missing, and you have some massive piercings through what is left.” Mary laughed, but then immediately understood that Mitsumi was right, she was tattooed all over her pussy, most of her inner labia had disappeared, and her outer labia had huge holes in them. She started to cry. “Oh, what have I done to myself?” she sobbed, “I look a freak.” Mitsumi put her arms round Mary and hugged her. “Well, what’s done is done, so what is important is that you don’t make things any worse by getting infected. It looks as though Sue is still in bed, so I will change your dressings for you. Take your clothes off and we will get on with konak escort bayan it.” Mitsumi went to get the dressing pack. Mary moved into the lounge, stripped, and laid down on the floor. The doorbell rang. “Stay there” shouted Mitsumi, “I’ll get it.”She could hear Mitsumi talking at the door; it was Mrs Green, her nosy neighbour. “Yes, Mary is not well. No, nothing too serious, but the Doctor said that she needs complete bed rest for two days. Yes, I am visiting from Japan. I work with her husband in our Tokyo office. Yes, thank you, we have everything we need, I am looking after her. Thank you for calling. Goodbye.”Mitsumi closed the front door, and came into the lounge. Mary was laid on her back on the hearthrug, totally naked with her legs apart. She had taken the dressings off ready for Mitsumi. “Look at you, you slut!” said Mitsumi, “perhaps I should have invited your neighbour inside?” Mary hastily closed her legs. “Too late,” said Mitsumi, “why are you showing yourself off like this to a total stranger like me? Get up on the table right now so I can see what I am doing. I need to inspect you properly.” Mary opened her legs and Mitsumi looked at her very closely. Carefully, she opened Mary’s outer lips and looked inside to see the line of stitches either side where Mary’s inner lips used to be. “How long were your inner lips? I never saw you naked before they were cut off. Perhaps someone has some pictures?” “There was a video I think, but I don’t know who has it.” “We shall have to find out. I really would like to see you being operated on. Female escort konak circumcision has always been one of my fantasies.” “I didn’t realise that they would do that to me, and I could not stop them because they d**gged me so that I could not move.” “You mean that you were awake whilst they did it? Oh, that’s even better!” She cleaned the wounds and applied a clean dressing, then moved on to the nipples. “The red tattoo makes it difficult to see if there is any infection but it all seems to be healing normally. It’s best to expose them to the air for a while.” “I can’t wear a bra now anyway; none of them are big enough. I will need bigger cups to get my nipples in. I’ve got a quarter cup bra that I wear to go out with Bob, so that will have to do for now.” “We will have to go shopping then to get you some more. When do you get your stiches out?” “Next Tuesday, if all is well. I need to be ready to go out next week to the Women’s Institute, otherwise we will get a visit if I am not well and I certainly don’t want Mrs Green in the house whilst we are all like this.” “How do you know that Mrs Green is not tattooed? From the state of Sue when she came in last night there must have been a lot of customers for Paul; she was worn out. Perhaps Mrs Green was there? Even in Japan we know that the Women’s Institute members pose for naked calendars.”“I really can’t imagine Mrs Green with a tattoo,” laughed Mary, “she is too straight laced.” “I imagine that she thinks the same about you. Perhaps I will ask her about tattooed women in this country next time I see her.” “Knowing Mrs Green and her racial stereotypes, she probably thinks that all Japanese women are tattooed anyway.” Seeing her chance, Mary added, “Are you tattooed, Mitsumi?” Mitsumi laughed, “Of course I am, Mary.” Squirming like a small excited c***d Mary said, “Oh, please, please, please, may I see it?”

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