Mastering Emma – Part 2

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After that fateful event that made me Master, over Emma, we have done some pretty strange things together. Over the months, we joined a fetish website and forum. Emma was inherently kinky and she loved the domination side, being a true submissive at heart. We never pretended to be a couple, but we frequented the site together. It was not in our nature to mislead people that we were together, or a couple, or available. After all, we can’t even make the time to meet each other because of our separate lives. But together, we enjoyed chatting to like-minded people and generally having fun, and of course, finding out what various people were up to. The Setup As time progressed, I found myself chatting to a friendly bloke from London. He was younger than me, at forty years of age, but still older than Emma, who was a very young, thirty two year old. It was Emma that told me that he was coming onto her, and it was Emma that told him that I was her Master. It was Andy that contacted me by email, primarily to chat, and then to see whether Emma was available. We talked about what he would like to do to Emma and how he would do it. I was intrigued by him and by Emma’s actions by forwarding his request to me. It was like she wanted to be available to rent out. I wondered whether it would be by the hour or day or night. I figured that it couldn’t be by the night as that would be too risky. Renting her out by the hour would be possible though. I thought about it long and hard, but never once did I discuss my thoughts with Emma. As far as she was concerned the whole affair was over and done with. I don’t believe Andy ever talked to Emma again, as far as I was aware. Andy was however, becoming ever closer to Emma, though neither of them knew it at the time. Andy appealed to me, he had the right attitude, the same attitude that I had; or at least that’s how he came across to me. He was always polite and considerate when we chatted, yet he was also masterful and firm when he spoke of how he would treat Emma. I decided to lead him on, at first; play a game of pretend to let him get ever closer to Emma; I allowed him into our world of virtual sex with the ultimate goal of fucking her. That may have been naughty of me and disrespectful to him. It was a little bit of a game for me, I have to admit, but it soon turned to something that I seriously considered. Like I said, he seemed genuine and I knew that Emma would just love to be fucked senseless by a stranger. The only problem was logistics, how do you get two people together when one of them couldn’t get any time away. But, almanbahis I knew that Emma, occasionally, took the odd morning off work, and that was the lead-in that I needed. I started to discuss that very issue with Emma without letting her know my true intentions. Two weeks, she told me, Friday the twentieth, she would be lounging at home, probably masturbating, before she went out to meet a friend at the local Mall in the early afternoon. Andy and I chatted, we set down a few ground rules, and slowly but surely, came to an arrangement. I had to tell Emma what it was, or at least let her in on it a little, before giving Andy the go ahead. There would be rules, I assured her, and there would be conditions. On the Saturday, the weekend before Emma’s day off, I was chatting to her via our usual website. I told her that I had a surprise for her. Something she would absolutely love. I remember her being overly excited at what I had to say. She was always excited when I talked about sex to her; not so much during other, more serious conversations. As I was chatting to her I started to think of all the downsides to the arrangement. What if Andy wasn’t who he said he was? What if he didn’t treat Emma right? What if she got into trouble with no-one to help her out? The ‘what ifs’ punctured my head one after another like steel needles. Yet, I was so horny thinking about it all. I wanted it to happen, and then there was Emma, typing at the other end of the internet, grasping at straws trying to second guess my intentions. I slowly told her what my plan was, using our usual chat windows. “On Friday, you have the day off, right.” “Yes,” replied Emma. “Well…” “Are you coming up here to spank me,” interrupted Emma. “Quiet, now listen,” I said, “There is something that you must do for me.” “What’s that?” She replied, like a little schoolgirl. “On Friday at ten in the morning, you are going to make sure you have a really good shower and be as clean as you can. You are going to return to the bedroom and strip naked. Then you are going to attach those lovely clamps and chain to your nipples and type in this number into your phone.” I gave Emma the number that she needed to use, I then continued with my instructions. It was Andy’s mobile number that he had given me previously. “You will write the message, ‘I’m ready for you – number eleven’ into the phone and wait to send it. You will place the phone on the bed, in easy reach. At ten to eleven, you will then open the door to your flat and leave it ajar. You will return to the bedroom and get on all fours, on the edge of almanbahis yeni giriş the bed. You will put on the blindfold that you have prepared, and wait until eleven precisely. You will then send the message.” I waited for a response. I waited a long time for the response. “Are you still there?” I asked. I waited some more. “Are you sure about this?” Replied Emma. I knew exactly where her concerns were coming from, it was the same place that my ‘what ifs’ were coming from only a few moments ago. “Yes,” I replied, confidently. “I will do this, for my Master,” replied Emma. We chatted all week about the pros and cons of Friday. Emma was getting keener by the minute and as each day grew nearer she became as excited as a kitten faced with a thousand mice to eat. I said my last words to Emma on Thursday evening. I wished her luck and hoped that she enjoy her Master for the day. “Don’t let him down,” I told her, “do everything he asks of you and don’t forget, be the slut that you are, for your Master.” Throughout that week, I also chatted to Andy. I gave him the street name and area but not the house number. I told him that if Emma didn’t send him the text, then the moment was lost. Andy agreed. I was at work early on Friday morning. I kept watching my watch or my phone or my computer clock, ten o’clock was already upon me and I wondered whether I had put Emma in grave danger. I hesitated over sending her a get out of jail free card. I never sent it. I was dragged into a meeting at ten past ten and it wasn’t until ten fifty that I realised the time. I visualised Emma, all clean, nipple clamps attached and the chain dangling from her wonderful breasts, the blindfold on the bed, her nervous fingers tapping Andy’s number into her phone and then typing the message. I visualised her uncertain expression as she looked at her front door, wondering whether she would open it. I sensed her eagerness to please me and I knew that she would. It was suddenly five to eleven. I knew that the door would now be open, slightly, and that Emma would be on her way back to the bedroom. Four minutes left, three, and finally two minutes to eleven o’clock. I stared at my monitor in work, my mind saw a woman wrap a blindfold around her head and tie a knot at the back. My heart rate increased ten-fold. I watched as Emma got on the bed, on all fours, positioning her knees carefully at the edge of the bed. In my mind, I watched her pick up the phone. One minute to go, I thought. Should I text her, I was scared shitless at what may happen to her, over and above what I expected. almanbahis giriş I started to type a message into my phone. I watched the clock on my monitor. Suddenly, I was shaken by my name being called out. A colleague had called on me to answer a question. I immediately moved towards him to give my answer. When I got back to my phone, I noticed the time read one minute past eleven. I hoped Emma would be alright. Emma’s Experience Emma waited patiently. She stared, silently into her blindfold. She knew that her new Master would be with her soon. Mentally, she had prepared herself for whatever she was going to experience. But deep down inside her, inch by slow inch, the concerns that she had, grew. She knew they would be unfounded, as her proper Master would never allow any harm to come to her. Emma was truly excited; her breathing was laboured, making her breasts sway underneath her; nearly brushing the freshly smoothed bedclothes. Emma waited for the first touch of his hand on her skin. Emma’s ears pricked up at the sound of the door creaking open, and then a click as she heard the lock catch and the door close. She heard the sounds of footsteps on the floor, and then the quiet, yet unmistakable sound, of the bedroom door opening fully. Emma waited. At first, there was nothing. She heard breathing coming from the person behind her. She tried desperately to control her own breathing, and in so doing, her own fears. Emma kept telling herself that she did not need to be afraid. Yet the fire was growing inside her. Her mind reached out with questions. What would he do? How would she react? Emma knew she had to respond like it was her own Master. Emma gasped out loud as a hand touched her bottom. It snaked around her backside and was then raised; leaving a trembling Emma clutching desperately onto the sheets in front of her, waiting for the impact. Nothing happened. Emma expected a short sharp smack on her bum, but there was nothing. Emma’s breathing was punctuated with sharp intakes of air, as she believed that the movement behind her would cause her some pain. But there was nothing. The hand caressed her bottom once more. This time a finger snaked down past her anus and rested at the entrance to her labia. It tickled her for a while before she became accustomed to it. Resting there, slowly being moved from side to side, opening her up to let the wetness escape and the smell of her arousal to permeate the room. Emma let out a resounding sigh of pleasure. Emma heard the person behind her inhale, deeply. She clenched her bottom trapping the finger in her folds. Emma screamed out loud as the full force of his other hand smacked the cheek of her buttock. It struck fast, unexpected and it fucking hurt. Emma loved the aftermath, the burning sensation on her buttocks as the heat spread outwards.

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