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Subject: “Maxwell”, 1 of 1, Gay, Adult-Youth Preamble Author: Spike Meyers Date: 06/14/2020 E-Mail: ail Donate: Please consider donating to this website. Without your donations, Nifty may not be able to keep this site up and running for your reading pleasure. Whatever you can afford will be appreciated. Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It may also include, incest, sex between a minor(s) and an adult males(s), and sexual fetish. If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work are not based on any known person(s). Maxwell When I got home from work, my grandmother told me that we were moving. I asked her where we were going. I just assumed that it was going to be in the same neighborhood, just a different street. She looked at me and said, “We are moving to Trenton.” I said, “Trenton? Where is Trenton?” She said, “It’s in New Jersey silly; you should remember New Jersey, you were born there.” “That was a long time ago grams, I said. “What about my job and school?” “Oh honey”, she says, “you can finish school in Trenton.” “Grams! I protested. That’s a different state. I’m 15, how do I get working papers there? Tell me that. I don’t want to leave my job. You know mom needs the money I make for the kids. What does mom think about this?” I asked. “She is on her way there now”, grams says. “She’s going to stay the night with your great grandparents. She’s looking at a house tomorrow that’s for rent. The house is bigger than we have now.” I knew my grandmother; when she makes up her mind, that’s it. I immediately realized that this sudden and precipitous decision to move was a done deal. We were moving to Trenton, New Jersey. Period. Case closed. I asked grams if she said anything to the kids yet. Grams says, “No, not yet. Your mom wanted to wait until after she checks out the house for rent. With my social security check and what your mom gets from welfare, we need to make sure that we can afford it. You great grandparents knows the guy who owns the house. He’s their pastor.” I have three brothers and three sisters. I am the eldest at 15. So, all together, there are nine of us living in a small, two-bedroom, one-bath apartment; actually, it’s more townhouse-like really. My father abandoned us long ago. The neighborhood that we live in is a former military base. If I had to guess the size of the neighborhood, I’d say it is about 2 miles square. The entire complex was sold and converted to residential units sometime in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. We moved there (from New Jersey) in June of 1969 (shortly after my father left). I was nine years old at the time. Our building was not well constructed. Each building in the neighborhood looked exactly like the next. I suspect that when the military originally built the complex, they were all just big open buildings; most likely just army barracks for the most part. Perhaps the initial intent was to build a temporary complex. That was my feeling about it anyway; a temporary training ground. That was the only thing that made sense to me. When the complex was converted to residential housing, each building consisted of 4 residential units. On either end of each building was a single-story, one-bedroom, one-bath bungalow-like unit. Located in the center of each building (between the bungalows) were two, two-story, two-bedroom, one-bath units. Each of the 4 individual units were separated by 2X4’s and half-inch sheetrock. There was no insulation (at all) or sound barrier between the walls. The exterior of each building (again 2X4’s and sheetrock) were covered in asphalt shingles. Again, no insulation at all. That was it. That was the construction. It was brutal in the winter. Pennsylvania can get very cold in the winter. The hot water in each unit was heated by a small wood-burning (coal if you had the money) stove. It was very small. Unfortunately, the stove was broken; so, no hot water in the house. If we needed hot water for anything, we had to heat water on the kitchen stove. The units were heated by a word-burning furnace, again, coal if you could afford it. Once I started working, we could buy coal more often. Since I was the oldest, taking care of the furnace was by job. I had to bank the furnace at night (and hope it would burn itself out over-night), and get up extra early in the morning to get the furnace going so there would at least be some warmth in the house by the time the kids had to get up to get ready for school. With all my family members combined, there were nine of us living in a two-bedroom, one-bath place. Sometimes 10 including my mom’s occasional boyfriends. With seven kids, they didn’t stick around very long. That is a lot of people to have to live together in such tight quarters. It wasn’t easy, especially with only one bathroom. But somehow, we made it work; what other choice was there. When mother returned from Trenton the next day, it was official. The family was moving to New Jersey. It was not until mother returned that I found out what the urgency was to move so abruptly. There were two primary reasons: 1) we were four months behind on rent and had received an eviction notice. 2) my grandmother’s sister and her 4 kids had moved in with their parents. Her sister had three girls and 1 boy from two previous marriages. My grandmother’s immediate family were all living under one roof in Trenton, New Jersey. Grams had always been very close to her family. Now, it all made sense to me. It has been at least a year since I have seen any of my relations. I told my mom and my grandmother that I was not going. I was staying put. I was not leaving my job. I was going to stay with my best friend, Beau (having already discussed it with his parents), and his family. So that is what I did; I stayed in Pennsylvania. Even though I was 15, I had working papers so I could work legally. I was a financial contributor to my family and had a lot of family responsibility at 15. I had more of an “authority” role in my family as opposed to being controlled by my parents (mother and grandmother). I was, for the most part, free to do as I please; and believe me, I did as I wanted. Remaining in Pennsylvania lasted about three months; mother called me and asked me to move up with them. She needed help with the kids. They were not making it financially; they needed help. I couldn’t say no. I moved to Trenton shortly thereafter. In New Jersey. I couldn’t get working papers until I was 16 so I had to enroll in school. Trenton High School was a rough school. I think that I went to school maybe a week after I was forced to enroll. It was not for me. I would be 16 soon, so I told my mother that I was going to quit school and get a job. I skipped school most days until I was old enough to drop out. We were living in a rather bad part of town; that’s what we could afford. Although that house was a little bigger, it was not substantially bigger than the one we had in Pennsylvania. I got a job at a sandwich shop in downtown Trenton. I worked about 6 hours a day. For me and my family situation, it was perfect. I was often able to bring home sandwiches (or salads) that were previously made but not sold. It really helped a lot and the kids loved them. Often time, I had to cut the sandwiches (mostly hoagies) into pieces for the kids because there were only a couple of 6″ sandwiches left at the end of the day. Even so, I was grateful and it was a treat for the kids. The job worked out well for me. One morning as I was walking to work, my neighbor a few doors down from me, was sitting on his front steps. Many of the houses in Trenton are row houses. My street was no different. There were usually three steps at the front door that went right down to the sidewalk. As I walked by, he said good morning. I responded in kind and we started chatting. I had seen him before but we never spoke. I learned his name was Maxwell but preferred to be called Max. During our brief chat, I mentioned that I wanted to buy a car. I was tired of walking back and forth to work, especially at night. “I don’t blame you one bit” Max said. “I have lived ankara otele gelen escort here most of my life and I wouldn’t do it. Not in this fucking neighborhood!” He went on complaining about the kids in the neighborhood. Since I was new to the neighborhood, I wasn’t about to start badmouthing it. I decided that it was best to just listen for a respectable about of time before I politely extracted myself from the conversation. After a few minutes, I said, “Well I had better be going so I am not late for work”. Have a good day Max.” “Yeah man”, he says. “Now you be careful walking on your own.” I smiled in return, and waved goodbye. As I continued my commute to work, I started thinking about Max. I guesstimated that he was probably in his early 50’s. He was about six feet tall and 190 pounds. Although he was sitting on his stoop, I had seen him previously on my street. I thought he was kind of handsome. There was just something sexy about him that intrigued me. I imagined what he looked like naked and felt another tingle in my jeans. The next morning on my way to work, I was hoping that I would see Max sitting on his stoop. As I left my house, I looked down the street towards his house and did not see him. I was a bit disappointed. He was nowhere to be I walked past his house. Oh well I thought, maybe I’ll see him around the neighborhood. I sped up my pace; better early than late I thought. As the day went on with my work day, I found myself thinking of Max from time-to-time. I was stocking the walk-in freezer at the time and I thought to myself, what the fuck is it about this man that has me thinking about him so much. What is the deal I asked myself? Although I really liked older guys, this was really the first time that I was attracted to a man of his age. Maybe I was just missing my friend with benefits back in Pennsy. I was tired of just jacking off since I moved to Trenton. My friend, Dillon, and I had been fooling around since we were 14. I was 14 when we started having sex. Dillon was 13; a year younger than me. I really did miss him wrapping his lips around my cock. He really developed a talent when it came to sucking my dick. He knew exactly how to make me shoot like a fire hose. I did not hear the freezer door open and it startled me when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see my boss standing there. “Shawn, I have been calling you. Didn’t you hear me? He asks. “Sorry Stan”, I said. “I have been loading crates for about 10 minutes. I didn’t hear you.” “I just wanted to let you know that I have to run over to the bank for a little bit. I need you to watch the register. Ruth is in the office. I should not be too long.” “OK”, I said. “I will set this crate down and be right there.” I set the crate down in the freezer and headed to the front of the restaurant. As I made my way up front, I noticed that there were several people still in the dining room. I went behind the counter and took my place at the register. About 45 minutes later, most of the customers had left. There were only a couple of people left in the dining room. Ruth, the boss’ wife, who almost never comes out of her office, approaches me and says, “Stan just called me. He is going straight home from the bank and want’s me to meet him there ASAP. He sounded pissed off or upset about something”, she says. “I hope everything is alright”, I said. “Did he say what the problem is?”, I asked. “At this point, all I know is it has something to do with our daughter” she says. “What exactly, I don’t know yet. I will find out when I get there. Do you know how to close the store?” she asked. “Yes”, I said. “Stanley trained me how to close just in case it was necessary one day. “Oh, thank God!”, she says. “Can you stay late tonight? I know it’s last minute, I’m sorry.” “Oh sure”, I responded. “That’s not a problem. Go. I will take care of the store. Don’t worry, I got your back.” “Shawnie, you are a life saver”, she says with appreciation. “Here, take my keys. Stan has his so we can open in the morning. Don’t stay beyond six” she says, and out the front door she hurried. About 5 o’clock, I hear the little tone that chimes when someone walks through the door. I was at the opposite end of the counter when I heard it. I make my way towards the register to greet whomever walked through the door. On my way to the register, I recognize Max as he approaches the counter. He is wearing a bright yellow sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of white running shorts; the kind with the slit up the side of the leg. I can’t believe how good he looks in the yellow shirt against his black skin. His biceps are impressive. His legs are muscular too. Maybe he’s a runner or something. The shorts fit him to a “T”. He looks so damn hot. When I saw him last on the steps, he was dressed in baggy sweats. I could not see a thing under those sweats. “Hey”, he says with a smile, “Shawn, right?” I nodded my head yes. “Max”, I said, “Right?” He gives me another smile and says “Right.” “So, this is where you work huh? He asks. “Man, this place has been here a long, long time.” I did not bother answering his question since it was obvious that I work here. “So, what can I do for you Max?” I asked. “To start, you can make me a really good sandwich” he says. “Wow, this is such a surprise” he added. I said to myself, to start? What else could I possibly do for him? “What flavor would you like Max? I asked. He looks up that the sandwich menu displayed on the wall behind the counter and says, “What would you recommend Shawn.”, I said, “Well, for me, I am partial to the tuna salad here. I love it.” “Tuna it is then Shawn”, he says very joyfully. “Would you like the works Max? I ask. “Oh” he says, I always go for the works; give it to me baby. I want it all; everything you got!” He had this naughty, sly, kind of, expression on his face. It was just the way he said it. I think he was flirting with me. A little sexual inuendo perhaps. I smiled at him, my crotch a little tingly, and said, “You got it kind sir. Coming right up. Take a seat where ever you like Max”. “Anywhere at all” he asked. “Anywhere your heart desires” I said. “So, Max”, I asked as I started making his sandwich. “Did you walk here?” “Hell no, he said, not at this hour. I ain’t that stupid. Nah, my friend, Lyla dropped me off. She lives on the other side of town. I took the bus and went to visit her today. We went to school together. She works second shift for the State; the Appellate Courts department. Don’t know what the fuck she do. I just know she works there” he said. “Well if she dropped you off on the way to work, how will you get home then if you don’t want to walk? I asked. “Ah, I ain’t worried” he says with a wave of his hand. “The bus run till 11.” “Your sandwich is almost ready Max. Where would you like to sit?” I asked. Max looked at me, took a breath, and gave me this smile that made me think that he was thinking of a smart-ass come back in response to my question. Instead, he exhaled and asked, “Can you join me Shawn?” “Sorry Max. I have to stay behind the counter until 6 PM. I lock the doors at 6 PM. “I see”, he says. “Well, I don’t want you breaking the rules. Where are you going to be working?” He asked. “I’ll be stationed at the other end of the counter for the most part. Down there I pointed. I have stuff to clean and items to put away. If someone comes in, I will walk up front to greet them as I did you when you came in.” “Alright, good to know. I chose this table right here so I can keep my eye on you” he says with the devious smile. Max sat down at a small table right across from where I was going to be working. He leaned back in the chair a little, spread his legs wide, interlocked his hands on top of his head, elbows pointed out on each side exposing his pits. Damn he is so sexy. My cock stirred in my pants as I saw his exposed pits. I tried to get a look up his shorts without being obvious. Unfortunately, his shorts fit too snugly to see anything. He was sporting a nice mound in his shorts though. As I was delivering his sandwich to the table, I thought to myself; what the öveçler escort fuck! Is he flirting with me or is he just fucking with me? He’s got to be fucking with me; teasing me. I decided to fuck back a little. I placed his sandwich on the table in front of him, bent slightly, looked him right in the eyes, and said, “I can guarantee you Max, I’d never disappoint you! He slapped himself on the thigh, laughing loudly, and said, “No Shawn, I bet you wouldn’t disappoint me. That I believe.” With both hands, he lifted his sandwich and took a bite as I stood there and stared at his crotch. I did not try to hide that fact either. I stood there and stared at his package. MM MM! he moans. “This is really good Shawn. I see why you like it so much; it’s really good.” “I told you Max” I said. “It’s my favorite. Trust me, I’ll take good care of you” I said as I turned and walked back to my duty station. We continued exchanging little sexual zingers at each other as he ate his sandwich, my dick half-hard in my pants. It was obvious that we were both enjoying the exchange. As we chatted, I became to feel more comfortable with our conversation. We continued our little exchange as I was wrapping the lunch meats to place them in the meat case. As I bent down, placing a roll of bologna in the case, I looked over at Max sitting at the table. I could see him from the shoulders down through the glass front panel of the meat case. He was fondling his cock through his shorts with one hand while holding his sandwich with the other. My cock started twitching and getting harder in my pants. How long has he been doing this I wondered to myself? Does he know that I can see him? I grabbed the roll of salami and returned to the refrigeration case. As I placed the salami in the case, I looked over at Max again. He is leaning back in the chair, legs spread, rubbing his cock thru his shorts. He’s got quite the bulge going there. My mouth got dry, I tried to swallow. My cock responding to the situation. I grabbed a small dixie cup and went to the soda gun. My mouth was so dry I had to get something to drink. I took two large swallows of coke and stepped back to the meat case. I grabbed the swiss cheese and bent forward to place it in the case. I looked through the case over at Max. His cock is now sticking out of his shorts. He has a roaring hardon. It is at least as think as the pepperoni that I just put in the case just moments before. When I see that beautiful, black cock with its swollen knob, I got weak in the knees. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Damn, he looked so fucking good. Those legs of his spread wide, that beautiful piece of hard meat running down his thigh. I just couldn’t believe he was stroking his cock right here in the restaurant. I wanted to run over and crawl under the table. “Hey Shawn” Max calls out. “Are you almost done back there.” I tried to respond but my mouth was so dry I could hardly speak. I took another swallow of coke. “Almost done” I said. “Hey Shawn”, Max calls out again. “Yeah Max, what is it? I’m listening.” “Do you like what you see?” he asks. “Um, what do you mean? I ask, my head in the meat case. I can hardly take my eyes off him. I see him run his finger across his piss slit. He brings his hand up and runs his finger across his full lips. “Come on Shawn”, he says. “I know you are watching me. Tell me the truth. You like what you see don’t you Shawn? You know you want this. Tell me the truth Shawn. You want it don’t you? You want this big, black cock. It’s waiting for you Shawn. It’s right here. Come and get it.” My cock is just throbbing in my pants. He is turning me on so I am going to lose control and just pounce on him. I love the way he keeps urging me and calling my name. I am so cock starved I just want to dive on his cock and take it down my throat. I want to taste his precum so bad. But I can’t do this here. I am at work. If someone came in, I would lose my job. I stand on my tip-toes and peek my head over the case. “Max”, I’m at work. This can’t happen.” “You want my cock Shawn. I know you do. Come on over here and wrap your lips around my cock. It’s 5:40 Shawn, go lock the doah. Shawn! Shawn! Go…lock…the…doah! Do you want this cock Shawn?” “Yes Max. I want it. I have wanted it since we talked the other day on your front steps.” “Lock the door Shawn. Do it now” he says. I hurried to the register, opened the drawer, and grabbed Ruth’s keys. I hopped over the counter, hurried over to the door, and locked it. I walked over to Max’s table. He sat there; legs spread wide with that beautiful, hard cock standing straight up at attention. I could see his precum slowly oozing down his shaft. My own cock now oozing in my pants. My mouth started to water; it’s certainly not dry now. I wanted to dive on his cock right there. He raised his left arm towards me. “Come here Shawn; come closer” he said. You have such a beautiful, plump, round ass for a white boy. When I saw you walking away the other morning, you made me my dick hard; watching that bubble butt of yours going down the street.” He ran his hand over my ass, cupping each cheek, one at a time and giving them a gentle squeeze. I loved it when he pulled me into him and grabbed my ass. My dick is throbbing. He reached up and untied my apron. “Take this thing off” he commanded. I liked the way he took control telling me what he wanted. It excited me. I took the apron off exposing the obvious bulge in my pants. He looked me up and down licking his lips. I relished in the thought of him wanting me. He reached up and ran his right hand across my hard cock as he let out a moan. “Damn boy”, he said. “You are no slacker in the cock department. That sho is a nice cock you got there.” He grabbed me by the hips and maneuvered me between his open legs. The musculature of his thighs made me salivate. He is so fucking sexy. He is one of these guys that just exudes sex. He pressed down on my hips and I dropped to my knees. “You like my cock don’t you Shawn?” I licked my lips and nodded my head yes; never taking my eyes off him. “You wanna suck my big, black, cock, don’t you? You want this hard dick in your mouth don’t you boy.” As he continued to talk to me like this, I started to run my tongue up his thigh to his crotch. His skin was so silky looking. I loved it. It’s so beautiful. He tasted a little of coconut and salt. As I started caressing his thighs with my tongue, he reached down and released his balls. He was wearing a white jock strap under his shorts. His sack had a faint covering of hair. His dick was so hard, his balls were drawn up tight to his body. As I ran my tongue slowly up his inner thigh, I could detect a subtle aroma of musk emanating from his crotch. It smelled like a combination of Ivory soap and sweat. I inhaled deeply and ran my tongue over his balls. I lapped at his balls making sure I tasted every millimeter of his sack. I loved the way it made him moan and spread his legs farther apart. I took his whole sack in my mouth as much as I could fit, burying my face in his crotch and inhaled his scent deeply. I loved the feeling of his ball hair across my tongue. I felt a little dizzy. I released his ball sack and ran my tongue over his balls and up his shaft. As I slowly ran my tongue up his shaft, I could taste his precum that I longed for. It was flowing more freely now down his cock. A result from my tongue work on his sack. I loved his taste; mostly sweet with just a little hint of salt. I wanted more. I took his cock head in my mouth and worked his piss slit with my tongue. His warm juice flowing freely now into my mouth. I was in heaven. When I took his cock in my mouth, he gasped and thrusted his hips up to meet me. I increased my suction oh his cock head. “That’s it boy; suck my cock Shawnie” he said. “Show me how much you want my cock. Make me feel good baby; suck my cock!” As he coached me, I took his cock all the way down my throat. “Yeah boy, that’s it he said. You know how to sick a big dick. You love my cock in your mouth don’t you boy. I grabbed a hold of his thighs and squeezed. I could feel his thigh pendik escort muscles flex in my hands. I never sucked a cock this size before. I learned quickly how to accommodate his mass in my throat and fell into a steady rhythm. He grabbed my head with both hands and guided my head up and down on his cock variating in speed constantly. I loved it when he took control. I was sucking this black man’s cock and I was in heaven. I loved the taste of his cock. I was so looking forward to him shooting his load in my mouth. He lifted my head completely off his cock, hovering just above the head. “Lick my cock Shawn” he commanded. “Let me see you run your tongue across my piss slit. Stick your tongue in there baby. I want to see my cock juice on your tongue. Show me Shawn; let me my juice on your tongue. That’s a boy; It’s good aint it?” Open your mouth boy. Get back down on my cock. Suck my dick Shawn. I love watching you suck my dick boy. You make me want to squirt right in your mouth! You want my load boy?” he asked. I moaned in response and increased the suction on his cock a little, swallowing his cock completely. I held him there in my throat for a few seconds. “Fuck boy! I love it when you swallow my whole cock.” I came up for air and swallowed his whole cock again. “Shawnie! You are going to make me cum boy!” he exclaims in a guttural, deep voice. “Make me cum boy! Suck the juice out of my cock.” He brings my head halfway up his cock and holds my head in position. I work my tongue up and down on the underside of his cock. I feel his whole body go ridged. The muscle of his thighs flexing. His abdomen tightens. “Here it comes Shawn. I’m gonna shoot right in your mouth baby! You ready boy?” he moans loudly. I slightly increase my lip pressure around his cock preparing for the flood gates to open. I don’t want to lose a single drop of his precious fluid. I feel his dick go harder in my mouth and start to spasm. I feel the urethra flexing as his first shot hits the back of my throat. He lets out this animalistic bellow as he fills my mouth with his warm, creamy, slightly salty fluid. I love the feeling of his load swishing around in my mouth. I swallow it all and want more. He thrusts his hips up as his dick slides down into my throat. He holds my head in place; I can feel his balls on my chin. He moans again as I feel his cock pulsing and throbbing in my throat as he shoots his load. I tried to bring my head back up to taste it but he held my head in place and shot wad after wad down my throat. As his orgasm begins to fade, he releases his grip on my head. I slowly brought my head up, keeping the suction on his cock steady. I came up to the head of his dick, flicking my tongue across his piss slit. I want every drop of his cum that I can squeeze out of him with my mouth. He is panting heavily as he watches me bob my head ever so slowly up and down on his cock. He reaches up and runs his fingers through my hair. I stopped, his cock in my throat, and felt his dick begin to relax in my throat. I grabbed him by the hips and held on never wanting to release my hold on his cock. He grabbed my face in his hands and lifted my head up. His cock now softening and it falls out of my mouth and down onto his thigh. I looked down at his cock resting on his thigh. It is so beautiful. I notice a small bubble of cum leaking out. I bend down and run my tongue over his cock head relishing his flavor. He ran his fingers through my blonde locks and said, “You really like that don’t you Shawnie?” “I love it Max” I said as I reached down and grabbed my crotch giving it a squeeze. “Stand up baby” he says. I stood up, standing in front of him, between his still spread legs. He scoots back in his chair, his dick now hanging down off the chair. He reaches around me and grabs an ass check in each hand, pulling me into him. He doesn’t say a word. He bends forward and places his mouth over my hardon in my jeans. He exhales and I feel the heat of his breath on my cock. I almost came in my pants. He does this repeatedly and starts to apply pressure on my cock. He unbuttons my jeans and pulls my zipper down. He lowers my jeans down to my thighs. My hard cock tenting my tighty-whities. He places his mouth on my cock through the underwear and exhales. I thrust my hips forward pressing my cock in his mouth. I can feel his tongue on my cock thru my underwear. He grabs a hold of the waistband of my underwear and slowly pulls down releasing by hard cock. My cock pops up hitting him in the chin. He sits there for a moment and stares at my hardon. “Nice cock Shawnie; very nice” he says almost in a deep whisper. He sticks out his tongue and licks the dew off the end of my cock. I moan loudly as he licks. I want to cum so bad. “Ah” he moans. “So sweet” he says. I smiled at him, wrapped my hands around his head and pulled him closer to my cock. He opened his mouth and I slid my cock inside. The feeling of his hot, wet, mouth on my cock made me gasp out loud. I started rocking my hips back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of his mouth. I pulled out completely and slid back in. He grabbed my now bare ass and held me in place as he swallowed my cock to the hilt. He started to suck my cock in a steady rhythm. “Fuck Max! I said. That feels so good. Suck my cock Daddy! Make me cum!” I said. When I called him Daddy, he increased the suction on my cock and buried his face in my pubes. I quickly realized he liked me calling him Daddy. “That’s it Daddy. Suck my hard cock! Suck it good! You like my sweet, young, hard cock don’t you Daddy? You want me to shoot my load right in your mouth, don’t you?” The more I talked to him like this, the harder he sucked my dick; taking me into his throat over and over. I could feel his spit running down my balls. Finally, I couldn’t take any more. I felt my cock approaching the point of no return. I grabbed him by the head again and held on as he sucked my cock. “Daddy, you’re going to make me cum!” I wanna cum in your mouth! Here it comes daddy; I’m gonna shoot!” I gasped loudly, my legs shaking rigorously, as I shot my load in Max’s mouth. I felt jet after jet shooting from my cock; Max swallowing as fast as he can. As I did to him, he stopped bobbing up and down on my cock, letting my dick rest on his tongue. I could feel his tongue working the underside of my cock. It felt amazing. I haven’t cum like that since I moved here. Max slowly took my cock down his throat and let it rest there for a few seconds. It was becoming very sensitive now. Max started to move back up my shaft, sucking as he went along. He stopped when he reached the head of my cock and ran his tongue across my piss slit lapping up the last few drop of my juice. He let my cock drop out of his mouth and licked his lips. “You taste good son” he said. I looked down and he was hard again. That cock of his sticking straight out. I reached down and wrapped my hand around him and gave him a little squeeze. I saw a little dew seep out of his cock head. My ran my thumb across the dick head and wiped it off. I brought it to my mouth and licked it off my thumb. “Max” I said, “that was fucking awesome.” He looked up at me and said, “Happy to return the favor baby.” He patted me on the ass and said, “Come on. Get dressed. We have to go; it’s got to be past 6 by now.” I stepped back, and tucked my dick in my underwear, and pulled my pants up. I grabbed Ruth’s keys off the table and said, “I’ll turn the lights off and we can go. I’ll meet you at the front door Daddy” I said. He gave me a little smile in return as he started to the front door. I locked the door behind us and we stepped out onto the sidewalk. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him. “Come on” he said, “We’ll catch the bus down on the corner. It should be coming along soon.” We walked down to the corner, his arm around my shoulder. I felt totally safe with him. We got on the bus. There were a several riding at the front and center of the bus. We walked to the back of the bus, holding onto the rail as the bus started moving forward. There were several seats open at the back. We sat down on a bench seat. He moved his leg so it was touching mine. I reached over and wrapped my hand around his inner thigh, feeling his balls on the back of my hand. I pushed my hand back a little against his package. I looked down at his crotch and my dick began to twitch in my pants. We rode home the whole way with my hand in his crotch.

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