Maya’s Birthday Surprise

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Maya’s Birthday SurpriseGirl Meets World – Maya’s Birthday SurpriseToday was going to be the greatest day of Maya Penelope Hart’s life. Today, she is turning 18-years-old. Her mother and her stepfather Shawn surprised her with birthday pancakes that they both made for her. Shawn also surprised Maya by taking her to the art museum to look at some of the paintings. This is going to be the best day ever. Later that day, Riley has planned something special for Maya. Maya has picked out the perfect outfit to wear: she wore a tropical print crop top, a black studded skirt and black studded boots. She was dressed pretty cute for her birthday. Before she goes over to Riley’s for the surprise party, an older boy with brown hair and brown eyes entered her room by climbing through her window. It was Joshua Matthews.”Hey Maya.” Josh said as he entered her bedroom.”Josh.” Maya ran over to Josh and hugged him. “What are you doing here? I thought you were at Riley’s preparing for my birthday party. Everybody’s expecting me.””I know. I came by to pick you up so we can head down there. Also, I wanted to give you your birthday gift.” Josh said.”You have a gift for me?” Maya asked.”Yeah.” Josh said.’What is it?” Maya asked as a smile appeared on her face. Josh pulls something out of his black leather jacket pocket. Maya sees a rectangular box in her crush’s hand and wondered what it could be.”Here, this for you. The most beautiful girl in the world.” Josh said as he handed Maya the box. Maya opens the box and saw the most beautiful thing that she’s ever seen. It was a heart-shaped necklace. Maya was breathless when she saw it as Josh puts the necklace around her neck and stared at her as she began to look at it.”Well, what do you think?” Josh asked.”Josh, it’s really beautiful. I love it.” Maya said as she hugged Josh. Maya stares deeply into Josh’s eyes as Josh slowly leans in and kisses Maya on her lips. The older teen slowly kisses the blonde until Maya breaks the kiss.”Wow. That was amazing.” Maya said.”Yeah. I have another surprise for you.” Josh said as he whistled in the room. Much to Maya’s surprise, a certain Texan male entered her bedroom and he was wearing a red and black plaid shirt, dark blue jeans and black shoes. The handsome male was revealed to be bahis firmaları Lucas Friar.”What the…? What’s Ranger Rick doing here?” Maya asked.”Josh brought me over for your next birthday gift.” Lucas said.”Oh, really? What is my birthday gift?” Maya looks curiously at Lucas and Josh.”You get to have sex with both me and Howdy.” Josh said. “He came up with the idea.””You two?” Maya asked.”Yeah.” Lucas said.”You’re dating my best friend, Ranger Rick. You think that she would let you do something like this with me and Jo… oh, wait. You two want a piece of me, don’t you?””You bet.” Josh said.”Okay. Sure. But remember, this is a one-time deal. So, don’t tell Riley.” Maya said.”You got it.” Josh said.Lucas just smiled.The trio sat down on Maya’s bed as Josh and Maya continue their make out session while Lucas kisses Maya’s neck. A soft moan escapes from Maya’s lips from feeling Lucas kissing and sucking on her neck. Josh slips his tongue inside Maya’s warm, wet mouth to explore her while Maya moves her hand down to Lucas’ crotch and start palming him through his jeans, making him moan in her mouth. Maya stops kissing Josh and began kissing Lucas. Josh removes Maya’s top and took one of Maya’s natural breasts in his mouth and starts to suck on her hot pink nipple. Maya continues palming Josh’s cock with one hand while she uses the other hand to palm Lucas’ cock through the fabric of his jeans. Josh moans into Maya’s breast and began to feel her peak hardening against his tongue as he continues flicking at it. Maya unbuckles Lucas’ belt and unzips his pants so she can stick her hand down in there. Maya sticks her hand inside and began squeezing and stroking Lucas cock. Lucas continues to moan as he deepens the kiss. He felt like blowing a gigantic load all over Maya’s hand.”Alright. Clothes off.” Maya commanded.Josh and Lucas began to remove every single article of clothing, leaving Lucas in his red boxers and Josh in his blue boxers. Maya stood up on her bed and started stripping out of her clothes. After removing her clothes, Maya was completely naked in front of Josh and Lucas as she lies down on her bed. Josh kneels in between Maya’s legs and starts rubbing her pussy. Maya reaches over to Lucas’ boxers and pulls them down.”Not bad, Ranger kaçak iddaa Rick. You think you can handle it?” Maya asked. Lucas grins at Maya and runs his cock against Maya’s lips. Maya starts licking the tip of Lucas’ cock and starts rubbing her tongue up and down on his shaft while moaning to the feeling of Josh rubbing her clit. Maya takes Lucas’ cock and starts bobbing her head up and down while Josh laps away at her thin pink pussy lips.”Oh, God.” Lucas moans. Maya hums into Lucas’ cock as Josh continues to eat her out.Josh spits on Maya’s dripping wet slit and rubs in a circular motion for a couple of minutes. Lucas grabs the back of Maya’s head gently and starts to thrust in her mouth. The blonde felt Lucas’ cock pushing past her gag reflexes as she starts to gag all over his cock. Lucas stares into Maya’s pretty blue eyes as he continues to fuck her throat. Josh began to taste a bit of liquid in his mouth, he knew that Maya was close to having her orgasm. Josh stops licking Maya’s clit and Lucas stops fucking Maya’s throat. Lucas pulled is saliva-covered cock out of Maya’s mouth as Maya goes over to Josh and French kisses the tip of his cock. With Maya’s pretty ass raised up in the air and her pussy still dripping wet with her cum, Lucas spreads her pink pussy lips open and found the bud of her clit and began rubbing it with his thumb. Josh reaches down and gently pinches Maya’s nipple. Maya moans and slaps Josh’s tongue against her tongue and slides her mouth over his gigantic monster.”God. Maya, your pussy is so fucking wet.” Lucas said as he pushes his fingers deep inside Maya’s core. Maya moves her mouth down to Josh’s balls and starts to lick and suck on them passionately while stroking him at the same time.”Fuck, Huckleberry! Don’t stop… keep fingering my pussy… make this naughty girl’s pussy cum.” Maya groans as Lucas pumps his fingers harder and faster inside Maya’s pink hole.Wanting to taste Maya, Lucas removes his fingers out of Maya and moves his mouth over to her vagina and starts sucking on her clit and licking her pink slit. Maya pulls Josh down and sticks his hard prick in between her breasts, burning the touch of his cock.”Fuck, baby. Keep rubbing your breasts against my cock.” Josh groans.Lucas slides his tongue up and kaçak bahis down on Maya’s clit for a few minutes and began rimming her. Lucas laps at Maya’s tight little asshole, instantly her ass with his saliva so he can enter her anally. Maya stops giving Josh a tit-job and climbs on top of him.”I want you and Howdy to fuck me like you own me. I want you two to make me your naughty slut.” Maya said as she hovers her pussy over Josh’s cock.Maya grabs a hold of Josh’s cock and sticks it inside her pussy. Maya moans as she starts to ride Josh while she grabs Lucas’ cock and starts blowing him. Lucas groans like a bear as Maya deep-throats him while Josh thrusts in and out of her harder and faster. Maya could feel Josh’s balls slapping against her pussy and her ass. Josh and Lucas loved hearing the sounds of Maya’s muffled moans filling the room. It was an amazing sound to hear. Maya stops riding Josh turns around with her ass facing him.”How about we try some double penetration?” Josh winks.”Sure.” Maya said. “Which hole are you going to fuck?”Josh lines up his cock in front of Maya’s ass while Lucas climbs on top of her and lines up his ‘tool’ in front of her. Josh pushes his cock inside Maya’s ass nice and slow as Maya began to bounce up and down on his cock. Maya rubs her hot clit harder in a circular motion, just begging to be filled by Lucas.”Fuck my pussy, Lucas. I want you both in me.” Maya moans.Lucas pushes his cock inside Maya and pounds her wet hole harder. Josh plays with Maya’s breasts for a couple of minutes and French kisses her. The sensation of two cock filling every hole was enough to set Maya off. She loved having her best friend’s boyfriend and her best friend’s uncle treating her like a piece of meat.”OH, MY GOD… YES! KEEP FUCKING ME HARDER! I WANT YOU TWO TO MAKE ME CUM!” Maya screams.Both of the men felt their balls starting to churn as Maya continues to scream in pleasure. Lucas pulls out and blows his load all over her stomach while Josh fills Maya’s ass up with his cum. Josh removes his softening cock from out of Maya’s asshole, making a sickly pop and saw some of his cum spilling out of her ass and onto her bed. All three were spent, slick and sweaty as they got themselves cleaned up and ready to go over to Riley.”I hope that you enjoyed your birthday present.” Josh said as he kisses Maya.”That was the best present ever.” Maya said.“That…” Lucas said to them both as they lay there naked. “Was actually Riley’s birthday present to Maya.”. . .

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