Me, Master and, my Dog

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Me, Master and, my DogI live in a mountain town, outside of a major city and, given it is not remote, there are no periods of, higher-than-normal, tourism. During these times, I made it a habit of hitting the bar and, picking up desperate women, looking for a good time. Given, the area is known for skiing and snowboarding, some of the tourists were, a little bit Reckless. On several particular lights, I ran into something different, I ran into, a curious man. The first time this happened, he was a tourist from Georgia and, we spent two days together and, those two days, changed my mind forever about, gay sex. He was a very dominant and powerful man, big cock, huge testicles and, demanding figure. Within the first 10 minutes, I had lost control and, had already begun to rub his crotch. He went back to my home and, that is where, I went down on him, sucking in, sucking 4, almost, a whole hour. Then, he told me to stand up and, sticking his finger, right my ass thanks, right into my mouth, call me, bend over. He rub some Spit on His massive cock and, pushed it right up my ass. It hurt, just for a second then, I was thinking past dated, not with pain but, I feel controlled by this man and, I liked it a lot. P pump the way in me 4, maltepe escort 20 minutes then, going balls deep, moaned and, dump humongous load, right up my ass. We sat around for a while and, fell asleep, the next morning, he went out again this time, he pumped in my ass for two hours, filling my ass with, a huge load of, amazing cum. Then, he and I parted waysImmediately after, I change my mind about something and, soon, was driving to the city, to go to gay clubs, to pick up men in, have sex with them. Most of the men, the early twenties, were reasonable but, I need someone to take him in and, fill me up with, his controlling seed. 4 years, having a dog in, normally, when I was growing up, my first dog, give me quite a bit of pleasure. That dog, a female, would lick my cock and balls, asshole and, I would finger her in comic with my face ring to her little pussy, come in her face and, by the end, I put it right in her. Every so often, a person would ask me to watch their pets, the dogs, starting to be interesting. I watched two poodles and, they would lick my cocking package so good, I had to taste them. A neighbor of ours, heading male dog, a large male dog and, he, was a object of my fascination. Dick and, husky balls, escort maltepe ejaculating all over was the biggest turn-on and, I tried for years to get him to bust in my mouth but, only ended up ever getting my mouth on his Big Red Cock. Now, this dog, a large Shepherd, big cock in all, was raised and, trained, just so he lets himself be handled and, do as he is told. Most nights, during the slow season, I will lay on the couch and he will look at me 4 hours, but actually, I will come and, retire for the night. The dog, as far as his cock, jerked off and, even tasted the cum the difference, he wasn’t commanding me. Back to the point, about the 20-somethings, I brought five different boys here, got the dog to lick them and, they really liked it. Most of them, didn’t really want to talk about it so, I won’t get into it what, iPad three young men, so far, with that dog in his mouth and, finish him.The women, when I brought them home, well, I would really fuck them hard, the men, they would be made to be my bitch and, the second time I brought some of the bigger than me home, he stayed for 3 years.He was tall, black, thin but, with big muscles. Massive cock Inn, balls, we dump at least half a cup of this evening into me, maltepe escort bayan every load. It wasn’t long, after he got there that, he was ordering the dog to lick me and make me feel good and, you would come over and relieve him of his load. Honestly, I was upset at first but, after a little while, became amazing. He would take me outside and, help me out in the yard, come all in my mouth even piss on me, a true dominating party. He made me wear, leather underwear with, the ass cut out and, after the first year, we blocked off the property, do you have our own space. At least once a day, he would either get head or, pump me out and sometimes, he would put me out for hours at a time, coming inside me or, coming in his hand and then, putting it in my mouth. He would put pictures of me online, in ads, selling myself in, more than one person took us up. Over. 6 months, seven different Gay men, came here, fucked me in the ass. I was humiliated in, turned on come at night, the dog we come for me and, because, my master knew, he had the dog Mount me. It didn’t work well in, didn’t happen again but, after he left, and, to this day, I’ll take that load from my dog, in my mouth and, swollow it.Now, throwing the on-season, I still go to town but, only looking for those men, just so, I can rest assure. I still bring women back in, fucked in the ass and, come over to Facebook, usually, with another man. The 20-somethings, yeah they’re fun but, it’s nothing like my master.

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