Me, My Friend Bill, and His Mother — 4

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My name is Neal – I was a rather normal sixteen year-old in the Sixties. Normal, that is, until my best friend’s mother, Betty, seduced me into committing fornication with her! And not just once! She told me that she wanted to be my whore, and I could fuck her all I wanted. And God, I wanted to real bad! I thought about Betty all day long. Even at the supper table, and in church, and when I took a shower. Especially when taking a shower. I couldn’t keep my hands off my hard dick, and I couldn’t keep my cum stains off the sheets at night. My mother noticed. She wasn’t very happy about that, and warned me about my lusts and the devil and hell and all that. She even signed me up for Brother Morningwood’s Sunday afternoon Bible class on “Impure Thoughts” for teenage boys. I didn’t want to go but mother would not take “no” for an answer. Good God, what was the point? I had already committed all the “normal” sins that he could ever warn us about. So Sunday afternoon, I went. There were three of us boys in the class. I was the oldest one. We just grinned stupidly at each other, but never said nothing. The preacher blathered on and on about resisting the devil, and all I could think of was the luxurious feeling of my erect cock sliding up inside Betty’s tight lubricated pussy! And the sight of her naked body quivering beneath mine. I excused myself to go to the church restroom and jacked off. God didn’t seem to mind none. It was Saturday again, and me and Mark and Bill were all up in the ‘den’ doing our thing. Well, doing our ‘things’. Bill’s father had given him a new paperback called, “The Whore of Horny Creek High”. It was about this small town high school, and there was this gorgeous, sexy, female teacher who was brand new — Miss Thorn. She taught English. On the side, however, Miss Thorn was letting the school jocks buy sex lessons from her almanbahis şikayet for just five dollars a pop. And she was arranging sex dates for the girls with the jocks for ten dollars. It was really a pretty good book. The sex was really hot and nasty and very dirty, even though the plot was kind of silly. But it gave me an idea! After we had finished jacking off, I waited for Mark to go home, then I approached Bill. “Bill? Something has come up and I wanted to ask you for a favor.” He was buttoning his jeans. “Yeah? What?” “I accidently bumped into this woman… uh… it was at my church. She was confessing some sins to our assistant minister, and… well,… I wasn’t supposed to hear, but I did. She was a prostitute!” That got his attention. “No shit? For real?” “Yes. After church, I sort of started a conversation with her, and… and…” I couldn’t think of how to make this all sound logical. “Go ahead, tell me!” “Well, she… uh… she said she saw that I was listening to her when she was talking to the assistant minister. And she asked me to keep it all a secret that she was a prostitute and not tell anyone. And I… I said I would if she… if she would give me a free sex lesson.” His jaw dropped. I didn’t believe a word I was saying, but obviously Bill .did “No fucking shit? A real whore? Like, she charges money for sex?” “Yeah, if I’m lying, I’m dying, swear to God. Only trouble is, Bill, I got no place to meet her… except… here in your house.” “No way, Neal! If my mom found out, she would kill both of us! My dad, too!” I started stomping around in frustration. “C’mon, Bill! I can’t pass this up! Listen, if your mom is at one of her meetings on, say, Thursday, we could both leave school early and meet up here. And I’ll ask the whore to give you a sex lesson, too. How about it? We both’ll get some real pussy!” almanbahis canlı casino Well, Bill was not that easy to convince. Took me ten minutes to finally get him to agree to ask his mom what her schedule was like next week. Then I heard a car pull up outside, and we went downstairs, because it was almost Bill’s supper time. As Bill went to the living room to greet his dad, I snuck into the kitchen, where Betty was cooking. “Hey,” I whispered intensely, “I got an idea. Keep Thursday open for you, me and Bill, but tell Bill that you’ll be home real late that day! I’ll tell you more Tuesday.” She grinned real big and told me, “Good job, sweet baby!” I felt like a million bucks. I had a hard-on all the way home. – – – – – It was Tuesday and I knocked on the Bakers’ front door. It opened. “Oh, hi, Neal. Come on in. I just made a pitcher of lemonade.” Three minutes later, we were in the ‘den’ up in the attic. We were both drinking lemonade naked on the folding bed. She was fondling my stiff pecker as if she had never seen one before. Her breasts pressed against my arm and chest. I felt magnificent and powerful. I decided to express this verbally. “Fornication!” I said, casually. “Adultery, sodomy, fornication and masturbation. Those are the things I want to do with you. Especially fornication.” She actually blushed. Then she started breathing faster. Her hand thrilled up and down my rigid shaft a little faster. “Neal, when you talk dirty to me, it makes me so fucking horny! Now tell me, what plans do you have for Bill and us Thursday? Am I gonna get to fuck my son? Well, actually he’s my step-son; he was adopted. But I think of him as my son. You know what I mean. Am I really gonna get to fuck him?” So I told her about the mysterious “whore” I met at my church, who agreed to give a sex lesson to Bill and I in return for almanbahis casino me keeping her secret. She would demand that Bill had to be blindfolded, and not able to remove his blindfold. This meant Bill had to have his hands tied to the headframe of the bed. For her part, Betty, playing the “whore”, would have to keep silent while she had sex with her son. She even had to smell different so Bill would not recognize her. Betty could rub her naked tits all over Bill; she could play with her son’s dick, masturbate him, or even suck him off. But she had to be totally silent. The whole time I was explaining this, Betty was doing lewd and lascivious things to my erect cock. And she was masturbating. It was so outrageous to experience this. Here I was, a sixteen year old boy, and a grown 33 year old woman was jacking us both off at the same time. It was just so wicked and hot beyond anything I had ever dreamed of. And the fact that it was a sin and I was going to hell only made it hotter. I spread my thighs wider and thrust my hips forward. When I finished talking, she said, “Neal, that’s an excellent plan! I’m going to do it! I’m going to fuck my son totally stupid! I can’t wait! And I’ve always wanted to be… you know… a real whore. Oh god, I’ve dreamed of this so long; you have no idea! ” She lurched up into a sitting position, causing one of her plush breasts to slap me softly in the face, and spun around, flinging a leg over my body. Suddenly, her trimmed, glistening pussy descended right into my face. Two seconds later, my rigid fuck-pole was engulfed in her mouth! Omigod, this was like… sixty-nine! Jesus! I wallowed my face in her sloppy wet pussy, sucking her cunt lips into my mouth and flicking her clit with my tongue. Oh God, Betty was sucking my dick! And slurping her tongue all over it! And playing with my balls! And the best part was, I knew it was a sin! I was trying to see how deep I could push my tongue into Mrs. Baker’s hot cunt. Five minutes later, my cock exploded. I almost passed out, but I knew that my dick was spurting maybe a pint of my jizm into her mouth and down her throat.

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