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Subject: Meant to Be The entire place was quiet. Nobody else was in the pool and the locker room was empty. Trevor began to peel his favorite blue Speedos off. He swam several laps that day enjoying the session. With only the sound of the lapping water in his ears, Trevor had swam more laps then usual enjoying the pressure on his muscles, arms, back, legs, butt..all felt the workout. “Hey” He turned and tried not to stare at Amos the tall, muscled, athletic guy he had seen often at the gym. Trevor had snuck glances at the older fit man stripping, swimming showering and dressing. He wanted to talk to him. Hell he wanted to suck his cock. Trevor felt his face redden. “U hey” he responded. “Just us today, huh?” Amos asked putting his gym bag near where Trevor sat, his Speedos half peeled off. “Yea everyone went to the beach I guess, summer” Trevor said. “Good I like it like this” Amos peeled his shirt over his head. Trevor got a close up view of the flat stomach, smooth pecs from which dangled one gold ring. He pulled the Speedos more in a rush. “Hey take your time, we can chat. I’m in no rush are you?” Amos smiled, his green eyes seemed to stare inside Trevor. “It’s always better to swim with someone” Amos added. Trevor realized the hunky guy thought he was just starting to go for a swim. He stopped his thumbs and instead pulled his suit back a bit. “Good. I like to take my time on a day like this. Wish I had come earlier when you arrived. Oh well” he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. Trevor watched. When Amos’ eyes saw, he laughed. “Hey it’s ok. Don’t tell anyone but I like to be watched” Amos said “Besides I’ve seen you looking at me before.” His trousers uncovered his tiny jockey short covered hips. His thighs had black curly hair, odd, Trevor thought since his hair was blonde. “Really it’s ok. I’ve seen you too. I like it when someone I like watched me” Amos repeated. Again he smiled. And Trevor blushed. He moved his jockeys off his groin slowly as if stripping to excite his audience. Turning his buttocks were uncovered. They were smooth too. Trevor wanted to run his hands over the pink skin between the tan lines. Turning back, Amos’ cock and balls dangled. It seemed he moved closer and Trevor inhaled the male aroma of the man’s sex glands. “God this is nice” Amos stretched his arms over his head and twisted his torso at angles then around. He took some clippers from his bag and trimmed his bare feet beside Trevor. kızkalesi escort “How many laps do you like to do?” he asked knowing Trevor was surveying his naked body. He parted his legs enough so his cock and balls were more easily visible. “Uh you know depends” Trevor said wondering is the guy noticed his Speedos were getting larger. “Come on, strip down. I like to get a warm shower first then dive into the cool, it’s enhances the sensation” he stood and waited. “Ok go ahead, be right there” Trevor said. “No no, you’ve seen me, let me see you, I don’t care if you have a boner” Amos said. Trevor, again blushed as he stood and lowered his Speedos. His cock popped free. It had stopped growing upon being discovered by Amos. “Nice. I like slim guys, swimmers body” Amos said Trevor followed the body that he until now had only watched from across the locker room or in the pool area. Now he was close and watched the buttock muscles flex as the guy walked. “Nice and hot” Amos said, “here” tossing Trevor a white block of soap. “Do me first” Trevor caught the soap. The guy wanted him to soap his body. His cock hardened as if someone suddenly turned on a switch. Amos didn’t see it as he had turned offering his back. Trevor’s hands trembled a bit as he soaped them and began to touch the body that he had only fantasized about. “Go hard if you want,” Amos said Trevor wanted to say he was already hard. “Dig your fingers in” Amos instructed. Trevor squeezed the muscles he had admired, spreading soap over the shoulders and back in front of him. “Keep going” Amos turned his head “I know I have a nice butt, so do you” Trevor’s hands slid over the two globes. They were firm. He wanted to spread them and lick the hole between them revealing to the tall athlete what he was. “Nice your turn” Trevor quickly turned again trying to hide his erection. The guy’s hands massaged his tight muscles and slid over his skin, as if memorizing each shape, bone, and convolution. The hands didn’t pause either as they moved over Trevor’s asscheeks. “Nice ass kid” Amos said this time his lips were close to Trevor’s ears and his words seemed like a sexy whisper. The finger moved between Trevor’s cheeks crossing over his hole. He shivered. “Don’t worry it’s only my finger” Amos laughed, his finger sliding back across the hole. “I know you like it, so do I” Trevor felt like he was floating. His body seemed to move against tarsus escort the one behind him, not pressing but resting there. The arms soaped his shoulders and chest. They moved down his stomach. “I want to but maybe we should keep you ready for the swim” the hand lightly slapped Trevor’s cock. They rinsed each other facing each other. Amos talked, Trevor worshipped. “Wish we could swim like this, hell it was the way men were meant to swim…probably did for centuries..but if we did it they’d kick us out” Amos said revealing the small white swimsuit he retrieved from his gym bag. “You like swimming naked?” “Did it once, nice” Trevor agreed as he watched the whit swimsuit rest in place. If fit him so tight he still looked naked to Trevor. When wet they revealed the bar skin underneath. He had seen the guy wearing them before and jacked off remembering that sight. They dove side by side, a pool regulation they dared to break. Trevor tried to keep up but his earlier swim and rudder like cock beneath him slowed his swim. “Nice one” Amos sat on the side of the pool as Trevor moved close to him. The guy reached for Trevor’s arms and pulled them over his bare thighs. “I think we’re gonna be good workout partners” he said. Trevor’s face was close to the man’s crotch. He looked to see if anyone was watching but there was nobody there. There might be security cameras he looked for them. Then he dare to do what only his fantasies had done, kissing the bulging crotch in front of him. “Hey hey, I wish you could but…” Amos pushed him back into the pool diving after him. Under the water, hands met hands, encompassed buttocks and cupped crotches. “Hey” the deep voice yelled. Trevor looked over to see a man in overalls standing there. “I got to lock up” He said. It was Amos who replied “Ok you can go we’ll lock the doors as we leave, like always” the man smiled and saluted as he left the pool area. “That’s Govern. I always swim after he finishes work. Now we’re really alone” he said. Trevor felt the hands on his hips. The tugged and tilted him over in the water. The liquid gathered round his erection and tightened ballsac. He was naked. Rising to the surface he saw Amos toss his blue Speedos and his own white suit to the side. They were both naked now. They wrestled, swam, Trevor felt himself be thrown up out of the water only to land like a teenager splashing everyone. “I want to fuck you” Amos said anamur escort pulling Trevor close to his front. “Can you I mean in the water?” Trevor asked but felt the hardness stabbing at his tightened hole. “Relax bend forward a bit” Amos reached and lifted Trevor’s legs putting Trevor in a sitting like position. His cock forced its way inside. “Shit shit shit” Trevor said. He wished he could be watching the two naked men, one tall athletic, fucking in the water a smaller slimmer man…him. “You are tight as hell, you a virgin?” Amos asked. Trevor heard the guy working hard fucking him. He was thrilled that Amos thought him a virgin. Maybe he didn’t know he was gay, that his mouth had tasted cum and obviously didn’t know his butt had swallowed cocks too. “Nice” Arms moved form his legs encircling his body. Amos dove backwards bringing Trevor with him as he floated. It was like floating on the water on tope of an inner tube. “Don’t move, I’m still inside you” Amos gasped. Trevor couldn’t believe it. He flexed his ass muscles and indeed felt the flesh pole lodged inside him. The hand on his cock. Surprised him that his cock was hard despite the cold water and pleasuring pain getting fucked at the same time. He tried to remain still, letting the man milk him, using his body as a warm sheath for his manly sword. When he orgasm’d Trevor’s body had a mind of its own making him bolt and move releasing the hand and cock that captured him. “You’re wild” Amos said smiling. “I didn’t expect that” Trevor watched Amos lift himself out of the water. It was a sight he had imagined as he watched the swimsuit covered buttocks before..not naked as he envisioned. They stood under the hot spray. Neither talked now. Their soapy hands learned every inch of each other. Trevor knelt and took the guys cock in his mouth to kiss, lick and suck. He wanted to gobble whatever body contents might still be available. To his delight there were streams of cum available. He swallowed it all. “We shouldn’t have waited so long” Amos said “I leave on Monday” Trevor stared. Mental images of moving in, of being a long term lover, of being naked all the time, available for his needs, all seemed to fade away. “But we have until then” Amos said The sheets were cotton, white, cool to his skin. The large windows looked out on the lake. The hands, legs, cock, balls were his to play with, satisfy and he was there to satisfy Amos for the rest of the weekend. The tears came on Monday as he saw the plane take him away. But there would be the holidays he had already been asked and pledged to use to reunite. And until then there were other laps to swim and after Govern left for the day, he would swim naked the way man was meant to swim…the way it was meant to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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