Meeting at the beach

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Meeting at the beachIt is a part of my fantasy that I wrote once, to a sexy tgirl…I imagine how I walk on that same beach and see a beautiful ass, your ass. It shines in the sun. I approach you and sai hi and ask if I could help you rub some tanning lotion on you. You agree..But I still don´t know yet that you are a tgirl, because you are prettier than women…I am starting to rub your back and as I do so I am checking your cute ass..It is so temping.I want to toutch it, but I don´t yet…I slowly move down your back to see how you react. As I almost reach your ass I “accidentally” slip my one hand on it…When I see that you don´t react to it I am getting more courage to toutch it. Now my both hands are on your ass, that beautiful tight ass..I like it so much. ( wish i could see more of it at the moment) canlı bahis I feel that you like it..As I keep rubbing your ass, your cock that I dont know about is getting a bit hard…You turn to me and say that let have a drink..You stand up and smile to me..That smile is so pretty…You pack your stuff and we go…On the way we pass some thick bushes, you grab my arm and you lead us in there. You kiss me and then you turn around..I start to kiss your neck as you push your ass against my crotch and start to rub it against my cock..As you feel that it is getting harder, you suddenly lean forward and grab a condom out of your bag..Then you kneel in front of me and slide my pants down and put a condom on me. You quickly suck it for a few times and then stand up and turn your back again..Then you bets10 slighlt slide your bikini pant aside and grab my cock with one hand and lead it towards you ass…I wonder, does she really want it in the ass…But I dont start to ask…instead in grab your huge tits through your bra as tip of my cock is rubbing your hole..I move the bra under your tits and I massage them..You suddenly push your ass so hard that my cock slips in and you start to move slowly..Back and fort, back and forth…I feel amazing, your tight ass around my rock hard dick…As you move that for a while I start to slide my hands down your belly You grab my hands and stop me…I think, why does she wont let me toutch her pussy….You start moving yourself quicker and I forget about that thought soon…I am getting closer bets10 giriş to cumming…Then you slide your ass off my cock and turn around, you see that I am really close you kiss me quickly and take my condom off…Your sweet mouth takes my cock inside..You move your head a couple of times and I cum into your mouth…Then you stand up and kiss me again, then I realize that you havent swallowed and I am feeling my own cum in my mouth…And I…I like it…You made me do something that I wouldnt never do and I say you that..You think, mmm, what else I could make him do…You trun your back again and lead my hands to your breast again and say to me that I should rub your nipples..I do so..Yuo slide your hand down to your pants and jerk off your nice cock…Then you take my hand and slide it down your pants..I feel scared for a sec, but who am I k**ding, I like that feeling..To toutch someone elses cock other than mine and at the same time to toutch such a beautiful tits and feel a lovely ass against my cock…I love that feeling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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