Mid Summer Night Encounter

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I received a call from Shirley at around 9 PM, telling me that she was all alone at her place and asking me whether I would like to come over. I was at the office, finishing dinner at that time and almost jumped up with excitement at this offer. I couldn’t wait to finish my shift, and at exactly 11:45PM, I packed my stuff and left the office. The warm and humid summer breeze that hit me was quite a contrast to the dry air-conditioned air that I had been breathing for the past eight hours. I hired a cab and after a five minute drive, arrived at Shirley’s apartment. I rang the doorbell, and she opened the door quietly. I entered inside and gave her a tight hug. She was wearing a short, one piece night dress, which was quite thin and highlighted each and every curve of her body. It had been quite hot even at night since the last few days, and I could see a thin film of sweat on her body already.

I sat down on the couch, removed my shoes, and gulped down a whole glass of water. Shirley offered me a T-shirt and shorts, and I freshened myself up. She then came and sat next to me on the couch, resting her head on my shoulders. Her face felt warm and I inhaled in her aroma. We sat there talking for some time about our day in general, and then I held her face in my hands and drew her closer to me. I kissed her on her forehead first, and then moved on to her lips. We started planting a series of small kisses on each others’ lips, before I held her lower lip between my lips. She parted her lips and I kissed her hard. She hugged me tightly and drew my tongue inside her mouth. Shirley loves sucking my tongue, and she was driving me mad with her actions. My cock sprang to attention immediately, and was straining against the fabric of the shorts. I moved my tongue inside and explored the corners of her mouth. I then lifted her night dress and moved my hands to her hips. I felt her sheer satin panties which were as smooth as her skin. As I put my hand inside her panties, Shirley stopped me. She breathed heavily and whispered in my ear, “Lets go to the bedroom” We switched escort ataşehir off the lights in the living room and walked hand in hand to the bedroom. The room was dark except for a dim bedside lamp. Just the right amount of light for me to relish her beauty.

I took her in my arms, and we kissed passionately. I took off her night dress completely, leaving her in a set of black bra and panties. I took a minute to admire her body. She was voluptuous in every sense of the word. Huge 36D breasts, complemented by a nice, round ass and curves at the right places. I couldn’t believe that I was sitting next to such a hot woman, and about to make love to her. I removed her bra and her magnificent milky white breasts came into view. Shirley took my T-shirt off and hugged me tightly. The touch of our warm, naked upper bodies was magical and my cock ached for release. Our lips met each other again as we lay down next to each other on the bed. I then took her breasts in my hand, and felt their softness. I also felt her nipples slowly hardening against my palms. I swirled my fingers over her large, dark brown areoles and her nipples became rock hard. I continued playing with her breasts for some time and then moved my hand slowly towards her abdomen. Her abdomen was not absolutely flat – like the ones you see on stick like models, but pleasantly curved. I teased her navel with my finger, and then moved downward.

I touched her pussy over her thin satin panties, and felt the moistness that had already developed there. I got rid of the last remaining piece of cloth on her body and took a moment to appreciate her nakedness. She looked absolutely gorgeous, with huge heaving breasts, and an absolutely clean shaven pussy. I parted her legs and moved in between them. As I bent down and kissed her thighs, I could smell the warm, feminine smell emanating from her pussy. I don’t know why, but her smell really turns me on even more, and I couldn’t resist any longer. I planted kisses on her outer lips and down towards her ass crack. I then licked the outer kadıköy escort bayan lips, and moved my tongue in circles, slowly moving inwards. Her taste was heavenly, and I sucked up the juices that were oozing out. I then licked her clit, slowly at first and then increased the speed and pressure. She grabbed my hair and wriggled on the bed. I continued licking till she couldn’t take it any longer and then moved to her love hole. She was dripping wet by now, and my tongue only added more to it. She then pulled me up and kissed me hard., getting a taste of her own pussy as our tongues entwined with each other. We hugged each other and felt our bodies sticking to each other because of a layer of sweat that we had on us – partly due to the hot and humid weather outside, and the heat that both of us were generating.

Shirley then got rid of my shorts and underwear quickly, and held my throbbing cock in her soft, warm hands. She moved her hands up and down my shaft and massaged my balls. She seemed to enjoy the feeling of my balls in her hands, as she spent quite some time playing with them. She then returned her attention to my cock and began stroking it. Simultaneously, she started moving downwards, kissing my chest, tummy, and navel on the way. Soon she reached her destination, and took a pause to look at the rigid organ in her hand. She planted a soft kiss on the head first and then continued kissing around the sides. Her kisses soon became wetter, and before I knew it, the head was already in her mouth. She lifted her mouth, and then swooped back in, taking almost three-fourths of my cock in her hot and wet mouth. She repeated this a couple of times, and drove me crazy. She then licked my shaft, and my balls. She returned to the tip of my cock licking it all the way. She devoured it again, and began giving me an amazing blow job. This continued for another two minutes, and I felt I couldn’t take it any more. I lifted her off my cock, and placed her on the bed by my side.

It was now time for the next act, and I mounted on top of her escort bostancı and kneaded both her breasts with my hands. Slowly I moved downwards, and reached her eagerly waiting pussy. I licked her nicely, to add to the wetness already there. The aroma emanating from her throbbing pussy was simply intoxicating. I then got up and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I played around with her lips before inserting the tip into her wetness. Slowly I moved inch after inch of my meat inside, and soon I was completely inside her. The insides of her love hole felt wet, warm and inviting. I stayed in this position for a minute to let her adjust to the feeling of my thick member inside. Slowly I started to push in an out of her warm hole. The very touch of my cock against the walls of her wet pussy was driving me wild. She was enjoying the act too, as she caressed my back with her hands, and drew me in closer for a kiss. Our tongues played with each other, as we kissed long and hard, while continuing our fucking down below.

I increased my tempo, as things started getting hotter down there – literally! I pinched and squeezed her nipples at the same time, and she let out a muted sigh. I raised myself on my arms slightly, and pushed myself even deeper. This caused our groins to rub furiously against each other. The resulting sensations were totally wild, and I could feel myself inching closer to an orgasm. I then pushed into her pussy hard with all my might, and just stayed there. Within the next second, my cum came rushing through my cock and spurted out with a great force. At that same instant, Shirley bucked her hips, and I could feel her pussy muscles tense. Our orgasms hit us simultaneously with the force of a speeding truck, and we let out load moans of pleasure. I continued thrusting till the content of my balls emptied inside her. She was throbbing with pleasure, and her pussy had become a warm cocktail of our juices. I collapsed on top of her and kissed her slowly and long.

After a couple of minutes, I slowly withdrew my cock from her, and I could see huge amounts of my cum dripping out of her pussy. It was a lovely sight to see her cum covered pussy. I kissed her pussy lips once, and then lay down next to her. We hugged each other and fell asleep in no time, totally spent but thoroughly satisfied.

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