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MidnightTaylor is a 20 year old, single, midwestern girl. Camden is a 22 year old, single, midwestern guy. Both growing up across the street from each other. Taylor is fairly short, with light brown and blonde highlighted hair. Just past shoulder length. Sun tanned skin, bright green eyes, with a curvy build. Her breasts are naturally round and the envy of many of her friends. Having developed large breasts early in her teens, she has been the envy of her friends for many years. Her waist emphasizes her round shape of her assets. She is well aware of her sexual appeal, but her insecurities are compensated by the looks she draws from men of all ages.Camden is tall, average build, and well aware of Taylor and her assets. They have been good friends for years. Never seemed to be more than friends, and that never seemed to even come up in either of their minds. Both comfortable with where they stood, and seemingly unaware it could be any different.One afternoon, Taylor is swimming in her families backyard enclosed pool. The pool is good sized, roughly 5 feet deep, and completely surrounded by a strong wood fence. With a good sized deck patio, ideal for laying out in the sun, but not having to worry about her neighbors staring. There is a field full of trees behind her house. The neighborhood is a very tree covered area. She is enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon. Wearing a small bikini compared to the curves of her body. As she swims, Camden approaches up the steps and enters the pool area. Taylor spots him and is happy to see him. She asks him how he’s doing. He responds positively and she immediately responds “Well good! You going to swim? It’s nice in here!”. He smiles and removes his shirt and gets in the pool. After awhile of just swimming and chatting about their lives, Taylor starts to get out of the pool. As she climbs out, Camden can’t help but admire her figure. Her bikini barely holding in her breasts and shows off her ass. She walks over to her towel, and lays down to get some sun. As she lays there, Camden can’t help but admire her body. Her hips are smooth, and fairly thin for her body shape. Her breasts are perky despite being rather round and full. He looks at the moisture glowing in the sunlight. He notices how her bikini top is barely keeping her nipples under cover. He can see the edge of her nipple on her left breast, and he begins to get aroused. He pictures the bikini slipping off and exposing her beautiful breasts. He pictures himself slowly touching and rubbing her breasts. As he day dreams, she begins to shift. He startles out of his daze and floats away. Taylor notices, but instead of being offended, she actually imagines him coming out of the water, and leaning down to her side. Slowly pulling her bikini off of her breast. As she slips into a daze as well Camden makes a splash noise which shakes her awake and she composes herself. After Camden swims off his arousal, Taylor begins to get ready to go in for the day. They both exit the pool, and as Taylor walks towards her house, Camden stares at her butt as she slowly walks towards her house. Her bikini shows off each step as her hips shift back and forth. He shakes his gaze and continues home. They exchange goodbyes and Taylor enters her house. Taylor stands at her door for a moment, and wonders about what has happened. At the same time, Camden struggles to keep his arousal in check, and heads to his room. The next evening, Taylor is sitting on her porch, enjoying the dusk. Camden emerges from his house and notices Taylor. Taylor yells over to Camden, and asks him to come over. As Camden walks up, Taylor asks if he could walk with her to the neighborhood community area. She needed to drop an envelope off to her mom’s friend who runs the pool area. As they walk up the hill, she walks in front of Camden slightly as they walk under a tree branch Camden notices that she has no panty line. He immediately gets slightly excited knowing that she is not wearing underwear of any kind. As she straightens back up he notices that she has a fairly light weight t-shirt on and cannot see any kind of bra underneath. He gets a little more adiosbet yeni giriş excited. He hangs back behind her for a moment, to give himself a chance to settle down before she notices his excitement is visible. Just then, she suddenly stops and bends over to fix her shoe. Camden bumps right into her, with his semi erection definitely making contact on her. He quickly jumps to the side and tries to act as if she had hit his side by rubbing his hip and saying “your butt hurts!” in a joking manner. Taylor laughs, but knows she felt his erection on her inner thigh. She loves the idea that he got aroused that easily watching her from behind. She purposely stopped, in order to see if he would get excited just from seeing her from behind. They continue on their way. On the return home, it is darker out. They walk home a more back road way, much darker area and more private. As they walk along Taylor is feeling excited and wants to be wild. As Camden walks ahead slightly in the street, Taylor pulls her shirt above her bare breasts. Smiling as she exposes her beautiful breasts without anyone knowing. She pulls her shirt down, just as Camden wonders what is happening behind him. They continue to walk along. As they head up towards their street, in the darkness, Taylor is again slightly behind Camden, and this time she slowly lowers her shorts and exposes her smooth, shaved skin and as she does this her heart is racing. Camden sense movement behind him and slowly turns. He catches a glimpse of Taylor exposing her skin. She quickly covers back up and is embarrassed. She starts to stutter and says “I… I… was.. uh” and he interrupts her and says “Why are you so flustered, is the walk wearing you down?”. She thinks to her self that maybe he didn’t notice. Because he just kept walking. Camden did see, and is excited at the thought that Taylor is intentionally exposing herself. The walk down the hill towards home, and Camden escorts her to the door and heads home. As he slowly crosses the street he thinks about what he just experienced. “Was she really exposing herself behind me? Why would she do that? What was she thinking? Did she want me to see her with no shorts on?”. While he thinks about it, she is thinking about it herself. “What am I doing? Showing my boobs, showing my pussy? What was I doing. It was so hot and so exciting, but so risky! Maybe that’s the excitement. He could turn and see my tits or pussy at any moment.”. They both go to bed, thinking about what was happening.The next night around midnight, Taylor sends a text to Camden, she asks if he could come over and keep her company. With her parents on an extended vacation, she is often worried about being home alone. This is not strange as over the years, Camden has come over to keep her company many times. Camden walks in the house, and yells for Taylor. From the hall way, Taylor yells from her bed room, “I’m going to shower, just hang out and watch TV.”. Camden walked into the kitchen. He knew there’d be a cold Pepsi for him to drink. He takes it out and enjoys it. He looks down the hall and just as he does, Taylor walks from her room into the bathroom. Naked and uncovered, he sees her walk slowly across the hall. He can hardly contain himself. He walks to the living room, and turns on the TV. He tries to forget his excitement. After about thirty minutes she emerges, wrapped in a towel, and asks how he’s doing. Camden, knowing that the towel is all that separates his eyes from seeing her naked smooth skin in full view this time, he says he’s doing ok and she returns to her room. She returns a few minutes later, wearing a light blouse that buttons up. The top several buttons undone, allowing the blouse to hang open exposing her cleavage and hugging her breasts making their shape very defined. Camden notices and calms himself down. She’s wearing a pair of pajama bottoms that are very slim and not loose hanging. Taylor says: “So it’s so nice outside, I’m bored stuck inside all day, you wanna go walk around?”. Camden agrees. They exit the house and walk around the neighborhood. As they walk Taylor walks ahead of Camden. adiosbet giriş Camden gets an idea, he decides to return the favor. He reaches down and pulls his penis out of his pants. He looks at Taylor and handles himself as he looks at her. He immediately puts it back in and Taylor turns slowly too see what the commotion was. Camden smiles slyly and they keep walking. As they walk, Taylor says to Camden; “So Cam, remember as k**s we used to play ‘Truth or Dare’?”. Camden “Yeah, what about it?”. “We should play that now.” she replies with a very sexy tone. “Ok, who goes first.” Camden asks back. “Truth, or Dare Cam?”. Camden nervously replies; “Dare.”. Taylor thinks for a bit and then says “Pull those shorts off and walk for a couple blocks with your junk hanging out.”. Shocked, he almost instantly starts to comply. Taylor admires his courage to walk with no pants out in public. After a couple blocks, he puts his shorts back on. “Your turn.” Camden states. “Dare, and make it good.”. Taylor is feeling wild and confident. She knows that truth or dare is a k**’s game, and that a lot of the last couple days has been really crazy. She knows that all of this is a little crazy but she can’t help it. She hasn’t been with a guy in 6 months, and she’s definitely in need of some physically affection. “Take off your top, and use that flag pole as a stripper pole. Do a dance.” Camden says, pointing to a flag pole in someone’s yard. Taylor looks, and smiles. She takes her top off. Standing there for a second as Camden can’t help be gaze at her breasts. “Do you like my tits Cam?” she asks. He responds “Very much”. She walks over, and does a little dance. She swings around a few times, using one hand to cup and fondle each breast. She uses the pole and wraps her breasts around it. She says to Camden “Do my tits make you hard? Like my nipples?”. Camden nods his head and just watches.After a few minutes, she stops and walks back. She slowly puts her top back on, and buttons one less button, making her breasts even easier to see. They continue on. She asks “Truth or dare mister?”. Camden says “Truth.”. She asks quickly “When you bumped into me last night, was that your cock I felt on my leg?”. Camden stutters and says “Yuh..yes…”. “Ok, I get three more questions, since the dares take so much more time.” Camden doesn’t even protest. “Did you jack off thinking about me the last couple nights?”. “Yes” he replies. “Did you see what I was doing when you turned around last night and gave me crap about being winded?”. He thinks, then replies “Yeah, I saw that you had your shorts down a bit, but it was too dark to see.”. She smiles and asks one more question “What do you think of my body”. He responds confidently “It’s beautiful Taylor, you are the hottest chick in our neighborhood.” She smiles and they keep walking. They are walking and she says “Dare” very stern. He says, noticing a nice lawn lounge chair in a yard they are by, “Let’s stop playing games, and just do what we’ve been obviously thinking about doing for days”. “What would that be Cam?” she asks with a clever smile. “Each other”. He says and walks towards the chair. She approaches him, and she quickly takes her top off, and drops her shorts. She walks up to Camden, and pulls his pants down. She kneels down, and begins to handle his penis. “I’m going to suck your cock for awhile Cam, is that ok?”. Cam nods his head rapidly. She begins to suck on his penis, stroking him and taking his head in her mouth over and over. She licks up the shaft, up and down, up and down, and she keeps going for awhile. Camden, nervous, looks around, and sees that it’s so quiet that he can relax, and enjoy what he’s been hoping would happen. She pulls away and stands up. She pulls him down, and they begin to kiss passionately. He slowly massages her breasts, and then guides her to sit down on the chair. She lays back and Camden slides down and spreads her legs apart. He kisses her stomach and kisses around her belly button. He eventually makes his way further down. “Lick my pussy Cam, lick it all over, I’ve been wanting you to lick me for a long time.” Camden continues, adiosbet güvenilirmi and vigorously licks her and fingers her. He continues for awhile. Taylor wiggles with pleasure, moaning and expressing her happiness. Camden props up to his knees and moves closer. His penis is right by her vagina. He presses against her, feeling the juices around his penis. He throbs with arousal, and she looks down at him. “Stick it in me Cam, fuck me, cum inside me, I want you to cum inside me.” Camden uses the juices to get his penis ready. He slowly pushes in her, and feels her legs wrap around him, pulling him closer and deeper. “Oh God Cam, it feels so good, push deep into my pussy, I’ve been wet for 3 days waiting for this.” She says to him. Camden hearing this becomes even more turned on. He continues to slide in and out of her for a while. He looks around to make sure they aren’t surprised by an angry neighbor or worse. He continues to push inside of her, she continues to moan with joy and pleasure. He pulls out and then moves towards the chair. She sits up and tells him to lay down. He lays down and she flings her leg over him, and immediately sits down on him, pushing his penis deep inside her. “Oh God, I have wanted you inside of my pussy for so long. Keep fucking me Cam”. Taylor continues to bounce up and down on him, and rubs her breasts as they continue. Camden grabs on to her hips, massaging her. “You have the best ass, I want to feel your ass against me all day. I could lay here all day with your round ass on me.” He says as he moans and smiles in pleasure. Taylor rides on him for a while, pushing her self back and forth. She occasionally lays down on him, kissing him all over his face. Pressing her breasts against him. When she sits back up he reaches up and begins massaging her breasts. After she bounces up and down on him for a while she slides off and tells him to get to his knees. She positions herself so he can enter her from behind. He grabs her hips and pulls her back into him. Pushing his penis deep into her. He bounces her back and forth, pushing himself in and out. She lets him know she’s enjoying it by moaning out loud in pleasure. She pulls away and spins around and begins to suck on him. She licks his shaft and head all over. She strokes him rapidly. She feels that he’s close to climax, and she grabs his arms and lays him down. Hoping back onto him again, she bounces up and down. She lays down on him, wrapping her arms around his head, with her face pressed to his, she bounces harder and faster. He whispers that he is almost there. She says “Cum inside me, let it go, I’ve already cum twice. Squirt your cum inside me.”. He begins to breath really heavy and his body tenses up. He shoots several big blasts inside her. She moans in pleasure as he exhales and breaths in very heavily. He continues to tense up and slowly comes down. He lays back in relief. She lays against him, with her nose to his cheek. Kissing him lightly, she says “You should cum inside me everyday.” They lay there for awhile, enjoying the build up and climax they just achieved. They get dressed and continue walking. After a few blocks, Taylor beings opening her top, allowing her breasts to remain exposed. “What are you doing?” Camden asks. “I like having my tits out, I feel so sexy, knowing how much I made you cum, and I love when you look at me. Do you like looking at my tits?”. “Of course, you have wonderful tits, and your pussy may be the best one I’ve seen.” Taylor smiles and responds “Well, when you come over, you feel free to look me over and cop a feel.” Camden thinks about having the chance to see and touch her body anytime. He begins to get aroused again. Taylor notices. They are now back up the street from their houses. She grabs Camden by the arm and leads him against a tree. In the shadow of the tree, they can see their entire street but it’s very difficult to see them. She drops to her knees and begins to give him a blowjob. She sucks on his penis quickly. Stroking him very quickly she says “Cum again, right on my tits, I want to rub your cum into my cleavage” She aims his penis at her cleavage and strokes him very quickly. Camden begins to tense up, he shoots his load all over her breasts. She smiles in joy and keeps stroking him for a little bit. She stands up and closes her blouse. They have an intimate moment and they kiss. They walk down the street.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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