Milking Time B3 Chapter 9 Ebony Duz Dee Dee

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Milking Time B3 Chapter 9 Ebony Duz Dee DeeChapter 9: A Night To Remember – Ebony Duz Dee DeeEbony stood by the side of the bed, and playfully motioned for Dee Dee to come to her.As Dee Dee rose from the chair, she unclasped her skirt in one swift movement, baring and displaying her huge flaccid cock to Ebony. Dee Dee reached behind her back, and easily undid the knot holding her bikini top on. With a deft flick of the wrist, she had it off, and proudly displayed her firm breasts to Ebony. Dee Dee walked over to the bed and knelt down on the edge of it in front of Ebony. Ebony lowered her head, and the two girls embraced each other, as their lips met, and their tongues found each other. As the girls expressed their passion for each other, both opened their eyes. Ebony’s dark brown eyes met Dee Dee’s bright blue eyes. No words were spoken, and none needed to be. After far too long, Ebony found herself in the embrace of a lover who completely accepted her, and treated her as an equal.Dee Dee released her lips from Ebony’s, and began stroking and licking Ebony with her tongue, as she progressed down her body. Dee Dee rubbed against Ebony’s powerful neck and started to slide along her body. Dee Dee quickly undid the small knot that was holding Ebony’s halter-top onto her frame. Ebony quickly shook it off and tossed it to the side.Dee Dee played and fondled with Ebony’s massive boulders that passed for breasts. Even using two hands, it was a lost cause trying to hold one of Ebony’s whoppers. As she rubbed her head back and forth, Dee Dee’s hair stimulated Ebony’s nipples and she massaged Ebony’s frame with her own naked body. At first, Ebony didn’t react much, just gave a low throaty moan and bobbed her head.After playing and fondling with Ebony’s juggs for a few moments, Dee Dee looked up at Ebony. “I could play with these twin basketballs of yours for hours, Ebony. But we both know what I really want.” Dee Dee made no attempt to conceal the lust and anticipation in her voice.”What are you waiting for girl?” replied Ebony. “You know what to do.”Dee Dee could feel Ebony’s breathing increase, and her heartbeat start to quicken. Dee Dee knew it had been far too long since Ebony had engaged in sex, and had truly enjoyed it. Too many times Ebony had simply gone through the motions during sex, as she had enforced Barocca’s will for her.The first telltale signs of pussy juice were beginning to appear from Dee Dee’s pussy, as she felt Ebony’s potent body against hers. Dee Dee ran her hands down along Ebony’s smooth stomach, and then onto her hips, which quivered to her touch, until she came to the bikini panties that were hiding the one thing above all else that she was dying to see and touch. Dee Dee wanted to savor the moment and tease herself before she gave in to her basest instincts. Dee Dee also wanted to put on a show for Clyda and Tiffany who were watching eagerly from the side of the room, as they coupled together in a large overstuffed chair. Dee Dee ran her hands lightly around Ebony’s genitals while they were still in her bikini panties, which had a feel like velvet to them. Dee Dee soon saw a portion of the tip of Ebony’s cock beginning to appear above the band of her panties. Dee Dee resisted the urge to touch it, instead enjoying the feeling of Ebony’s balls in her hands. Dee Dee herself was already naked. Her own cock was still in a flaccid stage. Because of her cock’s unique size and shape, it was already over nine inches long, and even thicker than Ebony’s at this point. Dee Dee stood up so that her crotch was closer to Ebony’s and began thrusting and gyrating herself against Ebony’s panties just like a house dancer in some strip bar.The electricity of feeling Dee Dee’s cock against her own cock caused Ebony to squeeze and embrace Dee Dee. Not hard enough to hurt her, but enough to briefly surprise Dee Dee with her strength and power.Ebony lowered her head, and found Dee Dee’s large, firm breasts. Ebony placed her mouth on one of Dee Dee’s tits, and easily engulfed the entire nipple. Dee Dee had a unique type of nipple, that was not always erect and protruding, like so many other girls’. After a few moments under Ebony’s powerful tongue, Ebony released the teat. The entire nipple was now swollen a darker brown, and it jutted out proudly from the rest of her breast, as if someone had stuck the tip of their thumb there.Ebony smiled and gazed at Dee Dee after she released her nipple. Dee Dee beamed back at her, and didn’t say a word. Dee Dee just grabbed her other breast, and quickly thrust into Ebony’s waiting mouth, so that it could receive the same loving treatment as the other.By now, Dee Dee’s cunt was starting to moisten even more from Ebony’s actions, and knowing that Ebony would be invading her shortly only got her even wetter. Dee Dee’s attentions must have obviously turned her on, for now Ebony began to display her cock.Sensing Dee Dee’s incredible anticipation to want to play with her cock and balls, Ebony concentrated, and released the mental control, that kept her prick at a controlled size. Instantly it looked as though at least two softballs had been shoved in Ebony’s bikini panties. A quiver of pleasure spasmed through Ebony’s body as the transformation took place.Dee Dee gasped in surprise and pleasure as she was nearly face to face with Ebony’s massive member. The only thing separating them was the small patch of fabric of Ebony’s bikini panty. Dee Dee looked up at Ebony, and gasped, “My god, you’re even bigger than I remember, Ebony.”Ebony beamed back down at Dee Dee with the warmest smile anyone had seen on her face in ages. “What can I say, Dee Dee? I’m a growing girl.”Dee Dee could hold off no longer and grasped Ebony’s panties firmly and pulled them down. Dee Dee was rewarded with Ebony’s cock dropping into her hands. Dee Dee knew that it was the biggest cock on the Island, by far. Ebony’s cock was almost a foot long, and it wasn’t even erect yet. Dee Dee’s hands gripped Ebony’s huge prick and began to fondle and stroke it. Dee Dee reached up and began to massage Ebony’s shaft. Dee Dee then began running her hands over Ebony’s balls, then down the length of her shaft. This was incredibly horny for Dee Dee as she was stroking Ebony’s huge cock, and she concentrated on Ebony’s huge piece of meat, as it started to increase in girth and length before her eyes.Ebony’s cock grew and expanded, like a snake rising from a burrow in the ground. All this time Dee Dee was running her hands along the length of Ebony’s cock. At last all of Ebony’s cock was displayed, and slowly stiffening and lengthening under Dee Dee’s patient strokes. By now, Dee Dee’s hands couldn’t even fit around the girth of Ebony’s massive shaft.Dee Dee took it firmly in her hands and began to move them back and forth, up and down the length of the massive rod. Dee Dee took the end of it, and slid the loose flesh of Ebony’s foreskin back and forth over the cockhead and began to lick at it. Ebony moaned in pleasure and flexed her cock so that it snapped out of Dee Dee’s hands, swinging from side to side. Tiffany and Clyda sat back on the side and watching the awesome sight of Ebony’s cock getting completely hard. From hanging in a wide arc between her legs, then barely a few more moments, and then it was lunging straight out, twitching in the air in front of the huge amazon’s belly.Dee Dee could clearly see how the skin was stretched tautly all the way over the exposed length of Ebony’s cock and continued smoothly merging with the shaft at the cockhead. It was strange knowing how this huge organ shrank to such a smaller size when Ebony’s body was not excited, and she exercised control over her cock. Dee Dee moved to her knees again and kissed the cockhead, slowly drawing her tongue back along the length of Ebony’s cock to her balls. Ebony’s balls 1xbet yeni giriş were huge compared to the size of most of the other shemales on the Island. Compared to everyone but Dee Dee’s that is. Dee Dee ran her hands over them and weighed one in the palm of her hand. It was bigger than Dee Dee’s fist. Dee Dee grinned with pride, as she looked up at Ebony. “Your cock is even huger than I remember, Ebony. But my balls are still bigger than yours.””I’m not fully warmed up yet, girl,” teased Ebony. “We’ll see just who’s the biggest in a little bit.”Ebony backed up so her cock was in Dee Dee’s face again. “If you wait too long, her prick will swell up too large to fit in your mouth,” said Tiffany. “That’s what you think,” said Dee Dee. “I was one of the first ones who showed Ebony how to use her cock when she first got here. I still know a few tricks about cocksucking.”Tiffany had taken a jar of lubricant out and handed it to Dee Dee. Dee Dee greased Ebony’s cock up. While Dee Dee slathered the gooey oil onto it Ebony’s cock, Ebony dipped her hand into the jar and began rubbing it on Dee Dee’s cunt.Ebony continued to rub Dee Dee’s pussy, and she continued to massage Ebony’s cock. Dee Dee could now feel Ebony’s fingers at work on her clit, and her knees went weak. With Ebony’s cock as long as her arm and as thick around, veins bulging along the length of it, she could see the flow of blood through it; the end twitching with every heartbeat.Dee Dee had to have Ebony’s monster in her mouth, so that she could feel the size and texture with her tongue. The veins on Ebony’s cock were starting to throb as Dee Dee bent her head and tentatively ran her tongue down the entire length of it. Her cautious licking was soon replaced by grasping Ebony’s cock with both hands and guiding the head into her mouth. Dee Dee greedily rolled her tongue around the head of Ebony’s cock, tasting the first traces of pre-cum, then sucked and drew Ebony further into her mouth.Dee Dee had been on the Island for years, and her body had accumulated a strong tolerance for all types of sex with the monster-sized cocks that abounded there among the shemale amazons. Dee Dee concentrated, and she felt her jaw and facial muscles slowly expand. At first she felt like they wouldn’t reach far enough. Then gradually, Dee Dee felt Ebony’s entire cockhead slide into her mouth. Ebony shuddered as she felt Dee Dee’s warm mouth engulf the head of her cock. “That’s it girl. You’ve got the biggest part of me inside you now. The rest will be easy.”Although the rest of Ebony’s shaft was slightly smaller in width than her cockhead, Dee Dee knew that the real job had only begun. Dee Dee concentrated more, and forced the muscles in her throat to relax. Where Ebony’s cock had seemed impossibly large just a moment before, it now began to slide slowly down her throat.For longer than she cared to remember, Ebony had been having sex with mostly newer girls who were either too scared of her, or too new to the Island, to do anything effective with her cock, no matter where they tried to take it inside them. Now Ebony was being engulfed by one of the most experienced girls on the Island, as well as one of her truest friends.Dee Dee quickly had six inches of Ebony’s shaft down her throat. A few more moments, and she had swallowed nine inches of Ebony’s meat. Dee Dee paused to briefly compose herself, and catch her breath, and then resumed her efforts on Ebony. Shortly after this, Dee Dee had over a foot of Ebony’s cock wedged down her throat.Ebony was reeling in delight as she felt Dee Dee suck her cock down further and further into her throat. When Dee Dee paused again, Ebony reached down with her hands, and gently stroked the sides of Dee Dee’s jaws and throat. When Ebony ran her fingers gently over her throat, Dee Dee could feel the huge urethra shaft, and the bulging veins on Ebony’s cock, as they brushed against the inside of her throat.”Oh yeah, baby. You just love Ebony’s big black meat stick, don’t you?” Ebony teased Dee Dee.All Dee Dee could do was manage a nod, and wink her eyes, as she glanced back up at Ebony.”C’mon honey. Just a little more. Show me you can do it girl,” said Ebony.Dee Dee took a deep breath through her nose, and gave one more final effort with her throat, as she sought to engulf as much of Ebony’s cock as she possibly could. With a gulping, slurping sound, Dee Dee swallowed four more inches of Ebony’s tremendous cock. Dee Dee gave a series of odd sounding grunts and moans, as she tried to adjust to more cock in her throat than ever before in her life.Hearing Dee Dee’s noises, Ebony briefly became concerned that she’d pushed Dee Dee too far. “Are you all right, honey? Are you okay?” asked Ebony, as she gently patted Dee Dee on the back of her head.Dee Dee gave Ebony a look filled with bliss through her eyes. Ebony had seen that same type of look on girls’ faces before; but only after they’d been fucked senseless by her in a more conventional manner.”You just take it easy lover,” said Ebony. “I want you to take only as much as you want, and you feel you can handle of me inside you. This is the ‘new’, or maybe I should say, the ‘good old’ Ebony you’re with tonight.”Dee Dee gave Ebony a look of love and understanding that needed no words. After a moment, Dee Dee began to stroke and massage Ebony’s cock with her throat. Dee Dee soon worked herself into a rhythmic motion, rocking back and forth on the shaft of Ebony’s monster cock. Dee Dee was actually swallowing more of Ebony’s meat with her throat, than many of the newer girls had been able to take between their legs.To Ebony, the feeling of having her so much of her cock sucked so gloriously, and so deeply by Dee Dee, was bliss that she hadn’t felt in more time than she could remember. Ebony gave in and let Dee Dee work her magic on her engorged shaft. She playfully gripped the back of Dee Dee’s head, and gently forced her head up and down.For over fifteen minutes, Dee Dee milked Ebony’s cock like it had rarely been milked before. Eventually Ebony felt the passion in her cock rise and boil one time too many, as it passed the point of no return, and gave in to the orgasm that had been far too long in coming.”Oh, yeah,” Ebony mumbled. “Oh, fuck, yes!” as Ebony’s voice quickly grew to almost a shout. “That’s it girl. Suck like you haven’t sucked before!”Spurred on by Ebony’s words, and also able to feel the ominous rumbling of Ebony’s cock in her throat, Dee Dee intensified her efforts.”Damn, you’re good Dee Dee!” shouted Ebony. “You want cum, and Ebony’s gonna feed it to you good. Get ready, girl. Here it comes!”Dee Dee could feel the throbbing pressure build up in Ebony’s cock until she almost wondered whether or not her throat could take it. An instant later, the first bolt of Ebony’s cum rocketed out of her cockhead, and directly into Dee Dee’s stomach. In rapid succession, Ebony released splurt after powerful splurt into Dee Dee. Dee Dee could feel the vibrations of each splurt of jism as they were forced along the thick shaft of Ebony’s urethra, and finally out her cockhead, and into her gullet. Although Ebony’s cock was shoved far too deep in Dee Dee’s throat for her to effectively taste Ebony’s cum, Dee Dee knew from the satisfying warmth building in her tummy that Ebony’s jism was as sweet and pure as when she’d first received her cock.For well over a minute, Ebony continued to pump her seed down Dee Dee’s throat, literally force-feeding her cum into her. Ebony’s powerful hands stroked the shaft of her cock, and squeezed her huge, leaden balls. The effect was almost like continually forcing liquid or paste out of a tube like a grease gun.Finally as Ebony’s orgasm abated, she pulled her cock out so that only the head was still in Dee Dee’s mouth. Ebony let Dee Dee receive several mouthfuls of her 1xbet güvenilir mi cum that she could fully taste and savor before swallowing greedily down her throat. Dee Dee finally released Ebony’s cockhead, and licked her lips, to lap up the last remaining traces of Ebony’s cum. Dee Dee had swallowed one of Ebony’s more powerful orgasms, and not a drop had been wasted or spilt.”My god, Ebony. That was fucking incredible!” said Dee Dee.”I should be the one thanking you,” said Ebony. “You and your throat did all the work.””But we aren’t finished yet, Dee Dee,” said Ebony. “The one thing that hasn’t changed about me, is I’ve still got the staying power of a fucking horse. And I mean that literally.”Ebony moved slightly away from Dee Dee and motioned for her to lie down on the bed on her back, below her massive cock. When Dee Dee was comfortably cushioned on her back, she could see that all Ebony would have to do was lean forward to penetrate her. Ebony positioned herself and Dee Dee could see that her monster of a cock was flaccid now and just hanging down between her legs to just above her kneecap. Ebony smiled at Dee Dee, and took her cock in her hands and began to stroke and fondle her own cock and balls. In no time at all, Ebony’s cock was fully erect, reaching its three-foot length, reaching and thrusting out into the air like a battering ram. Caught up in the moment at seeing her own massive hunk of cockmeat at full erection, Ebony paused for just a moment of play and showing off.Gripping the shaft of her cock, Ebony raised her cock so that it was pointing straight up towards her head. Ebony playfully moved her massive breasts to the side, so that there was room for the thick, engorged shaft to reach her head.For a few moments, Ebony gave a display of tittyfucking herself for Dee Dee, as Tiffany and Clyda gaped with open eyes from the side. Ebony licked and teased her cockhead, and then greedily swallowed the entire head in one motion.As Ebony let her cockhead plop out of her mouth, she also let the shaft of her cock slide out from between her boobs. Exercising terrific mental control over her cock, Ebony let the huge shaft fall to a just above a ninety-degree angle, jutting out from her crotch. Ebony gently let her rock hard cock land next to Dee Dee’s flaccid cock, which was lying limply on her crotch and thigh. Without using her hands, Ebony made her cock playfully bounce up and down several times on her thigh and tummy, to get Dee Dee’s attention again.”You see what I mean, Dee Dee?” said Ebony. “I’m just like the ‘Energizer Bunny’ in those commercials on TV. Except I keep fucking and fucking and fucking…”Dee Dee giggled out loud at Ebony’s joke, but smiled even broader, as she knew what was soon about to happen to her.Ebony gripped the shaft of her cock, and slowly began to rub her cockhead gently against Dee Dee’s cunt, and Dee Dee was amazed at the warmth that generated from it. Although part of Dee Dee was tense and nervous at the sheer massive size of Ebony’s cock, she also felt a complete sense of trust and comfort while being with Ebony. The Ebony that was making love to her now was the girl she’d known in the beginning, who would never dream of hurting anyone. Ebony reached down and took a hold of the massive cylinder of her meat and rubbed the head against the lips of Dee Dee’s cunt. Ebony reached down and worked at Dee Dee’s clit.Ebony’s cock was so huge Dee Dee doubted that she could get it inside her. Ebony stepped forward just a tiny bit and Dee Dee could feel the pressure of it against her. Dee Dee slid one of her fingers into her cunt and helped widen her slit. While doing this, with a gentle forward thrust from Ebony, she managed to slip the head of Ebony’s cock to the inside of her pussy lips and now she could feel a definite forward pressure from Ebony.Ebony had only barely penetrated Dee Dee’s cunt. There were barely a couple of inches of her cock into Dee Dee. The back edge of the head of her massive prick was just on the verge of completely entering Dee Dee. Dee Dee let out a soft cry of pain as the full girth of Ebony’s cock stretched wide the walls of Dee Dee’s cunt and the head finally slid in.Ebony paid particular attention to massaging Dee Dee’s clit, and Dee Dee could feel the pre-cum lubricating her lips as it rubbed her. Ebony nudged open Dee Dee’s cunt lips further with her fingers and slowly began to feed several inches of rock hard cock up inside her cunt. Ebony then began to slowly stroke the shaft of her humongous hard-on, which had the immediate effect of stiffening her cock even more. Ebony pressed her cock forward, inch by inch. It slowly slithered in and began moving up and back, in and out. “There you go girl,” said Ebony. “It’s just like when you were sucking me. Once the head is in, the rest is easy. I know you’ve done this before, Dee Dee,” said Ebony, “so we’re gonna get right to the nitty gritty here. Are you ready girl?””Yes, Ebony, yes,” panted Dee Dee. “Put that big log of yours deep inside me.”Ebony gripped Dee Dee’s buttocks lightly for traction, and gave a long slow, powerful push forward. In one smooth stroke, over a foot of Ebony’s cock eased into Dee Dee’s cunt.”Oh, fuck, yes!” squealed Dee Dee. “I’d forgotten just how big you are, Ebony. But it feels even better than ever to have you back inside me again.”At first it hurt Dee Dee slightly to have the walls of her cunt stretched to this amount, but then her conditioned body quickly adapted to the mammoth invader in her pussy, and accepted it. Ebony was gentle and after pressing forward as far as she could go, to where she had almost half of her cock up inside Dee Dee, she paused. Dee Dee looked back at Ebony to wonder why she had stopped.”I’ll bet you thought that this was going to be just a one-way street tonight, Dee Dee,” said Ebony. “But for sucking me off the way that you just did, you deserve a bonus, girl.”Ebony reached down and began fondling Dee Dee’s balls, and stroking the shaft of her cock. As she worked on Dee Dee’s jewels, Ebony kept up a series of short powerful thrusts of her cock into her cunt, using her powerful hips to generate jabs of pleasure. As Dee Dee’s cock came to life under her hands, Ebony opened her eyes in amazement.”Damn girl! You weren’t k**ding about these nuts of yours,” said Ebony. Even in their present state, Dee Dee’s balls were as large as Ebony’s. Ebony knew that when Dee Dee was at her peak frenzy later on, that they would be considerably larger. “Are you sure these are real, girl? You haven’t been pumping ’em up with saline or anything have you?”Dee Dee giggled, and let a wicked grin flash across her face. “Nope. That’s all me you’re holding down there, Ebony.””Well, I’m gonna do a lot more than just hold these babies, Dee Dee,” said Ebony. “I’m gonna milk you so you shoot off big time in a little bit. Just lay back and enjoy the ride.”In little time, Ebony quickly had Dee Dee’s cock fully stiff and erect. The size between the two girls’ cocks were interesting and somewhat similar. In terms of length, Ebony had over twice the length Of Dee Dee’s. Ebony was just less than three feet in length; while Dee Dee barely hit sixteen inches. In width, both girls’ cocks were almost identical. When fully erect each girl’s cock was over four inches thick. With Ebony’s huge hands, she could comfortably squeeze and stroke the biggest, thickest cocks on the Island to massive ejaculations. Everyone else had to work harder due to their smaller hands.Now that she had a comfortable position, Ebony pushed her massive prick in and out of Dee Dee’s cunt just like a piston. After a few moments, Ebony increased the length and depth of her stroke to where she had twenty inches of her meat into Dee Dee. Ebony continued to work and massage and stroke on Dee Dee’s cock and balls with her 1xbet giriş strong hands. Tiffany wouldn’t have believed it possible, but Dee Dee was being fucked by well over half of Ebony’s cock! Once she had penetrated as deeply as she could, the rhythm of Ebony’s thrusts became faster.Dee Dee started to moan, as she was filled like never before, from Ebony’s enormous cock, with over half of it buried inside her. Ebony was now definitely beginning to warm to the task of fucking Dee Dee’s tight cunt, and Dee Dee whimpered with each stroke of her prick. Ebony’s cock was like a piston pumping into Dee Dee, and she screamed out as Ebony impaled her. The sex of the recent months paled into insignificance as she received an unforgettable fuck from Ebony. Ebony was forced to stop several times as she held back, and let the mounting pressure in her cock, as well as Dee Dee’s cock, lessen and abate. Ebony would grip the head of Dee Dee’s prick, and squeeze it hard, forcing the pressure building inside to subside for a bit. From the side, Tiffany and Clyda could see just how large Ebony’s cock was and how deeply it penetrated Dee Dee, because of the large bulge it visibly made inside Dee Dee’s stomach as it moved in and out. The pounding on Dee Dee’s cunt from Ebony’s cock was driving Dee Dee crazy, and she knew that she was going to come, and very soon. Deep waves of warmth radiated out from the center of her body; the deepest part inside Dee Dee, where the head of Ebony’s cock was reaching into Dee Dee’s womb.The squeezing and fondling from Ebony’s hands were incredible to Dee Dee. If she hadn’t known better, she would have sworn she was strapped into the milking device. Ebony fucked Dee Dee for half an hour, pushing her to the brink of ecstasy, and then holding back and breaking off at just the right moment to prolong the pleasure. Dee Dee alternated by squeezing and fingering her breasts, and then by simply flailing at the bedcovers with her fists, as Ebony’s meatpole impaled her.Finally, Dee Dee lifted up her head and panted out to Ebony. “Ebony, I could let you fuck my pussy for hours. But if you don’t finish the job on my cock, and get me off, I think I’m gonna explode!”Ebony grinned down at Dee Dee with a loving smile. “All right girl. You want it, you got it. Here comes the home stretch!”Ebony increased the power and intensity of her cocking pistoning into Dee Dee to a level that Dee Dee would not have thought possible. Likewise with her hands on Dee Dee’s cock and balls. What had felt firm and strong a few moments ago, now felt like a vise to Dee Dee.As waves and levels of ecstasy she had never felt before washed over Dee Dee, she lost all control, and began bucking and thumping on the bed, as though she were going into convul-sions. Dee Dee was lying on the king-sized bed, with her rump close to the edge, where Ebony was penetrating her.With Ebony humping Dee Dee, and both Clyda and Tiffany watching, Dee Dee’s orgasm hit. Ebony grabbed the shaft of Dee Dee’s cock with one hand, and with the other began milking Dee Dee’s balls.The first splurt of cum from Dee Dee’s cock looked like the first time a garden hose that had built up pressure for a long time, was released. A long powerful spray, not a single stream, erupted from Dee Dee’s cock. The stream of jism traveled swiftly through the air past Dee Dee’s face and head, and continued on without stopping, until it met the headboard of the bed, and the wall immediately behind it with a loud splat. Dee Dee tossed her head, and squealed like a banshee in delirious ecstasy. Dee Dee’s cries startled Tiffany and Clyda as they watched from the sides.”Hey watch what the fuck you’re doing!” muttered Tiffany. “Who’s gonna clean this place up?””Don’t look at me,” retorted Clyda. “It was your idea to invite Ebony here anyway, love.”As Ebony saw the incredible ejaculation by Dee Dee, it spurred her on to greater efforts as her own orgasm began to hit, deep inside Dee Dee’s pussy.Dee Dee threw her head back and cried out at the same time Ebony gave a sound. Ebony could feel her cock throbbing in Dee Dee as it began shooting off. Dee Dee could feel Ebony’s prick pumping her hot spunk into the deepest reaches of her cunt. It felt like a high-pressure hose was shooting off in all directions inside her pussy.Ebony continued to jerk Dee Dee off in a slightly different manner than usual. Instead of a series of constant, even stroking, Ebony gave a number of short powerful strokes, and let the pressure and pleasure build inside her balls. When Ebony knew she had let the pressure build to the ultimate degree, she quickly released her grip on the shaft of Dee Dee’s cock, and shifted so that both her hands were gripping Dee Dee’s nuts. Even Ebony’s large hands couldn’t fully contain the two massive swollen orbs that were now Dee Dee’s balls.Another massive shower of Dee Dee’s jism arced through the air to plaster the headboard, the pillows and the wall. When Ebony bent forward, something must have shifted inside Dee Dee, for now Ebony’s prick slid even more deeply into Dee Dee. It wasn’t forced or painful, just deeper. Ebony kept stroking herself and grasped Dee Dee’s prick at the base and squeezed. Dee Dee’s cock released a half dozen more powerful splurts that continued to whitewash Tiffany’s headboard and the surrounding area.In the meantime, Dee Dee was amazed at how many times she felt Ebony’s juices squirt up into her pussy, while still performing her masterful work on her cock and balls. Ebony gave forth a final gush and stopped rocking her hips.Dee Dee orgasmed heavily, at the same time as Ebony shuddered and jetted her semen into Dee Dee deep inside her cunt. Ebony’s jism splashed against her insides with such force that Dee Dee felt she was being washed out by a power hose.Above Dee Dee, Ebony panted at her exertions, while Dee Dee continued to stroke herself and play with her own cock. Although a few droplets of Dee Dee’s cum trickled out of her cock and landed on her tummy, almost the entire cumshot had landed past her head, and several feet beyond that.”Holy shit, girl!” exclaimed Ebony. “You weren’t k**ding about those balls of yours. Where’d you get a set of nuts like that anyway…Krypton?”Dee Dee just laughed and giggled at Ebony’s remark. “I told you Ebony. I knew I couldn’t keep up with everyone in size here on the Island. So I went for developing my balls, and my cum shots instead.””I just may have to take a few pointers from you later,” said Ebony. After a while Ebony could feel Dee Dee getting soft and Dee Dee’s cunt muscles relaxing.Ebony withdrew her massive cock with a loud ‘plop’ and cum gushed out of Dee Dee’s pussy like a torrent. Dee Dee was spent and she knew she would dream of the next time she would be fucked by Ebony.Clyda got up and knelt beside Dee Dee after Ebony pulled her prick out of Dee Dee. Clyda looked down between Dee Dee’s open legs and saw the juices streaming out just like a waterfall. Clyda immediately bent her head to lap at Dee Dee’s dripping cunt. After spending several minutes lapping up as much of Ebony’s cum as she could from Dee Dee’s cunt, Clyda got up and smiled at Ebony.”Well, well, well. Aren’t we the greedy little thing?” asked Ebony. “The way you lapped up my cum right there, I’d say Jordan’s having a nasty influence on you.””Don’t you believe it, love,” replied Clyda. “I was cum crazy long before Jordan ever arrived here. She just brought some of my vices to the surface again.””Well that’s good, because I’m glad that you’re here, Clyda,” said Ebony. “Because you’re next on my little ‘hit parade’ this evening.”Dee Dee rolled off the bed, and managed to stagger over to the sofa, where she almost fell into Tiffany’s arms. Dee Dee was almost ready to collapse on her feet from the ordeal from Ebony, but her face was a mask of blissful contentment. “Ooh. Anybody get the number of the truck that just hit me?” she blurted out.”That was a ‘Mack truck’ called Ebony,” replied Tiffany. “And I think I speak for all of us, when I say we’re all tickled pink to have her back. Ebony, Clyda’s all yours, honey!”

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