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MONSIEUR HENRIMONSIEUR HENRIHis apartment wasn’t central, he admitted it himself, but it was quiet and only a short train ride into Paris. Besides he didn’t have to travel much anymore since he had stopped working. Monsieur Henri had been the chief waiter for a large Paris restaurant for 35 years. He had a good pension, had always been single and had done quite well in the stock market a few years ago. He spent money on his collection of walking sticks and canes but that was about it. Monsieur Henri had only a few friends otherwise he kept to himself. He was actually extremely private and none of his neighbours knew him well. He liked it that way.That Saturday night, it wasn’t raining but a mild mist fell on the city and Monsieur Henri was preparing for his weekly stroll in an area of the city which was bordered by a large park and famous for its nightlife. He was actually quite excited about it. Some weeks he was more anxious for it than others, and today he was anxious. He combed his slick grey hair, tugged his white shirt into his black trousers, buttoned and unbuttoned his fly a few times and stood in front of the mirror to make sure the bulge in his crotch was not showing too much, but just a little. Monsieur was, of course, not wearing any underpants. He was satisfied, even somewhat proud of his body for a man in his early 60s. His stomach was round but not excessively, and his face, surrounded by a fashionable thin grey beard, was still pleasant to look at. He took a few minutes to choose his walking stick, walking a few feet with one, putting it back, then choosing another. He finally made up his mind and took the one with the ivory handle and the rosewood stem. The dealer had told him it had once belonged to a famous French poet but there was nothing to prove it. He also wore his top hat, as a gentleman should, but only a buttoned up vest over his shirt. Monsieur Henri crossed the street and hailed one of the numerous carriages which criss-crossed the city at that time of night. The ride to the area he frequented took only ten minutes. The streets seemed empty but it was partly because of the fog and mist. Some of the shops were still opened, especially in this neighbourhood, which catered to the festive crowd. As he walked slowly towards the park, Monsieur Henri suddenly saw a smartly dressed gentleman, accompanied by a lady with an umbrella, emerge from the fog. The couple was silent and Henri slowed down his pace. The man was walking on the street side of the sidewalk while the lady was window shopping. The two men glanced at each other, then the man’s eyes turned away, then returned to look at Henri when the lady stopped in front of a boutique. The two men stared at each other, for maybe ten seconds. Eyebrows were raised, lips moved, Henri’s lifted his cane and tapped it gently. The man, unnoticed by the lady, put two fingers to the rim of his top hat. Henri did the same. Henri stopped and pretended to look at a store window, watching the couple in the reflection of the glass. The lady wanted to go into the store with the man but he refused to accompany her. They argued and Henri continued a few yards to the opening of a misty alleyway. The lady was upset, waved her arms and pointed in Henri’s direction. The man seemed to plead to let him free. Finally the lady shrugged and walked into the store alone. The man looked right and left, and crossed the street. Henri retreated into the alleyway and leaned against the damp brick wall. He tapped his cane on the pavement. The man’s silhouette finally emerged from the fog and walked towards Henri nervously. Both men dropped their top hats on the pavement and embraced. “I have only about 10 minutes before my wife comes out”, said the man panting.Henri kissed him and they traded tongue-licks.“Does she know you are here ?”, asked Henri“Yes”, answered the man.Both men unbuttoned their fly and took out their cock. They kissed again and they wrapped their fingers around the other’s half-hard cock. The married man was handsome, Henri noticed, with a short white pinch and long sideburns. He was about the same build as Henri but a few years older. “You want to do it this way…or more ?”, asked an excited Henri.“This way….I’m afraid…I must remain presentable”, answered the man, taking out his silk handkerchief. Henri fumbled into his pocket and took out one also.The men wrapped their handkerchief around their knob. Henri was still resting his back against the wall. Their mouths came together again and they kissed deeply while they began to stroke each other’s cock. With their free hand they felt each other’s asscheeks through their trousers. Henri broke the kiss for a moment to catch his breath. Then the two men moaned as they resumed their kiss with more passion and their hands moved faster. The married man let out a high-pitched cry muffled by Henri’s mouth. Henri grunted without breaking the kiss. Their breathing subsided and their mouths parted, their lips making a snapping sound. The man took Henri’s handkerchief with his and threw them in the alley. “I must be off, but if you are available, I will meet you here at midnight. I know a discreet hotel”, said the man kissing Henri gently on the lips. “I would like to have you”, said Henri, “I’ll try to be here.”“Later then”, said the man over his shoulder as he walked away briskly.The married man made it to the shop just in time. His wife was already waiting for him, carrying a small parcel, and speaking to a short plump blonde who seemed to be the shop owner. She glanced across the street then put her hand on her husband’s mouth and pried it open. She then looked at his trousers and said something. The man, in his haste, had forgotten to button up his fly completely. She took him by the arm and dragged him away, looking once over her shoulder at the foggy street.After a few minutes Henri walked out of the alley onto the sidewalk. He hoped he would see the man again and that he could get away from his wife. He reached the wrought iron fence which surrounded the park. It was a large park, which was even visited by tourists during the day. It had small bare hills and valleys filled with trees, a few fountains which were turned off during the night, and two small cabins klasbahis yeni giriş which, which at one time, had been used by gardeners but which were now abandoned. But most of it was covered with bushes and small trees criss-crossed by paths, the main ones lit only by street lamps which were few and far between. The park was, unlike other parks in Paris, open during the night. The fence didn’t go all around and the city felt it would be too costly to close it completely. Henri just pushed a small gate, used by park workers. Once inside he walked behind one of the bushes so no one could see him from the street and to get his eyes accustomed to the darkness. Before we go any further, I must explain that this park, during the night at least, had been a famous meeting place for men meeting men since the last century. Men of all ages, but especially older men, came from all over Paris. Some were regulars, like Monsieur Henri, and knew each other by sight. Others were tourists, others again occasional visitors, and some even came in small groups. It was quite a safe place and crimes, mainly robberies or physical assaults, were rare and, for obvious reasons, rarely reported. But one of the most well known features or, should I say, idiosyncrasies of this park was the fact that women often accompanied men. Some were lesbians looking for other women, but most were ladies who accompanied their friend, brother or father, some even their husband, and stood watching, with some excitement, as the men had sex.Monsieur Henri walked into one of his favourite paths with the joy of a man anxious to meet someone for some anonymous mutual pleasure. His masturbation session with the married man had been satisfying to a certain point but he was looking for a man’s mouth around his cock and , if he was lucky, the warmth of a man’s hole. He walked silently, only the occasional broken twig under his feet to signal his presence. He stopped suddenly. He had heard what seemed like someone whistling softly. The whistling continued. It was coming from the wooden area bordering the path. Someone was looking at him. Henri whistled back and entered the underbrush, stepping over very small trees and heaps of earth. He saw a silhouette at a short distance. The men approached each other cautiously. Henri could finally make out the face of a man his age, quite a pleasant face, well dressed, and quite tall and slim. He seemed to be alone. The handsome man stopped and gently rubbed his crotch with his hand. Henri did the same, feeling his bulge pushing against the buttons of his fly. Henri’s heart began to beat faster and he could feel sweat running down his armpits. The man had used the usual signal between men looking for sex and Henri was certainly looking for sex. His cock was hard again. The other man approached Henri first. He unbuttoned his fly and pulled out what Henri judged as a fine specimen. Henri pulled out his cock hoping it would please his partner in sin. The two men walked a few feet and fell into each other’s arms. Henri could smell his partner’s perfume as the two men kissed rather roughly at first but finally settled into some gentle tongue-sucking. Henri felt his cock get harder as the man’s fingers wrapped around it. Henri felt the man’s erect penis in his hand. He felt the pre-cum and spread it over the entire organ. The men began to stroke each other, their clothed bellies touching and mouths locked in a kiss. They could not see their hand but it felt good. Henri began to say something but the other man stuck his tongue in his mouth and interrupted him. The fact is they didn’t really want to talk. They were beginning to feel an intense pleasure building up in their loins. Henri didn’t want to settle for mutual masturbation this time. The man finally dropped to his knees and took Henri’s cock in his mouth. The former waiter first felt the warm mouth of his partner engulf his organ then the man’s tongue licked his knob and his slit. Henri didn’t know if the man wanted him to cum or if this was only to get him as hard as possible for something else. The man continued to suck on Henri’s cock and Henri knew he was on the way to an orgasm. Since the man gave no sign of stopping, Henri put his hands on the back of his head and fucked his mouth until he squirted a good load down his throat. He pulled out of his mouth slowly and pulled him up by the arms to get him to stand. Henri then kneeled in the damp ground and took the man’s tool in his mouth. He moved his mouth back and forth on it, licked on the well-formed knob, then sucked hard, his cheeks hollow. Henri tried to get his hand into the man’s fly but there was no room. He had to undo one button, then another, so he could cup the man’s balls. He didn’t suck on them, afraid that the man would cum in his hair. He heard the man moan and cry, then he felt the warmth of the man’s seed filling his mouth. Still with his mouthful, Henri got up and the two men gave each other an open-mouth kiss, mixing each other’s seed. When they were done, the two men put their limp cock inside their trousers, buttoned up their fly and went their separate way in the damp night.Henri felt good as he walked with his walking stick towards a well-known clearing. Even if he didn’t connect again that night, he had at least shot his load twice. He slowed down as he approached the clearing. People were already there, both men and women. The women wore long dresses, fancy hats, and umbrellas; the men wore top hats and tailcoats. They were probably Parisians. There were two older women who seemed to accompany two middle-age men. The group saw Henri and motioned to him to come closer. He had no choice but was also intrigued by the presence of the women. As he approached the group, one woman took one man’s arm and the other stood next to the other man. Henri guessed that they were showing they were together: husband and wife probably. Henri raised his top hat when he reached the couples. The men raised their hat to him also. One man looked like a former President of the Republic and had a bony face with short bushy sideburns; the other had a large moustache. Both had grey hair and seemed to be a few years younger than Henri. The man with klasbahis giriş the mustache gave his hat to the lady next to him and looked intensely at Henri. He was very handsome and was probably younger than he looked. Henri could barely make out his eyes but they seemed large and blue. The woman whispered something in his ear and smiled at Henri. She was most certainly encouraging him or at least allowing her husband to mate with the stranger. The two men faced each other only a few feet apart. The other man and his escort took a step back. Henri stuck out his chest and the younger man puckered his lips in response. The dominance had been established. The man took off his coat, folded it and gave it to his wife. The other woman approached Henri as soon as he unbuttoned his vest. She took it from him and folded it over her arm. The man took off his shoes. Henri did the same. “Ohhh”…and “Ahhh”..came from the two women. Then there was a silence as Henri and the younger man slipped out of their trousers. These were also handed to the ladies. The two men were half naked and barefoot, half-erect cocks and white buttocks shining against the distant streetlights. Normally there would have been formal introductions but this was the park and it was dark and men were there to copulate. The second man put his arm around his partner’s thin waist. She smiled at him. The spectators were obviously excited at the prospect of watching the two men tangle. It didn’t take long for Henri and the older man to embrace standing up. They seemed a bit shy and awkward at first, either because it was their first time together or because they had a female audience. As soon as he struck his tongue in Henri’s mouth, the man certainly knew that Henri had recently sucked another man. Henri couldn’t tell but it was possible his partner’s mouth had been active also, possibly with the man accompanying them. Henri felt more confident and took the lead. He took the man’s hardening cock in one hand and reached behind him to cup his buttocks with the other. One woman closed her umbrella and straddled it, closing her eyes for a minute. Henri and his partner were now kissing freely, their shirts rubbing together and their armpits showing signs of intense perspiration. Henri grabbed the man hairy buttocks and they rubbed their cocks together on their stomachs as they mutually kneaded each other’s asscheeks. The third man had unbuttoned his fly and taken out his rod. His wife put her hand in front of her mouth and blushed as the younger man was now on his knees sucking on Henri’s organ and licking his balls. When he was as hard as he could get, Henri pulled his partner to his feet and kissed him again. The former waiter walked around the younger man and began to kiss his asscheeks. The man bent over and spread his legs. Henri knelt behind him and buried his face between the man’s globes. The two women gasped and nervously giggled as they watched Henri begin to poke his hardened tongue in and out of the husband’s asshole. The woman who stood by her man broke into an uncontrollable laughter and put her head on her husband’s shoulder to hide. Henri began to mount his partner, moving his cock up and down the crack of his ass, and finally pocking at the entrance. The wife, who had been very silent and motionless since the beginning, got on all fours to watch Henri stick his cock into her husband’s ass. Henri poked at him a few times before he actually slipped his knob into the husband’s puckered opening. The gasps of the audience were drowned by the man’s loud cries of pain and pleasure. Henri settled himself more securely by widening his stance, wrapped his arms around his partner’s stomach and pushed his cock right into him as far as it could go. The man watching began to stroke his cock with more intensity. The lover’s wife was still on all fours watching Henri fuck her husband. The men’s shirts were dark with perspiration and their bodies glistened with sweat. Both men began to scream obscenities at each other while the women were encouraging them to mate using words they wouldn’t dream of using in polite society. The other man’s wife led her husband towards the man who was being fucked and pushed his cock into the bitch’s mouth. Then got behind the woman on all fours, raised her skirt and uncovered her white buttocks which she began to slap with all her might. Henri was still fucking his partner while milking his cock like a cow. The two women, who had reached their highest level of excitement, tangled in a heap of dresses, frills and corsage. They moved in the head to toe position, lifting their dress around their waist. The two men fucking were barely aware of the action between the women, but the man standing getting his cock sucked glowed and smiled as he watched his wife get into a passionate 69 with his friend’s wife. It did not take long before he shot his load into his friend’s mouth. This first orgasm set up a chain reaction. The sissy came all over Henri’s hand and Henri in turn exploded into the man’s ass. The three men kept their position for a few minutes as they humped and finished emptying themselves. The women had now separated, one being very angry at the other who kept apologizing. The two husbands had to intervene. One wife slapped the other, who kicked her in response. The three men laughed when it became clear that one woman, in her sexual trance, had emptied her bladder in the other woman’s face. Peace was restored between the wives as Henri dressed and kissed both men. He tipped his hat to the rather messy ladies and walked away from the couples.Monsieur Henri looked at his pocket watch. It was 10 minutes to midnight. He stopped for a minute to think about what to do. He was very attracted to the older man he had masturbated with in the alley and even though he had just mated with a lover, he thought he still had the energy to copulate again. He found the return path and walked briskly back, at times stumbling upon male couples engaged in various activities behind some of the bushes. He had to circle a group of spectators watching a fight between two women dressed in trousers hitting each other with canes. He reached the gate and hesitated. He looked left and klasbahis güvenilirmi right, hoping he could remember the street he had come across the couple. The fog had been replaced by darkness but he could recognize the shops. He found the alleyway. The older man was already waiting for him. They kissed like an old couple.“Hotel ?”, asked Henri“It would be more civilized than doing it here”, answered the man in a soft voice.“Follow me”, said the older man as he took Henri by the arm. They walked down the street to a steep hill and the man turned into a courtyard. There was a small sign which read “Chambres” towards which the men headed. The older man didn’t object as Henri pulled out his wallet and handed the lady at the counter a few bills. She gave him a key. Henri started up the stairs and didn’t see the smiling lady hand over a small card to the older man.The couple went upstairs and found the room. Henri closed the curtains as soon as he entered but turned on the bedside lamp. The two men began to undress. When he was naked, Henri walked over to the small bathroom and began to wash up. His lover followed him.“Leave some smell, it excites me”, said the man, as he put on some lipstick.Henri turned and looked at his partner dressed in knickers and bra. He took the man in his arms and fondled him through his underwear. The man ran back into the room, pretending to shriek like a young girl. They both tumbled on the bed as Henri disrobed his lover slowly, kissing him in all the right places. They embraced sideways and played with each other’s cock for awhile. Henri put his knees on either side of his lover’s face and pushed his hard cock in his mouth. He then pulled his cock out, much to his lover’s distress.“Do you want me to lick your ass ?”, Henri asked“Oh yes please”, answered the man, wide-eyed, trying to catch Henri’s cock with his mouth.“Tell me you want me to lick your ass”, persisted Henri keeping his organ from the man’s reach.“Oh please lick my ass”, said the man “More…more ”, insisted Henri approaching his cock towards the man’s mouth.“Please..put your tongue inside my asshole”, said the man visibly excited at the dirty talk.Satisfied Henri resumed the humping.“I’ll then put my cock inside your ass and fuck you”, said HenriThe man nodded vigorously as he kept sucking on Henri’s cock.Henri pulled out and pivoted so that he could suck the man’s cock, then he lowered himself again over the man’s face. The two men began to suck each other vigorously, stopping now and then to lick each other’s hairy balls. This exercise lasted a few minutes since both men had come to this hotel to fuck and were anxious to satisfy their lust in that way.Henri turned the man on his stomach. He kissed his back, smelling some perfume, and his tongue trailed down to the man’s buttocks which he kissed. Henri tugged on the man’s hips and the lover got on all fours. Henri licked the man’s asscrack up and down a few times then settled on the puckered hole which he had easily found. The man moaned as Henri’s tongue penetrated his hole and churned in it. The French waiter milked his lover’s cock while he rimmed his hole. Henri mounted his lover in the classic way, from the rear, like a dog fucking his bitch. As his cock slid rather easily inside the older man’s ass, Henri thought that they could have probably fucked in the alleyway, but their trousers would have been ruined or at least soiled. Nevertheless he couldn’t help thinking that it would have been quite exciting to fuck a few feet from the open sidewalk. His fantasy gave him extra energy and he began to pump his cock in the man’s ass as deeply and as quickly as he could. Both men moaned and cried as they mated. The man turned his head up and Henri kissed him. That was the little extra which made Henri explode. He pumped his seed into the man who was spurting in turn onto the bed sheets. The man collapsed on the bed, feeling his warm wet seed on his stomach, and Henri let himself rest on top of him. They remained like this for a few minutes then the man moved, trying to get up. Henri rolled off him. The older man stood next to the bed and Henri joined him. They both stood face to face mixing spunk dripping from their cock and kissing. Henri thought his lover wanted to have another session and he was surprised when the man took him by the hand and led him towards the door. “But we are naked”, protested Henri energetically“Shhhhhh…follow me”, said the man.The walked out in the empty hallway and the older man opened the door next to their room.He dragged Henri inside the dark room by the hand. There was some movement in the bed and Henri could hear moans and groans. Two persons seemed to be fucking. Henri had a notion to leave and began to turn around when the man turned the lights on. Much to his astonishment, Henri saw two naked women in bed, one was on top of the other and they were obviously vigorously rubbing their cunts together. The men watched the white asscheeks of the woman on top jiggling as the butch moved up and down and sideways against the woman on the bottom. Both men were erect as the women fucked each other until they both groaned loudly and slowed their movements down. They clasped each other and kissed with passion. Henri was not at the end of his surprises. The lesbian on top rolled off her partner and Henri suddenly recognized his lover’s wife. The other lesbian was the short blonde from the dress shop.Their breasts heaved as they caught their breath. Their hairy cunts were wet, their public hair plastered against their tummies, and the inside of their thighs was covered in glistening fluid. “But it’s your wife !! ”, cried Henri“Yes I know”, answered the old man calmly.“Did you have a good fuck dear ?”, asked the man“Yes it was usual”, she answered giving her lesbian lover a peck on the cheek.“And you ?…did he fill up your ass ?”, she asked in turn“He certainly did..and we sucked cock before we fucked”, the man answered beaming“Good for you”, she said smiling broadly“What is happening here ?”, asked Henri, suddenly blushing“’s a fantasy we have”, began the man, “My wife accompanies me until I find a man I like. We set up a time and I take him to the hotel to fuck while my wife fucks her lesbian lover in the next room. Sometimes the women watch me and my lover fuck, or we watch her and her lesbian lover before we mate.”“Next time would you like that arrangement?”, asked the man“I think that would be very satisfying”, answered Henri, “very satisfying indeed”.THE END

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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