Moonlight Window Ch. 04

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There are italics used for emphasis and some section intros.

Editor’s Note:

Thanks again to my editor, Saltysooner!

This is the next chapter in the expanding sexual life of Sam and Lara as they form a permanent bond with their much younger lover, Deb.

When a middle-forties couple takes on a mid-twenties lover, there are ramifications and obstacles.

Deb’s graduate school graduation is approaching, and Sam and Lara will have to meet Deb’s parents. What will a couple their age thing of them making love to their daughter?

Lara wants Deb to do some consulting at her law firm. Lara has an obligation to the other partners to disclose Deb’s relationship to her. Do Deb and Lara get outed to the whole staff?

What will Deb’s sister, Linda, and her very straight husband make of Sam and Lara?

Is their desire to find Deb an apartment just a dangerous cover-up that could be blown by friends or family?

What will everyone make of Bill and Beth, Sam and Lara’s first swinger lovers? It seems that the relationship with them will now be mostly the three ladies doing things for their voyeuristic men. Will Deb be turned on or off when she actually sees Beth enjoying being dominated by Lara? Will Deb want to participate in D/s with Lara and Beth? What will her role be?

Lara learned that she likes anal with Beth and she enjoys fisting her, too. What will Deb think of that?

The last chapter left us at the resort in Vermont with Sam and Lara to meet Deb at her apartment the next day. Will the newness of Lara’s emotions wear off, or will the trio eventually find love their love is sealed in the light of a moonlit window?


Deb’s Apartment Day One: Deb and Lara have a snack through the wrapper

We arrived at Deb’s apartment at five the next afternoon. Lara and I had gone over and over the possibilities that this new relationship represented. We came to the conclusion that our newfound sexual direction did not pose a threat to our love for one another any more than our previous fantasies about such things had. So far, it had made our love stronger.

Deb answered the door wearing a pair of snug jeans and a pullover sweater that looked like cashmere. She gave each of us a hug and a kiss, and the feel of her athletic torso through the material confirmed that it was cashmere. I slipped my hands around to her breasts, and the feel of her bra under the knitted material was delightfully erotic. I loved the way the jeans made her as look, and I slid my hands down to her ass and pulled her into me as she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

“Mmm,” Deb moaned at my touch. “Good to see you too.”

“You knew the effect that outfit would have, didn’t you?” I replied.

“Ever been to the Cheesecake Factory?” Deb asked back.

“Sure,” Lara said. “Why?”

“They put that huge case of desserts right across from the reception desk. It makes you crave dessert even before you order dinner.”

She ran her hands from her hips to her breasts seductively. “Same thing. Dinner is ready, and you’re looking at dessert.”

“God, you’re a little minx,” Lara said. “I have plans for you after dinner already!”

“I was hoping you would say that,” Deb said. “I see you brought the bread I wanted. Let’s eat.”

She had prepared chicken piccata, and the aroma was intoxicating. It tasted every bit as good as it smelled, and the baguette we brought helped sop up every bit of sauce on our plates.

In spite of her declaration that she was dessert, Deb had also assembled the fixings for simple sundaes with vanilla ice cream, a can of whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauces and some slivered almonds.

Through dessert, I could tell that Lara was having a hard time concentrating on what she was eating. I could tell that she wanted to hold Deb in her arms once again.

When we had finished, I told Lara to go to Deb.

“Go ahead and hold her while I clear the table, I said. “I can see you’re going to burst if you don’t do it soon.”

Without hesitation, the two ladies stood up and embraced. I quickly loaded the plates into Deb’s dishwasher.

“Here’s the Menu,” I said. “I want the two of you to make each other cum without removing a stitch of clothing. You can unbutton, unzip and unfasten anything you want, but Deb’s jeans and sweater stay on, and Lara’s skirt, panties and polo shirt stay on.

“You have to stand right there the whole time, and I’m going to watch the show from that easy chair over there.”

Deb grinned. “You’re on! And I bet our performance makes you cum before either of us.”

I grabbed a box of tissues and settled in to watch these two incredible women do what I asked.

Lara started the proceedings by taking Deb’s head in both hands and kissing her full on the mouth. I could see their tongues probing each other’s mouth as Lara’s hands started to roam down Deb’s body to her breasts. I could see her hands feeling the younger woman’s bra through the delightful material of the cashmere sweater.

My dick was hard by now, and I had unzipped and started to slowly stroke myself.

Debs hands were now at Lara’s waist. She grabbed the small of Lara’s back and ground Lara’s pelvis into her own. She reached under Lara’s skirt as Lara began to reach under Deb’s sweater.

As Deb revealed Lara’s black lace panties, Lara revealed Deb’s lavender lace push-up bra.

Lara felt Deb’s breasts through the lace. Deb’s head went back, and she closed her eyes as Lara massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples through the material. Her mouth was open and she gasped as my wife explored her at will.

Lara spun Deb around. She pulled Deb into her chest, reached around and started to work her way down Deb’s tummy toward the waist of her jeans. She unbuttoned them and then unzipped them. Deb’s head was against Lara’s shoulder now, and she had an expression somewhere between dreamy and anticipatory. With each inch that Lara felt downward, Deb tensed slightly and then relaxed into the dreamy expression again.

Lara now had one hand inside the waist of Deb’s panties, and her other hand was re-exploring Deb’s bra.

With a tone a little reminiscent of the way Lara had dominated her other recent conquest, Beth, a few days earlier, I heard her say, “Deb, tell me where you want my fingers.”

Deb tensed a bit at the thought of verbalizing what she had been quietly anticipating.

“I . . . I want your fingers to caress my pubic hair. I love the feeling of that.”

“And what does that do to your pussy?”

“God, Lara, it makes it so wet.”

I could see Lara’s hand moving over Deb’s pubic hair under her jeans and panties.

Lara said, “Now, how wet is your cunt?”

“Dripping wet.”

“Tell me what you want me to do to it.”

“Lara, I want you to put two fingers inside it.”

“Inside what?”

“Please put two . . . t-t-two fingers inside my wet cunt!”

It was clear that Deb knew exactly what Lara was doing, and she was really getting into the role-play of it.

“Lara I want you to finger me with two fingers and pinch my nipples with your other hand. I want to nibble my ear and tell me that you want me. Tell me that you are going to finger fuck me until I cum, and tell me what you want me to do to you after that.”

Lara whispered loud enough for me to hear, “I’m going finger you long enough to make you cum, and then you will get on your hands and knees in front of me and lift my skirt. You will pull my panties to the side and finger my clit and pussy.”

“Oh, yesss. I want to finger your pussy, Lara,” Deb said while grinding her cunt against Lara’s fingers.

Lara’s hands were busy inside Deb’s panties and bra for a good ten minutes, causing Deb to jerk forward and back, depending on what Lara was doing under her clothes. She was now gasping at everything Lara did.

“After you finger me you will put your mouth on my pussy and lick me while Sam watches. If you do a good job licking me, I will let you crawl over to him and lick the cum off his cock.”

“Oh, yess . . . yesss . . . I want to eat y-y-you. I want to AHHHHHHH!” she screamed as she came on Lara’s fingers.

Lara held her for a while, and she kissed and caressed Deb.

“I love making you come, my angel,” she said. I love feeling your body with every wave of pleasure.”

After a minute or two, Deb said, “I like this role-play. Make good on it.”

Lara grinned, then ordered Deb, “On your hands and knees!”

Deb complied.

“Now lift my skirt.”

Deb lifted Lara’s skirt and brought her head close to Lara’s panties.

“Pull them aside and look at my pussy!”

Deb did so, and looked intently at Lara’s wet slit.

“Now finger my clit and put your fingers inside my pussy.”

Deb did so, and I thought Lara was going to collapse. She grabbed the back of one of the chairs and held on as Deb fingered her. I could see Deb’s fingers moving in and out of my wife’s vagina. Each time they went in, I thought about our years of sex talk where she described just what I was now seeing.

After a minute of this, Lara gasped, “Now lick my clit.”

Deb eagerly went after Lara’s clit, sucking and licking. That was as much as I could take, and I came hard. I wiped my dick a little, but I left plenty of cum, anticipating the next event.

Lara was moaning now as Deb mouthed her clit and jammed her fingers in and out of her cunt. Lara’s skirt was draped over Deb’s head and Deb had her hands on Lara’s ass, pulling it harder and harder so she could shove her mouth into Lara’s crotch as tightly as possible.

“Oh, God, yess. Lick me. Lick me. Tongue my clit! Oh yess . . . YESSSSSS!”

And with that, she came against Deb’s face. She couldn’t stay standing, and she collapsed and sat in the chair while Deb licked her until Lara had to push her away.

Deb looked at me lustfully, and Lara said, Beylikdüzü Escort “Go crawl over and lick Sam clean.”

Deb dutifully crawled over to where I was sitting and kissed me. I could taste Lara’s juices on her lips. Her tongue explored my mouth for a minute, and then she moved to my crotch and started to lick my dick and balls. The sensation was electric. It wasn’t just that a beautiful girl was licking me, it was also that my wife was leering at a beautiful girl licking me! I actually started to get hard again.

Lara said, “Now I want you to stand up and slowly take off all your clothes while Sam and I watch, then take off all of Sam’s clothing, and then mine.

I liked this game, and apparently so did Deb. Deb even remembered that I didn’t like the taste of my own cum, and she rinsed out her mouth with a little of the wine we had with dinner.

Deb stood in the middle of the room and slowly lifted her sweater over her head as she turned to Lara and said, “I wore this bra because I knew Sam liked the way a push-up bra makes my tits look. I wore a lace one because I like the way it feels when you pinch my nipples, too, Lara.

As she slowly pulled her jeans down, she turned to me and said, “Sam, I wore these jeans because I wanted you to grab my ass and fondle it. I know you like looking at my ass, and it turns me on when you grab it. I want you to feel my ass whenever you want. I don’t care what I’m wearing or where we are. If you want to grab it, go ahead.”

Deb was now standing in the middle of the room in her lavender bra and a pair of white cotton panties. The crotch of the panties was obviously wet. She turned around a couple of times so that both of us could see her from every angle. She was beautiful.

She reached around and unhooked her bra. She slid the straps down and slowly pulled the bra away from her. Her smallish breasts were pert and her nipples were stiff. She dropped the bra and cupped her breasts.

“These are yours, Lara. Any time you want to touch them, I want you to do so. Any time, anywhere. Sam can borrow them, but they belong to your touch.”

The look on Lara’s face was like a kid looking at an ice cream cone. Pure lust.

Deb reached down and slowly pulled her panties down until they fell to the floor. She turned around a few more times to let us look at her naked form. Her neatly-trimmed pubic hair was glistening a little with the cunt juice she had produced when Lara fingered her.

She walked over to me. I had unbuckled my belt to drop my pants while I masturbated, and she told me to lift my hips a little so she could pull my pants off. I did so, and she took my pants and shorts down to my knees. She knelt in front of my chair and took off my shoes and socks, then pulled my pants and shorts all the way off.

I was wearing a polo shirt that matched Lara’s. Deb grabbed the waist of the shirt and started to pull it up. As she exposed my chest, she licked my ribs and sucked on my nipples. As the shirt went over my head, she kissed me lightly. She was still kissing me as the shirt hit the floor and her hand went down to my dick.

She whispered in my ear, “Every time you look at me, I want you to think about this going up inside my pussy or into my mouth. And when I’m not there, I want you to tell Lara how much you like fucking her plaything.”

That made my dick hard again. She grinned.

“I see you like the thought of fucking me.” She let go of my dick and stood up. “In a few minutes There’s something I have to do first.”

She got up and walked over to Lara. She knelt down and removed Lara’s sandals. She stood again in front of the seated Lara. She reached out to her and took her hands, lifting Lara to a standing position again.

Without a word, she lifted Lara’s polo shirt up and off. She unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She pulled Lara to her so that Lara stepped out of the skirt. They embraced, and our naked minx unhooked Lara’s black demi bra and took it off. She threw it to me and then knelt in front of Lara again.

“I have never wanted to see a pussy as much as I want to see yours, Lara. It’s beautiful, and I want to suck it and finger it every time I see it. It makes me hotter than you can ever know. Any time you want me to lick you or finger you, just ask.”

With that, she pulled Lara’s panties to the floor, hugged her waist and put her cheek against my wife’s crotch. Lara put her arms around Deb’s head and caressed her hair.

“I get wet every time I think about you making love to Sam and me. Stand up and kiss me, and then let’s go to your bedroom, but first a little rinse.”

She poured a little wine and took a mouthful. She swished it around and swallowed. She handed some to Deb.

“Rule number one. Sam doesn’t like the taste of cum,” Deb said with a smile.

Deb took a mouthful and did as Lara had done, then said, “Good enough?” as she kissed Lara.

She and Deb kissed for a few minutes, and then we adjourned to the bedroom.

“Tell me about what you and Beth did,” Deb said as she lay between Lara and me.

Lara recounted our first meeting at the moonlit window of our room. She described how we had been making love when we spied Bill and Beth petting on our patio bench, and how she had taken the leap to open the door and fulfill her pent-up lesbian and voyeuristic fantasies that night.

“That’s hot. The lesbian part I already have. The part where people other than Sam watch me make love to you is something I find really erotic,” Deb said.

“The next night, we met again,” Lara continued, “and I knew that Sam and I needed another woman to act out our fantasies. We had talked about lesbians and threesomes for quite a while, and we realized that it was what we both wanted to experience physically.

“I decided to play around with Beth after we had a little sex together. I ordered her around, just like I did with you a little while ago. She didn’t take it as role-play, the way you did, though. She wanted me to dominate her. If you want, we can dominate her together when you meet her, or you can watch me do it.”

“I’ll have to see how I feel about her when we meet, but the thought of making her do things is a bit exciting, I have to admit,” Deb said tentatively. “I never thought about that before, and I don’t know if I want to do the ordering or just watch you do it to her.”

“That’s okay,” Lara said. “We’ll see how it goes.”

“What else did you do?” Deb asked.

“Anal. She used a vibrator on me anally. It was my first time enjoying something in my ass. And then I fisted her. It was the first time for both of us.”

“Anal? Did it hurt? I have always wondered what it felt like, but was afraid that it would hurt. I don’t do pain.”

“Beth showed me how to do it without pain. She used a fairly small vibrator and lots and lots of lube.”

Lara described how Beth had used a single finger loaded with lube to get Lara ready for the vibrator. “She called it ‘priming the pump,'” Lara explained.

“Oh God, that sounds sexy. Could you try it with me? I have lots of lube, and I have a small vibrator that I carry in my purse. Would you prime me and then have Sam use the vibrator on me?”

My instant response was, “Where’s your purse?”

Lara jumped up and grabbed the vibrator out of Deb’s purse as Deb ran to the bathroom and got a tube of water-based lube and a large towel, and then they literally leapt back onto the bed. Deb took a pillow, covered it with the towel, lay down on it face down and positioned the pillow under her hips. She handed the lube to Lara, took the vibrator from Lara and it to me.

Lara looked at me, and I nodded back. She got up and said, “Be right back.”

She disappeared into the bathroom and emerged a moment later with another towel and a washcloth.

She sat on the bed so that she had access to the ass that Deb was so eagerly offering. Lara washed Deb’s butt and anus with the warm washcloth.

Deb purred, “Damn, that feels good.”

Lara dried Deb with the towel. She then put a large amount of lube on her middle finger and said, “Tell me if what I’m about to do causes any pain at all, and I’ll stop. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” Deb answered, eyes closed and fists clenched in expectation of pain.

As I stroked Deb’s hair and shoulders, Lara rubbed her finger around Deb’s anus. She got lots of lube on it and then gently probed slightly. I felt Deb’s shoulders tense a little more and then relax when she realized that it didn’t hurt.

“More?” asked Lara.

“Mm-hmm,” nodded Deb.

Deb took her finger out, applied more lube, and inserted her finger further. She repeated this a few times until her finger was all the way inside Deb. She worked her finger in and out and wiggled it inside Deb’s rectum.

“Feel good?”

“Oh, yeah. I want the vibrator. Fuck me with the vibrator, Sam. I want it in my ass!”

Lara withdrew her finger and cleaned it with the soapy washcloth. I lubed the vibrator and inserted it a little way into Deb’s rectum. The vibrator was nearly twice the diameter of Lara’s finger, and Deb winced for a second, and then relaxed.

“Oh, that feels better than I had hoped for. Turn it on and work it in and out.”

I turned on the switch, and felt Deb jerk with the new sensation. I buggered her with the vibrator for a few minutes.

“Lara, can you finger my clit and play with my pussy?”

Lara reached under Deb as the younger woman lifted her hips slightly. As Lara’s fingers touched Deb’s clit, she jerked again and moaned.

“Oh God,” Deb moaned. “That feels so good. Part of it is laying here so vulnerable and giving myself to the two of you. It really heightens the sensation. If I didn’t trust you completely, I would be panicking by now. But I want to surrender myself completely. Have me, Lara. Make me cum.”

Lara was really getting into this now. With Deb’s encouragement, she kissed Deb’s ass as she fingered her clit. Deb was thrusting her hips back to meet my vibrator thrusts, and she was starting to moan louder. Lara and I continued this for a good ten minutes.

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