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MOTHER LOVEMy late Mom could be a loving angel one moment a total bitch the next and always seemed to take her frustrations out on poor me. As I was only five when I started school any confidence I had was destroyed so my classmates bullie me as well. As I was so young and small it was easy to pick on me and all the advice I got from my father was to stand up to them! Not easy when it,s four or five against one and even worse when Girls were the worst. Boys got bored easily, but girls would persists longer. I eventually learned to run fast and learned where they lie in wait for me after school and just took a long detour, but till my Mom got pregnant with my brother when I was ten the abuse continued. She had her favourite “punishers” a broad black leather belt she wore and would take off to use, a hard wooden yardstick from a local hardware store or if she felt particularly evil a switch from a willow tree and of course it had to be applied to my bare back side or legs. Try to get the school nurse to believe I fell in a bramble bush She knew what had happened, but of course in 1954 parents were always right! By 1954 when my brother came along she needed a live in babysitter as she loved ten pin bowling as did my father and they used to do so three times a week. At the height of Mom,s game she averaged canlı bahis almost 180 which was quite a feat for a woman, but Dad Wasn,t quite so good. Mom bowled Monday’s, Dad Wednesdays and both in Mixed League on Fridays Yet whenever I wanted a toy or game they never had any money! At least my parents stopped beating on me and with my father not punching me in the face so often I had fewer nose bleeds. Then one night all that changed forever when I was sixteen. Neither parent could be bothered to teach me about the birds and bees so that had been left to my best friend Burt Cummings whose parents were open on sex and even did it when I stayed over with Burt when we planned a fishing trip the next morning. As teenagers do we chatted till the wee small hours and thought everyone asleep till a loud sound erupted from his parents bedroom.”What the Devil,s That?” I asked puzzled. “That,s the creaky springs on my folk,s bed. Dad forgets to,oil them now and then!” “Okay but What makes the noise?” “They,re Fucking of course!” “Come on We can listen outside their door as they never shut it! Sometimes Mom gets so hot you can smell her pussy all over the place!” “WOW” Now he mentioned itmy memory flashed back to a similar sound in our house, but hadn,t heard it for some time. The carpeted hall deadened bahis siteleri our footsteps, but there,s no way they,d hear us as Burts Mom Joyce was moaning loudly for his Dad Jerry to “Go deeper and faster!” The sounds had both of our cocks up and like rocks in no time and by the time Joyce groaned she was cumming we crept back to Burts room and proceeded to beat each other off. We hadn,t got to the point of sucking each other,s cocks then, but it wouldn’t,t be long yet there was no way he was ever going to stick his nine inches in my ass! I,d seen my mother naked occasionally and it never failed to turn me on. One afternoon when it was only her and I in the house with Young brother Austin out with Dad for the afternoon that I found I needed to do a crap so had to knock on the door of our bathroom as in those days the commode was next to the bath tub and Mom was taking a bath. She Wasn,t happy when I told her what I needed, but after all I Was desperate.Mom was never a beauty half Greek half Canadian with dark hair, freckles, unusually large breasts with big nipples and aureolaes and flat stomach with wide hips and long athletes, legs. She covered her furry pussy with a small wash cloth, but did nothing to hide her tits and obviously felt my eyes on her. I apologised for creating such a foul bahis şirketleri smell, but she Didn,t seem to mind and also seemed to like what I was looking at. Once I,d wiped my bottom it was difficult to not show her how hard I,d grown. “Looks like you,re enjoying the show Joe.!” She laughed. “Have you even done it with a girl yet?” “Of Course not! Who,d want to go out with Scaredy Cat Taylor?” I sighed. “Meet me in the bedroom and maybe I can help you there.” she smiled. Mom had begun to treat me nicer these last few months than she had in years and though I liked it a lot I suspected something was up with her. She joined me shortly with just her light bath robe on. “You probably know Dad and I have not been getting along for some months! He won,t make love to me any more and I need it badly. Can you make love to me Joe?” “But You,re my Mother? I protested. “Yes I know, but I need to be treated like a woman, a sexy woman and your father won,t do it so I,m asking you! You can,t hide your hardon from me.” She pulled my cock from under my pyjama bottoms to prove the point. “At least let me play with you for a while and then you can do it for me?” “Okay” I agreed. So much for my mother telling me a few years previous that oral sex was dirty now here she was licking and sucking my cock eagerly then guiding me between her nether lips and into her pussy. Of course she knew I wouldn’t,t last long this first time and talked me into using my fingers to bring her a release as well. “Our secret for now!” She kissed me. TBC

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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