Moving in with Jim and Candy – Part 1

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Moving in with Jim and Candy – Part 1FictionIt was the summer just after my 18th birthday. I had been accepted to a decent college and I busted my ass to win some scholarships to cover the school, the books and some modest living expenses. Very modest, but it would let me focus on school without getting any sort of full time job. My parents were always prudish and any discussions about sex were short, clinical and never more than absolutely necessary, unfortunately. Despite this lack of parental guidance, I figured out that I was bisexual. We had a family friend, Jim. He had grown up with my dad and there were many summers when we would spend a couple of weeks with him and his girlfriend, Candy. I was allowed to call him Jimmy. Jimmy was fit, with dark hair, broad shoulders and a wrestler’s build. He was only about 5’8″, but he was really well built. Candy was 5’10”, with light blonde hair, and a build like Marilyn Monroe, but with larger, fuller breasts. Her face reminded me of Loretta Swit (my parents were big M*A*S*H fans). Well, they lived in the city that the college I was going to attend and when Jim found out I was going to be attending college near him, he offered to let me live with him and Candy for the duration of my education. Now, my parents were resistant to the idea at first since Jim and Candy never got married, but I made several convincing counter arguments against all of their issues. Jim and Candy came to my high school graduation and the following Monday, I hugged my parents and left home to start my college career.Jimmy had a great house, right in between the college and the beach. About a week after I arrived, I managed to secure a part time job as a clerk in a adult book store that was just a couple of miles away. My parents would have had conniption fits if they had known. Jimmy and Candy just smiled and congratulated me on getting out and getting a job and not being afraid of working in an adult book store. It actually turned out that Jimmy and Candy were regular customers of the place. I was feeling far more comfortable with them than I ever did with my parents. Once I got the hang of things at the store, I had things going pretty well. The first aydın escort time I had to clean up the arcade, the glory hole gave me a bit of a shock. I told Jimmy about it and he explained it to me. After that, I was fine. I also figured out quickly the regulars who were using the glory hole. I was always polite to all of the customers and the ones who used the hole were more relaxed when I greeted them with politeness and respect. They also started spending more in the store. I was also able to watch whatever porn I liked, so I was really diving into everything. Straight, gay, bi, trans. I sampled it all and loved it. Late one summer afternoon, I had just arrived at home and I thought I was alone. I stripped down and went into the hall bathroom to shower off before jumping into the pool. I turned on the shower and stepped in to wash off. The bathroom looked out onto the patio and during the summer, Jimmy and Candy wanted the window open so the mirror wouldn’t steam up. I opened the window and let the water run over my body. As I lathered up, I heard a strange noise form outside. A moan. It sounded like Candy, in pain. I looked outside and saw her laying on one of the pool chaises. She wasn’t in pain, though. She was caressing her nude breasts and rubbing them with oil. I stooped and had to stare, seeing her large, heavy breasts as she squeezed and rolled them, pinching her nipples. I was hard as a rock as I watched her, my young, vibrant dick pulsing with my heartbeat. I couldn’t stop staring. She then uncrossed her legs, revealing her skimpy bikini bottom. I u*********sly started stroking my throbbing cock. I was so enraptured that I had forgotten to close the shower door or the bathroom door. I jumped when I heard a voice behind me on the bathroom say, “Enjoying the show?”Jimmy had walked into the bathroom and was watching me. He had this impish grin on his face and was standing there, naked, jacking what looked like a 9 inch cock and it was thick and capped with a mushroom head. All I could do was stand there and stare, looking at his body. He was in good condition, with decent body hair, but I noticed that his nipples and crotch were shaved afyon escort smooth. He just stood there, slowly jacking his dick, “If you’re uncomfortable with all of this, we can either forget it happened or I’ll help you find a new place.” For some reason, his words calmed me down and I just smiled, “No, you just surprised me is all. Did you know I was BI?””I suspected it for a while, but when I saw some of the movies you were bringing home, it was more or less confirmed.” With that, he started jacking faster. Watching him jack off like that made me throb harder. He noticed how hard I had become and said, “So you’re still a virgin, right? No blow jobs, hand jobs or anything?”I just nodded, “I’m a complete virgin.”Jimmy smiled, “Ok, well, here’s your opportunity to have sex. Now, Candy and I will both be glad to show you the ropes about sex, and we have a few friends that will be interested in a young man like you. If you want your first time to be with a woman, I can probably have one of them over here within an hour.” It turned out that they were swingers and had lots of playmates..I shook my head, mostly because I was too far gone to last an hour. Jimmy moved in to the shower with me and replaced my hand with his own and let me wrap my hand around his throbbing cock. He moved in for the kiss and I willingly accepted and opened my mouth to let him thrust his tongue inside. The water cascaded over our bodies, mine tall and slender with a swimmers build and completely smooth; Jimmy shorter and stockier with his wrestler’s build and dark body hair. As we kissed,we also embraced and our hard cocks pressed against our bellies, rubbing the sensitive heads and balls together. Jimmy broke our kiss and started working his way down my neck, making me throb harder and faster. He continued working his way down and started kissing and sucking my nipples. That’s when I discovered now sensitive my nipples are. The nipple play made me start oozing precum and Jimmy reached around me and shut off the water. I was completely lost in lust and didn’t care anymore. Jimmy continued down and got on his knees in front of me. He wrapped his hand around my cock and sakarya escort squeezed to delay my impending orgasm. He smiled, “I’m going to give you your first blowjob. You probably won’t last long, and you can cum in my mouth if you want. Just let yourself shoot and I’ll gladly swallow your hot boy cum. If you want to shoot on my face or on my cock, just let me know when you’re about to blow your load. Then you just have to aim where you want to see it shoot, ok?”I nodded my assent and started to pant, being driven crazy with lust. Jimmy wrapped his mouth around my cock and took me all the way in with one swallow. He slowly pulled back, letting my dick out inch by inch until just the head was pressed on his tongue. Jimmy was a master of delaying my orgasm. While he was sucking me, he cradled my balls in the palm of his hand, keeping his thumb pressed hard at the base of my cock. Even so, I was so beyond caring and so close to exploding that it was almost painful. Something told me that if I didn’t take control, he wouldn’t let me cum if he could keep me from spewing. He was enjoying sucking my hard young dick. I grabbed the back of his head and thrust all the way in and down his throat. He let go of my balls and reached up to play with my nipples. His magnificent sucking combined with the nipple play finally set me off and I pulled back just to where only the head was on his tongue. He pressed his tongue right up under the head of my cock and I started exploding a huge load that only a young man could muster up. I was almost screaming with the strength on my orgasm, filling his willing mouth with spurt after spurt of my hot teen semen. He started to swallow so none of it would spill out from his lips. As he was swallowing, I pumped my cock all the way down his throat and the swallowing action milked the last squirts of my cum out of my dick.I continued to breathe hard and Jimmy stood up, his cock rock hard and he was needing to cum as well. I was going to get on my knees to give my first blowjob when we heard a female voice say, “That was a wonderful show, but I think I’m going to have to teach you how to suck Jimmy’s big dick properly.” Candy was standing in the doorway watching us, her breasts heaving with her breathing. Jimmy smiled at her and looked at me. I looked at Jimmy and then at Candy and smiled at both of them. “I like the idea of learning from you both. Let’s go to your bedroom to do these lessons.”To be continued…

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