Mrs B part 1

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Mrs B part 1I spent most of my school years in boarding school as my parents lived in a different country so I’d only go home at the end of term.During “Out” weekends I’d often go to friends and one in particular. I’ll call him Darren. He had just moved down to the coast with his recently divorced mom.Mrs B, was about 5’2″, a really petite frame and prominent D-cup breasts. She had dark skin and long dark hair and stunning brown eyes. Even though back then she was just a little shorter than me she often wore high heels that made her taller than me.Over the course of the 2 years that i knew spent with B and his mum i noticed she’d become more and more flirty. She worked as an Estate Agent and would often wear translucent long skirts and then stand between the window and couch, where i was seated, and speak to me so i could see the sun shining through her skirt so she must have known what i could see and being 15 i could think of nothing else and look at nothing else.Over time teenager hormones and her behaviour convinced me she was making moves on me i would try and invent plausible scenarios where i could try my luck with her.One Sunday Darren and I spent the Sunday at his place (we were only permitted 2 long week-ends out a term but were allowed to visit friends or family every Sunday) So Darren and I would often goes to his Mum’s have breakfast then either se would drive his to the beach or we’d catch the train to go surfing.On one particular Sunday morning we went round to Darren’s still in school uniform and his mum was sitting up in bed wearing a transparent negligee that was mainly unbuttoned fethiye escort and during the course of her eating breakfast with Darren and I sitting on the end of her bed the one side of her negligee popped forward to fully expose one of her breasts. She had lovely dark full nipples and i could hardly tear my eyes away from her chest.I was almost shaking from arousal and this uncontrollable urge to dive over the bed and fasten my mouth around her hard dark nipples. I was shaking and sweating from desire, i honestly thought my cock was going to rupture at one point i was so hard.There I was, a 15 year-old k** that had often stroked his cock as he thought about fucking Mrs B, sitting on her bed less than 2 metres away from her naked breasts and my cock was like an iron pole inside my pants. When we did leave her room to go and change to get ready for the beach my school blazer covered most off the bulge in my pants.A few minutes later Mrs B came into Darren’s bedroom dressed in a short towelling suit that had a zip all the way down the front.She came up to me and took my head in her arms and placed a hand over my sweaty forehead and said to me that i look all pale and sweaty today and should maybe give the beach a miss and rest at home. This suggestion and her proximity to me made me even more nervous and aroused (now i was convinced she was hitting on me) and the thought of spending most of Sunday alone in her flat with her was almost as exciting, to my teenage mind, as the real thing.Darren looked disappointed but agreed i did indeed look pale and sweaty. I was shaky so much i thought it better escort fethiye if i ay down on one of the 2 single beds in Darren’s room. I was silently urging him to hurry up and leave while trying to not think of his mother’s naked body.As Darren was leaving Mrs B said to me she’d make me some tea and toast (even though we had told her we had breakfast at the hostel before we left when she offered us breakfast earlier) and also take my temperature.I lay in bed reading a Tin Tin “book” shaking in anticipation of Mrs B’s return with tea. I was laying on my side facing the lay reading when she returned with a breakfast tray still wearing her little pink towelling suit unzipped even further. In the 4 or 5 steps it took her to walk from the door of the room to the edge of my bed I had gone from cock-sure teenage stud to nervous wreck. My pulse was racing, my mouth was bone-dry yet my cock was screaming “please touch me”.Mrs B told me to turn onto my back so she could place the tray over my lap, another thing that caused me brief anxiety as i knew she would being able to see my bulge through the thin summer duvet i was laying under. She pretended not to notice when she placed the tray over my lap pressing it firmly against my rock hard cock. Her big dark breasts hanging from her unzip bodysuit as she leant forward to place the tray. Her breasts were mere centimetres form my face and she obviously knew i was staring at them as she stayed in that position for just a little longer than was natural before telling me to move over so she could sit on the side of the bed and take my temperature before i had fethiye escort bayan any of the tea.She turned to cradle my sweaty forehead in her arms and kissed my forehead as her hand moved to the tray to get the thermometer. She knocked the thermometer off the tray onto my thigh and her hand moved to retrieve it.The thermometer lay between the top of my thigh and rock hard cock, she must have been looking across at the Tin Tin book as her hand moved to retrieve the thermometer her slender brown manicured nails and fingers stroked along my hot throbbing cock.It immediately twitched under her touch and caused the tray to wobble almost spilling the tea.I blushed and before i could apologise she leant into my face and said, “Let’s get rid of that before we have a liquid spillage” as she moved the tray from my lap and placed it on the floor and returned her hand to my cock. Gently tracing the tips of her long manicured nails along my shaft as she watched me twitch almost violently under the merest caress.”I’m going to savour this moment for ages” she whispered into my mouth before sliding her hot wet perfumed tongue into my mouth and firmly grabbing my cock in her hand and digging her nails into me causing not only my cock to convulse this time but my entire body. She had a very self-satisfied giggle and whelp as our teeth briefly clashed from electric pulse her touch had sent through my young tense body….(To be continued. Maybe.)(If I can be arsed that is I have a very short attention span. Sorry. Oh, look there’s a Butterfly!)And finally please feel free to point out spelling mistakes and grammatical errors – you know how t is, you type and edit something and read it 50 times as you think it should be and not actually what the text says. So all you budding Editorial Assistants and Teachers get out those proverbial red pens.

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