Mum & Daughter Do Homework

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Mum & Daughter Do HomeworkKaren tipped the water from the kettle into the teapot, thinking of a way to tell her mother the news. She didn’t want to be a virgin anymore, and she didn’t like men. She was a lesbian. She’d always known it, but was never brave enough to approach a woman about it, but now she believed that telling her mother would be the best option. She’d understand, at least she hoped she would. Her mother must have realized that she never had a boyfriend, and hardly ever talked about men or sex. As she filled the cups with tea, she kept running over in her head the way she would start the conversation. It was now or never.Walking into the living room, she placed her mother’s tea on the table in front of the couch and sat down in a chair. Taking a deep breath, she asked,”Mum, can I talk to you about something?” Her mother turned her head towards her and replied”Of course you can darling, what’s wrong?”Taking another deep breath she said “nothing’s wrong, I don’t think, it has to do with sex.””Oh I see,” her mother said, “met someone nice have you? What’s his name?”Karen knew the next words out of her mouth would cause a big change in her life, although exactly whether that was good or bad was the big question.”No I haven’t met someone, but if I had, would you hate me if that person were a girl?”A tense silence engulfed the room. Karen could do nothing but stare at the floor, she didn’t want to look her mother in the eye. Her mother was only slightly shocked, as she had found magazines with pictures of naked women in Karen’s room when she was cleaning. She got up and sat on the arm of the chair, placing her arm around her daughter.”Don’t be silly, I wouldn’t hate you for having sexual feelings for women, not after what I got up to when I was your age!”Karen looked straight into her mother’s eyes. “What do you mean?” She asked.”When I was 20, I had many lesbian experiences,” she said with a smile on her face, “I had been with men, but there was something about a woman that got my juices flowing!”Karen was shocked, but also relaxed and relieved that her mother hadn’t got upset and told her to get out. “The thing is, ” she said, “I haven’t had any sexual experiences, with men OR women. I’m still a virgin and I don’t know any girls who are the same way as me.”Her mother paused for a while, and then said,”Well, why don’t I teach you? Would you like that?””But you’re my mother! Isn’t that wrong?” Asked Karen.”Some people would say so, but some people also say that being a lesbian is wrong, but you don’t think so do you?” She replied.”No I don’t. I like women. I can’t change that.” Karen meant every word of it. Her mother smiled and leant forward and French kissed her daughter.”There,” her mother said, “your first taste of another woman. Did you like it?””That felt good. Do you think I have nice breasts?” Karen unbuttoned her top and removed her bra. Her mother began licking her lips as soon as her daughter’s breasts came into view.”They are wonderful!” Proclaimed her mother, and slipped her finger inside her mouth and rubbed it around her nipples.”Ooo that’s nice, mmm…” she laughed. Placing her hand on her pinbahis yeni giriş mother’s thigh, she slowly and smoothly slipped it up underneath her short skirt, her mother breathing in deeply as her daughter made contact with her pussy,”Oh you shaved your pussy!” Karen noted, “I shaved mine too! It feels very nice””Oh let me see it.” Her mother asked. Standing up, Karen removed her jeans and her mother pulled down her silk panties to her knees.She moved forward and took a big sniff of Karen’s shaved pussy,”Yes, that’s making me very horny indeed,” she said, “tell me, how often do you masturbate?””Every single day,” she replied, “how about you?””Same, although I use a vibrator. Do you have a vibrator?””No, I’ve been too embarrassed to buy one!” Answered Karen.”Would you like to try mine?” Asked her mother, “it’s upstairs in my room.””Yes that sounds nice … mummy”. Her mother had always liked to be kinky, and when her daughter said the word ‘mummy’ she knew she was gonna get fucked.”Then come with me and I shall teach you.” she said. Taking her daughter in her hand, she guided her up the stairs. Karen was about to get her wish, she was about to have sex with a woman, and that woman was her lesbian mother…The two women walked slowly towards the bedroom, hand in hand, smiling and giggling. Truth be told, Karen was scared. In all of her 20 years she never contemplated a scenario such as this, and all she seemed to be focused on at the moment was how she would act once this ‘encounter’ was over. Her mother pushed open the bedroom door and guided Karen inside.”Sit on the bed, darling.” She told her daughter in a soft voice. And as Karen obeyed, quickly removed all her clothes. The tension was increasing. Wearing nothing but a light blue denim shirt, Karen stared at her mother’s naked body. It was beautiful, from her juicy-looking lips, her breasts which were in good shape for a woman of 44, to her smoothly-shaven pussy, and her long tanned legs. She realised that she was very lucky to be in this situation. “Look in the drawer,” Said her mother, trying to hold back a large grin.Karen rolled onto her side and pulled open the drawer.”Underwear?” She asked.”Move it out of the way and feel around at the back, you’ll know it when you’ve found it, Karen.”Doing as her mother had said, she felt her fingers touch a solid object. She knew what it was, and turning her head to display a large grin, she saw her mother kneeling down beside the bed. Taking the vibrator out of the drawer she rubbed her fingers slowly around it, imagining the feeling of it buzzing inside her. She rolled back over and passed the toy to her mother, now kneeling in front of Karen’s widespread legs. Karen removed her shirt and threw it on the floor by the side of the bed. Reality hit her like a ton of bricks! She was sitting naked on a bed with her mother on her knees in front of her preparing to place her vibrator into her pussy.”Now lay back, relax and let mummy make you very happy!” Her mother commanded. Karen couldn’t refuse, so done what she was told. She felt her mother’s tongue slowly creep up the inside of her left thigh, closing pinbahis giriş in on her pussy. She let out a low ‘Mmmmm’ as the vibrator was switched on and grabbed her tits, rubbing her fingers around her erect nipples. All Karen wanted now was for her mother to insert the toy into her pussy, she needed to feel it more than ever.But fate wanted to piss her off some more! She heard a sound which made her sit up and stare at her mother in total shock.”I’m home!” Shouted a voice from downstairs. It was Karen’s father, Chris. “Oh shit!” Snapped Karen, “what the fuck do we do now? If he finds us like this he’s gonna go fucking mental!””Don’t panic,” her mother answered, “I’ll keep him downstairs while you go into your room. We’ll finish this later.” “Is anyone here?” Shouted the voice once more.The two women scrambled to get their clothing together, Karen scooping it all up in one bundle, her mother placing on each piece as quickly as she could. They stood at the door hoping Chris was still downstairs, when Karen felt her mother tap her shoulder.”Take this,” She said, passing Karen the vibrator, “I’ll tell dad you are in your room because you’re not feeling too well. Then I’ll come and ‘check on you’.” She said with a wink. Kissing each other on the lips, they left the room, Karen sprinting naked over to her room, her mother walking calmly downstairs to greet her husband and lie like fuck to him! Karen shut the door and threw down her clothes, noticing the vibrator sticking out from underneath her shirt. This made her think how close she was to having it inside of her. ‘No matter,’ she thought to herself, ‘mum’s gonna be here soon’. But she couldn’t wait that long, she needed that vibrator inside of her.Picking up the vibrator and switching it on, she lay on the bed with her legs parted. Holding the vibrator in her right hand, she rubbed slowly around her inner thigh, her nipples became instantly erect and she was compelled to rub them. She let out another ‘Mmmmm’ as the vibrator slipped into her pussy. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling. The movement of the vibrator thrusting further into her pussy, back out and then further in eventually made her shout out in pleasure. Beginning to sweat, she began thrusting faster, becomming addicted to the feelings she was giving herself.Closing her eyes she began to use her imagination. She was back in the other room with her mother, this time there would be no interupption. Her mother was pounding Karen’s pussy with the vibrator while at the same time fingering her own. They were both moaning with pleasure as the vibrations increased. Then the fantasy changed as she continued to intrude her own pussy with her mother’s sex toy.She imagined her mother being the one who was curious, bent over the kitchen table wearing nothing but a pair of black stockings. Karen was behind her with a strap-on. Imagining her mother looking over her shoulder at her while she fucked her pussy was too much. She was getting louder with her moans of pleasure, “Ah, ahhh, ahhhh… oh yes, mummy… mmmm…” Then she was shaken back to reality by a hand touching her tits. She opened her pinbahis güvenilirmi eyes to see her mother smiling down at her.”I see you have got the hang of it,” she giggled, “does it feel good?””Oh fuck yes!” replied Karen, “it feels great. But I want you to do it to me. Please fuck me!”And with that, Karen let go of the vibrator, her mother taking charge. She bent down and kissed her daughter while ramming the vibrator deep inside her pussy. “Yes…” her mother smiled, “you like this, don’t you? You like the feeling of my little toy moving in and out of your pussy…mmmm.””Oh god! That’s right… yes… a little faster… mmmm…” Cried Karen.Whispering into her ear, Karen’s mother said, “I’ll tell you something that’s gonna drive you wild.””What?, mmm… Ahhh,ahh..” stutted Karen as the thrusting became quicker.”When I was downstairs, your father thought that as you wouldn’t be coming down because you are ill, me and him could have a little ‘fun’.”Reaching for her mother’s breasts and starting to tickle her nipples, Karen asked,”What did… AHH… Mmmmm.. you do?””We fucked on the couch!” She said, as the speed of the thrusting increased, “I sat back and spread my legs wide, taking in the full length of his cock. It was fantastic. I wanted to suck him off too, but I knew you needed me up here, my dirty little lesbian daughter!”. Giving her a big wide smile, she asked, “are you glad you’ve got such a caring mother?””Yes I am,” panted Karen, “where is mmmm… dad now?””He’s in the shower. What would he think if he came in here and saw his little girl being pleasured by his wife?” She joked.”He’d probably…Ahhhh,ahhh… fuck you again…mmmmmm…yes, that’s good… mmmm oh mummy you are so nice…” Answered Karen as she reached climax.Her mother began copying the sounds Karen was making, just to spice it up some more, and with a scream of “AAAAHHHH,AHHH … AAAHHHHHHHH,AHHH … OOOOhhh FUCK ME HARDER, OH GOD YES!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH….”, her first ever lesbian experience, but hopefully not her last, was over. They both lay on the bed, gently caressing each other’s bodies and kissing one another. Eventually, Karen decided to break the silence,”Does dad know you’re a lesbian?””Oh yes! He’s the one who talked me into it in the first place!” She laughed.”But it was you who first suggested it, as I recall, I simply guided you in the right direction!” Came a voice from the other side of the door. Looking towards the door, Karen watched as her father pushed the door open and walked in, naked, with his erect cock in his hand. He’d obviously been listening to them. Karen turned towards her mother, who smiled and said, “I know you like women, dear, but why don’t you try a man, just to see if you like the feel of a real cock in your pussy? After all, we can’t tease your father like this can we? Look at him, look at his cock, imagine him thrusting it into your hot pussy. He just fucked me and he’s hard and ready for more already!”Karen looked up at her father, who was smiling down at her, gently stroking his cock. She liked the vibrator inside of her, why not try the real thing?”Well daddy,” she giggled, “as long as mummy can join in, I want her to be here with me.” The parents smiled. Karen lay on the bed, with the back of her head resting in her mother’s lap, and parted her legs once more as her father approached, wondering how the rest of the evening would unfold. She wasn’t dissapointed…

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