Muscle Spasm

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Muscle SpasmTonight was going to be one of those nights, only this was going to be something special. The woman I’d been seeing, named Holly, was a bodybuilder who took getting into shape very seriously. Tonight was no different as she won the Ms. Paradise competition, beating out a couple of young ladies who were just as ripped as she was. Afterwards, we celebrated with a trip to the movies and dinner in the finest Italian restaurant in town.Throughout the evening, Holly took her trophy everywhere we went just for showing off; even refusing to leave it in my car. I don’t know it was ego or what, but I wasn’t going to ruin her celebration. She might very well hurt me with those tree trunks she calls arms. I invited her over to my place for a drink or two, with the big trophy still in her hands; was big enough to occupy any space.”Are you ever going to put that thing down?” I asked.”I’ll carry it on my head if I want to”, said Holly.”Yeah, I know, you’re the queen.””Damn right I am. Those amateurs had nothing on me. The prize was as good as mine.””Those amateurs, you refer to, were tough to come by. Any chance in retiring?”Holly put down her trophy and gave me a look that told me she didn’t like that question. Not one bit.”What are you saying, cutey?” She asked. “That I’m too old for the business? That this is a young girls world now? Huh? Watch it, cutey.””All right, all right”, I said. “Sorry I asked. I know when I’ve been licked.””Sounds like an invitation.””Don’t you ever stop?””Absolutely not, and you know why?””What’s that?””I’m the queen, and no one can take that away.”Holly was in her early forties and ten years older than me. She called me cutie because I was her cute little puppy dog. The raven haired b**st knew how to toy with me in her own special way.”So”, I said, “how about canlı bahis that drink?””I’m not thirsty. I’m hungry.””What?”Before I reached for the booze, Holly grabbed my wrist and planted a big one on my lips. I now knew what she meant on being hungry. She took my belt off and tossed it aside. We held onto each other while bumping into the liquor cabinet and the nearest end table. Holly took my shirt off, tossing it aside and got to work biting into my nipples. I could feel her teeth biting deeper into my flesh, making me think like she wanted to hurt me. If she was I knew it’d be worth it.We finally got to the bedroom, when Holly pushed me down on the bed and got right on top me, finishing her work on me with her teeth and tongue. She took off her pink dress, giving me a clear view of those size DD tits of hers. My hands latched on to both and I squeezed each one as hard as I could.”You like my titties?” Holly asked. “You like how they feel?””Love your big titties”, I said.”Yeah?”Our lips touched once more and our tongues danced with one another’s. Once Holly let her guard down I grabbed her arms and turned her over. I was now right on top, looking deep into her piercing blue eyes and touching nose to nose.”Oh, baby”, she giggled. “You getting rough with me?””I’m just getting started.”I grabbed one of her twenty two inch legs and removed her black high heel. I gave her bare heel a little lick and a nibble which she enjoyed. I removed her other high heel and slipped out of my pants and underwear. All that stood in the way of my conquest was her pink undies. I quickly slipped them off and flung them aside like a slingshot. “You want to eat my pussy?” Holly asked, practically daring me to do the job.”You have a nice pussy”, I said.”You want to taste it?””I want a taste of that beef.”Holly giggled bahis siteleri some more, but either way I had her purring like a kitten. I started out slowly and gently, licking every corner of her pink flesh. My tongue went further and deeper until I hit that sweet spot, tasting even more of Holly’s inner goodness.”Hmm, that’s good”, she said. “So nice and wet. Ah, shit. Oh, I love that. Yes, right there. Ah. Ah. Oh, that feels good. So wet in my pussy. Ah, yes, don’t stop. Don’t you fucking stop.”Holly grabbed my hair, keeping me pinned down so I could continue eating that precious side of beef of hers. The moans of pleasure was music to my ears. If I wanted to I’d do her all night. Everything about her was perfect. She was like a statue of a Greek goddess; fine chiseled and come to life. A living work of art.It was my turn to receive oral pleasure and Holly wasted no time in doing so. She rubbed and sucked my cock; practically down her throat. Her performance was so great I wanted to scream myself.The feeling was still great even after she was done. When it came time to fuck her in the ass Holly got into position like she knew what was coming next. She shook her ass, waiting for my swollen cock to enter and dig deep into her ass hole. I slapped one butt cheek and I slowly place my cock inside her ass, giving her what she expected.”Oh, yes”, said Holly. “You going to give my ass a good workout, aren’t you cutey? So big and hard in my ass hole. Oh, shit. Yes, give it to me.”I was giving her the workout of her life by drilling deep into her ass hole. Her high pitched squealing was music to my ears and loud enough to wake the neighbors. Later became my turn to squeal as she pinned me to the bed, giving me the ride of my life. The bed started to creak and I though it might actually collapse, bahis şirketleri alerting the neighbors down below. I couldn’t care less.This was my night and I wasn’t going to be bothered by complaining neighbors.Holly and I switched places. She just laid there, smiling and giggling, waiting for my next move. First my cock was starting to shrink back to its original size and desperately needed to jerk off to get it swollen once again.”Something wrong, Tiny?” Said Holly. “If you need a minute, I can wait.””You’re very funny”, I said.”Or we can always call it a night.””Oh, no, you ain’t getting off that easy.””Well, come on, show me what you got.”My cock was back to being fully erect and Holly looked ready to go. She said something softly but I didn’t make out the words.”What did you say?” I asked.”Ready to fuck me?” Said Holly. “You ready for me?””Yeah. Put that young cock in me.”Gently I placed my swollen cock inside her, slowly going to and fro. “Damn, your pussy is tight”, I said.”So?””I hope my dick doesn’t get stuck.””If it does I’m keeping it.”Both of us burst into laughter. It would soon quiet down and be replaced by the intense moans of pleasure. Eye to eye and nose to nose we were as our bodies slapped one another’s. I kept going as fast as I could, giving it all I had left in my swollen piece of meat.”Oh, yes”, said Holly. “You fuck so good. Love that young cock in me. Oh, shit. Fuck. So fucking big. Oh, yes. So big and tight. Oh, yes. That’s it just like that. Oh, fuck. Shit, I’m gonna cum.”Faster and even faster I went until finally I was out of gas. I took out my cock and squeezed every drop of cum onto her chest. I was worn out but I was afraid Holly wanted to go again. So far she showed no signs of going for seconds. Holly, too was tired, along with a big smile on her face that told the tale.”Not so tiny now, huh?” I asked.”No argument here”, said Holly. “I’m glad I dropped by.””So’s my cock.”Both of us laughed and held each other close, listening to the sounds of each other’s breathing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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