My 1st encounter with real boobs(school friend)

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My 1st encounter with real boobs(school friend)Its a true incident, not a made up story.I hope u all would appreciate it, & comment & rate it.Hello everybody, I want to share all my sexual incidents with all of you, which started early at the age of 12. I was a cool, very friendly, peace loving guy in my class, & also the tallest guy in the class. I was being instructed by my parents never to have a girl as a friend once I entered class 8(2002 yr). But you all will be surprised that the no of girl as friends as compared to boys was like 4:1. And till date I maintain this ability. So by now u must have got the fact that I had something in me which attracted the opposite sex towards me, the more I was trying to be away. I started watching porn at the age of 13, by the time I reached 14, I had a basic knowledge of some words like orgasm, masturbate, vagina (pussy), anus (asshole), breast (boobs), blow job, hand job, anal fuck, pussy fuck etc. So I knew I had also developed the knowledge of love (which sometimes I define as to do anything without limits for yr love with dedication). Now I was in love with a girl (5.6feet tall, brown eyes, fair, curvy figure-32-28-32) who had just got transferred from another school at the first sight. We used to go back to home from school together, always sit together in class, and share everything. She was tempobet giriş too sexy by her eyes, thighs, waist, no offence but I was sexy for her by my attitude, my eyes, and my body language. Everything was fine until another girl (5.8 feet tall, black eyes, fair enough, slim figure-30-26-30) entered my life that made me u*********s for the 1st time. She was something, she seduced me only me every way possible, like many times she used to do up skirt for me, to show me her panties, she used to intentionally block my way to with her toned sexy leg to make me fall on her, used to get wet in the rain to make me see her visible bra from inside her shirt,etc. The day I remember when I was the one of the school prefects, & one of our job required to see that no one remains in his/her class during the assembly time as instructed by our principal sir. That day before the assembly in the morning she insisted me to let her stay in the class & said she would make my day special & I would never forget it. As I was one of the popular, respected boys in the school, I told other teams of prefect not to say anything to her. So after 20 min, with my rising curiosity I went to my class to check her out. She was sitting in her seat & suddenly started staring at me like I could make her have an orgasm. I had never encountered this type of situation tempobet yeni giriş till that day of my life, so 1 step I hesitated to take towards her but the next step took more near her. I somehow managed with all shivering, excitement, nervousness to sit in the next seat back of hers (she insisted she can’t look into my eyes). By now I could feel her nervousness, hear her peculiar breathing, which started to make me a statue. She conveyed with her eyes to put my right hand on her right shoulder, believe me guys, I had goose bumps all over my body, with a little trembling effect. Ours dress code for girls was white shirt with white skirts. After that what happened I could never imagine, never think of or never know how it happened. Wow, thinking of that incident now is getting me goose bumps. I was neither in my senses nor she, somehow I started slipping my hand from back towards the front of her cleavage portion. By now I could feel her sweat dripping from her neck, entering deep inside her shirt. I too was having a wet feeling in some other part of my body. It took me more than 10 mins to reach inside her shirt from her shoulder (Guys don’t laugh, it was my first time I felt a girl breast) with all looking here & there to see someone comes. Finally the time I place my hand on top her right breast, suddenly tempobet güvenilirmi she pressed my hand against her breast with her hand & I was like AAAAAAH! For a second I thought am I touching a jelly like thing, wow just wow her breast was so soft that u at that time u would like to be a cannibal. I don’t know maybe for around 4 mins I was there feeling her breast, circling my hand in different directions with different pressures, if am not wrong I had precummed in my pants. She told she can’t express something is happening to her at that moment, please tell me or do something (in my mind I said to myself how would I know, mine is a different situation, also a 1st timer). Suddenly to my curiosity with a slow pitch in voice I stooped at her hard nipples & asked her what this is, again with my left over strength I asked her 2nd time what is this thing , & I felt like she woke up, made me wake up too. As soon I got up from my seat , I couldn’t say anything to her, just conveyed that I should leave & thank u, really u didn’t made up my day but made sure that my coming life will be colorful, I would never forget either u nor this experience. After that we both very close friends with no more physical encounters till she left my school after class 12th to somewhere else (I never could find her again, still searching her). That was the first time I felt real boobs in my life. I wish to meet her again, this time I won’t be able to stop myself from fucking in the public. Hope u like it, please comment & rate it. I can’t make it spicier as I can’t put imaginary things in it that never happened to attract readers.

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