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Cleo and I started dating, seriously dating, within days of our first hook up. Cleo lived across the hallway from my apartment, so picking her up was as simple as walking across the hall and tapping on her door.Cleo was Asian in ethnicity, tall and slender, with an olive complexion and brown oval eyes that simply perfected her charm and sex appeal. Her jet-black hair reached down to the small of her back. She had a slender frame, but she was not skinny. While at home and alone, she rarely sported anything more than a thigh-length t-shirt and panties, but whenever we went out, she lied to dress for maximum eye appeal. She was definitely a head-turner, yet she did not think she was anything special, a self-effacing humility trait that I came to admire over time.Not long after we started dating, I decided to take Chloe to a comedy club. The club had a small bar in the back and the venue had rows of barstools and a rose decorated table-top around which was situated four chairs.Chloe was sporting a very sexy above-the-knee, black leather skirt, with a side cut that showed off her long slender legs and a good portion of her thigh when she sat down. She sported six-inch stiletto heels and a white button-down blouse. She casually left the top two buttons unbuttoned, which allowed a small sneak peek at her cleavage, tucked neatly away in a white lace pushup bra. Her jet-black şişli escort hair hung lazily across her shoulders. A little perfume and she was – oh my God! so very sexy.We took up a seat at the comedy club about three-quarters of the way back in the venue and I ordered us some snacks and drinks. We chatted about my day as the club began to fill with patrons. A small murmur of idle chat filled the room as more and more people filed in. The two seats at our table remain empty until just before the show started when two guys took up residence in the seats.Chloe placed her hand on the inside of my thigh and pressed in close to me.“I think they’re gay,” Chloe whispered as she nodded her head at one of the two guys at our table.Her declaration kind of surprised me because it was the first time she had made mention of an alternative lifestyle choice and while I was not offended, it really didn’t matter to me if the guys were gay or not, because I was not going to be bedding either one.“Probably,” I replied. I would later learn that being gay was not openly welcomed in the Asian culture, although that seems to be changing with time.The lights in the club dimmed and a fat bald guy stepped out on the small stage. I was thinking, ‘This certainly cannot be a comedian. He did not look funny in the least bit.’ I was relieved when he said he was simply the club operator and that mecidiyeköy escort the real comedian would be out shortly.I ordered Chloe and me a second round of Tequila Sunrises.The club operator decided to play some videos that could be seen on large screens behind the stage, as a sort of prequel to the main event. One of the videos mentioned that the club had an after-hours, adult only, cabaret-styled show every Friday night. I told Chloe we should try and make it and she nodded her head in agreement.We were both well into our second round of drinks when the show finally got started. The lights in the club went out, and the only light was a spotlight on the stage. A middle-aged female comedian, appeared on the stage, casually dressed in a flower-print sundress.“I’m here like all of you, to have some fun,” she said. “It’s what we call in my house, the ‘get out of the house night because I don’t want to cook, and I want to get drunk and get fucked up’ night.”Some guy in the front row yelled out, “Tell it like it is!”The comedian did not miss a beat.“Dude, chill, we’re not even to first base and you’re already heading to second, so put a hold on it, while I get warned up. Do you want my panties now or later?”The crowd laughed.Female comedians know how to get to the point real fast. She asked for the house lights to be brought up and launched herself into the audience. The first guy she approached, she rubbed his bald head, while his female accompaniment sat next to him. She looked at her and said, “I love bald men. Bald men love me. My pussy is bald, so I can relate.”The guy said something none of us could hear and the comedian placed her hand over her mouth and then said into the microphone, “OH my God! She is your sister? What happened to you?”The compendia than approached another guy, sitting with what appeared to be his wife and she asked, “Is she your sister?”The crowd howled in laughter. The comedian then asked the very nicely dressed lady, probably in her thirties, if she thought she might “get lucky later in the evening.” The patron blushed as she looked at her husband, who did not say a word. The comedian took the lady patron’s hand and said, “I want you to meet my friend over here, his name is Joe, he’s a little on the follicle challenged side, but he’s free tonight and he is sooooo sexy! Never mind his friend, that’s his sister. We’ll work on her later.”The comedian continued to work her way through the crowd, as patrons laughed at her crowd poking humor. Suddenly, she looked in our direction. I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. She made a beeline in our direction, but as she passed, I felt a sense of relief overcome me. Then suddenly, I was bathed in the warm glow of the spotlight as the comedian dropped her arms over my shoulders and on to my chest. She leaned and whispered in my ear and into the microphone, and asked: “Is your date available after the show?”

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