My Aunt And I {Part I}

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My Aunt And I {Part I}I wrote this with a friend over a couple of days. I hope you enjoy it.I always hated going over to Toms parents house for dinner. They always fawned over him as if he was gods gift to the world. They even still had all his high school trophies up on the shelf, even though he got them over 22 years ago. And they always gave me the seat right below them, as if subconsciously labeling me his ” trophy” wife. I felt like pulling off my top and showing them the bruises on my rib cage, the trophy tom gave me for burning the dinner last night.The only thing that made visits to his parents bearable was his nephew Peter. His parents were killed in a car accident when he was little and Toms parents took him in to live with them.He was so nice and fun to be around. He was a bit immature which was understandable being that he was raised by his grandparents. He always blushed whenever I gave him a tight hug hello. “My sister called” Toms mom said, “She has to have an operation. I should go and help her while she recuperates but I hate leaving Peter alone”Without thinking I blurted out, “He can stay with us. We have plenty of room.” The look Tom gave me told me he didn’t like that idea but when his mother started gushing how great that was, I knew he had no other option but to agree.It all started out like a normal dinner night with my uncle Tom and my aunt Pricilla, or Prissy as she liked to remind me. Per usual the awkwardness began when she gave me one of her “famous” tight hugs. The feeling of her body pressed against mine made me feel awkward because, sometimes, I would get aroused by them. Always in the back of my head there was that voice that said “this is wrong”. Normally, when they would leave, I would just go to my room and read to take my mind off of her.Yet, tonight, things got interesting. During dinner my great uncle had called and my great aunt Samantha had to be placed in the hospital and needed an operation. My grandmother had to go to help take care of my great uncle. While I was hoping to have the house to myself, Prissy jumped in “he can stay with us”. I don’t know who looked at her the longest myself or my uncle Tom. I could tell he wanted to say something like No, but my grandmother said “great, it’s settled you’ll take Peter, while I’m gone, now scoot up to your room and pack”.Begrudgingly, I got up from the table and went to my room to get my stuff ready. Not sure how long I was going to be at their house, I packed a weeks worth of clothes, grabbed my Nook, laptop, and my Nexus. Those were all the things that I would need for a week.Soon, I was in my aunt and uncles car heading toward their house. “I’m so glad you are staying with us Peter” my aunt gushed. It will be nice to have another man in the house since your uncle works so much. The glare he sent her was clear that he was not happy about this, but he was stuck, and it looks like I was as well. I decided to make the most of it and get some reading in.When we got home I showed him the upstairs guest room and told him to make himself at home. When I went back down Tom confronted me and said, “What the fuck were you thinking inviting him to stay with us. “”Your mom was in a bind. Besides, hell be no trouble.””He’s 21for Christ’s sake. He could have stayed by himself””Sorry, he acts so immature sometimes I forget how old he is.””Yeah, well just make sure he stays out of my hair”Not wanting to argue I went upstairs to change for bed. I pulled off my top and took off my bra and slipped my Derek Jeter jersey on. I then stepped out of my slacks and went into the bathroom to wash my makeup off.When I came back downstairs Tom was watching T.V. and Peter was reading his nook. They both looked up as I entered. Toms face got all contorted in rage and he leapt off the couch and grabbed me by the arm tightly and forcibly dragged me into the kitchen.”What the hell are you thinking, parading around in front of him dressed like that?””Dressed like what? I’m covered. Besides, he’s family.””My family, not yours. I can see the outlines of your nipples through that top and it barely covers your crotch. Go put a robe on and from now on I want you fully dressed around him. As a matter of fact, get upstairs and don’t come back down. I’ll be up in a little while.Things were alright, at least Prissy and Tom had a large house. I could hide out in places for hours and they would never be able to find me. I guess seeing how Tom was a lawyer for some big firm this is how he was able to pay for all of this.After she showed me my room I unpacked my stuff looked at some emails to see if any of my Graduate School applications had made it through. I always seemed to care more about school then anything else.As I made my way down stairs Tom was sitting on the couch watching the rest of some football game.“Where is Aunt Prissy”“Changing” was all he said with his eyes never leaving the Television. I found a nice large chair and settled in to read, for pleasure finally. It was not long before she did come down.I hardly looked up when I heard her come in but the swift movement of Tom made me pull my eyes away from the Nook and see him grab her by the arm and march her into the kitchen. Not sure what was going on, and not wanting to cause a scene I just sat there and tried to pretend that I did not hear anything.The words were mumbles, but by the tone in his voice I could tell that Tom was pissed. As he walked back into the living room I could feel his eyes burning a hole into me. I just tried to not move or speak fearing that he might flip out on me as well. Once he had settled into the TV again, the tension in the room was just too much to bear. I could have more fun & privacy reading in the guest room.Walking up stairs I noticed that Prissy’s door was open slightly and I could just make out her shape. She had taken the jersey off and was starting to pull on a robe. Even in that fleeting moment I could tell that she had taken care of herself over the years.I’m not sure why I just noticed that my Aunt was hot now, but she was. That voice returned again and I was worried that if I stayed too long either her or Tom would catch me. I’m not sure who would be more pissed, but I did not want to find out.Quietly I moved past their door and down the hall to the guest room. Once inside I pulled on my headphones, mostly to drown out any potential fights, and put on some music. Even with the music in my ears my mind started to wander to my Aunts body, those hugs, and soon I had an erection. I did not want to jerk off in their house, and tried to think of other things to help get rid of it. I’m not sure when I feel asleep, but I know that the dreams that night were going to be pleasant.Tom had left for work and I was in the kitchen when Pete walked in. Despite the warm weather I had a long sleeved blouse on to hide the bruise on my arm from where tom had grabbed me.I asked him how he slept and he said fine. I made him breakfast and tried to make small talk but he just answered with one or two word replies. I could tell he felt uncomfortable staying here so I tried to lighten the mood.” I was thinking of going to a matinee today. That new Reese Witherspoon movie is out. I’d love some company. I always feel funny going to the movies alone and your uncle tom hates movies”I was thrilled when he agreed to go. After breakfast he went up to wash up and change. I had to stifle a laugh when he came back down wearing a button down shirt and a tie, an outfit more fitting for a Broadway play instead of an afternoon movie. Suddenly feeling underdressed compared to him I ran upstairs and changed into a skirt.We drove to the movie and I treated for soda and popcorn and we took our seat. As the endless previews began, I asked him if he went to the movies much. When he said no, I stupidly asked him ” then where do you take your dates?””Ummm, he said, turning red, ” I don’t date very much”I could sense his discomfort revealing that so I took his hand in mine and said, ” well, I’ll be your date today then” as the movie finally began, I leaned over so that our shoulders touched and I gave his hand a squeeze.I could tell that my aunt was trying to pretend that things were not awkward, but the movie idea was ok in its own right. The prying into my personal life was a little strange, but I could get over it. That’s what chit chat is about right?Seeing her in that skirt stirred me though, and I almost wanted to back out of the movie. Although sitting in the dark with her was nice, I could smell her perfume and it was intoxicating. When she touched my hand and squeezed it, I almost recoiled. Not because of the touch, but because of my reaction it was as if my mind had lost the battle and my penis got erect instantly.This made me squirm a little just so she could not see the bulge in my pants. It was dark in the theater, but I still felt that she could somehow sense what was going on in my pants and I did not want to have to have another embarrassing conversation. Although, she was just my aunt, we shared no blood. My mind kept racing on how naughty the thought was. I did not lie when I told her that I did not date much. Girls don’t seem to be interested in egg heads. Even in college, they kept going for those who did not do well academically, and were just there for parties and free sex.It took what seemed like forever for the erection to die down and she was engrossed in the movie. Holding her hand and smelling her was enough for me. It was pleasant and every now and then she would shift or touch my hand again and my penis would react. I just hoped that it would not be there when the house lights came on…The movie ended and we gathered up our trash. I looked at the almost empty bucket of popcorn and said, ” you do know the popcorn breath rule, don’t you?””No, he said, ” what’s that?I laughed and said, its the same as the onion breath rule. If you both have it you have to kiss”I leaned into him and said, “Thanks for a nice date” and I gave him a gentle kiss on his lips. He naturally pamukkale escort turned red but still managed to give me a smile.When Tom got home and we all sat down to dinner he announced that he had to go out of town for 2 days. He gave me what he thought was his sexy smile, letting me know his ritual of having sex with me before he left me alone was still in effect even with Pete being here.We watched t.v. for a while and then he let me know he was tired. I told him I was also and went up to change. As I closed my bedroom door I heard Pete enter his bedroom and close his door. I undressed and slipped into the black nightgown that Tom liked so much, even though it was hardly my style. I got under the covers and waited for him to come in.He came in and quickly undressed and pulled the covers down. He pulled the nightgown off me as well as my panties and lay beside me. He did his usual idea of foreplay, which consisted of 10 rubs on my clit while sucking on my left nipple, before mounting me and penetrating me.I gave him some obligatory grunts and groans, while noticing that the ceiling needed painting. When I sensed he was about to cum I let out with some, ” Oh gods” Trying to sound realistic as he emptied himself into me.I lay there till he fell asleep until I got up and put my panties on. I heard no sounds from Peters room so I assumed he was asleep so I went into the bathroom and shut the door, not bothering to turn on the light.As soon as I entered I sat on the edge of the bathroom and started to cry, disgusted at what a mess my life had become.Suddenly I was blinded by the overhead light and I saw Peter standing in the doorway. I immediately covered my breasts with my hands.”Oh my god, he said backing out. ” the light was out so I thought…..”Its okay” I said, ” but can you hand me a towel”He took down the large bath towel and held it open to block his view of me. I stepped into it and he wrapped it around me, the act drawing him close to me. I grabbed the folds of the towel to hold it closed but I hesitated for the longest time before stepping away.When I finally did I told him I’d see him at breakfast in the morning and I sidestepped him and went to my room.Seeing my aunt naked was just about as awkward as one can get. I felt bad walking in on her and catching her sitting there crying. This was the kind of awkward shit that I always wanted to avoid. My face was flushed and cheeks clearly were burning. I’m not sure why she was crying, but I’m pretty sure that it had to do something with my uncle. His real personality is clear to me. I thought that he was just angry about having to come to the monthly dinners at grandma’s house, but this is taking it too far.Even after she left I could still smell her. I’m not sure when I started to notice her smell, but it was a nice mix that kept me up at night. Even though I only saw a few brief seconds of her breasts as I lay on my bed rethinking the day’s activities they kept coming into view in my minds eye.I tried to piece it all together, but kept telling myself that it was just happenstance. I guess not having sisters or anyone really to interact with growing up, this is what it would be like. All of this was just normal “family” life and that I’m making too big of a deal about it. With all of these thoughts I feel asleep to dream the sweet dreams.Walking downstairs for breakfast I had almost already forgot about last night. So much so that I forgot that we were supposed to have a talk.I was down in the kitchen making breakfast. I was always so at ease when tom was out of town. Peter came in and I gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. I gave him his breakfast and asked what his plans were today. When he said he was just planning on reading I said it was too nice a day to stay indoorsI started to suggest we go to the beach but then I remembered my bruises and didn’t want to put up with all the stares from people when my swimwear exposed them.”You’re too pale” I said, “at the very least we should take your book outside and sunbathe. Then maybe tonight we can go out for a few drinks””I don’t drink” he said.”So just order a drink and hold it. I can’t go to a club alone. I need an escort to keep the wolves away. Besides, you owe me. You saw my tits”He obviously didn’t get that I was joking cause he turned the brightest of red and again began to apologize for last night. I told him I was joking but. I was serious about the sunbathing so after breakfast I loaned him one of toms bathing suits to wear and went to put on one of my own suits.As I searched the drawer I came across the pair I had bought last year. I had never worn it cause tom flipped out when he saw it on me, saying it was too skimpy and ordering me to never wear it.I stripped and put it on and checked myself in the mirror and thought I looked pretty damn good. Peter was leaving his room at the same time I left mine. He froze in place and turned his head, acting like I was in my underwear instead of a bikini. I grabbed his arm and guided him out into the back yard.We pulled two chaise lounges out into the sun and he lay down and started to read as I applied sun lotion to my front. I then leaned over and spread some on his chest and legs. I was rubbing it into his legs until I noticed the tent that had formed on the crotch of his suit and realized I should stop.I lay in my own lounger and felt the sun bask over me. She was right, the sun felt good on my skin. Yet, what felt better was when she was putting the sun lotion on me. There was no way to hide the erection this time. It did not seem to faze her in the least bit. Sadly, or maybe not, she stopped at laid back down on her own lounger to soak in the sun.I took this opportunity to half read and half stare at her body. For a woman her age she looked hot. I’m pretty sure that she had to work out frequently. I tried to keep one eye on her and another on my nook. I’m pretty sure that she could feel me watching her.I was full of awe in seeing her body and soon my erection was back and I tried to hide it by turning over on my back. She must have heard me moving and looked at me turning over.“Oh, that is a good idea, you want to make sure that you keep an even tan”.“Here, let me put some more lotion on your back to make sure that you don’t burn”.“Um, sure.” Was all I could respond, and I had not even gotten that out when I felt her soft hands slick with lotion touching my back. It felt like she was electrified with each touch I could feel the erection getting stronger… harder. As her hands moved down my back my hips moved ever so slightly into the lounger. Again, she just kept on massaging the lotion into my skin.I thought that she was done, until I felt more lotion dribble on the backs of my legs.“Don’t want these to burn either” she said as she dribbled the lotion on my legs. “Oh, yeah thanks, it sure shows I don’t do this that often, HUH.” Was my only reply.“Well, Peter, there is a lot more to life than books.” Was all that she said as she began moving up my legs. As she moved in on my inner thighs her fingers crept up my shorts. Pushing the lotion into an area that would not get any sun.I knew I shouldn’t be teasing him but I wanted to see just how far he’d let my hand travel up inside his shorts before he stopped me. To his credit he waited till I was just 2 inches from his junk before he clamped his legs shut. I wriggled my hand out and said it was his turn to apply lotion to my back. Lying down I unhooked my top and brought my arms up.He placed lotion on my back and began working it in. When he got to my bruises he stopped rubbing me and asked,”why do you put up with uncle tom doing this to you.””It doesn’t happen often, and when it does I consider it my fault””How is it your fault that he hits you?”I sighed and said, “If I had left him the first time he hit me it would all be on him. But being that I didn’t, all the times after that was my fault for staying. Now I’m too old to start over.”When he finished my back he began to do the back of my legs. It felt nice to be touched gently. He stopped way before he reached my crotch so I said, ” you have to go higher. I don’t bite and it doesn’t either””It?” He asked and then realized what I meant. He began rubbing the lotion higher, and obviously encouraged by my allowing it, his fingers went high enough to almost graze my crotch.”You have great hands” I said, ” you must be a gentle lover”I felt him tense up and knew I hit a sore spot. Holding my top against me with my hand I turned on my side to look at him and asked, ” are you a virgin?”He looked embarrassed but then admitted that he was.”I’m surprised” I said, ” you’re incredibly good looking and” I said pointing at the tent on the front of his shorts, ” obviously all your parts work. If I wasn’t your 40-year-old married aunt, I’d be hitting on you myself. What’s the problem then?”I guess I’m just shy around girls. I never know the right things to say””Well, we’ll just have to work on your confidence while you’re here.””I’d like that” he said.With that she turned over letting her top fall exposing her breasts as it dangled on her neck. “Well, good, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, and don’t worry we will make you more confident. I’m pretty sure that you will also be a great student.”Staring at her tits I just stuttered out “I, I, I, I, I, I, I, am trying to get into graduate school” eyes saying more than my mouth.“Oh, Peter, you need to not be so shocked at the sight of a woman’s body. After, I’ve taught you what I know you’ll be able to handle a site like this.” She said with a sly grin “Now, why don’t you go upstairs and get ready for lesson 1 and I’ll follow shortly.”I got up and you could clearly see my erection poking out of the shorts. I could feel my face turn red. Again cool as a cucumber she just before giving me a light tap on my ass she said “Don’t be embarrassed, it just means that you like what you see, now scoot.”I hurried up to my room and stripped out of the swim trunks and gebze escort got dressed. I grabbed my notebook and sat down on the bed. It felt like hours went by before she came into the guest room. Dressed in a skirt, garters, and a tight blouse your mind was left to no imagination of the body the clothes covered, and two glasses of wine. Again, my cock responded by starting to harden and you could see the bulge forming in my pants.“Here, have a drink it might help you calm your nerves, and… take care of that” she said her eyes clearly on my bulge. “Oh, and you won’t need a notebook for these lessons, you’ll need to rely on muscle memory.” She said as she pushed my notebook aside.I placed the wine glasses on the nightstand and sat on the edge of the bed.”Let’s get one thing clear from the start. We are not having intercourse. The first time you get laid shouldn’t be with your 40-year-old aunt. It should be with someone your own age with a young body””You certainly still have a young body” you replied.”That’s sweet. But we are just going to get foreplay down pat. Once you get good at that, getting laid will be no problem for you. Now kiss me”You leaned in and put your lips on mine, keeping your own lips tight together. I let you kiss me for a few seconds like that but then I slipped my tongue out and pressed it against your lips. When you parted them I quickly slipped my tongue into your mouth. As my tongue met yours you began to breathe heavily and soon you were placing your tongue in my mouth.Obviously turned on you reached up and squeezed my breast hard.”Whoa, I said, pulling away. “Slow down. A girl will let you know in her own way when you can start feeling her up. And when you do, be gentle. The first time you touch her there it should be ever so softly, so that she hardly even knows your fingers are on her. Then a little harder, more a gentle caress than a squeeze. Trace her nipple through her blouse with your finger, then cup the underside of her breast. Then if she doesn’t stop you, you can then do gentle squeezing. Now let’s start over.We began kissing again, this time you took the initiative and slipped your tongue inside me. I began rubbing my chest against your shoulder, giving you a sign to go further. You were a quick learner and I barely felt your hand on me. It had been a long time since id been touched gently and I was getting turned on. I tried to push the thought away that I was being felt up by my nephew and in-between kisses I whispered, ” unbutton my blouse. I want to feel your hand on me”Trying to play it cool, I kept kissing you, and started fumbling with the buttons on your blouse. My fingers were just not accustomed to working with such small buttons, and in the opposite direction to boot. Almost trying to rip them off.“Slow down… women don’t like a wambam kind of night…” “Just kiss my neck and work it one button at a time.” You said as you moved your head to one side giving me access to your neck.Knowing that I did not have to move quickly I was able to get the first button done while I kissed your neck, and took the initiative to move up to your ear and nibble on your lobe. This gave me the confidence to get one more button undone, and another after that. My kisses must have been working because as I moved back to your lips to and slid my tongue into your mouth a moan escaped your mouth as the final button came free. Again my eagerness got the best of me and I grabbed your breast, even slightly. Instead of scolding me, you took my hand and placed it on your flat stomach and whispered in my ear. “Start down here, and slowly move up…”As my fingers slid up slowly you moved your head back and another moan, louder this time, escaped your mouth. “ummmmmmmmmmmmmm”. When my fingers reached your breasts and brushed against your left nipple it got hard and stood erect. Not sure what was happening, my hand jerked back, like I hurt you.Again you grabbed my hand and slowly placed it back up near your nipple. “This one way you can tell what you are doing is working, don’t worry you’re doing fine”. With that your hand touched the bulge in my pants “It’s just like this, but for women.”Emboldened by this we began kissing again and I kept brushing your left nipple and lightly squeezing it. With each squeeze I could feel the intake of each breath. You took your turn to kiss my neck and whispered in my ear “I have two of those and you have two hands you know…”Doing what you taught me previously, my other hand moved up from your stomach to your right nipple and I began brushing, lightly pinching, and squeezing them.My head was a swirl with what was happening. I had never done anything like this and yet here I was with a hot older woman. At first it was weird, you’re my aunt, but now all that I could think about was trying to coordinate what my hands, and lips where doing.“That feels soooo good” I said, “now suck my nipple”Your lips found my now swollen nipple and you began to suck, although a bit too hard.”Easy, I said, not like I’m nursing you. I’ll tell you what, do to my nipple like what you’d want me to do to your dick”That did the trick as he teasingly ran his tongue around the nipple and then gently placing his lips over it and softly sucked. I could feel myself getting moist and wondered if I was making a mistake. Even though he was only my nephew by marriage, it still felt weird knowing he was probably going to make me cum.Don’t stop, hon, but squeeze my tit while you’re doing that.” He began fondling my breast as he continued driving me crazy with his mouth.”If you only knew how wet you’re making me right now” I whispered. I pushed him away just long enough to pull off his shirt but then I pulled him tight against me so that we were skin against skin. His body was so warm. We resumed kissing and I could tell by his constant shifting that his hard on was hurting him pressing against his pants. I reached down and unzipped his pants and went to slip my fingers inside his fly when he tensed up and asked me to stop. I worried that he had finally realized how wrong what we were doing was but when I asked him what was wrong he said, “If you touch me there I’m going to cum. I’ve been fighting it for the longest time.”I smiled and said okay, let’s take a break and drink our wine. We broke our embrace and my fly was open slightly with my bulge sticking out. Not covered, but not fully exposed. “You’re doing a good job Peter.” You said as you sipped your wine. I could see your eyes looking hungrily at my crotch. “Thanks, your nipples are hard, you said that I was doing a good job. I really want to learn how to do this right.”“You are… you’re learning a lot, and you’re doing it right. I’m surprised you’re learning so, um quickly. There is another way to tell you’re doing a good job. Would you like to know how?”“Um, how is that?”You take my hand and slide it under your skirt. You feel me getting tense and not moving my hand with you. “It’s ok, it won’t bite”. And you move my hand to your panties. The wetness is clear to both of us. “That is how you know you’re doing it right, you’re doing a good job, that is how you know I’m enjoying it.” Slowly you let go of my hand, you half expected my hand to shoot out of your skirt. Yet, I stayed there lightly rubbing your moist lips through, your panties. Instead of me pulling my hand out it was you pulling it out.“OK, we agreed to no sex, Peter, and if you keep that up I’m not sure what will happen, but let’s talk about that” you said as you pointed at my bulge and took a sip of wine.“Um, well you said that is how you know that you are doing a good job right?”“Yes, but there are other things as well. I’m sure you’ve heard of blue balls?”“Blue what?”“Your grandmother has really sheltered you hasn’t she.” You replied scornfully. “If we don’t take care of that, then you will be in some serious pain.”“Really?”“Yes, really, silly. That is why they are called blue balls. They hurt, or, well, so I’ve been told.”“How do we stop them?” I asked with panic in my voice.“The thing you’re holding back on. Look, cuming is fine, in fact it feels good, it makes you happy, you want to feel happy right?”“Yeah”“Then here” you said as you set your wine down and gently pushed me on my bed. “Let me reward you for being such a quick learner.”Laying you down on the bed I unsnap your already unzipped slacks and freeing you out of your boxers, I begin to stroke your shaft.”That feel nice, you said, ” you have soft hands””Thanks, wait till some girl puts her soft lips around it. You’ll really love that”Just then my cell phone rang. I saw it was tom and didn’t want to anger him. ” Great timing, ” I said to you.As soon as I answered he started yelling that I had forgotten to pack his shaving gear. I apologized but then stupidly told him not to talk to me like I was a 2 year old. This made him even madder.You tried to get up to leave but I stopped you. I tried to say something to tom but he said, “don’t interrupt””Fine,” I said, putting the phone on speaker and placing it beside me, “I won’t say a word.”I got up on my knees and again began stroking you. Some pre cum formed on the head of your dick and as I licked it off you gasped. Placing my finger to my lips to tell you to be quiet, I circled the head with my tongue and then ran up and down the underside of your now throbbing shaft before taking you in my mouth.Sliding my lips up and down you, alternating between sucking and licking, I wondered who was going to finish first, you or tom. When I felt your dick pulsate my money was on you.Since my anger at tom had caused me to give you your very first blowjob, I figured I’d give you my special one.I freed your balls from your shorts and fondled them. But then when I took your dick out of my mouth and moved it aside and took your sack in my mouth and began sucking it, you moaned loudly.I was afraid tom heard you but he kept talking. I continued gently sucking your balls while stroking your shaft until your heavy breathing told me I’d better get you ereğli escort back in my mouth.I slid my lips back over you and applying pressure, I moved up and down your shaft, first slowly but then vigorously.You felt the need to warn me that you were about to cum but when you saw I made no move to stop, you wrapped my hair in your fingers and a few seconds later I felt your first spurt hit the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed and kept sucking as you pumped your load into me. When you were emptied, I pulled my head up, licked what was remaining on its head, and then smiled at you and licked my lips.At the same time tom finished his tirade and hung up on me.”Well, I said, I had planned to just jerk you off, but you’ve just received your first blow job from your aunt. Be honest, do you think this is wrong and depraved?”I am too engrossed in my post orgasmic bliss to respond right away. Yet, looking down on your beautiful face all concerns must have left my mind. Instead of giving a vocal response, I lean down, grab you under your arms, and pull you up close to me. I wrap my arms around your body feeling your hard nipples against me and begin probing your mouth with my tongue again. I could feel your body melt with my answer of kisses.As our bodies and kisses intermingle, your nipples are hard again. You push me down on the bed. I can see the desire in your eyes as they soak in my body. My erection which you so expertly took care of with your mouth is back and your eyes stop there as your reach behind you and unzip your skirt letting it fall to floor. Leaving your panties and garters on you slowly crawl on the bed straddling me.My hands touch the back of your thighs and move up to your ass. With the care and techniques, you taught me on your nipples, I slowly caress your ass. You are grinding your wetness on my chest spreading the moisture from your pussy.Feeling the wetness, I slowly slide one hand between your crotch and my chest to feel it on my hand. With the added pressure of my hand you pick up your pace. I can feel your lips spread under my hand. You are fucking my hand and chest when you lean down and whisper in my ear “put a finger in me please”. All I do is extend my middle finger which accomplishes pushing aside the barrier of your panties just enough to allow the motion of your hips to slide it in.As my finger slides in you moan “OH GOD” into my ear, and then attack it with kisses nibbling and licking. “Another, baby, put another finger in” you half beg half whisper as you fuck yourself on my finger. When my ring finger is extended you pick up your pace again. My free hand, after remembering what you said, begins moving up your back and touching other parts of your skin, ever so slightly touching your here and there as your fuck yourself on my fingers.Then your body starts to quiver and shake as your orgasm takes hold of your body. This drives you wilder as you don’t want it to stop. Picking up the pace on my fingers and body, until you can no longer keep it up and you collapse on top of me. Your juices still on my hand and chest from your orgasm. “Aunt Priscilla” I ask in a worried tone.“Yes, honey” you reply half out of breath from your orgasm.“I’m glad I am staying over”“Me too… I have not had a man touch me like that in years”“But, but, I’m just a boy….”“You were a boy yesterday but today you’re a man. I envy the young girls you now have the confidence to date. I only hope that once you see their young ripe bodies, you don’t regret being with me.””No way” you replied, ” you’re beautiful and your body is amazing.””You’re just saying that cause you have no one to compare me with. But thank you for calling me beautiful. Tom hasn’t told me that in years. You don’t know how nice it is to have someone look at my body with lust”I got up off the bed and stood in front of him.”I want you to see the rest of me”When you said how much you’d like that I smiled and turned my back to you. I slipped the back of my panties down off my cheeks.”I work hard at the gym to keep my ass tight. Do you think it’s nice?”You assured me it was beautiful so I turned back around and slowly slipped my panties down, showing you my closely cut landing strip of pubic hair. Letting the panties fall and stepping out of them I climbed on the bed and stood over you.Parting my thighs I revealed my still wet lips. I slipped a finger inside me and collected some of my juices and held the finger out to you, asking you to taste me. You quickly took my finger in your mouth and greedily sucked it.Spreading my legs I brought my fingers to my crotch and spread my lips apart. My clit was still hard from you fingering me and I circled it with my finger, telling you what an important part this was if you wanted to be a good lover.Spreading my legs even further my cunt opened wide giving you the perfect view.”You have no idea how badly I want your dick inside me right now, but we’ve already done more than we should. But I’d love to sleep beside you tonight. Is that okay with you?”“Yes, sleep will be nice I feel worn out, but still energized.” I reply. “But what should I do with this” nodding my head at my still erect dick.“Go take a shower silly, that should help”.With that you step off to the side to free my path up. I just watch your body as you lie down on the bed and watch me get up with my dick standing like a flagpole.With all the confidence from the day I go to the bathroom and get the shower running. Once the water is nice and hot I step in and let the water run over my body. My mind starts racing thinking about what had transpired during the past few days. The more I thought about it the less it seemed to matter that you were my aunt. Clearly you were not happy, and my uncle was not making you happy, so what was the big deal. We were not blood related, and this could have happened if you picked me up at a bar. At least it was happening with someone that I feel comfortable with.In fact, the thinking was not helping my erection go down. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands as I was soaping up. I had never felt myself so hard before, and in fact never really touched myself that much. While it did not feel as good as your hands, but it did not stop me from pulling one off while the water flowed over my body.I was so engrossed in thinking of what happened that I did not hear the door open and you come in and pull the curtain back.Somehow I’m shocked by this, but your calming voice makes me know it’s fine again. “Go, on… I just wanted to watch you, please yourself just as long as it is me you’re thinking of…”With your permission in hand I go back to stroking myself and cupping my balls. Seeing you watch me through the steam knowing you’re there makes it no problem in cumming. Soon my cum is shooting out all over the wall and I gasp in sweet relief. “Such a good boy…” you said as you climbed in the shower “now let me finish washing you so we can sleep” as you take the soap in your hand lather me up and rinse me off. “Now, go get into bed I’ll be in once I’m done, we need to get some rest for the next day”As the shower water ran over me I finally came to my senses.”What the fuck came over me, I thought, “I’m cheating on my husband and seducing a k**, a k** who just happens to be a relative”.I decided that I would share your bed tonight but that’s all, and in the morning everything will have to go back to normal. I finished showering and dried off then went into my bedroom and put on one of toms tee shirts. Going back into your room I told you my decision and you reluctantly agreed. Getting into bed I turned my back to you and pulled your arm over me. As you snuggled up close to me I placed your hand on my breast. We fell asleep and I had the best nights sleep in ages.In the morning I was awakened by the feel of a tongue licking my clit. I opened my eyes and saw you with your face between my legs.”What are you doing?” I asked, laughing.”Sorry, you said, I just wanted one last closer look and I got carried away. I’ll stop””Don’t you dare” I said, “but don’t just lick my clit, also work on my inner lips, the rim of my pussy, even that patch of skin below my cunt”You went back to pleasuring me, doing just as I said. It felt amazing. Tom hadn’t gone down on me in ages.“Slip a finger in me”, I said panting and as you did I added, now feel around my upper wall. “Feel the ridges? Rub around until I tell you you’ve found the right spot.”Still licking me you began to explore my chamber when suddenly you hit upon my g spot. “That’s it, I squealed. Massage that.”You began rubbing my g spot, and between that and the feel of your tongue on me, I couldn’t hold back any longer. As you felt my cum soaking your finger, you pulled it out and replaced it with your tongue, lapping up my juices.Fully spent I sighed and said, “I give up. If you want to fuck your aunt, this is your one and only chance””Are you sure?”In answer to your question I pulled my top off and cast it aside.You got up and positioned yourself between my legs. I brought my knees up raising my pussy for you. You struggled a bit getting it in so I took you in my hand and guided you in. You began to quickly pump so I placed my hands on your chest to slow you down. As you fucked me I could tell you were about to cum so as you pulled up out of me I wrapped my thumb and finger around your shaft and squeezed, relieving your need to cum.”Remember that trick for your future girls,” I said panting.You picked up the pace and began moving your hips like a pro. Wanting your one time with me to be memorable, I locked my legs around you and flipped you onto your back. As quick as I could I withdrew from you and mounted you with my back to you. Slipping you back inside me, I knew you had the perfect view of your dick spreading me open and filling me.”Oh god” was all you said as I began riding your dick. You got bold and spread the cheeks of my bouncing ass and fingered my rosebud.I rode you quickly, my cheeks bouncing on you.”I’m about to cum” you panted, ” better take me out””I’m on the pill,” I panted back. “fill me”With that I felt your dick pulsate and soon I felt your cum filling me. It oozed out of me with each pump, soaking my thighs as well as your balls.Once you were empty I got off you and lay beside you, my head on your shoulder as we both caught our breath.”In unison we both said, ” that was amazing” causing us to laugh

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