My Benidorm Break

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My Benidorm BreakI was having a short break in Benidorm, staying in an apartment at the north end, on the road up to the cross for those that know it. Not being a fan of the garish strip I’d done a fair bit of walking and exploring, not taking long to discover the small secluded nudist beach nearby. I decided to try it out – going nude for the first time in my life. When I made my way down the steep path to the rocky inlet there were quite a few people there, some nude and some in beachwear. A group of teenagers were having a carry on in the water and it looked like there was a fair bit of heavy petting going on beneath the surface. I laid my towel down, whipped off my shorts and settled down to enjoy the sun.However, not being a sun-worshipper, I soon got bored and turned to people watching. The group of teenagers soon left, heading back to their hotel to finish what they’d started no doubt. I watched the three Russians – two guys and a woman – sunbathing nude whilst standing up. They were in their 50s perhaps and she had a bush like a 70s pornstar and the underarm hair to go with it. There were a few guys, some sleeping, some looking around. One was sporting an impressive erection, sustained by viagra probably as it was like a flagpole barely moving in the slight breeze. I watched fascinated as it gently throbbed, the blood visibly pulsing. Looking around I realised someone was watching me with some amusement. A middle aged guy, about ages with me, was smiling at me as he nodded towards viagra-man’s erection. As he did so, the woman beside him was idly fondling his cock, slowly rolling the foreskin back and forward.I sat up blushing and tried to look unconcerned but I kept glancing across. I could see his partner better now. She was athletically built, in her late 40s perhaps, with large breasts sporting thick, erect nipples. Her pussy was shaved and her other hand lay dropped between her legs, one hand languorously stroking her slit.Watching this attractive couple masturbating soon had my cock throbbing uncomfortably. My dilemma was – do I approach this couple and see what happens or do I go back to my apartment and have a wank? Being a fundamentally shy and awkward guy, I opted for the latter. Getting to my feet, I struggled to pull my shorts over my hard cock. As I balanced on one leg, I glanced across at the couple again to see them smiling at me. She held my glance and I watched as she lifted her glistening finger from her pussy to her lips and licked. I damn near shot a load there and then, getting flustered and heading up the path again.I was cursing myself as I walked away – I knew I’d just had an open invitation, I knew sex was there for the asking, it was what I’d come to Benidorm for after all and it was why I’d gone to a nudist beach in the first place but I just couldn’t get over my shyness. Angry at myself I headed towards the apartment for a session of frustrated wanking.”Senor. Senor” called out a voice from behind, I turned to see the guy holding up my mobile phone, “tu telefono?I laughed and reached for my phone “Thank you, I didn’t realise I’d left it””Ah, English?” he asked as I bursa escort pocketed the phone.”Well Scottish actually, Escotia?””Ah yes, yes”With this he turned and called to his partner, “Maria – Escotia!””My wife had a friend from Scotland once, she often mentions him”We watched as his wife stood up, wrapping a sarong type thing loosely around her before coming to join us. I was fully aware of my new friend’s rather large, thick cock swaying next to me.”Mi nombre est Ben” I said to him in my poor Spanish”Ah in English please! You are a visitor, we should be speaking English”. He shook my hand firmly as his wife joined us.”Maria, here is Ben, from Scotland””Hola” I said, watching her eyes sparkle as her heavy tits swung in the loose material”Hola Ben”, she took my outstretched hand then moved in to kiss me. To my amazement it was full on the lips and her tongue danced against my teeth. Her hand slipped to my shorts and squeezed my cock”You are a bad man Ben, teasing me on the beach then walking away”Her husband laughed and, slipping on the shorts Maria had brought him he said “Let us show you a nice walk close to here. I’m sure you’ll like it”As we walked along a coastal path, I was impressed at their excellent English although I found the accent to be quite sexy. Maria told me about the Scottish friend she had met on a student exchange.”His name was Peter and like Max, my husband, he was bisexual”I looked at Max as he nodded and smiled and said “Oh, so am I actually”They both laughed and in Spanish chattered briefly, presumably happy that I’d confirmed their suspicions.Max said “I knew as much when I saw you looking at the large cock on the man near us. I saw it and wanted to suck it the moment I did”I laughed “I thought it was a Health and Safety hazard myself, someone could have tripped and had their eye out”Max looked at me puzzled “But this could not happen, why is this safety?”.I realised some jokes maybe didn’t translate so asked Maria “Tell me about your Scottish friend?””Oh he was like an a****l. For the entire month he fucked like a machine. Whenever we went to parties he would be fucking someone within minutes””Men or women” Max interjected”Oh si” said Maria, I loved to watch him fuck men. He was.. fuerte … dominant””Sounds good” I said.”Max is not so dominant””Oh, that’s a pity” I said, getting into the swing of this open conversation.”How so” said Max”I quite like to be used. I go to saunas, slip on a blindfold and wait. All I want is to be fucked.””I think I would like to find you in one of these saunas” Max said, looking me directly in the eyes. Gulp. I blushed a little and changed the subject.”This is a nice walk””Yes,” Max said, “It’s an old road along to a lookout tower. Not many come this way when it is so hot as it is so exposed”I had to agree with him that the sun was scorching. As we approached a sharp bend, Maria pointed to a tree in the corner, under a cliff. “Let’s take some shade”We walked over to the tree which was shaded itself by the cliff. By going around it we were sheltered from the sun and the thick trunk partially hid us from the road. It would be hard for anyone walking bursa escort bayan past to see into the shadows.Maria stood with her back against the tree and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to take her in my arms and start kissing her deeply. Her lips parted readily and our tongues fenced as we ground our bodies together. Her tits pressed hard against my chest and I ground my hips until my hard cock was thrusting against her pussy mound. Max joined us, standing behind me and hugging us both. I felt his stubbly chin and hot breath on my neck as he kissed me there, gently biting whilst holding the three of us tight. He was grinding too, rubbing his hard shaft between my arse cheeks. For long minutes we kissed and gasped and groaned with passion.As the three of us kissed, entwined, I reached behind Maria and tugged at her sarong until it pulled free. As the fabric fell, she sank her teeth into my bottom lip. I gasped with pain and felt the hot salty taste of blood flowing. I pulled away from her and saw the lust in her eyes and my blood on her lips, this woman was seriously fired up. She switched her attention to my nipples, chewing and nipping them as I gasped, back arched in pain and pleasure. Max continued to kiss down my back, his hard fingers kneading my my muscles as he dropped to his knees. I twisted my fingers in Maria’s hair causing her to let out a squeal of pain. She looked up at me, a mix of anger and lust before digging her sharp nails into my chest and switching her assault to my other nipple.I felt Max pull down my shorts and his hot breath on my arse as he reached round to start firmly jerking my cock and tugging on my balls. I pushed my arse back into his face and felt his tongue searching for my hole.As I reached for Maria’s pendulous tits she dropped to her knees too and grasped the cock her husband was playing with. I braced myself, ready for teeth but she swallowed me whole in a hot, velvet softness that was incredible and as my cock was sucked into her throat, her husband slipped his tongue into my arsehole.Oh wow – I could hardly stand, holding onto the tree trunk as my legs threatened to buckle. Maria sucked my cock with such obvious relish, swallowing me to the hilt then swirling her tongue around me whilst Max’s tongue swirled in my arse.I can genuinely say being sucked and rimmed at the same time was a first, an amazing sensation that made my legs go weak. Max was plunging his tongue in so far he was driving me forward onto my tiptoes whilst it felt Maria was sucking my balls out through my cock. After a few minutes my calves were on fire so I had to push Max away so I could stand properly. He got up and offered his cock to his wife who greedily got to work sucking us both, covering our knobs with saliva and rubbing them together before swallowing each one to the hilt in turn. It wasn’t long before we were both oozing pre-cum which Maria eagerly lapped up. When she stood up, gripping our shafts tightly, we had a 3 way kiss where we all tasted each other. I loved the salty taste of her lips and Max’s hot breath and stubble made things hornier.As we kissed I felt escort bursa Maria rolling condoms onto our cocks – I reached down to stroke Max’s shaft which was throbbing as hard as mine. Maria then looked me in the eyes and whispered “Cogeme” before turning to face the tree, leaning forward with her arse pushed out. Max moved beside her and spread her cheeks for me, revealing her livid pussy which glistened in the sun. I almost dropped to my knees to taste it, imagining licking her from clit to asshole but Max impatiently took hold of my cock to guide me into his wife.”Aaaaaaah” Maria and I exclaimed in unison as my cock impaled her in one long, smooth stroke. As I then pulled out the slight breeze cooled her juices which had dripped onto my balls when I’d rammed home. We fucked with long, firm thrusts – she pushing back to meet me and her wet lips kissing my balls each time. Max was whispering in his wife’s ear as I fucked her, I couldn’t understand the words but the meaning was clear – the language of raw fucking is universal. She grunted and gasped a few words back and he moved behind me – I hoped I knew what was next.I wasn’t disappointed, I felt him penetrate my arse with a finger as I rocked back and forth into his wife. I slowed my pace and, looking down, I spread Maria’s cheeks to watch her arsehole as her husband took mine. When he replaced his finger with his wet knob, I licked my thumb and placed it on Maria’s arsehole so when he plunged his entire cock into my guts I rammed my thumb up his wife’s arse.Oh my God this was amazing. I paused my thrusting, embedded deep in Maria’s cunt where I felt every twitch and contraction in reaction to my thumb in her arse and her fingers strumming her clit whilst Max began to fuck me. We could no longer keep quiet – Max forced a grunt out of me with every thrust which became progressively more savage, filling me with his hard meat and stretching my hole whilst Maria was wailing softly, bucking back against me and shuddering with the waves of pleasure coursing through her body.Time stopped as the three of us fucked – the sensations were heightened as if I was on d**gs. I could feel every ripple of Maria’s cunt caressing my cock, her wet pussy lips sliding over my shaft. Max’s hands gripped my waist tightly as he vigorously fucked me – every thrust sending lightning sparks through my body. As I gripped his cock with my arse, Maria clamped down on my thumb with hers, ensuring both her holes were filled and stimulated. I felt my cum rising and knew it wouldn’t be long.”Stop, stop, I’m cumming” I gasped. We disentangled and Maria dropped to her knees in front of us as Max and I whipped off our condoms. Reaching over, we grasped each other’s cocks and started to wank them in front of Maria’s smiling face. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock twitching and pulsing in my tight grip, which in turn set me off. Almost simultaneously our cocks erupted, shooting ropes of hot cum over Maria’s face. She laughed as she tried to catch as much as she could in her open mouth but there was so much it soon covered her face and started dripping onto her tits. I managed to get Max to release my cock from his vice-like grip and dropped to my knees to kiss the cum drenched Maria. He quickly joined me and together we cleaned the cum from her face with our tongues, sharing it between the three of us.

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