My Big Fat Ass Sister – Part 2

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My Big Fat Ass Sister – Part 2My Big Fat Ass Sister – Part 2 Schrodinger’s Anal Sex ParadoxLink to Part 1 came downstairs the next morning and headed to the kitchen for breakfast, I saw Jessie standing there in her sexy little underwear, messing around with my coffee maker. Her body looked even more amazing than usual, I don’t know why but her ass looked a little more plump and her titties were noticeably more perky. She offered me a cup of coffee, “Did you sleep well, last night?” she asked smiling, “I did, but I had a mysterious visitor last night, but I cant be sure who it was though, hell for all I know it could have been a ghost, how about you? I swear I heard somebody moaning in your room last night?” I said pretending not to know. “You know what, I had a mysterious visit too, that is really spooky” she said with a faux quizzical look on her face. We sat down at my table and had breakfast, it was a fine Saturday morning so I decided to have a relaxing dip in my Jacuzzi.I came downstairs in my shorts and towel, “Where are you going”Jessie asked, I replied “Oh I’m just going for a dip in tuzla escort the Jacuzzi”. Jessie frowned “I wish I could go but I don’t have a bathing suit, could I just go in naked?”, I was taken back “Sure that’s fine by me”. Jessie gave me a stern look, “If I go in naked its only fair if you do it too”. I agreed feigning reluctance and we both headed outside as naked as an Indians back.We sat soaking in the soothing waters of my Jacuzzi, the bubbles obscure our private areas from view. “Hey Bro, have you ever heard of ‘Schrodinger’s Anal Sex Paradox’?” asked Jessie, “Is it similar to Schrodinger’s Oral Sex Paradox?” I asked with a inquisitive look on her face.”As a matter of fact it is, with some minor differences” she told me,” Instead of being covered with blankets, the theoretical participants wear blindfolds and earplugs and engage in anal sex, and because they cant see or hear they could be theoretically be fucking anybody; they wouldn’t know for sure unless they took off the blindfolds”. I tapped my chin and scratched my head, “You know, I think that experiment seems like the kind of thing that would theoretically happen within tuzla escort bayan the next 30 minutes, if it theoretically happened that is”, “I would tend to agree with you, theoretically of course” she said finishing off a cup of coffee.I watched her become fully relaxed in the warm water and it clicked in my head, It was hormones and couldn’t be helped. I was a young bull in my prime, she was a bitch and a perfect bitch at that, with a big fat jelly butt and a come fuck me attitude. Who had I been k**ding with the two of us under the same roof it was only a matter of time until we fucked, siblings or not, it was bound to happen.Half an hour later I entered the guest room wearing a blindfold, an erection and nothing else; almost immediately I was forced down onto the bed. I felt powerful thighs wrap around my head and a big fat butt in my face, she was queening me. I could smell the sweet funky scent of her pussy and ass, I instantly became hard by the aroma of this young feisty bitch and then I felt her licking the sweat off of my big heavy balls, a bitch cant resist her bull I thought to myself amused. I started into escort tuzla rimming her good for a few minutes and then flipped her over on her belly and ran the tip of my cock around the outside of her freshly licked anus, using thick ropes of my slippery precum to lubricate her asshole for penetration. I finally forced myself inside and she immediately clenched her cheeks, Her asshole was heaven, it was so fucking tight and her big jello buttcheeks closed in on my cock providing positive pressure and a bouncy cushion for my heavy balls as they smacked into her full bottom. I rode her rough and hard like a triple crown stallion, smacking her ass the whole time and I didn’t stop pumping until my cum came oozing out of her ass, I could feel it running down her ass cheeks and onto my nutsack. I stopped for a second to hear her moaning with pleasure filled exhaustion, then I continued to fuck her hard until I was dry and my last spurts of cum were deep inside her.I was dizzy with ecstasy and after one final hard smack on her ass I stumbled off of my conquest, I could hear her still breathing heavily and moaning. As I left the bedroom, I heard her say in an weak exhausted voice “Fuck Schrodinger, we are going to look into each others eyes we do this again tonight”. I smiled to myself, again so soon this was going to be a fun next few months…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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