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My bosses wifeThis happened last Christmas at our works night out.We were all meeting up in Glasgow in the pub at 4pm but as usual I was running late and didn’t arrive till just after 6. My bosses wife had come along with him and judging by the look on his face he wasn’t too happy about it. Anyway she was pretty drunk by this point and we still had the meal to go for, Lynn must in her late fifties but still has a pretty good body. We left the pub heading for the chinese and she sat beside me for the meal.Ive always got on with her pretty well over the years and have a laugh with her when she phones the office for her husband and tonight was no different but she is very flirty with a drink in her. As the night wore on she was pretty drunk and my boss was really annoyed with her as he is very old school with things like that and he had told her on several occassions that she was making a show of herself and to go home.By the time the meal was finished and we had moved on to the next pub she was drinking shots with us and that was it my boss called her a taxi and the two of them disappeared outside.Ten minutes or so late my boss came in and asked if he could have a quick word outside, he said the taxi driver looked a bit dodgy and would i mind getting the taxi with Lynn and making sure she got home ok as he didnt want to appear ignorant and leave the night out early. I dont drink very often and was drunk anyway so was quite happy to get away for halkalı escort a bit. He handed me £40 for the taxi fare and said he would see me when I got back and thanked me.Once in the taxi she nodded off to sleep and was cuddled in to me, her dress had fallen down slightly and i had a clear view down her top at her ample breasts I could feel my dick starting to stir at the sight of this and noticed the driver looking at us in the rear view mirror. I pulled her dress up slightly to cover her up and she started to wake up. About 15 minutes later we pulled up the house and I told the driver to wait while I got Lynn into the house and make sure she was ok but he was moaning that he could be out making money as the town was very busy. I paid him and told him to just go and I would phone another taxi.It was bitterly cold as we stood at the front door as Lynn rumaged through her bag looking for the house keys and i noticed that her nipples were very prominent through the front of her dress. Eventually she got the house opened up and she asked if i wanted something warm to drink, i said that would be great and she disappeared into the kitchen and came back 5 minutes later with two coffees.She sat on the couch opposite me and took off her high heels and again I got a great view down her dress but this time she caught me looking and laughed asking if i enjoyed the view taksim escort in the taxi. I blushed and was kinda lost for words, she laughed and said dont worry about it and that she was would thought i was weird if i hadnt looked.I tryed to change the subject and said the coffee was great and she replied that she liked something hot inside her on a cold night, I laughed and she came over and sat beside me and took my face in her hands and kissed me. I could feel her tongue pushing into my mouth and she took my hand and placed it on her tits and started rubbing my hand over them. My cock was rock hard at this point and was straining against my boxers. She stood up and took my hand and headed upstairs to the bedroom. She told me to get undressed and get into bed and she disappeared. I quickly took my clothes off and got into bed and she came back into the room naked. What a body slightly saggy tits, flat tummy and a perfectly shaven pussy. She jumped under the covers and instantly put her hand onto my stiff cock and started to massage it, she directly my mouth down to her nipple and told me her suck it hard, i could feel her nipple grow in my mouth and ran my other hand down towards her pussy and slipped a finger inside, she was still very tight but also very wet. She started grinding her pussy into my hand. Now at this point i could wait to get down and lick her pussy as it turns me on very much. I asked şişli escort if she liked getting licked out and she said she couldnt remember the last time Jeff had fucked her let along gone down on her. But if i was licking her out then she wanted a hard cock in her mouth.She pushed me onto my back and climbed over me and lowered her pussy over my mouth, i put a hand either side of her bum and buried my face in her, I had just pushed my tongue inside her pussy when i felt a wonderful warm as she took the head of my cock into her mouth, I hadnt had a blowjob like this for quite a while, the more of me she took in her mouth the more i pushed my tongue deeper inside her and she was grinding her pussy into my face.I told her that i wouldnt last long if she keep sucking like that and she said it was my choice she either wanted my cum in her mouth or inside her.It was a no brainer, her pussy felt tight with a finger in never mind a cock.She said she wanted to ride me and i watched as she gripped my cock and guided it into her tight pussy, it was unbelievably tight and was so wet. She slowly lowered herself down till it was all the way in and sat there for a minute before she started riding me.Lying there watching a woman of her age riding my cock while rubbing her clit became too much after 5 minutes or so and i could feel my cock tensing up as i was on the verge of coming, she stopped rubbing her clit and came down and started kissing me as i started to spurt my hot cum inside her wet tight pussy. She sat there for a minute not wanting to take me out and then whispered in my ear that she hoped this wouldnt be the last time and that I had better get back to the pub before anyone noticed i was gone.It wasnt the last time and i also seem to have had a few pay rises this year as well!

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