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Subject: My Boy Henry Part 18 My Boy Henry � Pt 18 Comments may be sent to hoo Remember that Nifty depends upon your donations. Please consider making a donation of any fty/donate.html This is a continuation of Andy’s experiences while watching my boy Henry during my business trip… As I awoke from my morning nap with Henry, I found my soft cock still gripped tightly by his boy-pussy. Normally this stimulation would cause me to immediately become hard again, but I came to the realization that this old man could not keep up with the sexual appetite of a horny eight-year-old. A part of me secretly looked forward to the return of Henry’s father, so that maybe at least we could tag-team Henry and give my poor cock a rest. Don’t get me wrong � I loved Henry, and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and became aroused every time I thought about my sexy little friend, but my sixty-two-year-old cock was just not physically able to keep up. As I lay there, I tried to think of activities that Henry would enjoy, but which would not require my cock to be hard for them. I thought of how much Henry enjoyed being pissed on. I could always do that without being hard � in fact it was easier to take a piss without a hard-on. I could also let Henry fuck me, or I could suck him whenever he was hard, and I was not. I could also just spend time massaging Henry’s beautiful body � being sure to pay special attention to his little cock and balls. I hoped that Henry would enjoy these activities, and they would satisfy him during the times my cock was recovering for his next fucking. I still had almost two full days until his father would return from his business trip, and Henry had mentioned that he wanted to try any and all new positions for fucking that we could imagine. Hopefully I would be able to try several more positions with him before tomorrow night, when his father returned. As I lay there with Henry, I began softly caressing his body, rubbing his smooth chest and circling his nipples with my fingers. I allowed my hand to travel lower on his sexy body, until I was approaching his boyhood. His little cock was still soft, so I lay my hand over it and cupped it gently. I slowly applied more pressure, until I was firmly caressing his little cock and balls with the palm of my hand. I bent my head over and began gently kissing his neck, enjoying the sensation of cuddling with my little love angel. As I continued gently kissing his neck, I felt his little cock begin stirring beneath my hand. I began gently rubbing and squeezing his little package, adding to the stimulation. Soon his little cock was at its full three-inch length � poking at my hand. As I continued kissing his neck and rubbing his cock, Henry began to stir. In a few moments, I saw his eyes flutter open, and he turned his head to look at me. “What `cha doin’ Uncle Andy,” he said softly. “I’m playing with my hot little boy,” I replied. “Why is your cock still soft?” he questioned. “You are too much for me to keep up with,” I said with a chuckle, “If you want to play, we’ll need to find something that doesn’t require my hard cock � at least until I have had some time to recover.” “Well, if we have to wait a while, can you piss on me again? I need to take a leak myself, and I think if we both pee at the same time, that would be hot!” “I think that’s a great idea!” I said as I pulled my soft cock from his ass. “I probably need izmit rus escort to take a poop, too � so that I will have plenty of room for your cock when it gets hard again,” he said. We walked into the bathroom and on into the shower. Henry lay on the floor and grabbed his little cock. I watched as the yellow flow began � shooting straight up and falling back down on his body. I stood over him and added my golden liquid to his own. I moved my cock up and down, causing my flow to move from his belly to his chest, and on up to his face and hair. I worked my stream back and forth, until, between his piss and mine, he was thoroughly covered. “That feels so nice and warm!” he moaned as his shower ended, “Can I go for a while without washing it off? I love the way it smells � it makes me feel sexy!” “Of course you can!” I said, “When I smell you, it will remind me how you are always thinking about sex, and will hopefully get my cock ready to fuck you again!” Henry stood, and between the two of us we wiped off most of the liquid, so that he would not be dripping all over the house. I also grabbed a comb and combed his wet hair, making him look like a little cherub. “What would you like to do now?” I asked. “My cock is still hard. Can you help me do something about it?” he asked with a grin. “I think I know something that will take care of that!” I answered as I sat on the floor in front of him and drew his body close to me. I opened my mouth and took his little cock inside. I noticed the faint taste of urine, but it wasn’t bad. His cock was covered mostly with his own pee, and it was not very strong. I slid my hand between his legs and found the entrance to his ass. I slipped a finger inside and began finger-fucking him as I sucked on his little cock. I was running my tongue all around his cock in my mouth, while sliding my finger in and out of him. He grabbed my head and began slowly fucking my face, sliding his little cock in and out of my mouth. The smell of my urine-covered nasty boy was beginning to have the desired effect upon my cock. I could feel it beginning to grow, but I felt sure it would still be some time before it was ready for another go at his boy-pussy. Henry continued fucking my face and my finger continued fucking his ass. After about twenty minutes, he began picking up the pace. I began sliding my finger in and out faster, in an attempt to match his thrusts. His breathing was becoming more shallow, and his moans becoming louder. In just a few more minutes, Henry drew my head hard against his body, and I began fucking him as fast as I could with my finger. I felt his little cock jumping in my mouth as he reached his climax. Oh, how I looked forward to the day when I would be rewarded with some sweet boy cream! I held Henry tightly as he came down from his climax, and then slowly pulled off of his cock. “Thank you, Uncle Andy!” Henry exclaimed, breathlessly. “It was my pleasure!” I responded, “Why don’t you go ahead and take your poop, so we will be ready for what the afternoon brings?” With that, I kissed Henry on the top of his piss-covered head and left him in the bathroom as I headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch. As I was finishing up the lunch preparation, Henry came bounding into the kitchen. “Are you ready to eat?” I asked. “Yes!” Henry responded. I set the food on the table, and took my place in my chair. Without izmit escort asking, Henry climbed into my lap, and positioned himself on top of my still soft cock. “Did I wear you out, Uncle Andy?” he asked sweetly. “Well, I am not accustomed to having a hot, horny boy around all the time. My cock still needs a little more time to recover,” I answered. “That’s OK. I still like being with you! You make me have fun in other ways!” We began eating our lunch, and with Henry sitting in my lap it was very easy to notice the smell of the dried piss covering Henry’s body and hair. Although I was eating lunch, the smell was very arousing! Knowing that Henry loved being covered in piss, and that I would probably be showering him again soon with my piss, caused my cock to begin to grow. Henry must have noticed it, because he began moving his bottom around, trying to rub against my cock. My cock continued growing, until it finally had returned to its full hardness, and was actually uncomfortable being trapped underneath Henry. Luckily, I didn’t have to suffer long, because Henry rose up, grabbed my hard cock and slowly lowered himself back down on it. I think I was beginning to enjoy the feel of my cock being caressed by Henry’s warm, wet boy pussy as much as he enjoyed the feeling of being completely filled by my cock. Henry didn’t start fucking himself yet. He just sat there finishing his lunch, content to have my cock trapped inside him. I felt him squeezing my cock from time to time, to keep me hard, but other than that there was no motion. When Henry had finished his lunch, I announced that I needed to go pee. “Can you do it where you are?” Henry asked, “I think it would feel awesome to feel your warm piss filling me up!” “Well, we probably shouldn’t do it here in the kitchen,” I replied, “How about if we retire to the shower?” “Awesome!” Henry responded. So, I wrapped my arms around Henry and carried him to the bathroom, still impaled on my cock. When we got to the bathroom, I slowly sat down in the shower and laid back, so that Henry was sitting up on my cock, facing away from me. I had him spin around, so that he was facing me � I loved looking into his cute face! Henry began slowly sliding up and down on my hard cock. He would slide up until only the head was concealed inside him, and then slowly slide all the way down until he was resting on me. The pleasure on his face was evident. “Oh, Uncle Andy! I just love the way your cock feels as it slowly slides inside me, slowly making my butt expand to accept it! It makes me feel so full!” I continued watching my cock slowly disappear and then reappear from inside Henry’s boy pussy. My arousal was making it difficult to piss, but I knew Henry was looking forward to it. Eventually, I was able to relax enough, and felt the warmth of my piss as it passed from my cock inside of Henry. The flow began as he was slowly raising himself up, so my piss was filling the void left by my cock as it withdrew. “I feel it!” Henry exclaimed. He paused at the top of his stroke, with just the head of my cock buried inside him, until there was nowhere else for my piss to go and it began dribbling from his butt, down the shaft of my cock. Henry then began to slowly lower himself, causing the trapped piss to make him feel even more full, until it began escaping from his butt, flowing freely down my cock. As my cock bottomed out inside him, I could kocaeli escort still feel a stream of piss escaping my cock. As Henry slid back up the length of my cock, I could hear the `squishy’ sound his butt hole made as air was being sucked into his pussy around my cock to take the place of the evacuated piss. Henry then began sliding faster and faster up and down my cock, enjoy the slippery lubrication my piss added, making it easier for my cock to slide in and out of him. I could still see a small stream of piss escaping his boy pussy from time to time as he continued bouncing up and down on my cock. As I watched my cock sliding in and out of Henry, I was surprised to see a stream of piss heading straight for my face! As I looked closer, I realized it was coming from Henry’s little cock. He was pissing on me as he was riding my cock! The stream didn’t reach my face, but it did splash all over my chest, and then my belly as it lost strength. As I looked at Henry’s face, I could see small beads of perspiration forming from his exertion. The sensation of his anal ring slipping across the sensitive part of my cock between the shaft and the head was bringing me closer to cumming. I grabbed Henry’s hips, to control his movements when my climax came. Closer and closer I could feel myself getting to the edge. I slowed Henry’s movements as I felt my cum begin to make its way to my shaft. I pulled Henry down tightly against my body as the first blast of cum coursed its way from my balls through my cock and exploded inside of Henry. I could feel my cock jerk repeatedly as it released jet after jet of hot cum deep inside Henry’s boy pussy. “That…feels…awesome!” Henry said in sync with my cock pulsing inside of him. After my cock began to soften, I pulled Henry down on top of my body � running my hands through his hair and over his body as I recovered from my orgasm. “Henry, you make me feel so good!” I whispered in his ear as I held him close. After a few minutes of post-coital hugging, I slowly rolled over on top of Henry and raised up to my hands and knees. I lifted Henry’s butt from the shower floor, with my cock still inside him. I slowly pulled my cock from his boy pussy, holding it in place with just the head still inside him for several seconds. I then slowly removed it the rest of the way, keeping it pressed against his hole until it closed. I didn’t want any of my cum escaping � I intended on using it as lubrication later tonight. I slid slowly down Henry’s body, licking and kissing his piss-covered skin, until I reached his little cock � still as hard as a nail. I engulfed it with my mouth and began slowly sucking it. I slid my lips along its length, back and forth. I slid my lips completely off the end of his cock, and then kissed the tip before pressing it through my pursed lips, taking the entire length back inside my mouth. I continued this process � taking the entire length into my mouth, sliding my mouth completely off, then forcing his cock back through my pursed lips. Henry grabbed my head and began to guide me in the process, indicating his approval of this new method of oral sex. After several minutes of this, Henry began to move my head faster and faster, indicating that he was approaching his orgasm. Faster and faster his cock slipped in and out of my mouth until he pulled my head down and held it firmly � his cock twitching inside my mouth. Oh, how I loved bringing my boy pleasure like this! After several minutes, Henry released my head and I slid his cock out of my mouth. We decided to go swimming for a while, to rebuild our energy, and to kill time before our next round of love making…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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