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Subject: My brother reads my diary – chapter 2 – OBEDIENCE AND AFFECTION. Chapter 2 — OBEDIENCE AND AFFECTION. You’ve come to the internet looking for erotic dreams and you have found this website. Places like are necessary to you to live all kind of sexual fantasies. If you can, make survive and help it with some donations. Read a story of beggars which, for a change, is not a tragedy. It is love, friendship, beauty, liberty and happiness the faces of life which are shown here. You can read my trilogy either in Spanish, Luces de la Tierra, in or in English, Lights of the Earth Sucking Jared’s cock for the first time was a dream. I had always fantasized with it and now I could and oh, what a good taste. It was even better than the taste of Malcolm’s dick or Bruce’s or any other guy I had blown before. And instead of getting any reproach from Jared, he started to stroke my hair. I felt safe with him. I had to show him I was enjoying the situation and after now I would be naked before him and suck his cock whenever he asked me. He was talking. -I think I can notice arousal and fun, Todd, what a sweet brother you are, and brave. You’re absolutely courageous and you don’t know the fun you’re giving me now, but I’m only thinking about your fun. I know you cannot talk now, but remember that if you make me cum in your mouth, you will later have three possible answers to give me. If I could have talked then I would have told him: “you just have to look at my hard cock now. Yes, my sweet brother, I’m having the fun of my life now and next you’ll have the fun of filling with jism your brother’s mouth. But now he started to slowly touch my naked body. It was heaven. I could never have expected him to touch me; but at the same time it was hell not to be allowed to talk and tell him he had no need of doing gay things. -You know that you can jack off if you want, Todd. I’d love to see you cumming too. And just then I lost all my inhibitions if I still had any and started a long masturbation before him. I wanted him to see me cumming for I wanted to show him I liked the situation so much that I would repeat as often as he wanted. But I still had to be surprised. Unexpectedly, my sweet brother raised me for a moment and affectionately started to kiss my mouth and was three minutes kissing me. It did take me aback and I shot a load then, but he told me. -You can have a new masturbation if you want. But of course I had to kiss you. My sweet brother is sucking my cock and I had to reward you for that and since you are doing what I told you to and you cannot talk, you cannot protest even when I have decided to kiss you. And I will do this once and again after now if you decide to repeat. I want us always to be the best of friends. All that time his hands were not quiet and he touched everything of me, even my balls and some of my cock with affection as I was savagely pumping it and enjoying the first blowjob I was giving my brother. I was an expert sucking cocks and I had to show him that nobody except Amy could ever give him better blowjobs than me and I was determined to give him many more. So I started teasing his dick and my tongue seemed to have been born that day. Never before had I used it just as good, I perceived, when I finally noticed that so good I had been that he suddenly shot a load in my mouth. Finally! I had been gifted my brother’s semen. Years lusting for him and I finally had been allowed to suck his cock and taste his jizz. But I had to speak now and show him what answer I had chosen. -Thank you, Sir. -Now you can say all you want, Todd. -I’d really like to suck your cock, Sir, as often as you want and I am sure I wanna do with you everything and even become your slave. I can even renounce Master Malcolm, Sir. You can be sure that I will only call you sir till tomorrow at lunch. -But you know we are brothers and friends first, don’t you, Todd? -I know sir, and your reaction is moving me. Today I’m really learning how much you like me and nothing matters for you. You are so sweet and affectionate, Sir. But now please, is there anything else I can do for your fun? -After lunch tomorrow, we’ll have a long talk, as brothers and friends. But ok, Todd, I ask you and I want you to be really sincere now. Would you like to see me naked? -Seeing you naked would be a dream and nothing I have ever hoped for, Sir. If you want to do it, it will be perfect for me. -So I will strip now, Todd, and if you do desire it and knowing I stink but maybe I am perfumed for you, when I am naked you can lick any part of my body you so desire and be in them as long as you want, even if it takes you hours. I only want your fun, believe me. -And could I give you also a second blowjob, Sir? He smiled at me. -After I am naked you can start a long journey with your tongue down all my dirty body, stopping wherever you want and recognizing your favourite tastes. And all my dirty body, as I said, also includes my dick and if you want to give me a second blowjob I won’t object. So I will strip now. But prior to taking off his clothes, he approached me and kissed me again, telling me as he kissed me. -I could never suspect how good one can feel when kissing somebody you like so much, even if it is against my sexual orientation. And still kissing me he started to unbutton his shirt and I had a first glimpse of Jared’s flesh. His nudity was impressive. Shamelessly he stopped kissing me and removed his shirt, pulled down his pants and took off his boxers. I shamelessly started to wank before him so he was sure of how much he was exciting me. He took off shoes and socks then and told me he wanted to have a complete nudity to arouse me and I could lick anything I wanted. And he even turned so I could see his arse and asked me how I liked it. -You have such an arousing ass, Sir, and if you allow me I wanna start rimming you. Has someone ever licked your arse, Sir? -I’ve never before had a tongue in my ass but I am so happy you want to stick your tongue in. Ok, if you wanna start at my ass, wait just a minute. I’m gonna lie on my stomach on my bed. And he did show me his ass then. I had seen so many but his ass was one of the most perfect butts I had ever seen and it was Jared’s. I still could not believe I was gonna be allowed to touch it so I started tentatively, but hearing his moans I did find my courage and groped that dear ass in earnest and I soon dared stick my tongue in. I was about to cum at the first taste of one other of Jared’s flavours. Now the time would begin for him to experience sexual fun with his ass and I was sure he had never felt pleasure there. So first I was a long while tasting his scarce butt hair till I bravely went deeper with my tongue, determined since he was allowing me to taste his ass, to reach his prostate. But just then I told him. -Could you please fart in my mouth, Sir? -You sure you want me to, Todd? -I’ve swallowed Master Malcolm’s farts many times, Sir. I’m used to them. So please, your slave brother wants to taste them. He timidly farted then and indeed it was a bit more repulsive than Master Malcolm’s farts but I liked them more since they were Jared’s. I couldn’t help it and blasted a load after the third fart and told him. I could have gone on with his ass but I wanted to know all of his tastes and promised myself that one other day, I would take longer rimming him. So, in that position I started then to lick his feet, and it was such a great taste that I knew I had to slowly recognize all of that hot boy’s aromas, but a minute after I had started, Jared asked me. -I desperately need to piss now, Todd. I don’t know whether I should ask you this but I think you might even wanna try, according to everything you say in your diary. So would you like me to piss in your mouth? -Please do, Sir. I’d love to drink it. He turned them and sat up, asking me to shamelessly take his dick in my mouth again. I did and he started quickly for his bladder was full. Feeling his first drops of piss, I was sure I wanted to drink his entire stream and my hand gaziantep travesti did not stop stroking my cock now so he could see how I was enjoying it. Indeed it seemed for me the first time I was drinking piss, so wonderful a taste it was. I continued for two more minutes drinking and masturbating till he told me he had finished. I had not cum but I’ve just had a wonderful experience. -Now if you want you can continue your wonderful journey down my body. He lied on his back now and in a new position, I resumed what I was doing and started a twenty-minute footjob down both his feet, not leaving a single pore of them without my spittle. The taste was so arousing! My god, how good my brother tasted everywhere. His man scents were driving me crazy and I only hoped my journey through his body could last longer, much longer. -You’re driving me crazy, Todd, and I don’t know how to thank you. -You can thank me by allowing me to do this more often for your fun, Sir. And you are not being selfish. I’m having the fun of my life. -Then we can repeat, Todd. It was me who freely decided to change the place now for I was in a hurry to reach his armpits at last and know what a glorious taste they would have, my favourite aroma, but I had to drive him crazy first and moved down his chest, walking slowly on all the contour of his sexy pecs, down to his navel, which I kissed with affection, to return up again till I rested my tongue lustfully on his nipples. My brother started to touch me affectionately again in everything of my body, and said. -Thank you for this, Todd. You are so sweet and I am sure no girl will ever treat me so affectionately. -You deserve it, Sir –that’s all I told him. And finally I started to taste those scented pits of his, starting at his right pit, and sure that even if I was a total armpit freak, I could never again taste such delicious pits. I have wanked many times just smelling the wet patches of his armholes but now I was permitted to taste his very armpits, I knew this would surpass any armpit flavour I had tasted so far. I have licked many times Master Malcolm’s pits and even Bruce’s and sometimes they even had a riper taste. But I certainly preferred my brother’s aroma and I was frantically beating my meat at the best of my brother’s flavours, sure I wanted to taste them every day. I moved to his left pit quickly for I knew I was soon to cum and first I had to give him the pleasure of feeling my tongue everywhere in his hot body and he would tell me the following day that no girl had ever licked his pits. “If you like it, Sir, and if you allow me, I will lick your pits every day now. But I have to cum again.” And just then I shot a big load on his chest. I was gonna apologize for having stained him, but he smiled at me and told me to cum as often as I wanted and wherever I wanted. So I licked my entire cum off his chest slowly as a good dog tasting his master and any remain of my semen disappeared. And that way I was walking again down his hot body to my next aim, which was of course his cock again for I certainly was gonna give him a second blowjob. But knowing what I was gonna do, he raised me then enough to kiss me again and I started to be convinced that after now I would be kissing that hot boy many times every day. Finally I moved to his balls, for I wanted him to notice my tongue everywhere and of course I had to taste his balls too. Just two minutes till I decided it was about time to show him my gratitude again and drive him crazy sucking his cock a second time. Now he had previously cum, he resisted for longer but I was in no hurry. My tongue began to determinedly swing in that toboggan, his tasty manhood. Of course I was jerking myself off again. I wanted to show him in my constant ejaculations how I desired him. I began to moan and almost yell to arouse him more and see what fun he was allowing his brother to have and he started to touch again everything of my body and even started to finger-fuck me again. Noticing his fingers up my ass I moaned desperate to tell him I needed him to cum in my mouth again, but he didn’t so we continued thus for ten more minutes, me sucking his cock, he finger-fucking me with one hand and affectionately stroking all my body with his other hand till he told me: “allow me this” and then he withdrew my hand from my dick and it was him who started now to affectionately jack me off. His tenderness made my tongue move more wildly on his cock and finally Jared blasted a second load in my mouth. -Thank you, Todd, for this arousing long journey down my body. I’m sure now you have enjoyed. If you want something else now, you can ask me. -I would like you to fuck me, Sir. I would like to eat your shit and your puke. Since you have read my diary and now I am so happy you have, you know how hot the taste of puke makes me and it would be a dream to taste yours. I would also like you to spit in my mouth. It’s a pity you have no snot now or I would also eat it. -How horny you made me whenever I read in your diary that you lusted for my snot. Ok, I will feed you whenever I have some. And I love to know how it drives you crazy to taste puke. I’ll start there. I want you to have a lot more fun with me. Kiss me again and I will vomit. He kissed me now even more affectionately knowing he was gonna discharge his first stream of puke in my mouth next. And in the midst of that long kiss his tasty first load of puke came to me. It was such a hot experience that inevitably I came once again and he saw me. That moment was the culmination of my pig life. I had swallowed puke before, but never could I have even remotely guessed one day I would swallow Jared’s puke. I had to shout. -Thank you, Sir. Now if you would be so kind as to puke me much more, I’m sure I may cum again. -How happy I am that you are so happy. I’ll make anything for your fun now, Todd. And after we have a necessary talk tomorrow after lunch, we can repeat all you have enjoyed. -Thank you, Sir. And please puke me much more. I’m gonna wank again. And thus, my hand on my dick, Jared’s lips locked in mine, he continued discharging me his tasty digestion and the more I ate, the surer I was that he was enjoying as much as I was. He also needed to find somebody to dominate and dominating his brother that he liked so much was a dream for him. I wanted to gift him a real master experience and he could perceive my fun at the same time. When he finally told me had had puked me all he had in his stomach I at last shot a second load with his puke and thanked him again. Then he spat me just a couple of times, and I noticed he was taking courage to shit in my mouth at last. -Do you really want me to shit in your mouth, Todd? Just say a word and I won’t. -Sir, I am so grateful to you today and you can see I don’t stop cumming. So as I know you only want my fun, please Sir have more pleasure and give me some more fun. You know from my own words in my diary that I have eaten shit many times and I want to taste what you shit, Sir, please, please, I’m begging you. The mistress on the screen was now putting on her strap-on and I guessed she was gonna fuck her slave now. At the same time Jared shrugged his shoulders and sighed but had finally taken the decision and he himself knelt on the floor now and told me to approach his ass and lick it again if I really wanted to taste his crap. So I did what he had told me, groped his butt again and soon my tongue was inside and I licked and licked knowing what I would be fed now and asked him to fart again for I wanted to have a complete toilet experience now with my new master. And he did fart, and seeing I asked him for more, he continued farting for two more minutes. But finally thinking, I knew that the following day, that he really desired to give me fun with everything and he would do anything that was in his hands for my fun and in case I was disgusted it would be as simple as not doing it again, he made up his mind and started to shit. And soon I had shit on my tongue and confidently started to chew and swallow what he was gaziantep masaj salonları shitting me. I don’t know if it was the psychological pleasure to know that I was eating my own brother’s shit, but that was the first time in my life that I found the taste of shit was delicious and I knew well that I would cum again. So constantly jacking off and encouraging him to continue, ha shat me two more turds, so it was finally three that I would eat that first day. And when he told me it was over I finally told him to look at my cock and I shamelessly shot a new load before him and told him thank you sir and never be ashamed of what you have just done. You know you have a very pig brother and like him and respect him just the way he is, and all you’re doing is showing me your respect, allowing me to be with no shame all that inevitably I am, Sir, and with you I am fulfilled. -So now I can fuck you, my sweet Todd. I know from your diary that you have previously been sufficiently fucked. So if you want me to stick my cock in your ass, get on all fours. I was quick to assume the position he had told me he wanted me to have, my ass thus inviting him to also do that, I needed to feel his cock inside me. But first I saw him getting a condom from one of his wardrobe drawers and putting it on. And then he came to me and bravely pushed his cock at last into the innermost cavities of my waiting ass. -How it arouses me to know, Todd, that I am inside this courageous ass and guessing I am giving you no pain for it is much stretched because of your experiences with fisting, one other thing we could try one day if you want. -Fuck me, Sir. And I want to make you sure first that any time you want to have fun in my ass now, you can fuck me. Please do, Sir, this is mutual fun and if have lusted for you for years, I cannot tell you much I desire you now. So thus encouraged and happy he continued for ten minutes, his cock getting progressively in my burning crack and talking to me all the time while he jacked me off one more time, for I was so stoked that I had forgotten to start stroking my cock but he was helping me again and at the same time, he kissed me. Sometimes he stopped kissing me just to tell me he had never fucked anybody in the ass before, something I already suspected, and indeed fucking an ass was heaven. So at the time I was experiencing a greatest fun, with my brother’s tool inside me, I noticed the great fun it was for him to fuck me and I mentally said: “have all the fun in the world, my sweetest brother. You certainly deserve to see me surrendering completely to you and give you fun every day with whatever you want to do.” I noticed that the more master and slave we were becoming, the more affectionate we were, better friends than ever before and also our fraternal relationship would increase after that day. Then I felt him erupting his semen inside me and I busted a new load. I couldn’t remember how many times I had cum that day, first in my room reading his note and now in his. -Hope you’re happy Todd. You’ve gifted me a dream. Now if you want to continue, you can do whatever you want but what I wish is for you to continue naked till tomorrow morning when you return to work. And tonight we can have a naked dinner and if you want, you can blow me again prior to dinner and I can fuck you again after dinner. And later, Todd, well I like you so much now, that I would like us both to sleep together tonight, both of us naked, but no sex then. I just wanna sleep with the best boy I have ever known, your naked body in contact with mine, and cuddle you and kiss you. -Then please Sir, do not have a shower today. -I won’t. Now go to any place you want and do what you want. I’ll stay in my room jacking off to porn, but any scene I see cannot be hotter than the hot scenes my hot brother has allowed me to share with him. -So long, Sir –I said then and left with no intention to get dressed till tomorrow and with moist eyes knowing that my sweet brother also wanted to sleep with me. The girl in the movie kept on fucking his slave at the same time she was whipping him. I had to empty myself for Jared that day and I wanted to cum many more times, so I chose to go to my room and jack off to porn. In every guy I saw, I imagined it was him and I even thought that I could be close to falling in love with Jared. I had never been in love before and I did not know. But I thought I would never tell him, even if I finally fell for him, and I just had to be always very good with him so he would allow me to give him sex every day. But after long hours masturbating, constantly looking at my watch for I wanted the hour of dinner to arrive to have more sex with that hot man, and after I had cum two more times, I left my room totally nude and when to our dining-room. Dinner was ready and he waited for me buck naked too. I said nothing, approached him and knelt on the floor and started sucking his cock for the third time. -Thank you again, Sir –I said no more and devoted myself to the pleasure of his cock again. I could never get tired of tasting his manhood and my expert tongue worked skillfully to extract from him a new incestuous load. “Nobody will ever give you this pleasure as your brother can, and as many times as you desire. I will never say no to giving you blowjobs.” He was obviously oversexed that day and took very little to bathe my mouth with a third brother’s load that day. But I thought it was better this way and so when he finally fucks me after dinner he will take a longer time and enjoy my ass for much longer. And he told me now we should eat. It was tasty pizzas tonight. -My hot brother, you can keep on calling me sir till tomorrow if you really want and… I interrupted. -Of course I want, Sir, and I hope you allow me many more blowjobs in the future. -I hope you are always happy with Bruce and Master Malcolm; I’d like to know them both. And I hope Amy never discovers me. We continued eating with him constantly asking whether I was happy and me constantly telling him I was in heaven. Then he started to touch me again and I asked him permission as a good slave to touch him. He granted me permission and I went to his dick with the aim to jack him off but he told me I’d better not if I wanted him to fuck me again after dinner. So just touching each other, we finished dinner and my sweet brother kissed me one more time with deep affection. And finally he said what I was expecting. -Ok, Todd, I’ll fuck you again. Now I want to try a different position. Go to the couch and lie on your back and I’ll thrust my cock in that wonderful ass you have. My sweet brother was not as worried as in the first fuck and knowing how I desired his cock in there soon came to me and quickly shoved his penis in my welcoming ass. As I suspected this new fuck, once he had drained his cock with my third blowjob, took him a very long time, and he constantly touched me, kissed me and touched me again till he took my cock in his fist and started to jack me off one more time. -With you I really have the need to feel a bit more gay, if gay can be said in the comparative, Todd, and I hope you understand me and allow me. -So far I can see you having fun, Sir, and of course you can do it. Just let me repeat you will never have any need to go further. I am in heaven being bottom for you and making you constantly cum. I knew how to arouse him more moving my ass muscles and indeed he told me. -Oh fucking somebody in the ass is heaven, Todd. -Then enjoy Sir. Thus in a never-ending fuck, I continued feeling fire in my entire body and he continued having fun fucking his brother’s ass, shamelessly now. He was becoming as used to incest as I was and we were both signing a deal to continue every day. But after more than half an hour, both of us sweating and yelling, he blasted his brother’s seed in my ass again. Then he affectionately led me to his bedroom, kissed me first for a couple of minutes and told me to enter the bed we would share tonight. He even told me we could have some more sex gaziantep escort bayan if I wanted but I answered now I only want to sleep naked next to him. It was heaven to start my new life with a second master like that, feeling the warmth of his skin in contact with mine, and his delicious smell of sweat accompanying all the dialogue we had, often interrupted by my sweet brother kissing me again. -Hope I have made you happy today, Todd. -Nobody in the world could be happier than me now, Sir. He asked me to openly tell him some of my experiences so far, even if he had read about them. So this first night together I devoted to talking about Bruce. I told him I did not love him but he was my soul mate, so similar to me, and I wanted to be his fuck buddy and best friend forever. But my words were like a lullaby for my brother who shortly after I had begun to talk, fell asleep. So I rested my head on his chest and fondled him sweetly and was soon asleep with him. The next day we had breakfast naked and when I finished I got dressed at last and went to work. When I finally returned I greeted him with a warm “hello, Sir.” Then I took off my clothes again and he did the same. -Now we will have a serious talk, Todd, but first I need you to call me by my name again. Please do. -Thank you for everything, Jared. Oh what a sweet brother I have and you get shocked at nothing. -Now you won’t call me sir today and tonight we are also gonna sleep together and every night after now if you want. We will talk but won’t jack off for I want to negotiate things with you and want you to think only with your upper brain now. Later I’ll go to Amy and spend the afternoon with her. But I will return at about twelve and we will sleep together again. Now Todd, please tell me sincerely what you want. I was talking for half an hour and my sweet brother smiled at everything I said and touched me, sometimes kissed me. I told him I would like this state of things to continue, if he wanted. He did want but told me if I could stand his being so selfish. I talked to him again to reassure him he was not being selfish, I had always lusted for him and I wanted to make him cum every day. So he said that we could have sex every day if I were willing to be bottom with him. I added that I would also desire to be his slave. He said it would be ok as far as I called him Jared every day: “we’re mostly brothers and friends, Todd, for God’s sake, so call me master or sir whenever you want, but for twenty four hours you will only call me Jared and after tomorrow at lunch you choose: Jared, master, sir, whatever you want any time you want, but I’d rather you chose to call me Jared more often than the other names” So we were negotiating everything. He would tell me what to do every day but I would obey him only if I did want. He also asked me whether I would like excrements after today. When I answered please Jared, he told me he would piss in my mouth every day, but the other things would be scarce. Then he told me. -As to renounce you master, Todd. It is true I’d love to be your master now, but I wouldn’t like you to lose him. But first things first: does Bruce know about your lust for me? -He does and respects me for that, Jared. -So I think first, while I am visiting Amy this afternoon, you could talk to Bruce and tell him everything that’s happened between us today, hope he understands, and he could tell you whether Malcolm would understand or not. -I will do that, Jared, -Good, and now you will have a reward. Quite unexpectedly I saw him come to my cock, which had been hard all the time, and he had begun to suck it! I was not expecting that and I shot a load in my brother’s mouth too quickly. -Sucking your cock, Todd, will be scarce, but I will do it from time to time, say once a week. But today you were so surprised that have cum too soon and when I return from Amy’s and we sleep together again, I will suck your cock one more time so you can hold it for longer. Now I’m going to Amy. Can you see Bruce this very afternoon? -I’ll phone him now and I’m sure I can see him this afternoon and have a coffee with him. We really appointed at six in a bar. Bruce was sexier than ever this afternoon and as he smiled at me I knew he would understand me. When having our coffee, I said I had to talk to him in earnest and he encouraged me to tell him whatever I wanted and even asked me whether it was something related to Jared. My transparent face was speaking for me, he said. So I confessed it was about Jared and I summarized the last 24 hours. How my brother had read my diary and known all my secrets. I also told him about the note he had left me and how obeying him I had entered his room and sucked his cock and all that had happened later. I finally came to today’s conversation. I told him my brother would really desire to be a master now and I would desire to submit to him. I asked Bruce whether he recommended me to renounce our common master Malcolm and whether I should tell him the truth. -One day our master surprised me watching an incest porn movie on my computer and he did wrinkle his nose and said that incest nauseates him, so you’d better tell him nothing. -So what can I do, Bruce? -You’d better renounce him and choose your brother as a new master. For what you tell me, he is sweeter with you than any master can be. You can talk to Malcolm and tell him you have met one other guy and you’ve fallen in love with him and have also become his slave. So that very day I spoke to Malcolm, not Master Malcolm in the future. I told him I had met Alvin and fallen in love with him and now I wanted to be his slave. Malcolm was sad that he would lose me but understood me and hugged me and Bruce and I went to have another coffee. In that new coffee he would tell me that he also wanted to become one other of Jared’s slaves and I should ask my brother whether he accepted him, but never renouncing Malcolm. That very night I told my brother all that had happened to me this afternoon and he accepted Bruce as his other slave. We had to be very careful in hiding things, my brother to Amy, Bruce to Malcolm, me to everybody except Jared and Bruce. That night in bed my brother was sweeter than ever and indeed before anything he gave me a second blowjob. I was feeling fire knowing who the sucker was but I was prepared since lunch to notice my brother tender at me again and sucking my cock a second time. He started to learn how to give me blowjobs and I started to learn how to resist when my cock was in my brother’s mouth. Now I could hold it for twenty-minutes but I finally blasted a load in his throat for he had told me that he wanted to taste my seed. After the blowjob he kissed me affectionately and told me my seed tasted delicious and he would give me more blowjobs. But now I could make him cum in another blowjob that he had asked me and of course I gave him. And later he would fuck me in bed again. Exhausted we decided to finally sleep. Since Bruce would always be devoted to Malcolm and served him almost daily he could only come to our house scarcely till one day his master gave him two days free a week. He would not need him on Tuesdays and Saturdays and those two days, he came to our house to serve his other master Jared. He made us obey him and constantly ordered us both to have sex with each other and he watched us at the time he jacked off and finally either of us would blow him or be fucked by him. But soon this state of things made me unexpectedly fall in love with Bruce. It was then that Bruce would tell me that he had been secretly in love with me for two years. We became a couple and this was perfect for loving my best buddy would prevent me from ever falling in love with my brother. Soon Jared got used to fisting us, first me, then his other slave, my partner Bruce. It was exquisite pleasure for Jared and us and he always respected my couple as I always respected his. Now Jared was a master for two slaves, just as my boyfriend was a slave for two masters. But this way I have it all, a hot master, a sweet brother I cannot feel more affection for, a boyfriend so free that he even has another master. I have lent my brother my diary definitely and sometimes I borrow it to write new chapters of my sexual life now so intense with a boyfriend and with a brother and master. I am glad now that he read my diary and sometimes I still blush remembering all I had felt that day when entering my room.

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