My Cuckold Story

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My Cuckold StoryIts one o’clock in the morning, I can’t sleep and so I will write it all down. Maybe that way I can get some perspective on the situation I now find myself in.It all started about 5 years ago; no actually it was one year before that, to the day. My wife gave birth to my son on 2nd April 2005 and that’s where she met and made friends with the other women on the maternity ward. They formed a sort of group and met up from time to time, comparing baby progress, some becoming close friends, others drifting off, and so it was for many months. One of the women in this group is key to this story; her name is Karen and she was the lynchpin of the group. Most activities were organised by, or centred around her. A year later we held a first birthday party for my son and invited all those mothers in the unofficial club together with their husbands and our friends and neighbours. It was a good afternoon but one thing sticks in my mind from that day. As I got into bed with my wife that evening she said “You know Karen’s husband, Rob.” I nodded that I did. “Well he told me this afternoon that he really liked my dress, and that it shows off the great body I have. His words.” “Tell him to back off.” I said, jokingly, and thought nothing more of it. At least for a few years. During those years we would bump into Rob and Karen but very infrequently. The mother’s group broke up and mainly settled into a couple of close female relationships but my wife wasn’t in one of them. And life went on as normal. At this point I should record that normal wasn’t a good thing, at least not sexually. We found parenthood exhausting and we were both too tired for sex in the main. On the few occasions we managed to get something together about half of them were aborted due to c***d-based interruptions. I guess we were down to once every one or two months at best. No k**ding. So as I was saying, life went on as normal until about a year ago when my wife received a phone call out of the blue.The next part of this story is as reported to me by my wife. I wasn’t there but I’ll tell it like she told me. Karen called my wife one Monday morning and asked if she’d like to come over for coffee one day that week. My wife was a little surprised by the call because she and Karen had only socialised as part of their wider group and never just the two of them before and besides, they hadn’t seen each other for a long time. But Karen seemed eager to meet up and have a chat so my wife went over on the Wednesday morning when the c***dren (ours and theirs) would be at school. The coffee and chat started off as expected, comparing c***dren, comparing husbands (Rob was doing well as a financial advisor, working from home) and catching up with news about the other mothers they knew. Eventually, during a pause in conversation Karen leaned across the table and held my wife’s hands and said “There’s something I want to talk to you about, something I have to tell you, and something I have to ask you, it is very important to me.” My wife indicated that she understood the importance of the meeting and Karen told her about her problem. Apparently things weren’t going well in bed for her and Rob, but not in the way that most couples experience. Rob had a voracious sexual appetite which Karen was keen to satisfy as his wife, but he was also quite a bit larger than the average man in his sexual size and she happened to be quite a bit smaller in the same area. Potentially great sexual qualities worked against each other with the result being that she found sex far too painful to keep up with at the rate Rob demanded it. She knew there was a problem when they married but hoped it would ease with time. When the tiredness of early parenthood hit Rob’s demands had eased off a little but now life was getting back on an even keel she was starting to feel the pain again. Karen was very worried that if things went on much longer she would lose Rob. That if she couldn’t satisfy him then he would be forced to look elsewhere and her marriage would be over. She described how it felt when they had sex and how Rob’s large size seemed to fill her completely and tightly, how lubricants helped but could not prevent the discomfort she felt afterwards, and how she needed a few days to recover between sessions. She wanted to keep her family unit together more than anything and was desperate. Then, very nervously and with tears in her eyes she told my wife what she wanted. She said she knew that Rob found her attractive, and that he had told her so before. She was begging my wife to help ease her burden. She said she fully understood that this raised questions around our marriage but she had nowhere else to turn. Would my wife please, please consider having sex with Rob on a regular basis? She said that if the answer was “no” she would fully understand and they would say nothing more and she apologised for even asking it. But if my wife could find it in her heart to help then Rob was upstairs in his office. Karen had told him that she was going to make this request. When Karen made her plea my wife had two thoughts running through her mind. One was acknowledging that the talk of sex and size and the physical act had quite turned her on, but at the same time she was shocked at what was being asked. She felt insulted to be asked to place her own marriage at risk to save this other marriage, of a woman who was a mere acquaintance not a real friend. She got up from the table, head spinning and went to the front door. She said she actually reached for the handle and then looked up the stairs. The hunger in her loins for some secretly forbidden sex started to play with her rational thought. The seed that Rob had planted in her mind years ago when he made his attraction clear had germinated. My wife said that she had wondered from time to time what he was like to be with so the concept wasn’t entirely new. She let go of the door handle and turned towards the stairs. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Karen sitting there shoulders slumped, her head deep in her hands. As she climbed each step she felt a little more light headed, a feeling of losing control, her heart was beating loudly in her ears but the tingle between her legs was growing the closer she came to the office. When she reached the doorway Rob was standing there, non-committal, waiting for her to make the first move. She took one more step, pushed up on tiptoes and kissed him on the mouth. Rob pushed the door closed and took her there and then on the carpet floor. My wife said it was delicious, the sexual attraction, the danger, the sin of it all was overwhelming, and when he pressed himself into her she wasn’t disappointed at all. He was very big and my wife had to adjust her legs a couple of times to accommodate him properly but she had never felt so completely taken before. It was short, intense and powerful and she came strongly several times. It felt new and fresh and good. So good. And when it was over she grabbed her clothes, dressed in the hallway and ran down the stairs and out of the front door.My wife never mentioned this episode to me at the time, or anything that followed, not directly. She said she didn’t sleep that night, her mind racing through the wrongs and rights (rights?) of what she had done but her body, her vagina was still throbbing with the memory of the day and she played with herself while she ran the events through again and again in her mind. The next morning she decided that she couldn’t participate in the saving of Rob and Karen’s marriage and was glad that she had no contact with them. On Friday morning the phone rang and it was Karen “Just to let you know that I am going out and Rob is expecting you.” That was all, and she hung up. My wife sat there head spinning again, suddenly dragged back to this thing she thought she’d escaped from. But there IT was again too, that tingle between her legs, and the memory of feeling so alive began to grow. When she drove over to Rob and Karen’s house she knew that she was making a life decision. This time their sex was slower and more exploratory, they had over an hour together and my wife was able to see and feel in all its glory Rob’s wonderful size and girth. The previous time it had been lust and passion but this time she gave herself to him mind, body and soul. She came repeatedly and felt completely fulfilled. It was the start of her service.In the following weeks my wife would go to their house every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She said that Karen was often there, always grateful to see her and stayed out of the way when she went to satisfy Rob. My wife assumed that Karen stayed around so that the neighbours thought she was visiting her and not Rob. As time went on Rob’s demands began to vary and my wife obliged. She had never been one to experiment in our own relationship but was keen to give Rob as much oral sex as he wanted and with caution to indulge his particular favourite; anal sex. He in turn was gentle where he needed to be but strong too in ways that drove her crazy. She was on a sexual high and loving every moment of it and the longer it went on the less guilt she felt about it. After all, if I didn’t know about it there was no harm to me, and she was saving the marriage of her friend wasn’t she? Karen had no awkwardness at all over the situation and after the sex she encouraged my wife to stay for coffee with her and they would even digitalbahis yeni giriş talk about Rob and how to please him, comparing tips and tricks in pleasing “their” man. I suppose the situation could have stayed like this for a long time, but it didn’t.One Monday, during one of their chats after my wife had taken care of Rob, Karen mentioned that she thought things were going really well with the overall situation. She said that she had recovered enough now to claim back some of her wifely duties and suggested to my wife that she only visit on Mondays and Fridays in future as she would be taking care of Rob the rest of the time. To her surprise this came as quite a blow to my wife who hadn’t realised how involved she had become, how much she loved pleasing Rob, loved having regular, great sex and yes, how much she loved him. It felt like a rejection and she found herself backpedalling while desperate not to show it. Was Karen sure that she could take on more duty? What if the discomfort came back? What did Rob think about this? Karen couldn’t help but have her suspicions raised and eventually she snapped that it was her sex life too and that if she wanted her husband back then who was my wife to stop her? My wife left under a cloud that day and even though I didn’t know what was going on I remember her depression and her not wanting to talk about it. On Wednesday she didn’t visit like she normally would but she did go on the Friday and had decided by now that the worst thing that could happen was to lose Rob altogether. What if Karen shut her out completely? She couldn’t take that emotionally or physically, so when she went in the house rather than go straight upstairs to see Rob, even though she wanted to, she found Karen and talked to her instead. She apologised for her behaviour on the Monday and asked Karen’s forgiveness, of course she had no right to interfere, it was Karen’s marriage they were helping and Karen was the best person to direct matters. Karen simply hugged my wife tightly and led her into the living room to talk further. She said she understood my wife’s reaction on the Monday, that pleasing Rob was an addictive activity and that she didn’t blame her for raising the questions she had. Karen said that it was not so much about claiming back her husband, she was happy if Rob was happy and Rob was very happy with their situation. The reason she had raised it was that her own sex life had diminished, even though she was not so uncomfortable anymore her appetite was still strong and she found it difficult to sit downstairs when Rob and my wife were enjoying themselves upstairs. She said that she’d been thinking and would be happy for my wife to continue with Rob on Wednesdays as long as she spent some time satisfying Karen too. My wife asked what she meant and Karen raised her skirt up her legs to reveal no underwear and more strikingly a smoothly shaved perfect little vagina. She opened her legs slightly and raised an eyebrow as a playful smile flickered at the corner of her mouth. My wife looked at something she had never considered before. It was choice time again but this one was easier. She had already made the big decision weeks ago and this was more about the details of the situation. The bottom line was that she wanted Rob as many times a week as she could, and if she had to please Karen with her tongue to do that then it was a small price to pay. Slowly and deliberately she lowered herself to her knees, threaded her arms under Karen’s legs, pulled them apart and pressed her tongue against Karen’s silky smooth vagina and started to explore. Karen had obviously spent more than a while thinking about this. My wife could tell that she was already quite excited and quickly made a rhythm with her body that encouraged my wife to probe deeper. After a few minutes my wife was starting to enjoy the effect she was having on Karen when she became aware of Rob standing behind her. If Karen had noticed she didn’t mind and her rhythm continued without a pause. After a time of observation Rob knelt behind my wife who knew him well enough by now to know what was going to happen next. Almost without thinking she pulled down her lower garments to give him access and he took up the invitation immediately. My wife had been more excited than she realised serving Karen because Rob entered smoothly despite his size. Between the three of them they found a steady rhythm and my wife said that at that moment she was completely fulfilled sexually. She always enjoyed Rob inside her but especially when she was on all fours, and although she had not considered cunnilingus before, there was something about being a sexual servant that overrode any prior objections. The bottom line was she that she had never been so turned on before and it was like a firework going off in her body and brain at the same time. Rob and Karen were obviously completely aroused too and before long all three were exhausted and spent. Without speaking Rob returned to wherever he had come from and my wife and Karen sorted out their clothes. Karen leaned forward to my wife, kissed her on the lips and said, “good girl”, and my wife went home.My wife thought that this would be the start of regular sessions for the three of them but she was mistaken. Things went on as before with the thrice-weekly visits, always pleasing Rob and sometimes pleasing Karen afterwards. The couple seemed happy with the arrangement until one Wednesday after my wife had attended to each of them in turn and she and Karen were sharing a drink, Karen brought up a topic for discussion; how to please Rob more. My wife liked this subject and they had covered it many times, but this time Karen was quite specific. They both knew that Rob was experimental and one thing he wanted, Karen said, was oral sex from a man. My wife started wondering if Rob had any limits but before she could consider any further Karen dropped her bombshell. “He wants a man to go down on him and I think it should be your husband. Now run along and think about how you are going to make it happen.” Before she could protest my wife was ushered out the door and decided to walk home with her thoughts. She remembered the last time she was asked to comply with a request that there was the threat of withdrawal and she didn’t want to test the situation again. She would have to find a way to satisfy Rob and Karen.Up to this point life had gone on completely normally for me; work, weekends, infrequent sex. I was on autopilot and wasn’t expecting anything to change but that weekend was the start of everything being different. We were free from parental duties with the grandparents stepping in and as we had the house to ourselves my wife suggested an early night. She had that gleam in her eye which made me anticipate a good evening and I put it down to her monthly urges. When we got to bed we lay and chatted for a while and then my wife, who never talks about sex, set the tone. She said that she had been thinking about our sex life, and that she realised it was not as good as it could be. She wanted to change that and do what she could to make it better. At this point half of me had perked up because this kind of talk is music to any man, but the other, grounded half of me realised we had been here before in different shades over the course of our marriage and in the end little had changed. But then she turned and looked me straight in the eyes and said that she wanted to be my sex toy, that whatever I wanted in bed she would be, she would do. She knew what turned me on, sure, but she understood that I might have more to reveal and if that was the case then fine, she was dedicated to embracing it and making it happen. “I want to own you sexually” she said, “and to do that whenever you think of sex I want you to think of me.” That night my sex life turned around completely. My wife was like a completely different woman to the one I thought I knew. Whatever I wanted she did, the more I pushed the boundary the more accepting she became. Where once there would have been disapproval at the suggestion of anything not vanilla, she was now urging me to reveal more and more of my kinks and wants and lusts. Not just to reveal, but to practice and then urge me some more. My head was spinning, I had never been so turned on in ,y life, not just by what we were doing, but by the promise of what was to come. At last my wife was an equal partner on my sexual journey after years of stagnation. Hours later we finally slept and I was drained, spent, exhausted and happy. Very happy.The next night I was eager to keep up the momentum and my wife was of course very receptive in her new role of husband pleaser. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t spoil this new thing we’d found and after a little foreplay I paused to ask her about herself. She had spent the previous night exploring my sexual psyche in order to please me and I wanted to give something in return. I said it was only fair that I be allowed to please her as much as she was pleasing me, and that she should let me know if there was any fantasy she had. Whatever it was she should tell me and we would make it happen. My wife brushed the suggestion aside and pressed on with pleasing me but I wasn’t going to let it go and asked the question again. “It’s OK” she said, “let’s get back to you and see if there is anything else we can uncover.” I pressed her again digitalbahis giriş and this time she hesitated before refusing to play the what-turns-her-on game. I knew her well enough to know that if I persisted I would be able to extract something from her. “How about this” I said “whatever you say, whatever you ask, no matter what, I will take your desire, your fantasy, whatever turns you on seriously, and I will do everything I can to make it happen. You have my word on that.” And I looked her straight in the eye, eager that she should understand how much this meant to me, that she know that I was as serious about fulfilling her fantasies as she was about meeting mine. “Well, there is something” she said and as she thought about telling me she started to rub herself against me slowly and I could already feel her wetness against my thigh. “Go on” I urged, and she suddenly became very coy and leaned to my ear, to whisper but also so that when she told me we couldn’t see each other’s faces. “What would really turn me on, would be to see you go down on another man.”There it was, out in the open, something said that could not be taken back. There was silence while I took in the implications of what I had just pledged to do, and my wife waited on tenterhooks for my reaction. She spoke first and was very apologetic; “I’m sorry that was silly. I can’t expect you to do something like that just because I might like it, forget I ever mentioned it. Come on; let me see if I can make you weep with pleasure like last night.”“No, I want to do it for you” I heard myself saying, and I can distinctly remember feeling that there were two of me at this point. One of me was insisting that I perform oral sex on another man at the whim of my wife and the other was telling the first one to shut up, what on earth did I think I was doing?When nothing more was said about it for over a week I thought that I had got away with it. Like offering your seat for someone on a train who declines it, I thought that I have made the gesture, been rewarded and that everything would continue as normal. But my first Monday off work was to prove otherwise. Mid morning my wife said, “Come along, we’re going for a ride.” And when I looked at her for details and saw her makeup in place my heart skipped a beat. She led me out to the car and into the passenger seat. She told me to put the chair right back so that I could not be seen and also gave me a blindfold to wear. Numbly, I did as I was told feeling, even hoping that I was in a dream. We drove for about 10 minutes and as the car slowed and turned I could hear we were on the gravel of a house drive. My wife parked up and came round to my side of the car and led me out, still blindfolded into the house. I had no idea where we were or whose house this was and I was very nervous. She sensed my unease and whispered in my ear, “Do this for me.” She took me carefully upstairs into a room off the landing and straight away I could sense another person in the room. My wife lowered me to my knees where there were cushions waiting on the floor and then took my hands and placed them on the knees of my beneficiary. Now I understood the blindfold. At first I had thought it was to prevent me knowing where we were but I realised that if I had to see what I was doing I probably wouldn’t have gone through with it. Now I had my geography clear in my head, I could feel the man’s bare knees under my hands and I could smell him; he smelled fresh and clean which was a relief. All I could think of was his thighs and what was waiting for me where they met. My wife stroked the back of my head and with the same motion gently pushed my head forward inch by inch. I didn’t resist but I didn’t go any faster than I had to either. To keep my balance I slid my hands up his legs as my head went forward and then I could feel the head of his penis against my lips, it felt very smooth. My wife gave me a little nudge at this point and I opened my mouth to honour my promise. My lips slipped apart and my jaw kept widening until eventually the head was all in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how big it was and how far I had to open my mouth in order to accommodate him. I started to wonder how my wife had set this up, especially so quickly after we had spoken about it for the first time when the business at hand interrupted. Still guiding my head by my hair my wife stated to build a rocking rhythm and at the end of each stroke I found a little more of the man’s penis in my mouth. He was so hard, and warm! I don’t know why but both of these qualities were a surprise to me. My wife kept up the control of the motion of my head and the man was enjoying it more with each stroke. His hips started to twitch and I could feel the urgency of his movements, both powerful and threatening. I knew that I was at the limit of what I could take on each forward thrust and would probably choke if he pushed much more. At this point he took control of my head from my wife, gripping my hair more strongly and working to a faster rhythm. I began to feel uncomfortable and maybe my wife sensed this. I could still see nothing but I felt her body lean over me into the man. Whatever she did to him made him stiffen more in my mouth and then in two strokes he exploded deep in my mouth. He grunted, I heard my wife moan next to me, obviously very turned on, and I also heard another woman’s moan from behind me in the room. Until that moment I thought it was just the three of us but we obviously had an interested spectator. I wondered if there were more and what kind of situation my wife had brought us into. My immediate concern was to spit out what was in my mouth but that was not an option as the man’s penis still filled it, its hardness subsiding slowly. To the relief of my jaw he withdrew and I felt him get up. He left the room as did the woman behind me who now spoke just two words on her way out; “Good girl.” My wife manoeuvred in front of me and kissed me full on, preventing me from getting the man’s fluid out of my mouth. I was filled with shame, shame that I had performed that act on a man, such an emasculating act that I was sure my wife would never respect me again, shame that the act was witnessed and so I didn’t know who knew, and worst of all the shame that I had an enormous erection. What I had just done had turned me on and my main thought was to release my own sexual tension. What had turned me on so? I don’t know. I don’t think it was the act itself. It was possibly that I was knowingly doing something that turned my wife on. It was probably that I enjoyed being a sexual giver but was surprised to learn that a situation like that would arouse me. We were alone now but my wife kept my blindfold in place, lowered my back to the floor and worked at my clothes to release my lust. She worked at me exotically at both orifices, her mouth on mine, eager, exploring, and her vagina on my penis rhythmically riding like a rodeo rider. We were both SO sexually charged from the events that we were soon climaxing together in one joined dance which slowed and slowed to an exhausted stop. Eventually she said, “Don’t say a word.” And she helped me up, dressed both of us and then led me still blindfolded out of the house and into the car. I lay down again and only removed my blindfold when we were close to home. We said nothing.Later that evening, after the c***dren had gone to bed my wife told me everything. It was not a confession, she was not unburdening herself. There was a sparkle in her eyes as she was telling me her story like someone who has found some treasure and is describing its location. She told me about wanting to help with Rob and Karen’s marriage, how that led to other things and how she had engineered a situation where I had a man come in my mouth to please to keep the whole situation alive. When I started to speak she put a finger over my lips and said “Shhhh. Not now. You have a lot to think about.” And think I did. My instinctive reactions of outrage and disbelief gave way to more practical thoughts. In the past couple of weeks my, our, sex life had been better than I ever could have imagined. There was a deliberate causational link in my wife’s story between what we were doing for Rob and Karen and our own improved relations. The next day I set out my position to her; “Look, I don’t mind being caught up in this situation that you’ve got us into, in fact part of me enjoys it immensely, but I won’t be doing that act again.” She looked me straight in the eye and said, “You’ll do as I tell you. I’m going over to see Rob now and I’ll see you when I get back.” When she returned she was buzzing and still turned on from whatever she and Rob had got up to. Before I was allowed to enjoy myself fully she made me go down on her and made sure that I tasted where Rob had been. It was like acclimatisation training and I didn’t like it, but I did love what followed. It was like marrying someone who can make a sandwich and discovering that they are a master chef. My wife was suddenly very experimental in bed, but I had the feeling that the experiments were new to me only. When we finished, and at the point where she flopped back truly satisfied and exhausted she said the phrase that I was becoming accustomed to, “Good boy.”I had the next day to myself, or so I thought. I rose late, showered and grabbed some brunch but on my way out the house I found a note digitalbahis güvenilirmi and a mobile phone with an earpiece by the front door. The note said “Insert earpiece, press call.” So I did. My wife answered.“Good. Now you are going to do exactly as I say, do you understand?”“Yes.”“Good. Get into the car, press ‘last destination’ on the sat nav and follow the instructions. It should take you about ten minutes. Let me know when you have arrived, otherwise no talking.”I followed her instructions and then those of the sat nav. Although I didn’t know where I was going I guessed that it would be to Rob and Karen’s house and when I turned into the gravel drive I knew I was right.“I’ve arrived.” I said.“Go to the front door and give it a push, walk inside and close the door behind you.”“OK, I’m inside.”“Go to the top of the stairs.”“OK, I am at the top.”“Now strip naked. Keep the earpiece in and hold the phone but apart from that you’ll be naked.”I paused, not sure about being naked, but in the end I decided to trust my wife.“OK, I am naked.” I said.I realised I was standing outside the room where I pleasured Rob and had sex with my wife a few days ago. I wondered who or what was on the other side of the door.“Enter the office. Look at the floor. Do NOT make eye contact.” came the command and in I went.Rob was sitting on the office chair dressed in shirt and jeans. Karen was sitting legs crossed in another chair in the corner of the room positioned as an observer, wearing a dress. I focussed on the carpet. I was aware of their eyes on my nakedness and didn’t want to make eye contact with them anyway. The silence seemed to last a long time when in my ear my wife said,“You did very well last time and Rob was pleased. He wants to see how well you’ll do without my guiding hands. Just follow my instructions and it will all be fine.”I said nothing, just kept my eyes on the floor.“Get down on your knees and unzip him. Not too fast.”I unbuttoned the jeans and slid the zip down over the bulge that was already growing under the fabric. I pulled down the underpants and reached in. My hand remembered the impressive dimensions from before and I lifted the growing member out, assisted by its own momentum. Wow. Seeing it for the first time I was amazed at how big it really was, much bigger than it had felt previously. I held the shaft, signalled OK and waited for instructions.“Hold near the base with your hand as you slide your lips over the head. This penis is too big to work with just your mouth alone; you will have to work a combination move. I am sure you know what to do, after all you have one of your own.”Getting the mouth position right was difficult. The head was very big and I had to part my jaw wide to get it in. Once it was there I felt the familiar smooth hardness from before and set about working the rhythm between my mouth and hand, instinctively listening for Rob’s body movements and working with them too. I could see Karen out of the corner of my eye. She was mesmerised and fixated on my every head movement. She uncrossed her legs, reached up her dress and started to work her hand underneath and rub and rock in small movements in time with me. I could see even with my restricted view that she wasn’t wearing any underwear and that she was shaved as smooth as marble. The voice in my ear spoke again.“Very good, you are working well.” (how did she know, could she see me?).“Keep the rhythm going but put more emphasis on the underside of the penis head, he loves that.”I did as I was told and immediately found a reaction from Robs hips as he started to push with more urgency. Just when everything was building nicely I heard:“Stop! Stop!”I stopped my head and hand movements and Rob’s body tried to compensate for a few seconds and then he stopped too.“Now withdraw and move back a little. That lollipop needs a little flavour.”I moved back and immediately Karen, who had kept her movements going when ours had subsided, rose from her seat took three steps, swung a leg over and straddled Rob. She hovered for a brief moment and then lowered herself onto Rob to the extreme pleasure of both of them. Given all that had passed before I expected her to have trouble accommodating Rob but there was no problem. I could see that she was a tight fit but not so tight as to cause her discomfort, especially in her current state of self-lubrication. Karen balanced her weight on her tiptoes and moved up and down in a slow deliberate movement but did not increase the speed. Both were simply enjoying the height of their arousal and the skin to skin touch of their union. I watched intently, relieved to give my jaw a rest and at the same time increasingly aware of my own stiff tribute to what I was seeing, permanently saluting the activity before me. After a few minutes Karen eased off her husband’s erection, her smooth lips reluctantly parting with the head at the last moment. She returned to her chair and resumed her position of self gratification and my earpiece came to life again.“Time to finish him off. Don’t forget to work your hand on the base and your mouth on the head together.”I resumed my position between Robs legs, bowed my head and went to work. The head was taut from excitement and glistening with Karen’s juices which tasted fresh and sweet. Rob seemed a little bigger than before and his actions were more urgent. I stepped up the tempo and pressure in response. My wife again;“I don’t need to tell you to swallow. Any moment you’ll feel his muscle twitch at the base of the penis, at that moment look up into his eyes. You are giving yourself to him and while he is coming into your mouth you must acknowledge your submission.”Right on cue there was the muscle spasm, I pulled harder on the shaft and work my mouth on the head. There was an almost imperceptible lull and then Rob exploded down my throat, he pushed and pushed again and I felt more warmth with each push. Our eyes were locked as my wife had instructed, me submissive, him dominant. As soon as Karen saw his orgasm she climaxed too. With each thrust he was the owner and I was the owned. With each spurt I accepted his pleasure until he was spent.“Stay where you are.” Came the command, “now bring yourself to orgasm, but keep Rob in your mouth while you come.”I had never masturbated in front of an audience before but I was so desperate for the release that I was past caring about who was watching, especially after I had witnessed their own sexual acts. I felt Rob’s size slowly subside on my tongue as I brought myself to climax with my head buried in his lap. When I came he held the top of my head and said, “Good boy”, then eased me off and left the room. Karen followed and I was left by myself. As I left the room I noticed a webcam in the top corner above the door and realised how my wife had been so specific with her instructions. I dressed quickly in the hallway, returned to the car and drove home. My wife arrived an hour later and just gave me a long rewarding kiss. That night she produced a disk with the entire sequence filmed, together with her instructions which led us to another sexual end to the day.That was two days ago. Today, after one of her regular sessions with Rob and Karen my wife was as turned on as usual but made me wait until late before we went to bed.“Before we start tonight”, she said coyly, “I have a present for you.”She passed me a beautifully wrapped box with a tag that said in her handwriting “To my student.” I opened the box to with more than a little trepidation, justified as it turned out. The gift was an extra large strap-on penis, the same size I estimated as Rob at his best. She asked me to suck the head, which I did because I know that this act turns her on. She was very turned on, still throbbing from her earlier session with Rob, and we had a fantastic session. At the end I was spent, exhausted and satisfied in my mind that I had made the right choice. So what if I shared my wife with another man? The sex was fantastic and I was purring like a cat by the fireplace. We lay in each other’s arms for a while and then my wife whispered in my ear.“I know you have guessed from my little present, but next week Rob wants to go to the next stage with you, He will bugger you and Karen will be watching, as usual. That means we don’t have much time to prepare you. Believe me it will be very painful if you are not relaxed and ready in the right way. Tomorrow night I’ll start to use this strap-on and we’ll take it slowly from there. I’m going to make you the best rent-boy ever. You work for me now, and I work for Rob, and he works for Karen.”And with that she kissed me on the lips and went to sleep by my side.There it was – the whole hierarchy – and as I suspected Karen was the main player. She had engineered the entire situation not to save her marriage, but to please herself, control people and give her husband a little variety along the way. The next part of her plan was to see her husband take another man – me – in order to test her control. Was Rob doing these things because he wanted to? Or because she told him to do them? I remembered the first time he came in my mouth that my wife had done something to make hime ejaculate, but he was very turned on even before that wasn’t he? Perhaps he was just an all round sexual predator and Karen was using that to her own ends. The thoughts kept circling my mind and I couldn’t get to sleep. I keft my wife sleeping and have spent the last three hours typing this. Reading it back makes my think what an idiot I’ve been but to be honest each step was incremental and the sex has been good. The question now is do I continue with this bizarre situation or do I go back to the old times of rare sex? Advice please.

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