My cuckolding by Sara part five

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Sara was anxious about Pat seeing her bruised and bite marked tits the following night when she slept with him and she wasn’t sure if he would like her shaved pussy either. She called him upstairs and they went into his bedroom where she explained to him about her kinky sex session with Doug. Pat came down to join me about an hour later and asked me if I knew about her kinky sex with Doug. I told him that she had told me about it when she came home earlier and he asked me if I had seen the bite marks or bruises on her tits, I told him that she wouldn’t show me. “Boy, they are marked,” Pat said, “and her nipples are too tender to touch.” “She showed you then?” I asked. “Yes, she just showed me,” Pat smiled, “her pussy looks nice with no pubic hairs, though, don’t you think?” “I don’t know,” I smiled, “she wouldn’t show me that either.” “Oh, I’m sorry bud,” Pat said, “she just stripped naked to show me.” “Did you fuck her?” I asked. “Only a quick fuck,” Pat smiled, “that’s how I know that her nipples are too sore to touch.” That night she slept with me, she did wear a tee shirt and shorts, but we hugged all night. The following night was Pat’s night to sleep with her and when I got home from work I saw one of her bra’s laying on the arm of the couch. I recognized it as the bra that she wore on the first night that we met. She kissed me as I entered the house and I asked her why her bra was on the couch and she told me that Doug had called her earlier and asked her if he could have one of her bra’s as he wanted to modify it for their lovemaking sessions. I asked her, “What is he going to do to it, baby?” “I have no idea,” Sara replied, “he wants’ it to be a surprise for me on Wednesday.” Doug arrived moments later and she kissed him as she handed him her bra. He asked her how her breasts were and if they were still sore? Sara told him that they were a little tender but were fine. Doug apologized to me for her marks and bruises on her tits and I told him, “If Sara doesn’t mind, then I am fine with it,” I continued,” if she enjoyed it then that’s all that matters.” Sara quickly shouted, “Sara did!” Doug left; carrying her bra and around ten o’clock Pat and Sara went to bed. I went to bed shortly after and lay on my bed with my blindfold over my eyes, waiting for her to come into me to lick Pat’s cum from her pussy. I was looking forward to licking her freshly shaved pussy and I waited almanbahis and waited. I must have fallen asleep as when I woke up I found that I still had my blindfold on. I wondered why she didn’t come in and make me lick her out the previous night. I made coffee and took them in a cup. She was in her usual position, on the edge of the bed and sucking his dick, she had the sheet wrapped around her. “You didn’t come into me last night baby,” I said as I placed their coffee on the night stand. Sara pulled Pat’s dick from her mouth and said, “I know, I will explain later.” I kissed her and she said, “As you didn’t lick me out last night, suck on this for a minute.” She pushed his dick into my mouth and I sucked it for almost two minutes before she told me to leave them and get my clothes ready outside in the driveway. During our lunchtime call, she told me that they didn’t make love last night and that surprised me. She told me that he licked her pussy and she sucked him off and swallowed his cum but they never fucked. I asked, “Why baby, is everything okay?” “Yes it’s fine,” Sara replied, “but I just didn’t feel like making love,” she continued, “I think that after the buzz of my kinky sex with Doug, a normal fuck just didn’t do much to excite me.” When I got home that evening she told me that she would not be staying at Marcus’s that night and I asked her why? “I want to be close to you tonight,” Sara smiled as she kissed me, “I will be wearing my tee shirt and shorts and we won’t be having sex, but I want to be close to you.” We kissed passionately and I asked her how her breasts were now and she told me that the bruises and teeth marks had almost completely faded. “Do you mind me having rough kinky bondage sex with Doug baby?” Sara asked. “Do you enjoy it, baby?” I asked. “Oh yes, I love it,” Sara replied, “I have been thinking of nothing else all day.” “Then I don’t mind at all,” I smiled, “I want you to have fun and do whatever you like.” “Even if it leaves marks on my body, like Sunday?” Sara asked, “They do soon fade.” “As long as you enjoy what you are doing baby, then I am fine with it,” I smiled, “you can do anything.” “And you don’t mind that I drank some of his pee?” Sara asked. “Baby, you can do anything,” I replied, “there are no boundaries.” The following day, our lunchtime call was all about her upcoming night with Doug and she was so excited. She kept telling me that almanbahis yeni giriş she would probably be very noisy and she may have more marks on her body after. “But you won’t see them,” Sara teased, “so it won’t matter how marked my tits are.” I could tell by her voice that she was looking forward to it immensely. Doug arrived around seven thirty and he was carrying a rucksack and by the time that they went upstairs at nine thirty; we had finished three bottles of wine. I heard Doug say to Sara in the kitchen before they went to bed. “We don’t have to have bondage sex babe.” “We must,” Sara said loudly, “the rougher, the better, I have been looking forward to this ever since Sunday.” “Only if you are sure babe,” Doug replied, “and I will stop if you tell me that I am hurting you too much.” “I am sure,” Sara replied, “and you can do whatever you like,” she continued, “I love the pain, and I love drinking… you know what.” Sara called me to the kitchen and told me that Doug wanted to ask me something. “Do you mind if she removes her wedding ring tonight?” Doug asked. “He don’t want me married tonight baby,” Sara smiled, “and I wouldn’t take it off until you gave me permission.” I smiled and told her that it was okay with me and she pulled her ring off and gave it to me. She kissed me deeply before taking Doug upstairs to bed. I sat with Pat and watched a movie and we talked about the noises that were coming from upstairs. I asked Pat if her marks on her tits had gone and he told me that they had almost faded completely. He did tell me that her nipples protruded about an extra quarter of an inch now, which he loved. From the noises that were coming from our bedroom, it sounded like she was being tortured, and it was difficult to get to sleep as I was trying to imagine what they were doing. I had arranged to work from home the following day as I wanted to hear all about their sex the night before. Sara had told me that she wouldn’t come down for me to lick her pussy as she would probably be tied to the bed. She also asked me not to take them coffee in the morning and for me to keep out of our bedroom until he had left, so I worked myself off and tried to sleep, The following morning, Doug thanked me for the night with my wife and told me that she wanted me to take her wedding ring up to her, and he left. I took her wedding ring and coffee and ran upstairs and knocked on almanbahis giriş the door and waited to be called in. Sara was sitting up in bed and had the sheet pulled up to her neck to hide her body from my eyes. “Come here my wonderful cuck husband,” Sara shouted, “come here and kiss your naughty wife, kiss your naughty wife who had amazing kinky sex last night with Doug.” I kissed her and asked, “Did you have a good time last night baby?” “Oh my God, it was fucking incredible,” Sara screamed, “fucking incredible, it was fucking incredible, fucking incredible!” “It sounded like you were having fun,” I smiled. “I’m sorry that we made a lot of noise,” Sara said, “but oh my gosh it was fucking incredible,” she went on, “I have never cum so much in my life.” I smiled and asked, “Are your tits marked and bruised again?” Sara smiled and whispered, “Maybe, he may have put a few marks on my boobs.” I kissed her again and she told me that she would tell me everything when she had showered and dressed. “Go downstairs and let me get showered and dressed,” Sara smiled as she kissed me again. I smiled and said, “I can wait here while you shower and dress.” Sara smiled and said softly, “I am naked under this sheet,” she went on, “I am not getting out of bed with you in here,” she went on, “I wouldn’t let you see me in my underwear, let alone completely naked!” I went down stairs and left her to shower and dress and waited for her to join me. She came down about thirty minutes later and she looked amazing in her short jean skirt and a pink tee shirt, even with her bra on under her tee shirt, I could see her nipples pushing through the material. We kissed passionately and she took me upstairs to our bedroom and asked me to sit on the bed. She went to the rucksack that Doug had brought over the night before and pulled out the bra that she had given to him to modify. Sara’s tits are very firm and don’t need padding in her bras to emphasize them, so all of her bras are thin material and lace. This bra had cups that were a thin layer of cotton and coated with a layer of lace and it was the first bra that I ever saw her wearing. Doug had cut two holes in the front of it for her nipples to poke through and I couldn’t believe what else he had also done to it. He had pierced the cups of her bra with twenty thumb tacks in each cup and he had glued them in position so they would not push back out. He had ground the sharp points of each thumbtack down a little so that the tacks would not pierce her skin. When she put the bra on, she would have twenty tacks of a quarter inch long being pushed into the flesh part of each of her breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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