My Daughter Amy.

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Alexis Grace

Putting the key in the lock and turning it, I was looking forward spending the rest of my Friday night relaxing from a stressful day at work and most of all to spending it with my daughter. She was my whole world, raising her as a single parent was one of the best things that ever happened to me. However, her mother left us, just after 5 months she told me that she couldn’t cope and she needed to get out, I was devastated but had to be strong for the sake of our baby and we haven’t heard from her since. But now 18 years had passed and I had just come home from work on this unknowingly life changing day to a great big smile and a hug of my beautiful daughter, the only thing in my world worth living for. I took off my coat, went to my bedroom to change into some shorts just after catching a look at myself in the mirror. At 37 I wasn’t in bad shape, the gym regularly gave me a great shape and my hair dark brown hair was a bit thinner than it used to be but it didn’t bother me. I rubbed my chin and thought about going for a shave but I quite liked the rugged look and I couldn’t be bothered anyway. On this hot summer’s day I went back downstairs to the living room where Amy was lying stretched out on the couch wearing one of them silky tops that barely contained her breasts. I know I shouldn’t have stared but when you haven’t had intimate female contact in quite istanbul travesti a while and she didn’t wear a bra it was hard not to look. My eyes lingered for a moment, fixed on her body. She had the same black soft hair up to her shoulders as her mother had and perfect curves that any guy would kill just to touch and boy, she knew it. She turned her head and smiled ‘Daddy, what’s for dinner I’m starving?’ I could feel she knew I had been staring at her. Snapping me out of my trance I said ‘Umm… we’ll have take-out honey, my treat.’ I walked to the fridge, got a beer and some take-out menus then came and sat next to her. Putting her legs over mine, she snuggled in next to me as we decided on something to eat and we sat like this for the rest of the night, it was one of the most perfect ways to spend my night spoiling my little girl with ice cream and her favourite movies. Half way through her favourite film Dirty Dancing I noticed her hand making its way across to my lap where she began to lightly stroke my inner thigh, It took me by complete surprise but I tried to remain calm and manoeuvred my lap to hide the slight bulge I felt growing underneath my shorts as to not freak her out she got more intense with it till I couldn’t take it anymore and the bulge growing had turned into a throbbing hard-on. I figured she didn’t know her innocent istanbul travestileri actions were having this effect on her old man and I didn’t want to think I was a creep so I told her I was heading to bed. The disappointing look on her face wracked me with guilt because I didn’t want to leave her on our Friday nights because they were so special to her but I kissed her on her forehead and called ‘Don’t stay up too late baby, I love you’ and quickly shuffled off up the stairs while she shouted ‘I won’t daddy I’ll go to bed soon’ concealing my cock the best I could. With a sigh of relief I closed my bedroom door, took off my shorts and got into bed to relieve myself of the boner triggered by my daughters soft, supple hands grazing my leg. I knew it was wrong and I tried to get rid of these thoughts I had created. In my mind I was thinking about them perfect tits that lay on her chest, not too small and quite perky to me they couldn’t have been better. Then my mind started wandering to what was below them sexy red shorts she has been wearing and I imagined a smoothly shaven mound in between her agile legs, I imagined my fingers roughly working her clit till she came. ‘Oh fuck’ I thought to myself ‘I’m such a bad person but I can’t stop thinking about my little girl, how she’s grown into a beautiful woman all of a sudden’ moans of travesti pleasure escaped my lips as I lay back on my bed now furiously pumping my cock. While in my mind I was imagining doing dirty things to my little Amy, I was oblivious to the sounds of light footsteps creeping along the hall. My bedroom door opened and the next thing I knew I heard a gasp. My head swung round to the sight of my daughter standing topless in the doorway rubbing her erect nipples. ‘Shit! Oh I’m sorry Amy. Daddy didn’t know you were stood there’ Not knowing what to do I just froze in a daze watching her, still rubbing her nipples with one hand but moving the other to rub her clit over her shorts. ‘It’s… It’s okay Daddy.’ She hesitated ‘I was disappointed when you came to bed I thought you liked me rubbing your leg but when you left I thought it had upset you…then I saw your bulge through your shorts and how you tried to cover it up… I just wanted to make you happy Daddy’ I tried to stop her from continuing what I knew she was going to saw, telling her its wrong, trying to salvage what we had left of our father/daughter relationship but I was weak in my voice and she knew it. She crawled over onto the bed next to me and took my large cock into her hand rubbing it as she whispered into my ear ‘Daddy, I love you and I know you want this so let me take care of you.’ As she looked into my eyes I no longer cared she was my daughter, I only saw her as a gorgeous woman and leaned in to kiss her, parting her lips with my tongue we shared a passionate kiss like lovers, moans escaping her lips and her hand picking up speed rubbing my member.

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