My Fantasies No. 3Bed And BreakfastPart 3

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“Well, are you going to get naked then?” she asked, her startlingly blue eyes gazing at me, as she stood, statuesque like, in the warm sunshine. As I looked at her, she reached down between her legs with her right hand and slipped a finger between the puffy lips of her bald vagina. As she did so, I watched as a clear, glistening thread of wetness dribbled out of her pussy and extended down to the ground between her legs, shimmering in the sunlight. She let out a little gasp as her finger slid inside.“Shit, I feel so horny,” she said in her low, sultry voice. I watched in silence as she continued to finger herself, hardly believing what I was seeing. Were all schoolgirls her age so confident and uninhibited about being naked in front of men? Or was it simply that she knew what a stunning body she had and wasn’t ashamed of showing it?“Yeah. I can tell,” I replied, almost to myself, as I watched another strand of her clear pussy juice begin to drip slowly down to the ground. I removed my rucksack, and then took off my t-shirt, and pulled my shorts down, leaving them on the grass. Standing with just my pants on, I noticed a large damp spot had appeared on the front of the light grey cotton, where my cock had oozed its precum. Hardly surprising, considering the circumstances.It was now Katie’s turn to watch as I pulled my pants down, and my already half-erect penis sprung out from within its restraint, eager to be released to the open air and Katies gaze. I kicked the pants off from my boots and took hold of my growing cock in my hand. I could feel it throbbing as, which each beat of my heart, it became thicker and harder as I pulled back the foreskin to expose the bulging purple head into the sunshine.Still fingering herself, Katie stared at my shaved cock. “Oh my God, Steve, it’s bigger than I thought it was,” she exclaimed, her eyes wide in amazement. I smiled.“Do you want to touch?” I replied. She nodded.I stood in front of her, and she removed her hand from between her legs before reaching out and taking my penis into her hand. I gave an involuntary moan, as I felt the soft, wet fingers of this horny schoolgirl wrap themselves around my erection and then push the foreskin back and forth along the hard stiffness of its shaft. I watched her cute, pretty face as a smile spread across her sensuous lips and she experienced holding a man’s cock for the first time.“It’s soft and hard at the same time,” she said in almost a whisper of wonderment, gazing down at the wet head, glistening in the sunlight as she slowly rubbed her hand up and down the throbbing shaft.As she did so, I reached down and, without any resistance from her, I gently stroked the smooth puffy lips of her pussy with my fingers. Her pale skin was silky soft, with no sign of her pubic hair.“I love how you shave down here,” I said, quietly caressing her plump mound as I looked into her blue eyes. A slight breeze caught a strand of her long blonde hair and blew it across her face. She pulled it away with her left hand, still rubbing my cock with her right.She shook her head. “No… I don’t shave,” she said, “Ive never really had any hair there. It’s just never grown. My mum says it’s probably because it so blonde and fine.”I stroked my fingers over her soft pussy, and then slowly traced my finger along her slit. “Oh…I see,” I replied, “well, I love how it’s so smooth. You’re lucky.”I gently pushed my finger between the soft outer labia and instantly felt her wetness as it slipped inside her hot opening. She gave a little gasp, then smiled. “I know. I love it too.” I felt her legs move apart beneath me and allow my searching finger to delve deeper inside as the firmness of her engorged clitoris became apparent.She continued rubbing my cock and I bent forward to take the pert, hard nipple of her right breast into my mouth. Without a word, her back arched as she tossed her head back and I sucked and played with her firm nipple, my finger still exploring her pussy, rubbing her wet clit in circular movements. I could hardly believe the situation I had now found myself in, and my head was in a whirl. Here I was, stood on a Welsh hillside with a naked, horny teenage girl, sucking her breasts and fingering her dripping wet pussy!As I continued rubbing her clitoris, I could no longer resist kissing her elegant neck as her head was tossed back. I heard a moan as I kissed up her neck and reached her cute, red lips as her mouth opened to receive me. Instantly, our tongues entwined, and at the same time, I felt her hips tremble beneath me, as her vaginal muscles tightened around my eager fingers. I could tell she was close to cumming, so carefully pulled my soaking fingers out from between her dripping cunt lips. We kissed passionately, our naked bodies now wrapped around each other, as we stood together on the hillside, almost oblivious to our surroundings.I stopped kissing her eager schoolgirl mouth, and she stared at me, panting slightly.“What’s wrong?” she asked, breathless. Some of her blonde hair was stuck to her perspiring forehead, and her cheeks were flushed pink with arousal. She was the epitome of every guy’s wet dream, as she stood naked, her hand still wrapped around my engorged penis, her cute teen face looking puzzled.“Nothing’s wrong,” I replied, “let’s find somewhere we can lie down.”I reached down and removed her hand from my throbbing cock, and, leaving our clothes and rucksacks on the ground where they lay, I led her further up the open, grassy hillside looking for somewhere suitable. As we walked, my erection bobbed up and down, precum dripping from the tip. Katie noticed.“You’re nearly as horny as I am,” she said, hungrily.“Nothing like as wet as you,” I replied, and pointed down at her pussy. She looked between her legs to see trails of pussy juice running down the inside of both thighs.She gave me a naughty smile. “Ooops,” she exclaimed teasingly and put her hand between her thighs to wipe up the clear trails of juice with her fingers, before putting them in her mouth and sucking them clean as we continued finding our way up the hillside.“I’ve always loved how I taste,” she said, hungrily.We had now been walking for about 10 minutes, our clothes far behind us at the edge of the woods, and were now walking naked out on the rugged, exposed hillside in the warm sunshine, with the vast expanse of the Welsh mountains spread out around us. It was an amazing feeling to be naked and free, especially with this gorgeous young girl walking naked beside me. My erect cock bounced about in front of me, dripping with precum, as my arousal showed no signs of reducing, and my shaved testicles felt full bahis şirketleri and tight, eager to release their load.We had reached a rocky outcrop, below which was a slightly flatter area of rough grass. I turned to Katie.“This is a nice spot,” I said. She nodded.“Yes. It is.” Her low, husky voice seemed to tremble slightly. I looked at her.“Are you alright?” I asked, gazing at her pretty, slightly flushed face. She flashed me a white smile.“Yeah… I’m fine,” she said, “I just keep feeling like I’m gonna cum any minute.” She put her fingers between her legs again, and when she removed them, I could see her wetness glistening in the sun. She licked them clean again.“Well, let’s stop here,” I replied, my cock jumping at the sight of her wet, dribbling pussy as she sat down on the ground and opened her slender legs, her feet apart. I gazed as her inner lips parted, and a trickle of clear fluid ran down her slit and into her sweet little bum hole. Kneeling on the ground in front of a horny, naked wet teenager was something I could never even have dreamed of a few short days ago when I had arrived in Wales, and yet now I found myself staring in silence as this pretty sixteen-year-old opened her legs wide apart to allow me a full view of her tight, bald pussy.“Do you think it looks nice?” she said, almost in a whisper, her round blue eyes blinking at me, feigning innocence.I didn’t say anything, but instead lay down flat on the grass, placed my head between her thighs and plunged my face into her aromatic, sopping wet teen puss. I heard her gasp as my tongue hungrily delved between her wet lips and explored the hotness of her vulva, lapping up the sweetness of her pussy fluids. At the same time, her legs spread further apart, and I suddenly felt her hand on the back of my head, pulling me hard against her private parts and smothering my face with her wetness. I eagerly sucked and slurped at her pink, virgin hole, as her moans and gasps became louder and her hands pulled my face deeper and deeper into the secret world of her teenage vagina.I clasped my arms around her thighs, drinking in her aromatic, hot juices as I felt a sudden shudder of her hips and another moan of pleasure. I played my tongue up and down her slit, using circular movements to tease her firm, exposed clitoris before slipping down and deep inside the tight opening of her quivering vagina. My cock was throbbing beneath me, as I rubbed it into the grass, desperately trying not to allow myself to ejaculate, despite the extreme provocation I was under. I was beginning to feel as though I was in some sort of weird, surreal dreamworld, and could hardly believe that I was actually here, naked on an exposed Welsh hillside, performing oral sex on a sixteen-year-old girl I hardly even knew.I felt another quiver and heard a gasp as Katie’s vagina gave a spasm of pleasure, making her hips buck upwards. I eagerly explored with my tongue, and another spasm made her body jerk. I grasped my arms around her legs even more tightly and continued licking and sucking on her hungry puss as she moaned again. I didn’t want to let her go now, knowing that she was getting closer to orgasm, and that this would probably be the only chance I would ever have of making a sixteen-year-old girl cum.She was now laid out naked on the grassy hillside, her legs spread wide apart either side of me and her hips now bucking up and down off the ground against my face, as I struggled to keep my head between her thighs. Her vagina was now going into rapid, body wrenching spasms as I heard her let out a loud cry of pleasure. At the same time, I felt the hotness of her thick, sweet cum juice flood out onto my eager tongue, covering my chin and running down between her bum cheeks. At the same time, her back arched and lifted her hips up off the ground beneath in an involuntary, uncontrollable, shuddering climax.I pulled my head out from between her legs and, for the first time in my life, had the privilege of witnessing the glorious sight of a young teenage girl’s pussy in a powerful, pulsating orgasm as her vaginal muscles quivered and shook her slender body, ejaculating a cloudy, white fluid from within her virgin hole. I stared in disbelief as her cum juices dribbled out onto the grass beneath, and the poor girl moaned and writhed uncontrollably as the climactic spasms tormented her whole being. It was a stunning view, as I knelt between Katie’s legs and watched her naked body shudder with convulsions, and her exposed, smooth pussy discharge the syrupy, white girly cum over the ground, with the head of her pink, swollen clitoris now poking out proudly from beneath its hiding place. Her eyes were closed, and her flushed red face hot and glistening as she gasped for breath.I knew I couldn’t wait any longer now, and that I would probably never have a better opportunity again. So, as Katie was still lying there, shaking and shuddering, I moved forward between her wide-open legs and positioned myself over her, leaning forward with my hands supporting me, either side of her body. Her eyes were still closed, as she panted and gasped beneath me. I carefully lowered myself and lined up my throbbing penis with her dripping teen puss. As I did so, I lowered my head and kissed her luscious, pouting lips. Her startled blue eyes suddenly opened as my tongue entered her mouth, and at the same time, I thrust my hips forward, and plunged my engorged erection between her soggy, swollen inner labia, easily entering the narrow, well-lubricated vaginal canal.Katie let out a cry as her virginity was challenged by the sudden pressure of my bulging, purple head against her hymen. I pulled my cock back slightly but remained within the tight hotness of her teen vagina. I’d never experienced such a tight pussy, and could feel every contraction of her internal muscles around my shaft. For a couple of seconds, I held my cock still within her and looked down at this pretty young girl’s hot, sweaty face as she panted for breath, waiting to be taken. Then, without a word between us, I thrust my hips forward and deep, and felt the resistance of her virginity give way in one continuous movement. As I broke through, Katie cried out in pain, and her vagina grasped my cock hard as if to protect itself from invasion. I held still, my cock throbbing inside her, as I realised I had taken my first virgin pussy.She stared up at me, and the expression of pain on her face began to subside, to be replaced as a smile began to cross her full, red lips. I felt the muscles around my cock relax slightly and slowly pulled out until the head appeared from within her. As it did bahis firmaları so, I could see traces of her blood mingled with her juices all over my shaft. I leant down and took her mouth in mine, our tongues entwining, and at the same time I thrust down on her once more, my penis sliding effortlessly inside her narrow canal, and plunging deeper than before until I felt my tight testicles against her bum. Never before had I experienced the privilege of being the first to explore a virgin pussy, and as I began to thrust back and forth my penis twitched with delight at the heavenly sensations this horny, wet girl was affording me.With each penetration, I pushed deeper and faster, pulling my cock completely out of her to see it covered with her blood and cum before once again entering her dripping hole and ramming my whole length down her tight passage. As my balls hit her bum with a slap, she let out a loud gasp as she lay beneath me, her blue eyes staring into mine, her face hot with perspiration. We kissed again, our tongues exploring deep into each other’s mouth, and I continued ramming my cock into her hungry, tight pussy, my hips pounding up and down in a regular, unrelenting rhythm.As I did so, I could feel her body beginning to shake and tremble beneath me and her vaginal muscles starting to quiver and tighten around my shaft. Her eyes had now closed, and she began panting with each thrust of my hips. And then, with a loud moan of ecstasy, her whole body went into another shuddering orgasm, this time, with me deep inside her.I couldn’t believe the sensations I was getting from her vagina, as her internal muscles rippled and spasmed around my penis, her hips bucking up and down involuntarily as multiple waves of pleasure tore through her nubile young body. I had never experienced any girl having such powerful orgasms before, especially not a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl. And definitely not whilst having intercourse with one!And now it was my own body that was no longer able to control its natural urges. Suddenly finding itself trapped inside the tight, quivering vagina of this horny teenager, my cock began twitching and I felt my balls tighten. I realised then that, whether she wanted me to or not, I was going to release my load inside her. There was no way now that I would be able to resist the opportunity to cum inside this gasping teens shaking body.As my hips pounded into her faster and deeper, I whispered, “It’s coming, Katie.”She opened her eyes and stared up at me, her mouth open, and nodded. Then, within a couple of seconds, my hips thrust forward as I buried my cock deep within her and exploded, filling her up with my hot semen. Her eyes widened, as once again my cock thrust forward and squirted another deposit within her teen puss. I let out a gasp, hardly able to control my hips as they urgently pounded her slender body, causing it to shift up the grassy hillside with each thrust forward. She let out a loud cry as my ejaculations provoked her trembling orgasm, and I could feel her legs beginning to shake uncontrollably. Her hand reached up and covered her open mouth as if trying to stifle her scream, and her facial expression became one of surprise mixed with ecstasy and fright, and she realised she was out of control.Her blue eyes widened with shock as she felt my semen filling her up with each thrust of my body, and I could hardly believe that I was actually fucking this gorgeous, horny sixteen-year-old girl out on the open hillside, totally naked in the warm summer sunshine. I had never had sex with a girl as tight and horny as Katie and certainly never had a girl orgasming so violently during intercourse. As I pumped the last few drops of my load into her, her body trembled and shuddered beneath me, as she clasped her hand to her mouth, moaning and crying.Finally spent, I pulled my twitching cock out and knelt back between her open, trembling legs to take in the spectacle of seeing my own creamy semen dribbling out from a schoolgirl’s quivering, swollen pussy. I often wish that I had got my phone at that moment, just to video this very special occasion for posterity. After all, it’s not every day that a guy like me gets to fuck a virgin teen until she’s a shaking, sticky mess!I sat and watched this gorgeous, naked girl gasping and shaking on the grass, as her orgasm slowly began to dissipate, and her bald pussy continued to dribble with creamy cum. After a couple of minutes, her breathing had calmed down, and she lay quietly, looking up to the sky, her knees up but legs still apart. Neither of us spoke for a while, but simply listened to the sounds of nature around us – a light breeze blowing through the grass, the distant sound of sheep on the open hillside and the call of two buzzards circling high above us on the thermals.Eventually, Katie spoke. “Oh my God,” she said, staring into the sky.“Are you alright?” I asked, gazing at her stretched out body.“Yeah. I’m alright,” she replied. She lifted herself up into a sitting position facing me, her knees up and legs apart. As she did so, I noticed that the movement of her body caused her vagina to squeeze out more of my creamy cum, which dribbled out from between the pink swollen labia. She looked down between her legs to see it leaking out.“Your sperm,” she said dreamily, then reached down with her hand and scooped it out with her fingers, studying it carefully. “I’ve never seen a guy’s sperm before,” she declared, as my gooey cum ran over her fingers. Then, to my surprise, she put her messy fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean, swallowing my semen. I stared, surprised at how casually she seemed to adapt to this new paradigm.“Oh… it’s sort of sweet and salty at the same time,” she said, almost as though she were trying a new food.“Are you glad we did it, Katie?” I asked, as she dipped her fingers between her legs again and gathered up another dribble of my semen.“Yeah… it hurt a bit… but I’m glad,” she replied, licking her fingers again. “Im glad it was with you,” she added, looking at me from under her long dark eyelashes. I noticed her looking down at my cock, which, despite its recent exertions, was already pumping itself up to full size, and still dripping semen.“Well, so am I,” I said. “Can I ask you something, Katie?”“Yeah, I guess so.”“Well, I’ve never seen a girl have orgasms like you do. It’s amazing seeing you cum. Does that normally happen, or was it just because we had sex?” I asked.She smiled naughtily. “You want me to say you gave me the best orgasm I ever had, don’t you! Well, sorry, but I often have orgasms like that. I always have done, ever since I started kaçak bahis siteleri masturbating.”“Oh… well, that’s amazing,” I replied, “You’re a lucky girl. It must feel fantastic.”She tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, as the warm breeze gently blew up the hillside. “Yeah, it does,” she said, “The first time it happened, I was so scared that I didn’t masturbate again for about two months, ’cos I thought something was wrong with me.” She looked out across the hills, thoughtfully. “But now I can’t stop doing it. I think I’m addicted to it.”“Well, it’s not a bad addiction to have,” I replied. “It’s natural for girls your age to want to masturbate.”She turned to face me. “Can I ask you a question?”I nodded. “Sure”.“Could I try sucking your penis?” Her eyes fixed mine with a look of longing in them. “One of my friends at school sucks her boyfriend’s cock all the time. She loves it. But I’ve never tried it.”My day was getting better all the time!“Well, yeah… of course. If you really want to,” I replied, my heart thumping in my chest. How could I turn down such a sweet request from a horny young schoolgirl like Katie!“Yeah… I do,” she replied, as she sat naked in front of me on the grass, her knees apart and her pussy still dribbling.“Ok, well… let’s try it then.” I said, and got to my feet to stand up in front of her, my shaved penis bobbing around. “You kneel here in front of me,” I added, “so that you’re the right height.”Katie sat up and then got onto her knees, and the sight of her lithe, nubile body made my cock twitch immediately. I stepped forward, my purple head just a couple of inches from her pretty face. She looked up at me, her round blue eyes gazing into mine.“Ok?” I asked.She nodded and smiled up at me. Then, leaning forward, she opened her mouth and took the head of my penis inside, closing her full, red lips around my shaft. I let out an involuntary gasp, as I felt the schoolgirls tongue flick and caress my bulging head, as she sucked on me hungrily. I looked down disbelievingly at the sight of this naked sixteen-year-old sucking my cock on the hillside, as she took my shaved balls in her right hand and squeezed them gently. After a few moments, she pulled away and let out a gasp, as her saliva and my precum dribbled down her chin.“Well? Is it nice?” I asked, as she took my shaft in her hand, staring at my huge purple head.“Yeah… I love it,” she whispered longingly. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth and took my cock in again, this time deeper. In response, my hips pushed forward and forced the head down her throat, making her gag and pull back, but then immediately take me in again, her keen tongue playing around my cockhead and shaft. I closed my eyes and tossed my head back, as she began to push back and forth on my penis, allowing me to fuck her hot mouth with a machine-like rhythm, as she sucked and slurped on me, letting out sweet little moans of pleasure. Despite never having sucked a cock before, she seemed to be a natural at it!As I stood there, totally naked in the open air, being sucked off by this gorgeous young girl, I realised that, in the seven years I had been with Kerry I had never had sex as good as this. Kerry had never been particularly adventurous when it came to sex and had never once shown any interest in giving me a blow job. I’d rarely seen her masturbate, and she’d never had an orgasm like the ones Katie had just shown me.As Katie continued sucking my penis, I felt her hands reach up around my bum cheeks, and she began to pull my hips forward with each thrust. I reached down and placed my hands on her head and began to ram my cock in harder as she looked up at me with watery blue eyes, taking the full length of my shaft down her throat. The sight of my erection disappearing into this cute, naked girl’s mouth is one I’ll never forget.I could now feel my cock beginning to twitch, and, to my amazement, realised that I was going to cum again, despite already having just squirted a huge load in her pussy. I let out a moan.“Katie… I gonna cum again,” I gasped, my cock deep in her mouth. Before she had a chance to react, my hips bucked forward, and I felt my cock jerk down her throat, squirting a wad of semen. It took her by surprise, shooting straight down her throat and she pulled away, releasing my shaft from her mouth. As the bulging head of my penis emerged, it ejaculated another rope of semen, which this time landed over her cute nose and red cheek. She knelt before me, still coping with the semen going down her throat, as I grabbed my throbbing penis and held it still, aiming into her open mouth. Just as I managed to tame it, another ejaculation followed, squirting directly into her mouth, followed by another which hit her firm, pert breasts. She gasped and coughed as my warm semen went down her throat, and I allowed the remains of my load to land on her breasts.Taking a step back, I dropped to my knees, panting, and watched as cute Katie knelt naked in front of me, gasping as she spat out my creamy semen, covering her chin and neck.“Are you alright, Katie?” I asked as she wiped the cum from her chin with her fingers. She looked like such a little slut now, as my semen trickled down her face, neck and breasts. She stuck out her cum covered tongue and sucked her fingers clean.“Yeah, I think so,” she gasped. “I didn’t know you were gonna do that.”“Im sorry,” I replied, “I should have warned you sooner.”I watched her as she used her fingers to gather up the various deposits of semen from her nose, cheek, neck and breasts, each time licking them clean. She seemed to have quickly developed a liking for fresh cum.“Yeah, you should have,” she said, “You nearly choked me!”She looked up and smiled. “It was nice, though.” Then she fell back and lay, spread eagle, out on the grassy hillside. “I loved how it spurted down my throat.” She closed her eyes, and I gazed at this gorgeous, naked creature, hardly believing that I had been the first lucky guy to fuck her. For such a sexually inexperienced girl, she seemed to easily cope with learning new things.I moved round and lay next to her on the grass, staring up into the blue sky, and listened to the silence of the hills as the warm sunshine bathed our naked bodies, and we rested and recovered in post coital bliss.  I guess maybe an hour passed, during which we both found ourselves falling asleep in the sun, before I woke and sat up. Katie was fast asleep, and as she lay there, I gazed at her nakedness and found myself thinking how amazing it would be to wake up every morning and see this stunning teenager lying next to me in bed. Someone was going to be a very happy guy! As I studied every inch of her nubile young body, I noticed that her smooth, plump labia were red and swollen from our sexual activity, and a trail of fluid was still trickling out from within her recently deflowered vagina.

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