My Fantasy part 2 Saturday

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My Fantasy part 2 SaturdayMy Fantasy part 2 Saturday Waking up Saturday morning after a fun Friday night, my boyfriend next to me, I still really want his handsome friend to myself. Once all up and in the kitchen while making breakfast and chatting, my pussy was soon wet as I kept thinking about Kegans thick cock and handsome body. Breakfast soon finished and in the heat of mid morning, the boys grabbed themselves a few cold beers, I grabbed myself a water and the 3 of us made our way to the pool. Steven and Kegan after the first beer again started a sexual conversation. Most of the conversations was regarding last night, finding out each other thoughts and how we all enjoyed it. Kegan said it was amazing and he loved how I sucked his cock. I told the boys that it was amazing and they really had me orgasming and giving me amazing pleasure. My boyfriend admitted as much as it was real amazing and a great experience, but he said once he came he battled to watch as I sucked his friend off. Steven also said I’d love for it to happen again but on the same weekend. It dampened the spirits a little although Kegan said that’s awesome dude I was actually wonder if it was wierd to you. The conversation continued, and soon all tension vanished as we chilled in the pool. The boys continued drinking beer as the afternoon came upon us and soon turned into night. Out came the whiskey as the sun set and we started the fire. Steven was drinking the whiskey neat on the rocks while Kegan and I watered it down with water. The drinks flowed, and once we put the meat on the braai it was very prominent that my boyfriend was pretty drunk. He had another two neat whiskeys as Kegan braaid the meat and as he took his last sip of what was in the glass, the put him over the top. Around the corner he went and he started vomiting bakırköy escort up the whiskey he had drunk. Once he finished vomiting Kegan helped me to take him and put him in bed to sleep as he was completely finished and falling all over the show. Kegan and I went back outside where he finished braaing for us. We ate and then after supper, he poured us another Whiskey and water. We sat in the lounge chatting as we listened to my boyfriend snoring in the room. We started speaking about Kegans ex girlfriend and once again the conversation turn sexual as he mentioned out of all the blowjobs he has received that last night the way I sucked his cock was amazing. “Would you like it again,” I asked.” I definitely would but what about Steven?” Asked Kegan “Ya he already seems a bit jealous after last night, so guess we won’t be able to enjoy each other again.” I replied ” Its a huge pity as I’d love to explore more of you.” Replied Kegan. The conversation dampened for a bit and as Kegan and myself were finishing our drinks, he said,” listen to you boyfriend snoring.”I know and I need sleep next to that,” I replied. ” He probably wont hear a thing or wake up if we had to do anything.” Replied Kegan. And that was when I decided to make a move. I walked up to him and whispered into his ear, ” well I will be on my way to your bed, and I sure hope you follow immediately.” I then gave him a kiss on the cheek and turned around and as I was making my way to his bed, I felt a smack on my ass, Kegan was right behind me. As I entered the room I immediately turned around, Kegan was right behind me, I put my arms around his neck, and his hands gripped onto my ass as he pulled me tightly in him. Our lips met and our mouths opened for the first time, allowing our tongues beşiktaş escort to massage each other for our first ever kiss. As my pussy became soaked, I could feel his bulge through his pants. I lifted up his top, break our kiss as I exposed his sexy handsome upper body to myself again. He then lifted up and removed my top and seconds later my bra before shoving me down onto the bed. He drop his pants and jocks, exposing his hard thick cock to me again. I sat up on the edge of the bed, and while listening to my boyfriend snor in the next room, I took Kegans cock into my mouth and started deepthroatting him. “Awe that’s so good” he mumbled as I sucked him for a while. He eventually stopped me and put me comfortably on my back on the bed and spread my legs. He slowly placed kisses on my inner legs, moving teasingly from my ankles up to my thighs and eventually he put me in heaven as he’s lips and tounge reached my wet horny pussy. It was just a few seconds till he had me by climax, my body tensed up as he muffed me, giving me a wonderful orgasm. He then kneeled with my legs around his waist, and as I looked up at him I felt him shove his thick hard cock slowly into my drenched pussy. He slowly started giving me deep hard thrusts, and kept increasing the pace till he had me moaning as he fucked me the way I like it, hard and rough. He then pulled out and turned me onto all 4s. I kneeled there like a naughty bitch as Kegan re-entered his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard and rough. His hand on my hips pulling me back into him as he push deep and hard into my wet pussy with his thick cock. I moaned as I enjoyed every thrust of his and soon I was again at climax and I orgasmed as he fucked me in doggy style. After I finished, I moved forward, Kegans beylikdüzü escort cock left my pussy, I turned around and kneeled facing him. My lips met his and kissed for a brief few seconds before I moved him to lay on his back. I looked at his handsome body, as I climbed over him, mounting his thick hard cock. I moved my hips back and forth, riding his cock as place his hand on my boobs and then pinched my nipples as I now road him. I road him hard and rough for a minute or so, until he sat and grabbed me, wrapping his arms around my body and turning me onto my back with him ontop. He drove his cock deep into my pussy, and he groan as he exploded, shooting his hot load of cum deep into my wet pussy. Once he finished he gave me a kiss and whispered into my ear, ” you are a good fuck,” and then pulled his cock out of me. I smile at him and said thank you, I enjoyed every second of it and hope to have more heated passionate moments like these. “Me as well, but problem is you with Steven and he’s my best mate.”I replied, ” well he’s my boyfriend but what he does not know, wont hurt him.”You a real naughty girl, aren’t you?” He replied asking.” Yes I am indeed,” I replied before stand up.” Think about having me deeply suck your beautiful thick cock every now and then. Sure you would like that,” I commented before walking out the room.Kegan cum slowly ran out my pussy and down my leg as I walking into the bedroom where my boyfriend was snoring away. I had a quick shower and there after returned to the lounge in my pjs. Kegan was waiting there for me, and as I arrived he moved to me. He placed his hands onto my ass, I wrapped my arms around his neck as I listened to him. ” I definitely want to be with you again. You sexy and definitely a great lay as well I love how you sucked my dick. So I’m willing to have our own secretive affair, if you are sexy babe.”I smiled at him and sealed it with a kiss allowing out tongues to tie the knot to our naughty friendship. There after we headed to bed. I fell asleep next to my drunk snoring boyfriend, as I wondered when my next heated moment will be with his handsome friend.

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