My First Affair Ch. 6

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Sally gets pregnantMike and Jackie’s affair lasted for over one year. With Mike’s work, it was easy for him to stop by and see her and continue to explore his desire to own her. Each time they were together they would end up in bed and many times Mike left with Jackie still in bed falling asleep. Jackie would meet him for lunch downtown and after they ate, they would walk around with her arm in his and her head on his shoulder. Mike felt on top of the world and could not see his life being any better unless he got the nerve to leave Sally and be with Jackie exclusively.Then one evening Mike was home with Sally when she came and sat on his lap in his favorite chair.“We need to talk.”“This can’t be good but okay what is on your pretty mind, sweetheart?”“I can’t wait any longer to tell you, so here goes. I missed my last period so I waited an additional week and still nothing so I bought an at-home test. It came back positive, but to definitely confirm I made a doctor appointment and they called today with the results of güvenilir bahis the tests. I am glad to announce that, yes, I am pregnant. I should deliver sometime in October.”She then just sat there looking at Mike for a response. When he didn’t say anything right away, she got worried he was upset. Then all of a sudden, “My God, that is the best news I have heard. I was wondering if we were going at it wrong because it seemed to take some time to get this result.”“I was feeling the same way but the doctor said it sometimes takes a while to get the pill out a woman’s system to make her ovulate and accept her man’s seed. I guess that was the case with me and I am sorry it took this long.”Mike pulled her to him and gave Sally a very passionate kiss and then hugged her very tightly.“You have nothing to apologize for sweetheart. It is what it is and we will do better the next time we want to have a child. You do want another child, sometime, don’t you?”“Yes, yes, I do honey. But can we just enjoy this child before we plan güvenilir bahis siteleri for the second? This is going to be a long nine months for us.”“Certainly, and I am sorry I was rushing you into the second child. I am just so excited to be a dad that I can’t wait to experience all there will be involved in the process. When do you want to make the announcement?”“Can we wait a few weeks to make sure I am pregnant. There is always that chance that my body could reject it.”Mike looked at her stunned as he did not realize this could happen to Sally. “Yes, we most certainly can wait, but I must say I am so happy I just want to go outside right now and shout it to the top of my lungs so everyone knows we are going to have a baby. We need to go shopping to set up the nursery.”“Slow down. We have plenty of time to do that as it is only February. Besides, I am sure your parents and my mom will want to be a part of the furnishing process as well. We don’t want to hamper them from enjoying their first grandchild.”“As iddaa siteleri always, you are right and I agree, especially if we have a boy, my dad will be on cloud nine. But either way, this child will be so spoiled we will have our hands full keeping him/her in line,” and then Mike broke in laughter with Sally joining him.********A few nights later Mike went to see Jackie and he told her of the pregnancy.“Shit, that means I can’t take you away from her again. No way will I take a dad from his child.”“Kitten, I understand but I lost you once and I can’t lose you again so please think long and hard about this, please.”They undressed and made love as passionately as they ever had before.They did see each other another couple of months and then one day they were lying in bed recuperating for a magnificent blow job that filled Jackie’s mouth to the max when she started talking about a couple of guys she had met online. She wanted Mike’s opinion about which one to go out with.Mike could not believe she rated the men she wanted and he was not even on the list.“I just have one question for you Kitten, why am I not on this list?”“Because you have a family, and yes, I love you and love to be with you but as I have stated before I will not take you from your family.”

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