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my first grannieAs with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies – you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!When I was working in the building firm back in the 80’s there was a chap there that would fuck just about anything. You’d dare not bend over in front of him ‘cos if he had shagged something within the last week your virgin ass might be violated – lol.One of the funniest stories concerning Eddie was one Christmas all of us were invited by a client to their Christmas party. Our boss took us to a fancy country mansion house come posh restaurant. Beer and food, all free, and everyone in their finest.The client’s wife was an ex Miss Wales contestant, runner up I think, and she was stunning. Long legs, curves in all the right places, just drop dead gorgeous. Eddie made a bee line for her and as the night wore on our boss told him twice to behave and leave her alone.Then as the night was coming to an end our boss asked me to go find Eddie to make sure he wasn’t getting up to mischief. So not finding him in the gents , or in any of the rooms inside I had a quick shifty outside and there was no sign of him. Going back inside, and I am not sure to this day why I thought it, I decided to have a look out the back and there I found Eddie, with his cock buried deep in Miss Wales, runner-up, ‘clients wife’ , with her spread out over someone’s car bonnet, enjoying everything Eddie had to give, and all fairness he was giving it some.I didn’t even think of watching, all I could think was Eddie was fucking the wife, the gorgeous wife, of our major client. “Eddie”! I called out, “give me a minute” he answered and the wife, realising that they’d been caught cried out in shock and horror. Eddie just calmed her with, “Narh, don’t worry about him, I work with him, he’s got a good head, he’ll keep quite” and all the time he said this he just kept on pumping into her for all he was worth.She seemed as keen on finishing what had been started as all she did was throw her coat over her so I couldn’t see anything, and Eddie spoke the immortal words that I have never forgotten, “No baby, let the ferret see the hole”, and flick back her coat.Minutes later the too of them clashed into each other in sync as they both came.Eddie stood there for a moment, leant forward kissed her and pushed himself back up and walked to me, leaving Miss Wales, runner up, to sort herself out.“best keep this to ourselves eh” said Eddie as he turned me around an walked us back into the party. “Oh and here’s a gift for you,” he added and with that handed me something that came out of his pocket, “her panties”. He laughed and jumped back into the party as if nothing had happened.Yes Eddie was a real dirty dog.So it came that some time later Eddie and I were working at a clients house. I ended up working a lot with Eddie as none of the married guys wanted to work with shag anything Eddie, and he couldn’t be trusted to work on his own as he’d shag it given half a chance. Eddie’s saving grace was he was the best builder we had, quick, accurate and always made our boss a profit.The job we were on was for Dorothy. A refurb of her home. Dorothy was your typical grandmother. She always had tea and coffee for us when we got there, biscuits on a tray and fancies in the afternoon. She was a large lady in every sense of the word, large tits, large belly, large thighs.It was over coffee one day Eddie said to me, when Dorothy was well within earshot,“I don’t know about you young un’ but I bet Dorothy still has a good tune left in her” I was too embarrassed to even look up but Dorothy replied to Eddie,“Eddie, there’s the devil bahis siteleri in you”, and Eddie responded with, “Well Dot, it’s you that brings it out in me, I mean you have all the curves and woooo wooooo”Dorothy responded with, “You mean fat Eddie, I’m fat”. Eddie said, “well there’s more cushion for the pushing Dot”. And with that Eddie got up and gave her a squeeze. “I don’t know what to with you Edie” said Dorothy, and Eddie, quick as, replied, “well I know what I’d do with you Dot” and slapped her bottom and continued, “Come on then young un, lets bet back at it or otherwise you’ll be getting another hard on ogling at Dot’s tits and we’ll get no work done again” Eddie the cheeky bugger was making me out to be the perve, not him. As I stood up I could see Dorothy look directly at my crotch and I don’t know why but I put my hand over it. “ Don’t worry Dot you’re safe with me, I’ll get him on to something physical this afternoon, we’ll see if we can’t work out his lusty feelings in a bit of sanding, instead of playing with himself all afternoon, like he does” Ha, she was safe with him, hardly.I was shifted off on to another job for a week the day after. Obvioulsy the boss felt safe with Eddie alone in a grannies house. Wrong!When I returned Eddie was like a cat on a hot tin roof. He was so excited he could hardly contain himself. Once in the van he exploded. “you know Dot”, he said, “well I’ve been giving her one and boy is she hot.” I couldn’t and could believe it all at the same time. “Fucking hell Eddie I said she’s old enough to be your mam and my grandmam”, I replied. “Yeah I know, but fucking hell she is just one horny bitch” He continued, “I’ve had her in her bed, on the floor in the lounge, in the kitchen, (twice), and on the stairs. She just loves it”. “Fuck off Eddie, you haven’t” I replied. “I have, and it gets better son.”. Oh god how on earth could this get better/worse. “Go on” I said. “well she’s got a boyfriend, but don’t worry about that, he’s some old duffer and can’t get it up anymore, so she’s been without the old pink pork pleaser for some time” Eddie was almost dribbling with excitement, “so anyway,” Eddie continued, “Yesterday, we were banging away when she asked me about you!” Eddie was like a bottle of pop now, he was so excited he was bouncing up and down in the seat. “seems old Dot fancies a bit of that virgin cock” and with that Eddie made a grab of my crotch. He laughed, “so today we are going two up old son, twoies!”Now I can’t deny, I was an over sexed young twenty something and Eddie, in a lot a ways was a kind of sexual mentor. But I’d never had a threesome, although to anyone who asked I had of course, yeah right, but the thought of me and Eddie fucking a client that was a pensioner! I was caught between being horrified and horny.Getting to the job I started to think Eddie had been lying as everything was the same. Dorothy was just the same, pleasant, tea & coffee supplying, normal chit chat. Yeah Eddie had made it all up in his sex crazed head of his.I mentioned this to Eddie after we had morning coffee. “Well fucking hell son what did you expect, her to rip your clothes off the moment you walked in?” There seemed to be reason in what Eddie said. “Just wait will you – god you’re worse than me” Eddie added. “That would take some doing” I replied. “I’ve got it set up for this afternoon, all being well” Eddie confirmed. “Now you’re not going to be all precious and picky are you?” I had no idea what Eddie meant so said I wasn’t going to be.The following hours I flipped between no I’m having nothing to do with it and I wanted to have Dorothy in every way possible.Eddie made it worse by telling me what he’d done and how Dorothy was well up for it. If half of what he said was true then she was way more horny than any of my girlfriends up to then.Then canlı bahis as lunch came Eddie slipped off to the back room. I’d not even noticed he’d gone and as I looked around Dorothy was missing also.I stood up and walked down the passage to the back room. The door to the room was slightly open and I could see it was darker in there than normal. Leaning forward to the gap between door and door frame I peaked in and saw Eddie and Dorothy stood together. They were kissing passionately and Eddie was running his hands all over Dorothy.“I’m still not sure about this” Dorothy said, “are you k**ding, he’d told me that he’s been wanking off continuously over the thought of you naked” Eddie said. They were talking about me. “Well I have never done anything like this before” Dorothy said, “Nor me” replied Eddie. Fucking liar I thought to myself.Eddie had now lifted up Dorothy’s blouse to revel her massive tits in an even more massive bra. The straps alone were the thickness of my belt. The tits rested on the top of her belly. Eddie put a hand under each and lifted them. When they stood out they were even bigger. These were the biggest tits I’d ever seen.“I so have to get these out Dot, you know I can’t do with out my daily play of your puppies’ said Eddie. Eddie was telling me the truth then, he’d been shagging Dorothy since I left the job last week.Dorothy reached around behind her and released the clasp. The silky fabric crumpled and the massive bra fell forward, exposing her massive tits. “Oh. Look what’s happened now Dot” said Eddie and she, and I looked down. There sticking out of his trousers was his erect cock. “well that always seems to happen doesn’t it Eddie” Laughed Dorothy. Yes she confirmed it, this wasn’t the first time that they done this.“well you know what Eddie wants now, Dot” and with that she kneels down and wraps his cock in-between her massive mounds. No matter how hard Eddie pushed forward he couldn’t get his end to come out the top. “Come on Eddie,” chided Dorothy, “push harder for Dot”. Fucking hell she was encouraging Eddie to burst out his helmet. Eddie held on to Dorothy’s shoulders to steady himself and pushed harder and harder, the two of them rocking in unison. Then Dorothy squealed as a purple monster suddenly became visable.“I can’t keep on doing that Dot”, Said Eddie, “not unless you want me to cum on your tits again, and I want the lad in here to help out in satisfying you”“Ooh I’m still not sure about this” said Dorothy. I was gutted, from what I was watching I did want to fuck her, and now.“I’m telling you now Dot when he see this,“and with that he spun Dorothy around whilst she was still on her knees and pushed her forward so that she was on all fours, and then with a thumb in each side of her skirt and slip pulled them down to the floor, exposing her massive blue panties. “nickers on” Eddie shouted, “down with these also” and he hooked a finger under the gusset and also pulled them down to the floor, Eddie continued, “Once he see’s this he’ll be in that hole like a ferret”“ooh Eddie, finger me please” said Dorothy, the randy bugger, “Hang on” replied Eddie, and with that he called out for me to come in. He didn’t have to wait long as I came in as he was still calling my name. There you go Dot, the randy little bugger was watching us all along”Dorothy looked behind her, “No Eddie” she said but Eddie was running his finger up and down her long pussy opening. Dorothy’s pussy was very long, it seemed to almost cut her in half. It was covered in grey hair, impossible to see where it started and ended.As he run his finger from top to bottom I stood transfixed watching how he easily slipped in and out.“well then get it out, Dot has been waiting to see what’s going to take her to sexual bliss” I did as instructed and unzipped myself. Out shot my erect cock, güvenilir bahis twitching and eager to enter this very old pussy. “There you go Dot, now tell me that’s not a cock that wants to fuck you rotten” and as he was saying this he slipped in three fingers. Dorothy wiggled her backside as he slid in his fingers. “well I don’t know” Dorothy said, “if you are going to keep on talking I’ll give that mouth of your something to do, come here and take over son” Eddie said.Edie stood up. Stepped out of his trousers and went around to Dorothy’s face. “well then misses start kissing” It appeared that Dorothy had never sucked anyone off and didn’t know how to, nor wanted to, but Eddie had managed to get her to kiss it and take in just the tip. He told me later on that it was the most teasing blow job he’d ever had.I took Eddie’s position behind Dorothy and with trembling hand fingered her. She felt totally different to any girl I’d been with. For a start her lips were more pronounced and felt harder, more crinkly like. It meant that I could explore around them more than with my girlfriends. I liked that as they seemed to expand and contract without reason. Her stickiness was much more. I could pull long lines of clear thick, sticky from inside her, and if I was careful I could make them almost reach her bottom. I tried to find her clit but it seemed like she didn’t have one. Her lips seemed to cover her entrance but there was no clit hood. I especially loved the way that running down two fingers, one either side of one of her lips made them swell greatly after I’d done it, but they’d return to their normal size within a minute or two.Eddie said, “he’s have the time of his life there Dot”, and she replied, “I wish he’d fuck me, he’s just fucking about getting me more and more wet”. Eddie nodded and gestured that I better get on in there, so I shuffled forward and pushed hard. Dorothy yelled out. “Not my arse” Eddie laughed, “Hep him out mun Dot” and she pushed between her legs a hand to help glide me into her. Her hand was wrinkled and grasping. Once she had hold of my helmet she tugged in forward. “In here love, in here” She said.I slid in easily and she was so warm and wet, it felt lovely, I wasn’t fucking someone old enough to be my granny I was fucking someone so warm, so wet, so horny, so willing, so sexy. I held hard on to Dorothy’s hips and fucked like it was my last. Eddie was quite pleased with my frantic efforts as sometimes I’d push too hard and his dick went in further to Dorothy’s mouth than Dorothy expected, or wanted. When this happened she’d let out a muffled complaint.I wasn’t going to be able to hold on for long. Eddie knew this, Dorothy knew this and I knew it. As I came, I held hard on to Dorothy’s hips, trying to get in a inch further. After I came, I made another thrust, and then another. “All done, young, un” asked Eddie. I was spent for sure.Dorothy slipped under her hand again and felt me slide out, She squeezed tight my shaft, stopping any cum from escaping. As I broke free I looked down and saw Dorothy’s fingers covered in my cum.“My turn” shouted Eddie and he pushed Dorothy on to her bottom. Dorothy slipped in two fingers to her now gaping open pussy and collected up as much cum as she possibly could. She spread it between her massive tits and pushed them together. Eddie slipped in his cock into this mammary tunnel, and slid in and out and in and out until he to cried out that he was going to cum.He jumped back and finished himself off, shooting an impressive amount of the white stuff all over her huge tits. Dorothy seemed more excited by this than by my efforts in seeding inside her.For a moment after Eddie had cum none of us said anything and it was Dorothy that broke the silence. “Go wash up boys and I’ll make us a nice cup of tea and a slice of Battenberg”In the bathroom Eddie gave me a slap in the arm, “well done son, knew you wouldn’t let me down. Now lets go have our tea and cake and what ever you do don’t say fuck all to anyone about what just happened ok”Like I was going to!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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