My First Voyeuristic Experience

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My First Voyeuristic ExperienceWhen I was a freshman in college, I was home for a visit when my parents had a small party at my house. Most of their friends left at the end of the night, but some of them stayed. One was a woman named Vera, and then a few others whose names I don’t remember. However, I definitely remember what happened sometime during the middle of the night.We had a large family and so the beds in the house were full. One of my younger sisters slept on the couch, giving her bed to Vera. One couple took my bedroom, but it was a warm summer night so I slept outside on the ground in my sleeping bag and some man used several blankets to sleep on the ground as well, but he was some distance away from me.I was sleeping soundly but was awakened by a noise I had not heard before. It was an unusual sound and it took me a little while but I then figured it out. It sounded canlı bahis like flesh slapping together! Oh my god, I thought to myself. Is that guy fucking somebody? I listened closer and in the slapping I could also hear some wet noises. I began getting a hard-on and now I could make out heavy breathing as well. I pretended to be asleep but slowly slid my hand down into my shorts and began stroking my stiff cock. I figured that it was Vera who had snuck out in the middle of the night to get some dick.The man’s breathing grew more intense; then the woman whispered loudly, “Fuck me…fuck me…” Shit! It was my mom! There had always been rumors in the neighbor hood that my mom slept around–I used to be bullied about it–but I had never known for sure. And now, not only did I find out that it was true, but she waas fucking somebody almost right in front of me. Then something surprising bahis siteleri happened: I got even more turned on! Goddamn! I thought, my mom is fucking somebody! As they continued pounding into each other, I began picturing what she looked like with her big legs spread apart, her large tits bouncing, and her fat stomach moving up and down as he fucked her. How could I do this? How can I be imagining what Mom looks like while she’s being fucked? But I couldn’t help it! At that moment, all I cared about was that I was witness to two people having sex.My stroking became faster, and I heard the guy say, “I’m getting ready to cum…””Do it,” Mom answered. “Do it! I’m cumming too! Fucking cum inside me!””Yessss…” he hissed as Mom did her best to contain her own moans while they both came.For a few minutes they kissed before Mom got up. I barely opened my eyes and saw her güvenilir bahis looking at me, as if to see if Iwas still asleep; I found myself marvelling at how sexy her fat flesh looked in the moonlight. For a moment, I swore that she knew I had witnessed it all, but then she shrugged her shoulders and began putting her robe on. Then she went into the house. Before long, I heard the guy snoring. I couldn’t sleep and my hard-on wouldn’t go down. I could only picture that it was me with my own cock plunging in and out of my mom’s pussy. Even though I was in college, I had never fucked anyone before nor had ever seen a hardcore pornmovie, and now my first image of fucking–that had been seared into my brain–was of my own mother–and for some reason that turned me on even more. I opened my sleeping bag and pulled down my shorts.As I jacked off, I imagined what Mom looked like fingering herself, what her big, fat ass looked like as I pounded into her from behind. And as I thought these nasty, terrible, sexy thoughts, my cum exploded out onto my stomach.It took a long while but I finally fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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