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My fun todayMy fun todayHi everyone stuck at home due to this damn virus. However, I did manage a little fun this morning. You probably know my husband owns a construction company and that my 41-year-old daughter Michelle has been fucking him since she was 19. I have stories posted about that. My hubby is not doing any construction at this time so as not to risk the lives of his personnel. However, he and my daughter still do maintenance on his construction vehicles. Today they both left home at about 8 am. My hubby told me that Ron might stop over to return some tools he had borrowed. Ron is one of my hubby John, many friends. I have known Ron for about ten years. He is not married nor does he have a girlfriend. I had asked my hubby once if Ron was gay as I had never seen him with a woman before.John told me that Ron was not gay just not real good with the ladies that is all. He also told me that he had a girlfriend once but that they had a nasty break up. John told me Ron had sworn off women after that.I had caught Ron checking both myself and my daughter Michelle out through the years. Especially if we were on our boat and dressed in swimwear. My daughter called him a pervert lol as he would gawk at us both. My daughter hates other men gawking at her where on the other hand I love it.Before John left today I asked him if I might tease Ron a bit when he came over. John told me I could but not to get mad if nothing came of it. He told me he didn’t think Ron would respond to my teasing.As John and my daughter left to go to work. I kissed them both. My daughter told me not to worry about daddy as she had him covered today lol. “I will save his cream pie for you mom,” Michelle said laughingly.“Fine, however, let me know how I taste,” I replied smiling at her.I had a very hot round of sex with John in the morning. Michelle was showering while I rode him and he fucked the hell out of me. John had dumped a huge load of cum in me first.My daughter and I don’t always see eye to eye about sharing John. However, we both agree he is the best fuck we each have ever had. We also seem to be in a competition by giving him the best sex all the time.After they left I jumped into the bathtub. As I soaked I thought about Ron. He is 55 years old about 5’ 9” short gray hair, a little overweight as he enjoys his beer. I remembered seeing him eyeing Michelle’s ass last summer.She had just got out of the water and back up onto the boat. Ron gawked at her big tits as she climbed aboard our boat. Her tits overflowed her white wet see thru-swimsuit almost spilling out of from it. When Michelle bent over to grab her towel Ron got a good view of her lovely ass through her wet white suit. You could see her ass crack as she did.As Michelle dried off I noticed Ron squirming in his seat in the boat. I knew he was readjusting the boner she had given him. Michelle saw it too. She shook her head as she covered her body up with her beach jacket and towel then went below.I couldn’t tell how big his cock was as he covered his hard-on with his hand. I also caught Ron checking out my tits but then all guys do that. I was going to tease him back then but there were other buddies of my husband’s on our boat. Only a couple of my husband’s buddies know I am a slut and none of them knows my daughter fucks him.As I soaked I ran my hand between my legs. I rubbed at my hairy pussy spreading my legs. I parted my pussy lips with a finger slipping it up inside of me. I ran my finger in and out as I wondered if he had a big cock.The water in the tub was sloshing around as I slipped two fingers into my hairy pussy. I placed my feet on either side of the tub spreading my legs wider. I worked my two fingers in and out as I rubbed at my clit with my other hand.“Ahhhh, “ I moaned as my juices started to flow.I fingered my pussy to two quick orgasms. Even giving myself a quick squirt. I then bathed washing my pussy and asshole clean. I got out of the tub and dried myself off with a towel. My pussy was tingling as I did as I needed another cock inside of me.I put my robe on and went into our bedroom. I was trying to figure out what to wear. As I went through my drawers and my closet I heard the back doorbell. I looked at the clock and saw it was already 10 in the morning. I went to the door and looked out to see it was Ron. I opened the back door still in my robe. I made sure he had a good view of the girls before I opened the door.“Morning Kay,” Ron said looking me in the eyes.Ron told me he was returning some tools he had borrowed. I pushed the button opening the garage door telling him to just place them in the garage. I felt my nipples growing hard not only because it was chilly out but because I was horny as well.I was unhappy that he was looking at my face instead of my girls. I told him to join me in our kitchen after he unloaded his truck. I bent down making believe I was straightening our welcome mat at the back door. I was hoping he would look down my robe as I bent over. As I bent over one of my 38c tits fell out of my robe. However, Ron already had his back to me. Damn, I thought this might be harder than I thought.I returned to our kitchen island sitting down on one of our chairs. I sat down with my legs slightly spread apart. I ran my hand across my hairy pussy feeling my wetness coating both my pussy lips and my hand. I was satisfied that he should have a view of my hairy wet pussy. Ron entered the room never looking at my parted legs. I was truly disappointed that he hadn’t noticed my hairy pussy. He sat down across from me. He asked me where John and Michelle was.“They are at the office doing truck maintenance,” I replied smiling at him.“So your home alone then?” Ron asked.I shook my head yes thinking he would make the next move. However, Ron asked me how we were surviving being stuck at home. I told him just staying at home only going out when we have too.I shifted a little in my chair drinking my coffee. As I did I allowed my robe to open a bit. This gave Ron a clear view of the top of my tits. He seemed not to notice as he just kept talking. Maybe he needed some booze in him I thought.I asked Ron if he would like a beer. Ron shook his head yes. I stood up, as I did I allowed my robe to open fully. My big hanging tits were exposed for him to see. Ron just stared at my tits as I closed my robe telling him sorry about that.I smiled as I knew I had his attention now. I walked to the kitchen as his eyes followed me. My butt hanging out from under my robe. I shook my ass as I went to the refrigerator.I opened the fridge looking back at Ron. I saw that he was watching. I bent down so my robe ran up exposing my ass to him. I spent some time getting him a beer. I felt my pussy start to get wet. I brought his beer back to him. I sort of allowed my robe to get caught on the corner of the island table which exposed my tits to him.I handed him his beer as he just stared at my still exposed tits hanging in front of him. bakırköy escort I noticed my nipples were rock hard from the coldness from the fridge. Ron took the beer telling me thanks.“Thanks for the beer or exposing my tits and ass to you?” I asked smiling at him.“Both,” Ron replied opening his beer.Ron took a big sip from his beer as I sat down across from him. As I did I parted my legs showing him my hairy pussy. I took my hand and rubbed at my pussy coating my pussy lips with my own juices. Ron placed his beer on the table watching me rubbing at my pussy.I looked at Ron as I slipped a finger into my hairy pussy. I ran it in and out of my now very wet hole. I added another finger and fingered my pussy until I felt my juices flowing from it.My wet juices coated my fingers. I removed them bringing them up to my lips. I stuck my tongue out licking them clean.“Would you like a taste?” I asked smiling at Ron.“What about John?” Ron asked.“He will be ok with it as my daughter got him covered today,” I replied.After I said that I realized I had just broken our golden rule. That being of never telling anyone of the fun we have as a family. If John found out I would be in big trouble. I closed my robe and legs as I sat there with my head hanging down.Ron looked at me in shock as he said, “So Michelle is fucking John.”I sipped at my coffee nervously not saying anything. Ron smiled at me as he told me he always thought something was going on between them. Ron told me she is always around him and she gives him the same looks I do. I didn’t say anything as I just sat there.Ron took a big gulp of his beer. He told me over the years he had noticed how my daughter seem very close to John. How she seemed to show him her tits and ass when they were on our boat. He told me he had even caught her rubbing her pussy once or twice while looking at John.Ron asked me how long had this been going on. I just sat there not saying anything. Ron took my hand as he told me he wanted to hear all about it.Ron patted my hand as he said, “Don’t worry Kay I will keep your little secret.”I probably should have just lied and told him I hadn’t meant that or anything from what I had told him. However, the cat was out of the bag so to speak. I explained to him how my daughter had seduced John way back when she was 19. It had happened when he was nursing her back to health after her accident.I also told him how I had caught them at the office. I explained to him how my daughter and I decided to share him instead of splitting up our family. I told him John must never know I had told him anything or I would be in big trouble.Ron smiled as he said, “Your secret is safe with me and I won’t tell John or anyone.”“Thank you, Ron,” I replied.“Don’t thank me yet Kay as you haven’t heard my terms yet,” Ron said to me as he took another sip of beer.“What are you blackmailing me?” “Do you want money?” I asked Ron not sure what he meant.Ron laughed as he replied, “ No money Kay but I do what something from you for my silence.”“What do you want?” I asked him.Ron smiled as he replied, “ I want you, Kay.”I laughed as I told him that had been my plan all along. I explained I was going to try to tease him into having sex with me. I told him that was why I had exposed my tits and ass to him.Ron told me I could have just asked him. He told me he had always found me very lovely and so sexy. He told me he loved seeing my tits when we were on the boat. Ron reached over and pulled my robe open exposing my tits.I reached down cupping one of my tits. I lifted it to my mouth licking at the nipple. I made my nipple rock hard with my tongue. I closed my mouth around my nipple sucking on it as I looked to Ron.Ron got up and came over to me. He kissed me on my lips as his hand went to my tit. He tweaked and pinched my nipple. Ron slipped his tongue into my mouth French kissing me expertly. I French kissed him back.I stood up as my hand went to the front of his jeans. I rubbed then squeezed at the front of his pants. I was trying to feel how big his cock was. I felt something there but it wasn’t very big. Ron broke our kiss as his hand removed mine from his jeans.Ron hung his head as he said, “ Sorry Kay I am not as hung as John as I have seen his cock when he peed.”I lifted his head as I replied, “That it was ok as I enjoy all sizes of cock.”I also explained sometimes John’s cock was too big for all my holes. I had lied about that as John’s cock felt wonderful in all my holes. I had only told him that as I saw how distraught he was about having a small cock.“Is that the reason your girlfriend broke up with you? I asked Ron.“Yes and she caught me with another man,” “He had his cock up my ass fucking me when she caught us,” Ron replied.“John is bisexual too,” I said trying to make him feel better.Ron was shocked as he always figured John was straight. But then again he didn’t want to get his ass beat by making a move on him. Ron asked me if I was bisexual as well. I shook my head yes.Ron rubbed at the front of his jeans as he asked me if Michelle was bisexual too. I told him she was and yes we have had fun together sometimes. I took his hand and led him into the family room sitting him on our leather sofa.As soon as I sat down beside him Ron pulled open my robe exposes my tits. I stood up and undid the tie to my robe showing him my hairy pussy before sitting down again.“ I will have to tell John if we do anything as that is a rule too but it would be to your advantage as he might let you continue to have fun with me and him as well,” I said smiling at him as I sat down at the other end of the sofa.“That is fine with me as I would enjoy playing and sucking on his cock,” “His cock might be too big to fuck my ass but I would love to try,” Ron said. He added, “Besides I would never pass up a chance to have fun with “Ms. K,” as he smiled like the devil himself.”At first, his reply didn’t click in my brain. Then it hit me he called me “Ms. K.” I had not been called that for many years. That is unless you were a close friend and I mean a very close friend.I searched in my mind to see if I could remember seeing him in my bar. I could not place him ever being in my bar. I am normally very good at remembering people from my bar as they all were my bread and butter back then.Ron must have seen my puzzled look. He started to laugh as he told me I might not remember him but my girls should. Ron told me I was to busy with the likes of John to be concerned about him.I gave him a look as I sort of took that as a slam to myself. I had always been super nice and very welcoming to all my quests at my bar. Suddenly a vision entered my mind of a redhead named Joyce.She used to work for me. In fact one of my best girls back then. She was a pure redhead. You will find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair. Joyce knew how to make money both at the bar and out of the bar.She was a true she-devil as she was a handful. beşiktaş escort Joyce was about 5’3” long bright red hair down to about the middle of her back. She had killer legs and an ass which she knew how to use. The only problem was this girl had no tits. I mean she had more nipple than tits.Joyce was like a scared little puppy the day I interviewed her for a job at my bar. She was very vocal about not having the tits but she had what men wanted. That being teased into believing that you cared more about them than their money. I hired her that same day I as loved her positive attitude.Her very tiny tits never stopped her from making big tips. Plus she used her legs, her ass, and her own personality to get them. That helped to bring customers back into my bar making me more money.I also remember warning Joyce about selling or giving sex away while working at the bar. I told her what she did on her own time was her busy. However, if it happened in the bar then it would be my business. As I had caught her giving a blow job in the backroom. I was the only one allowed to do such stuff at my bar.“You used to date Joyce,” I sort of yelled out.Ron laughed as he replied, “Not sure if that was a good reply or not,” “Let’s say I used to rent her from time to time.”I laughed as I said, “So you were one of her clients so to speak.”More like her sugar daddy Ron told me. He explained during my bar days Joyce had moved in with him. She sort of used his place for all her clients. Ron told me he didn’t mind as at least she would still have sex with him. “Hell that bitch used to feed me cream pie nightly back in the day,” Ron said smiling at me.My pussy started to drip as I thought about feeding Ron a cream pie even if it would be his own. I also remembered that Joyce loved to be in charge. In fact, she ran and handled most of the girls. I guess she was my head slut back then.“I bet she did more than feed you a cream pie, “ I said leaning back at the arm of the sofa.I ran my hand over my hairy pussy. I used both hands to massage my big pussy lips. I pulled my pussy lips apart with both hands showing him my open wet hole.“Now you get over here and lick my pussy, “ I said. I added in a stern voice, “ You better make me cum worm and call me Mistress K.”If I remember my girls right Joyce loved her dominant role-playing. Ron smiled at me then told me yes Mistress K before he lowered his face to my hairy pussy. He kissed at my pussy lips then lick at my big pussy lips.He pushed all my buttons as he knew how to eat pussy. My juices started to flow when he took to sucking on my big meat curtain pussy lips. Ron started to lick at my juices as they leaked from my pussy.“Mmmmm slave give me pleasure,” I screamed as my hands went to his head.I moved his head around my pussy as he licked, kissed, and sucked at it no matter where I moved his head. He could eat pussy with the best of them. I moved his head to my ever-growing clit. As he sucked at my clit I moaned, “Make your Mistress squirt.”Ron slipped his hand to my pussy. He never stopped sucking on my clit as he pushed two fingers into my wet pussy. I felt him curl his fingertips until he found my g spot.Ron worked his fingertips expertly over that special spot. He was as skilled as John with his fingers. My pussy sucked then convulsed around his fingers. I got this incredible feeling of having to pee. I love that feeling as I have my best orgasms when I feel the need to pee.Ron sucked hard at my clit as he fingered my g spot. I pushed his face harder into my wet pussy. My first orgasm came over me. My legs shook as I squeezed them around his head.“Ahhhh yes I am going to squirt,” I moaned out.My eyes rolled up into my head. My body sort of trembled as my pussy started to have convulsions. My sweet love juices flowed out first. They coated Ron’s face.“Ahhh fuck,” I yelled out as I lost all control.I squirm on the sofa holding his face to my hairy puss. I parted my legs from his head as I bared down. My pussy left loose a gush of my pee and love juices. It splashed against his face and Ron opened his mouth taking in my golden sauce from my now peeing pussy.Ron was a pee drinker as he would gulp then swallow as my pee filled his mouth. I was very surprised as he never missed a drop. I finally moved his head so my last stream splashed all over his face. I released his head like my last drops of pee dripped from my hairy pussy.I sat up pulling my robe together. I smiled at him as I told him that he ate pussy very well and that he could be my slave any day. I told him to stand up and show me his cock.Ron stood up and removed his jeans. I was shocked to see that he had a pair of red sexy women’s panties covering his cock. His little boner poking them out from his body. Those panties looked strangely familiar. I asked him where did he get those panties.Ron told me they belonged to either me or Michelle my daughter. He explained he had taken them from our bathroom clothes hamper the day he had borrowed the tools. Ron told me he had worn them ever since stealing them.“Those panties belong to my daughter Michelle,” I said to him.Ron’s little cock twitched wildly in those panties as I told him that. I rubbed at the small stub tenting those red panties. I asked him if knowing they were my daughter’s panties excited him.Ron told me that it did. He explained he always got very horny when Michelle was around him. He told me he had even shot a load in his shorts when out on our boat. It seemed Michelle was getting out of the water one time and her tit had popped out of her swimsuit. Ron told me Michelle had noticed it and he just stared at her tit hanging there. As she dried off she noticed him staring at her. She then realized her tit had come out. Michelle tucked her big hanging tit back into her suit as she looked to him.“Your a fucking pervert,” Michelle said to him before going below deck.Ron explained when she had called him a fucking pervert he had shot a load in his shorts. Ron told me he had been playing with his cock daily since that had happened. However, he knew she didn’t like him and nothing would ever happen. But he could jack off thinking about her.“What about me?” I asked.I wanted to know as I have always been jealous of Michelle ever since catching her fucking my husband John. I also sort of hated other men thinking of her and not of me. After all, I would please them while she won’t.Ron smiled as he replied, “You Ms. K had always been a favorite of his.”Ron explained he had been pulling his cock to me since my bar days. He told me Joyce was very jealous of me especially when John became my boyfriend. She used to throw herself at him when he was in my bar.She even told him once she would do anything he wanted. All John had to do was ask her. He would just tip her then tell her thanks but no thanks.“Joyce actually hated you, Ms. K, as all the guys wanted you back then even me,” Ron said smiling at me.However, beylikdüzü escort most of us knew back then that you only had one person on your mind. That being that soldier boy John. Your eyes always lit up and your sexuality always flared up when he was around.Ron told me about ten years ago when still with Joyce she wanted a new room added to his house. She had called John to come and give her an estimate. I think she had plans of seducing him. However, she was pissed when he showed up with Michelle. “I, on the other hand, was pleased as I found Michelle as sexy as you,” Ron said.During building the new room they all found out they all enjoyed fishing and working on cars. John invited him to come fishing with him on his boat. Ron told me the first time I was on the boat with John, Michelle, and him. Ron remember me removing my top and fishing topless while Michelle stayed covered up.I never turned down going fishing with John after that. I used to return home and jack off to you both. They became good friends and then Joyce caught him with another man. That bitch blackmailed him. Telling him she would tell everyone he was gay unless he paid her off.“I did and she moved away,” Ron said.I told him to stop as I sat up on the edge of the sofa. I removed my robe exposing my tits and hairy pussy to him. I instructed him to stand before me. He did as I ordered him, telling me yes Mistress K as he did.I rubbed and grabbed at his cock. I could barely feel it. However, it was at least rock hard. I reached down and cupped his balls pulling and squeezing at them through those red panties. A wet spot started to form in his red panties as his little cock jerked. I slipped my thumbs into the waistband of his boxers. I pulled those panties down exposing one of the smallest cocks I have ever seen in person. It was average in thickness but maybe only three or four inches if that. It was about two inches of a dickhead and two inches of the shaft. It was throbbing as I stared at it. I told him he did have a small cock but I could make use of it. I reached out and took his hard cock in my hand. I pumped and pulled on it making him squirm as I did. His balls pulsated as I jack his small cock off. His balls were bigger than his cock.“Ahh Mistress K you’re going to make me cum,” Ron moaned.I gave his dickhead a quick licking as I asked, “Would you like to cum on my daughter Michelle’s tits or ass?”I knew Ron had the hots for my daughter. He was always checking her out no matter what she had on. I remember him enjoying her in her wet white swimsuit which also showed her own hairy pussy off especially when wet.Ron moaned loudly, “Sorry Mistress K, it has been so long since I came.”His small cock swelled then twitched as cum blasted from his tiny cock. I had only been playing with it for a few minutes. I moved his cock to my tits. His first blast landed on my tits. The second and third blast dropped onto my pussy hair. His cum was very white and creamy as it dripped onto my hairy pussy.I squeezed the last bit of cum from his cock making it drip over my hand. His dickhead sucked back into his tummy and balls. I licked at his cum on my hand watching his cock shrink back to its normal size. His cum tasted pretty good at least what little bit that was on my hand.I looked down at my tits. There was a long line of cum running down over the hard nipple of my right tit. I looked to see his creamy white baby batter in my hairy pussy. I told him to clean his cum from my tit.“Yes Mistress K,” Ron said before licking his cum from my tits.I laid back down spreading my legs. I told him to clean this mess as well. Ron licked his cum from my hairy pussy. He cleaned all his cum from me. I told him to stand up and show me his cock again.Ron stood up and his tiny cock was rock hard again. I got on my hands and knees on the sofa. I told him to take me from behind. He got behind me and shoved his tiny cock at my hairy pussy. I was so wet I couldn’t even feel his cock as he entered me. Ron started to fuck me as he used his fingers on my clit.If not for him playing with my clit it was a pointless fuck. I could barely feel his cock in my pussy. However, I could feel it against my clit each time it slipped from my wet hole. I looked over my shoulder to Ron.”Fuck me in my ass, ” I said to him.Ron removed his tiny cock from my pussy. He pulled my butt cheeks apart. He licked then spit on my asshole.Ron placed his cock at my asshole. I felt it opening and closing like it was winking at his cock. He pushed his cock into my asshole. I had no trouble taking his cock as I hardly cringed as he stuffed it all up my asshole.Ron started to fuck my ass as his hands went under me to my hanging tits. He tweaked my nipples and pulled on them as he fucked my asshole. I felt an orgasm building as I felt his big ball slamming into my clit. I moaned as I left out a quick squirt shooting from my pussy. My juices we’re splashing on him and the sofa.”Ahhhh fuck Mistress K, ” Ron moaned out,Ron fucked my ass faster. He then buried his cock up my asshole. I think I might have felt it twitch before I felt his cum flowing into my ass.”MOM, RON, ” Michelle yelled out as she entered the room.Ron pulled his cock from my asshole and stood up looking at Michelle. His tiny cock had cum still flowing from it. My asshole sort of farted his cum from up inside me.”MOM, that is gross, ” Michelle said laughing. ”Are those my panties?” Michelle then asked.”You two better clean up before daddy gets back he went to gets us some lunch, ” Michelle said walking from the room.Ron got dressed as I stood up closing my robe. I felt his cum still flowing from my asshole. Ron told me he better go before the shit hits the fan. I walked him to the back door telling him it was alright I would explain everything to both Michelle and to John.I left him out and returned to the island once again sitting down at it. I thought it hadn’t been that bad as at least I had come a few times. Plus Ron’s cock might have been small but it was rock hard and full of tasty cum.The only problem was explaining to John about my little slip of telling Ron about Michelle and him. Michelle joined me at the kitchen island.”Daddy know you are fucking Ron?” Michelle asked.”Yes I had his permission, ” I replied.Michelle asked me how Ron had ended up wearing her panties? I explained he had taken them from the clothes hamper not knowing if they were hers or mine. I told her he told me she was very sexy.”Yeah and he is a little dicked pervert, ” Michelle said smiling at me.”Michelle, when you told your girlfriend about you and daddy how did you explain it to him?” I asked.”Mom, you didn’t tell Ron about daddy and I did you?” Michelle asked.”Yes it sort of just slipped out I didn’t do it on purpose, ” I replied.”He better not hot on me or I will kick him in the nuts,” Michelle said to me.”Who are you going to kick in the nuts, princess?” John asked walking in the back door.”I will let mom explain that daddy, ” Michelle replied going to him.She kissed him then grabbed the chicken he had gotten us for lunch. She walked to the family room leaving John and me at the island. John stood there looking at me.”Now what have you done Kate?” John asked with a serious tone in his voice.I will end this for now.

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