My hardest fantasy

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My hardest fantasyMy mistress was bored. I could tell by looking at her face while i was licking on her boots.”How much time since i last released you, slave?” She asked”I think it’s abaout three months mistress””Well today might just be your lucky day!””Thank you mistress!””Wait before you thank me…” she grinned.. I knew she was getting some weird ideas, but i never would’ve imagined what she had in store for me…Before taking off my chastity device she made sure i was properly tied down. She had me lie on my back and tied my hands away from my body on the floor. Then she spread my legs and pulled up my ankles all the way back until my knees were on the ground on the side of my head.After that, she kneeled on me, facing my cock, so that her crotch would be on my face. She started rubbing her ass and pussy all over my face, I was in ecstasy sfiffing on the lace panties…”There, you deserve a good milking slave!” She said while grabbing my balls and pulling them up to feel the weight of the cum that was inside.Using her free hand se started to stroke my already rock hard dick, giving me a hard handjob, all the while smothering her pussy in my face.”Like that?” She knew i wasn’t able to reply but enjoyed me moaning over her pussy. She made sure i would edge a couple times and pulled hard on my balls just as i was getting ready to come, to make sure she would squeeze all the cum out of my balls.Finally se let me cum hard, emptying out all of my saved cum. At first i didn’t notice anything but after some moments, i realised i wasn’t feeling wet at all. I thought maybe she caught my sperm on her body, even though that was strange, my mistress likes to feed me my own cum.Any way she stood up and walked off, leaving me catching my breath in the illegal bahis siteleri same position.After a while i started hearing the sound of her boots again, followed by some vibration sound. I knew what was going to happen. My mistress was approaching with her favourite toys combo.She was wearing a 10 inch strap on dildo, open on the crotch to expose her wet and vibrating pussy.She had a vibrating egg inside her vagina, so she would feel even better while pounding me in the ass.”surprise!” She smiled in amazement, while stroking that huge thing she was planning to feed my ass with.As she was approaching i started to smell something new.. it was cum! Giving a closer look to the strap on i noticed it was glazed in what obviously was cum.She didn’t leave anything to the case though, and approached my face with the dildo, giving me a nice whiff of that cum smell.”Feel that slave? Guess where this is going?””In my ass mistress?””That’s a good boy..” she smirked at me, knowing i would enjoy that…Pulling on my ass she spread her legs across my waist, letting the dangling tip of that huge cock fall on my asshole. She could easily stand up and penetrate my ass without even kneeling, although i knew she wanted to force the whole thing inside me.As it wasn’t the first time she fucked my ass, and given the lubrication of the dildo the tip fell easily inside my twiching butthole.I started moaning, giving my mistress the shivers, i knew she would enjoy fucking me.Her pounding became more and more regular and strong, as she started to bounce and use her weight to plunge the strap on more and more inside my helpless body.I could see her pussy getting wetter and wetter with every stroke. It was amazingly hot. She started moaning and youwin güvenilir mi i could tell she was approaching the orgasm, but she still wasn’t done.I could tell she already fit most of the dildo in my ass, but she wasn’t happy with my reaction since i wasn’t feeling much pain. So, to better punish me for my first orgasm, she drove the remaining 3 or 4 inches in me in a single thrust. I let out a scream of pure pain and joy. She turned her head and smiled at me.”What a despicable bitch you are.. you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?””Yes mistress!” I gasped.”You’re not event close to being done…”She pulled out the whole thing, then, giving me no time to realise it, buried it back deep in my intestines, plugging me hard and deep.She started fucking me harder and harder, every time pushing more and more inside of me using her whole body to **** my ass as hard as she could.Tears of pain and joy were running through my face, and she was getting turned on more and more by that.I could tell she was almost to her climax. All of a sudden, she stopped after the deepest thrust and screamed out loud her orgasm as she sprayed all of her squirt on my face and chest.I was almost drowning on her pussy juice!But that wasn’t the only surpise for me… At the same time i felt an explosion of warm fluid inside me.. My mistress was cumming inside me, inside my ass!Shocked i looked at her squeeze more and more cum inside my asshole from a black pump attached to the strap on i hadn’t notice earlier.She turned and glanced at me while i was frowning, experiencing the amazing feeling of beeing filled up by my mistress.TO my surprise, the feeling of being used and filled up as a cheap bitch in heat got me so excited that i came perabet again, messing myself all over.”What a pathetic sight” she smiled and laughed hard, as i was desperetly trying to breathe trhough my and her cum.After she caught her breath, she slowly pulled out of my loose and gaped asshole, careful not to spill all the cum she had pumped inside me.She smiled at me and said “What do you say to your mistress?””Thank you mistress” I said”For what?””For fucking me like the dirty little whore i am”Smiling she said “You’re still not done, pretty bitch!”Kneeling behind me, she pushed on my back until the tip of my dick was pointing over my mouth. Then, holding me in that position she whispered to me “Push…”I realised then what she wanted me to do.. she was going to feed me the cum in my ass through my cock!”I want you to taste my orgasm and swallow it down”I started to open my asshole and let the cum drip out of my hole. I could feel the liquid starting to drip out and running trhough the shaft of my cock, wetting it and making it hard.”Here comes the first drop…” she smiled, as i was waiting patiently with my mouth wide open to catch everything.I looked at the fisrt gooey cum drop fall from my cock directly inside my mouth”Don’t swallow it right away” she said “i wanto to see you with a mouthful first..”So i kept pushing the cum out of my loose asshole until i got it all out of the butt and into the mouth”good boy” she said “now chug it down, stud!” she grinned at meI could taste the cum in my mouth and felt like a real whore in heat as i let it all in my body. My cum had been sprayed out, collected by my mistress, carefully flushed down my asshole and now was returned to me through my mouth. It was perfect!”Now what do you say to your mistress?””Thank you mistress for fucking my asshole and feeding me my own cum”She laughed hard and stared at me, then turned away, grabbed something from a stool and showed it to meThe writing on the 200 ml vial read “Slave #7″Still laughing she said “I never said it was your cum!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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