My Lady Boss

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My Lady BossI had a tough life in the office early in my years with the company. My lady boss was so obnoxious and always barked at me for no reasons. She had a bitchy grouchy look alright. I found time to unwind and usually went to the beach during weekend with colleagues. Our conversation piece always centered on how badly she treated us. One thing we males agreed was on closer observation she was quite a stunning woman. The only time we had peace was when she locked herself in her room attending to business. I must admit she was good in managing up and coddling with high management. She seemed to pick on me and gave me projects which took up time well into the night. My girlfriends didn’t last long because work took up my time leaving me hardly time to socialize. Besides I took up a part time degree course to upgrade myself. I had no social life since I took the job. Unless I resign I had to face her and her unreasonable quibbling. Simply said I must tolerate her nonsense for the time being. Most time I slogged late into the night in the office working on projects which had deadlines of yesterday. She did work late but always left earlier than me. Once I overheard her on the phone with someone demanding something from her. She left immediately but before leaving threw me document which needed to be completed for presentation the next day to the board of directors. I was overwhelmed and only completed when staff streamed into the office the next day. She had dark sunglasses on, strolled in casually with a noticeable limp and asked for the document. I was dead tired and didn’t quite notice her appearance till a colleague told me. The following days were hell. I worked extra long hours to meet deadlines which seemed to have already passed. She did stay in her office but after a phone call she hurriedly left the office. It was almost a routine that she left by 10 pm and the next day appeared exhausted and face bruised on some days. Though curious I never tried to find out her hurried departure from office. But one thing clear to me, she was afraid of that person on the phone. I wondered who could have tamed the shrew to be so submissive with a phone call. There were on several occasions I needed to stand in for her to make presentations. I wasn’t grumbling because I gained valuable networking experience meeting those in high management. My colleague was worried about me keeping up with her demands. I told them all the more I needed to destress with them on the beach and clubs during weekends if I was lucky enough not to burn my weekends. By my studies took a hit. I couldn’t keep up though dropping out is an option. I persisted on and I did complete the studies with good results.Office life seemed routine so much as boring and mundane. I got the usual bashings from her. I learned to put on a deaf ear. One day we tendered an important project and it had huge profit returns. So for days I worked hard. She chipped in. As usual she hurriedly left the office at 10 pm after a phone call. I was pissed off being left to handle it alone though got help from colleagues. One night I was surprised she wasn’t on the phone and stayed beyond 10 pm. We wrapped up by midnight though still haven’t quite complete the tender document. She said I looked tired and so was she. For once she was polite. I couldn’t believe what she said and looked at her. Indeed she looked a swanky attractive woman. That was the first time I paid attention on her physique. She gave me a grin and said let’s packed up and continued the next day. Being a Saturday she suggested if I mind to work in her home instead with a rejoinder, “At least you can take a 5 if too tire!” She was a married woman. I was shocked but agreed. “Won’t your husband object to me in your home?””Of course not a problem for me to have you work in my home.” “That will be fine for me if convenient for you.”I went to her home as planned with the document. She greeted me smilingly at the door. She had an infectious smile unlike the grouchy look in the office. I stammered with awe greeting her, “Good Morning Mrs. Lou.” I remembered she looked gorgeous in a dolly dress with high hem and low slung top showing a deep cleavage and her neck looked reddish bruises. It didn’t occurred to me as anything serious, maybe she and husband had a wild rough tussle in bed and those were love bites. I couldn’t see her husband but their wedding photo was hung on the wall. A stern looking mustachioed and bearded guy. What a pair like beauty and the b**st. How she wedded him was beyond me. It didn’t bug me. I came to work and could easily explain even when he appeared. We settled to work. I worked vigorously so that I could finish and still had time with my buddies in the club drinking away. But it was not to be. Time ticked by and before I knew it was past midnight and well into Sunday. Still no sight of her husband. I was worried what he would think me alone with his wife at that hour when he returned! I said to her it was best I leave and carried on later the day. Besides I was dead sleepy too. She grinned and said I could nap in the guest room so I didn’t need to take the trip home. It was a shock to hear that from her. I asked her, “Then what about when your husband came to know?” Seeing me astonished she allayed my fear saying he was away overseas on a work trip for a month. He left 2 days back. I sensed maybe the call she received at 10 pm was her husband demanding her back for you know what purpose! I was much at ease but still cautious as to how to behave. I wasn’t worry any more. I dozed off on the bed unwashed in my clothes. I woke up earlier and went looking for her. She was in bed. The bedroom wasn’t lock which surprised me. She had confident I won’t violate her? It was mysteriously decked out. I saw leather straps, chains and squeaky objects hung round the bed. Could she and husband into BDSM? Then I recollected how she at times put on dark glasses, facial bruises and walked in a limp. Often dressed in pantsuits. I noticed her nighties rolled up and saw bruises and scars on her thighs and wrists. It was beyond any doubt they were into BDSM. Her husband looked that type of character. Whether she was a willing partner I could not say for sure. Her staying away from home each night till the phone rang could tell a story. Rather than speculate it was best to hear from the mare’s mouth. I better not get involved in her affairs no matter how intrigues. I didn’t wake her and continued to work on the tender. She woke up in the afternoon, stretching up her hands as she walked out of her bedroom. She apologized for her disheveled look. First time I heard she was so mellow and apologetic! What a change! Only if she was like that in the office, I thought she would be an angelic boss. The few hours with her made me wonder if her husband could be the cause of her obnoxious character. The work had not completed and it looked like another long night. As if to simmer me down, she said the tender submission date was another 3 weeks. She was confident we could make it well in time. So relaxed she suggested to me. We had a break from work and sipped coffee for a chat. She wore a T-shirt, braless as I could see her nipples clanged to the T-shirt and hot pants exposing the bruises on her. I asked her what caused them. She led me to her bedroom and said her husband was into BDSM and she had to participate if not he threw tantrum and beat her up with the straps after chaining her up. She sobbed, “He is a b**st. He was loving but changed after he became impotent and Viagra didn’t help at all. So he let out his frustration on me. I endured that for many years and remained celibate for many years. I myself have womanly wants and needs. In my pent up tensions I evolved into my distasteful obnoxious character you all in the office have to endure.” I didn’t expect her to open up to me with her sufferings. I was wrong to judge her so harshly without understand her circumstances. I wanted to accompany her to seek medical treatment but she was worried it became a police case. I came to a logical stop and took leave saying I would be back shortly to continue working on the tender. I went to a pharmacy and bought some antiseptic cream and dressing to apply on her wounds. I told her to take a shower. I closed the door and let her showered herself. After shower she shouted, “I am done,” and came out wrapped in a towel.As if she didn’t mind being in the nude, she dropped the towel and sat on the couch. For a brief moments I had an eyeful of her body. I was aroused seeing her naked body. My cock surged erect with a bulge in the pants which she obviously saw. I then looked at her. She grinned and smiled as I told her, “I clean the bruises and then apply cream over them.” After attending to her wounds, I told her to lie down and rest while I continue the work. She was appreciative that I took the trouble to ease her pains saying, “Only wish my husband is so caring.”She smiled, about the first time I saw her smiled. Without thinking I wrapped the towel on her. I took her hand and led her to her bedroom. I made sure she was comfortable before I went out closing the door. Then I worked on the document. After a while I heard her calling me. To be sure I went to the bedroom. Indeed she called me. She had a blanket over her, looking in pain. I asked what the matter was. She lifted the blanket off. I staggered on seeing her completely naked. A sorrowful sight. Her body was bruised and patchy skin round her bosom, waist, thighs and groin. At first I thought only her hands and legs but seeing her naked closely I knew it was much serious. That sadist b**st must have tortured her to inflict such wounds on her body. I gasped at the sight and regain composure to walk to her bedside. I couldn’t believe her husband could torment her so violently because of his impotency to perform in bed. How inconsiderate a man he was. The fact she let me see her nakedness showed she had trust and faith in me not to take advantage of her. I told her she was more serious than I initially thought. She must go to hospital I advised. But she was adamant not to go. I took the antiseptic cream I bought and applied over her body. She growled in pain as I rubbed the cream into the skin. I tried to be gentle, looking at her reaction as I applied. I couldn’t hide my fascination on her full-figure, well proportional body. I only touched her body where the wounds were to apply the cream though I was aroused seeing her naked. Though in such poor state, she still looked beautiful. I guessed she noticed my budging crotch! How not to since we were in close proximity and she naked? I guessed she wasn’t shy or embarrassed I was eyeing her. After applying the cream I covered her with the blanket and quickly left the room. Otherwise my erotic feeling could go wild and hard to control. After she had rested, she came out of her room in a skimpy short dress and slumped onto the couch watching me at work. She shifted her herself, quite obvious underneath she had panties on but wore no bra. I turned , looked at her, “How to you feel now. Better? Was the cream effective in soothing the pain.” She replied, “Body pain much relieved but there was another pain which was difficult to heal.” I stopped work and we chatted. She was surprised I didn’t ask her further personal questions, only listened to what she said. All of a sudden I was nervous about being in the house alone with Mrs. Lou but at the same time found it to be strangely exciting. “Are you surprised I stick with my husband despite the torment he inflicted on me for so many years.” I replied, “It is not right for me to indulge in your private affairs since I hardly know you personally. Besides you were so aloof I might offend you instead and we couldn’t carry on as friends.” She laughed it off saying, “I must have scare you since I always so demanding on you. On work matter I trust you the most as you pursue work diligently for the good of the company and you don’t take advantage of others.” I was surprised she observed me so critically. I was glad I won her trust. She admitted sensing me aroused on seeing her nude body but yet refrain from violating her not even touching her. Jokingly I replied, “Maybe I am impotent or a gay.” Without a loss of words, she said, “I saw a bulge in your pants so how you explain that?” I sheepishly said, “Oh…Mrs. Lou…I beg your pardon. I couldn’t control myself. You’re so alluring beautiful. I did leered at you,” as she tickled my chest.I yelled, “Oooo…Ouhh…Stop please so ticklish.””You so lecherous, grew a bulge eyeing at me. Must punish you.”I uttered, “Oh…No…I plead guilty I was lusting at you. Please forgive me.”I caught her in my embrace. She was not surprised the less I hugged her and didn’t lift herself off my embrace. Instead she glanced at me and moved her face closer to mine. I knew I shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get fresh with her. My lips glided on hers. She opened her mouth and my tongue snaked in and found her tongue. Our lips locked tightly and our tongues lingered to taste each other. I drew her tightly to embrace her and she nested on my chest as we kissed longingly.”You know Mark I think that it is time that we got to know each other better,” Mrs. Lou said.”I know you have been looking at my cock ever since I got here. I think that you should have a closer look,” I said feeling in total command.”Mark, not denying, I have an urge to see what you have. Seeing your bulge excite me. After all I am a woman in my prime neglected sexually by my husband.”She took on a proactive role, ventured a step further with her hands moved to my bulge and unzipped the fly of my pants revealed my underwear. She then slipped her hand into my underwear and pulled out my cock. I was taken by surprise she literally wanted me to go along in a sexual engagement without saying much. She let her actions took the lead. Then she nodded her head and said, “Pre-cum provide the evidence you are leeching at me. Try to cover. Ah…” I asked “Did cock frightened you?””Wow…Such majestic cock. Mark I am swoon over. My thumb and fingers can’t touch while holding your cock. I guess 12 inches long, girth of 7 inches circumference. I never see such huge cock!””You love my cock? Shock by its size?””Ohhh…Really..Scary….Not at all…I felt flattered.. For so long I had yet to feel a real magnificent cock….I will be most happy when I can take cock in……..,” without completing her sentence. Her face blushed red and I could guess what she wanted to say. From her actions and words I knew she was glad I felt for her to have full erection. She smiled gingerly looking at me. I sensed she wanted me to say something romantic. I was dumbstruck. I gamely took her hands, looked into her eyes and as she closed her eyes I placed my lips on hers. Instantly she hugged me tight and locked her lips on mine, ducked her tongue to lick with mine. She didn’t say a word but knew what I want us to be.I didn’t know how all these would lead to, most puzzled she did what she had done. To play safe till I know for sure, I make a move to pull up my underwear and zip my pants. She was quick to stop me and pulled my pants and underwear down again. At that moment, she was playful and flirting. She fondled and rubbed my cock. I did have a feeling for her on seeing her predicament. I knew she needed a man to comfort her. Here I was in her presence. I could be that man for her as my mind hesitated to take an appropriate front to give her an answer. I conjectured she was a willing partner and it was no harm to extend my arms to catch her and enveloped her in an embrace. She was all contented snuggling in my chest. I looked at her and lowered my lips on hers. She closed her eyes as I ducked my tongue in her mouth and licked hers. We kissed long, lingering and passionate. I couldn’t believe I could tame the shrew and had her in my arms kissing and hugging. She let out a scream, “Ohhh…Oooo…My…pain,” as I hugged her tight accidently rubbed her wounds. I wanted to be sure it was not a flash in the pan she cozy up to me. My hands moved over her body, fondled and groped her in an erotic manner. She didn’t reprimand or pushed me off. I took it she was more than ready to have a sexual encounter with me. I was emboldened, ran my hands up under her dress and grabbed her big tits. She didn’t protest when I fondled her naked breasts. Even though her tits were big they were firm and I liked holding them in my hands. I twirled her nipples which hardened in my fingers and they seemed as long as the tip of my little finger. I dropped one hand to pull her dress up her legs. My hand ran along the bare skin until I reached her panty covered pussy. I found her panties soaked wet and slipped my finger under the elastic into her pussy. I knew she was aroused horny and ready for sex with me without question. She groaned into my mouth kissed me when my finger entered her pussy and she mumbled something. We broke our kiss and I whispered, “What did you say?”In reply she said, “Take my pendik escort panties off!”I took a hold of the waistband and pulled down over her buttocks and off her hips. She raised her body making it easier for me to slip them off of her. I snuffed the panties aroma. Then tossed the panties on the couch and put my fingers back in her pussy. I finger fucked her pussy as she maneuvered her body so that my fingers were rubbing her G-spot.”That’s it keep your fingers there. Now rub my clitoris too. Oh yeah, like that, you got it,” she blurted out.I kept rubbing the soft flesh in her vagina with my fingers and her clitoris with my thumb. Her body quivered involuntarily out of control as she humped her hand racing toward her orgasm. I was now totally caught up with her sexuality. She moaned, groaned and humped her way to her climax and when it hit, it rocked her body. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her as she yelled for me to hold her. With my arm wrapped around her and buried my face in her tits, I began sucking on her nipples as I continued to finger her pussy.Her body gyrated frantically as I held on as tightly. My hand was drenched with her orgasmic juices and the smell of sex was in the air. She slowly recovered from her intense orgasm and as she did she kissed me.Then she had nothing beneath the short dress. She groaned and moaned as my hands continued to knead her nipples and placed my mouth over the dress sucked them.”That was wonderful. Now it’s your turn,” she said smuttily. I lifted her dress over her head. She stood naked, I pushed her to her knees. “Take it out, you know you want to feel my cock,” I smackingly said. As if she was in a trance, Mrs. Lou did accordingly. I was already hard in anticipation of having sex with my lady boss.She wasn’t shy with me, as she proceeded to undress me. First she took off my shirt. Then reached for my belt buckle, pulled down the fly of my pant, unbuckled the belt and pulled down my pants. I stood with underwear looked at her. With both of her hands on the waist band she pulled down my underwear.My erected cock got caught in the waistband momentarily and then it sprung out loose 12 inches cock stood at attention. Mrs. Lou gasped when she saw the big cock in front of her face. “The biggest cock that I ever seen and it looked menacing to me.” She just stared at the cock in front of her.We both stared at each other nakedness with a hint of excitement. Behold she is a beauty. A full hour glass figure with curves and bulges I estimated 37D-23-38. I hugged her, both my hands placed on her bum’s cheeks and massaged her soft fleshy protruding bums. My cock fully erected and stood directly in her face. She grabbed him, stroke up and down as she sucked with one hand holding my scrotum.”Wow. Real marvelous piece of manhood. You have a nice big cock and I am going to enjoy sucking it,” Mrs. Lou said in a very sultry tone.I was speechless as I watched her lowered her head and engulfed my cock in her mouth. She opened her mouth wide to receive my cock, bobbed her head up and down on the stiff shaft taking about half of it in her mouth, was unable to take all of cock in her mouth. I gasped as she closed her lips around it and then began to suck slurpingly. She deep throated me and swallowed my cock deep to her throat. No one had ever sucked my cock that deep before and I almost gone hysterical at that moment. She continued to suck my cock and swirled her tongue around and nibbled the forehead drove me bonkers. She sensed that I was close to blowing my load and she cupped my balls and massaged them as she tightened her mouth around my cock.”I like the soft feel of the forehead rubbing against the roof of my mouth as I sucked the thick cock.” “Oh…Oooo…Sensational feeling Mrs. Lou.”During all that time I had became so hard that I desperately wanted to go to the bathroom and wanked as I was about to ejaculate anytime. I was very turned on and knew that would not last long since it had been a while since I had been thinking about having sex. My ball sac tighten and the pressure build in scrotum. She stroked my cock, licking sensually. That did it and my cum travel from my scrotum as I started to eject.”Oh shit, here I’m cumming,” I screamed .Then without warning ejaculated into her mouth with such force that it startled her.Mrs. Lou tried to pull her head off my cock but I held her head tightly as jets of cum shot into her mouth, hit the back of her throat and before she could react, a second round shot into her mouth. She stayed glue to my cock and swallowed every drop of my sperm as it rushed into her mouth. As she had no choice, swallowed the semen as quickly as she could, as I kept shooting cum into her mouth and she quickly learned to use her tongue to block the discharging cock before swallowing the semen. I ejected sending one spurt straight on her face she quickly pulled my cock to her mouth and swallowed my sperm as spurt after spurt hit her throat. I ejected in huge volume and she swallowed quickly to keep sperm from running out of her mouth. I could not believe how she worked my cock and swallowed every drop. I had never expected a blow job much less have her swallow my sperm. She was pleased with my virile discharge. I shot quite a load into her mouth.Mrs. Lou. continued to swallow till I stopped ejecting with lots spilled out to her chin and bosom. “It had been a long time I tasted semen. Taste delicious. Thick and salty. But what a waste when should be into my pus.. without completing.””Oh yeah I fully agree your mouth between your thighs is an appropriate receptacle for my semen.””Oh………we so telepathically match in thought……we are a perfect pair…,” she rejoined. My cock and balls were cum covered when Mrs. Lou finally removed my cock from her mouth. She stared at the imposing cock that had just ejaculated in her mouth and it was still as hard as steel. My hands on her pulling her to her feet and then kissed her deeply. Mrs. Lou was surprised that I would kiss her after she sucked my cock but I wasn’t concerned about the traces of semen in her mouth. We smooched for a length of time, aroused her to a stage I then said, “You love what we have been doing?””Yes I want more. Can I have the pleasure?””Sure. At your command.”Then Mrs. Lou gamely held my hand and whispered softly, “To my bed.”Mrs. Lou walked ahead. As she ascended the stairs I watched her marvelous bums, walked into her bedroom with me right behind her and then she turned to face me. I stepped up to her and kissed her driving my tongue into her mouth.She hugged me and cheerfully said, “Had not been kissed that passionately in a very long time.””Mrs. Lou I promise the going will blow you off.””Make my day Mark.”I ogled at her and complimented, “You have nice breasts Mrs. Lou. I liked what I see,” salivating and licked my lips. “You’re a lecher. I love your frankness,” Mrs. Lou instinctively covered her breasts with her hands, as if she was shy. I pulled off her hands and playfully said, “I will make you a complete woman Mrs. Lou”I hugged and kissed her, massaged her neck and shoulders gently to relax her muscles. My hands encircled her waist and kissed her neck, made her trembled and goose bumps covered her skin, hands moved upwards and cupped her breasts. I fondled them gently and toyed with her erect nipples. Her body quivered. A telling sign she was enjoying my smooching. I then dropped to my knees, hands stretched behind her. Then I lovingly placed kisses on each of her ass cheeks, tongue tickled her crack. Mrs. Lou gasped aloud, “Oooo…Ohhh..Ummmmhhh….Ouiii..Ahhh….,” when the tongue slid over her crack and she sensed that I was experienced beyond my years, realized then that she was no match for my seductive powers. I turned her around to face me, touched her groin and probed her pussy gently with my fingers.Mrs. Lou’s pussy was sopping wet by now and was thrilled when I moved in closer to lick her pussy, groaned and shivered as my tongue danced over her labia and then she trembled violently when the tongue licked her clitoris. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and quickly located her G-spot, massaged and nibbled on her clitoris simultaneously. She grasped my head and held tightly as her juices dripped into my mouth. Her orgasm was so intense and she seemed to cum for minutes. Then I stood up and she saw my face coated with her love juice, giggled said “Wow….Ohhhh…you have facial cream of a loving kind….” I kissed her again and she told me, “Delicious taste. For the first time in my life tasted my own juices.””This won’t be the last if you love the taste.”I was delighted. I couldn’t imagine I was in bed with my lady boss so eagerly submissive to me. On the bed, Mrs. Lou sucked and nibbled and teased me to no end. She sucked me clean. Finally I begged her to stop for me to rest and recover. She sat next to me and turned my face toward hers. She kissed me deeply plunging her tongue into my mouth allowing me to sample the after taste of sperm. I reached for her and took her in my arms, fondled her tits, thighs and ass as we kissed. I could feel myself getting erect again as we cuddled, petted and kissed. She stroked my cock until I was hard again.She went on sucking my cock and before long stood erecting hard again. Her very nude sight was arousing and her sucking was mind blowing. I pulled her off my dick as I didn’t want to eject again so soon. I pulled her up and started kissing her, tongues intertwined; enjoying sucking each other’s tongues. Then parting mouth, I moved mine to suck her tits first one then the other till her nipples stiffened. She was in ecstasy and pressed my mouth hard onto her nipples with both her hands and was moaning loudly, “Oooo…Wowowo…Umhhh….so sensual …pleasurable sensation….”I sucked her nipples on dark areolas, ran my lip over them with a slurping sound. She laughed heartedly hummed, “No milk today. We felt it both at once, the start of our romance….”I interjected, “I wish milk flow from your nipples. I have a thirst for you Maylene. I need to be quenched.””Oh…my…Mark…..If I read you correctly I will in time to come take up the challenge with you hopefully…Frankly speaking I am love struck already with you…You swooned me.”She suddenly tensed up and quivered. I knew she was going to climax; I squeezed her tits, sucked and nibbled them drove her insane. She started to push me away, so that she could stop quivering to catch her breath. She then put her head down on the bed and closed her eyes relaxed. I shifted her legs and saw a big wet patch on the bed sheets where her pussy was and looked at her. She still had her eyes closed smiling.After rested she told me her married life, “My husband is a pervert. He ill-treat me. He made me sucked his cock and when he couldn’t erect, banged my head. I sucked long and hard but to no avail. That was how I am such a good cock sucker if you notice.””Yes I feel so aroused when you did a blowjob on me. I didn’t expect we can be so intimate in such short time. You were such a shrew in the office especially to me. Now you make me so thrilled.””Maybe you didn’t notice I took a fancy on you. I was harsh on you lest staff noticed my inner feeling for you. And because I want you to be around me more, the reason I loaded you with work so you don’t have time for other activities like dating girls. You’re handsome with a trim physique most girls will want you. I had a feeling of jealousy when you were in company of girls. I can’t explain my behavior.””Oh if I knew better you had eyes on me then I won’t have such a bad impression why you took offence on me so often. But then you’re a married woman. I can’t have design on you. You’re beautiful Mrs. Lou I can’t deny. You aroused me no woman had. But can we further our relationship of man-woman intimacy though now we’re cozying so naturally?””I can’t go on with my pervert husband. What should I do?””Calm down Mrs. Lou. It is possible to find a solution to your suffering. Let me work out for you.””Mark, to tell you the truth, whenever I cast my eyes on you I found comfort.””Mrs. Lou if only I can move closer to you…..””What stop you?” as she leant over closer and kissed me.Then she looked at me with sparkling eyes said, “Call me Maylene please.”I knew I was getting what I didn’t expect. She wanted me to move into her life and I was eager she be my girlfriend too. I embraced her and we kissed passionately. We are moving closer to a carnal relationship.I had a close look at her body. She had bruises all over her body, including her private parts. Her breasts swelled and nipples swollen red, probably clamped with a clip. I cupped her breasts gently kneading at her nipples making them hardened with massaging. I gently caressed them, careful not to cause pain, and slowly ran my hands to her groin. I spread wide her legs seeing her labia bruised and pussy swollen red too. My fingers on her pussy lips and as I pushed inside she gave a loud moan, “Ouiii…Ooooo…Ohhh…pain…”. I kept one finger inserted in her pussy, entering her pussy one finger at a time in a rhythmic motion. She was wriggling dripping wet, moaning softly, spread-eagled giving me access to her wet pussy ready for sexual intercourse. I blew air on her pussy lips and she shuddered. I parted her legs wider to gain access to her pussy placing my mouth on her pussy lips. I spread her pussy lips and blew air inside, she gasped delightfully. I lifted my head to see her face and I saw that she was biting her lower lip with her eyes closed enjoying the sensual pleasure. I went back to her pussy and licked her outer lips. She gasped quivering. My tongue licked her inner pussy lips as she twitched and tossed her body about to a climax. I jabbed my tongue right inside her pussy. I went on flicking inside her wet pussy till I was out of breadth and stopped for breath. All the while she was giggling and moaning. I continued for a few more minutes and then down to the folds of her pussy lips and her clitoris. I went on licking her clitoris and was enjoying when I heard a loud screeching scream. She was quivering with legs thrashing. I took care to finger her clitoris and labia, giving her relief by arousing her sexual urge. Then I bend down and perform cunnilingus on her. I felt she was enjoying, twitting her body slightly at first then as I licked deeply she quivered wildly closing her thighs on my head. I wanted to make her get back her womanly composition, completely satisfying her wants and needs her sadist husband couldn’t give her for years. I saw her sore pussy and lamented how he abused her there. She sobbed and uttered, “That sadist bastard abused me using huge dildo while my hands and legs tied to the four corners of the bed.” “The tears on the pussy walls were horrendous. How could he torture you to satisfy his own sexual perversion? It must be painful.” I spat saliva onto the injured areas, licked her labia and pussy lavishly till my jaws ached. She had multiple climaxes which had eluded her for ages. She was thoroughly wet and sticky with pussy juice well lubricated ready for sexual intercourse. My cock already stiffed ready for penetration but I held back. I couldn’t torment her further. I fondled, fingered, licked and petted her to release her pent up sexual tensions. She wriggled and muttered, “Oooo…Ouummm…mmmm…give me pleasure and make me a complete satisfying woman again.” I must have stimulated her to insane that she wanted me to penetrate her despite feeling sore in her pussy. That showed how starved she was for sex. I continued to pet her. Hopefully I could ease her carnal craving without inserting my cock. Instead I realized she got more aroused. I made her lay on her back, leered at her and smiled as I knew I had her and she would be mine for the taking. She was ready to be fucked and she needed my big dick to slide in and out of her and rub her clitoris. She grabbed my cock, pulled it to her wet pussy. I made my move, knelt between her legs, climbed between her spread thighs. My fully erected cock on the prowl ready for the job as I hovered above her hips. I held cock and lined up the swollen forehead with the entrance to her pussy. I humped slowly in and out of her pussy to gain entry. I pushed forward slightly allowing her tight cunt lips to open up for my majestic cock. I would push in a little and then pull out a little slowly working my cock into her vagina. My cock forehead slipped in a little. Seeing her face grimaced, I withheld penetrating further, staying copulated at her entrance, hugging and kissing her.I was thrusting in when she screamed in pain, “Ohhh…Ouiii…pain..It’s hurting me….No…No…Pussy can’t take cock.” I couldn’t bear to see her in excruciating pain so I subsequently pulled out completely. Her internal must be ruptured badly with the huge dildo wielded by her husband to abuse her sexually. I dismounted and looked at her pussy. It was red and bruised. Then I realized the torment she had suffered.I hugged Mrs. Lou and said, “Sorry. I don’t mean to hurt you if I knew pussy escort pendik was badly bruised. I mustn’t rammed like a bull.”She shrieked in pain, “Wowowo…Oooo…Ohhh….no…pain.” “What a pervert he is! You suffered a lot. Must get away from him. I will encourage you to divorce him. Let me replace him in your life.”I comforted her as she sobbed loudly, “Can you feel I have availed myself to you? I am practically yours. So frustrated we cannot consummate.” “Darling Maylene, I want you too very much.” In order to soothe her urge and tempered her craving, we carried on petting. She pulled my head onto her groin. I licked her while she wrapped her legs around my head making me difficulty to breath. I tried to get her legs loosened off me. All the while I licked her clitoris and labia she gripped tighter nudging her groin at my mouth. When I felt her grip loosening, I quickly pushed her legs apart and pulled myself out from her grip and took a very deep breath, till I was breathing became normal. During this entire romp I asked her if she enjoyed. She said, “With the real cock inside pussy would be best.” I knew she was grudging we couldn’t consummate.She grinned with a very naughty smile on her face said, “Mark I want you be with me.””I will get rid of the b**st from ever hurting you again.” I hugged and kissed her longingly. She experienced orgasm even though we have stopped copulating. We continued to caress each other and I rubbed her clitoris. As she was talking to me she squeezed my scrotum and cock. All this while she caressed and fondled my cock, she put her other hand around my head and started kissing me. I put my hand on her pubic hair and massaged her mound and genital lips. She moaned louder, “Oooo…my…my…Ouuhhh…Hoho….,” when I parted her labia and inserted my middle finger inside and doing circular motion. I inserted first with one finger than tried pushing two fingers inside. Though wet I felt it was very tight and she screamed in pain. I hurt the inside wounds and quickly withdrew my finger. In pain she grabbed me. After the pain subsided she pulled my foreskin down and wanked me with her hand till I was rock hard. I didn’t want to cum in her hands and pulled her hand away from my cock. As our sexual desire wore off, we lay with hands over each other and talked concentrating on her husband. She said, “He had some incriminating photos of me engaged in sex which he had threatened to expose if ever I disobey him. Once he suggested I and his gay partner had sex while he watched. I didn’t agreed and thought that was that. He schemed a despicable act by putting sleeping pills in my drink. When I was knocked out, his gay partner ****d and sodomized me. Luckily I didn’t contract HIV. He recorded all the actions in camera. He used that to make me obedience to him.” I said, “You must not let him control you. You must divorce him to prevent further abuse. You shouldn’t be so naive and just take all the insults. He would be charged for extortion, blackmail and sexual harassment should the divorce goes to court hearing. All the while I thought you were a very strong character lady and would not succumb to threats. Your fear only showed to him your weakness spots he could take advantage and cowed by him.” She was a pitiful lady. She was not that bad a lady, only driven by circumstances beyond her control that put her on her nerves. I was glad she confided in me and I gallantly took on the extra effort to do this tender project with her. I hugged her close. Looking at her closely, I began to have emotional feelings for her. Indeed I found her enchanting despite all her yelling at me in the office. That I understood her dire situation drew me closer to her. Maybe she had no one to turn to, drew her to despair and inflicted everyone to submission to her. We lay on the bed molly coddling. Our hands caressing and fondling each other. We talked about our present relationship, still very much a superior and subordinate. I said, “It was too early how we end up. We had yet to know and understand each other well. On the surface we made an ideal couple, hopefully we could further our relationship. Have you consider about divorcing your husband. He wasn’t worth anything to you. A gay and a pervert who gratified himself by abusing you. He didn’t consider you as his wife and let another man had sexual intercourse with you.” She revealed more of his deviant acts, “He forced me to perform deviant sex on him. He got a strap-on cock for me to wear and insert it into his anus. It was a daily affair that made me so disgusting. Those sex gadgets came in various sizes. He used the large dildo on me to cause such damage in my internal pussy walls.””You must not delay to seek medical treatment. I will accompany you. Mrs. Lou you must not procrastinate.” I took her hands and asked, “You want me to call you Maylene?’ It was the first time I addressed her by name instead of Mrs. Lou. She jostled and replied staring hard at me, “Call me Mrs. Lou in public until my divorce but in private call me short and sweet Maylene. OK?’ I got a positive answer she would file for divorce. Finally I had won her over. I hugged her and said “Yes my Darling Maylene.” Hugging me tight she whispered, “Were you thinking what I was thinking?” Without missing a beat, I summoned enough courage to say, “I want to remove the pervert and take his place”. We bantered in cheery mood. I was sure we have found love with each other in that short span of time together. Time to get back to serious working on the tender. I quipped clothed or stayed unclothed. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her! So it was obvious we worked in the nude. My first experience, so was hers.It was late we stopped work and packed up. I wanted to go home shower, take a nap, put on new clothes before going to office.She asked me in a loving tone, “Stay over the night with me and go home an hour before office start for a change of clothes.”I said, “Bright idea so I could be with you longer! I don’t think we can sleep much! Do we make an ideal pair?””I know I like or even love you. But I don’t know what design you have on me. Lusting me? You never tell me.”I took her hands, looked into her eyes and said, “Darling Maylene, be my girlfriend, my woman. I love you more than like you.””Try to outdone me. I want to tickle you.”We both fell on her bed. We smooched and talked the night away. Caught a few hours of sleep. Time flew and it was Monday early morning. She looked at me tenderly held my hand and said, “I go to a lawyer office to file for divorce today.” “I bring you for medical treatment on your injuries,” I added. Her pussy was so extensively ruptured to the cervix that she was hospitalized for a week. If she had delayed treatment then serious infection would set in and major surgery might be required. After discharged, doctor advised no sex for a month to heal completely. We needed to abide for her good; heavy petting wasn’t satisfactory to relieve her sexual drive! My finger was a substitute at best for the time. I worked extra hard on the tender document. It was an impetus from the good vibe we enjoyed together. Affection drove up our energy. It was good feeling engulfing us. I wanted to finish quickly the tender, got it reviewed, revised and approved before submission. Then we would have more time together enjoying our private lives. Our effort was rewarded; the tender was accepted and given the project. The divorce paper was served on her husband who threatened to expose the photos if she proceeded. She for once stood up and challenged him to do so. The lawyer advised her to go to court to charge him for harassment and blackmail. With the medical records and evidence she had the chance to win. In the acrimonious divorce, details of his horrendous behavior were presented and he had no way to contest when faced with evidence produced in court. His face flushed as she recounted her nightly torment. Then he succumbed suddenly and agreed to divorce and settled out of court to prevent further leak out of his pervert acts and to protect his own reputation. In agreeing not to go to court he compensated her with the matrimony home, car and half his bank account. For her safety she applied for a restraining order against him and for all photos and videos he took of her in his possession used to blackmail her. The court granted a Decree Nisi and subsequently a Degree Absolute to finalize the divorce ending her marriage. She was in happy mood and I guess I had played a great part in waking her to see her future in a new relationship. In the office we had to put up a pretense. She continued her obnoxious shrew characters so no one was suspicious of us. In private she said, “It hurt me to torture you!” I said teasingly, “So make it up to me in private. Then I forgive you”. She smilingly said, “You will beg for mercy when I lay myself onto you!” I never could imagine what change a few months could make to our relationship. Then I feared her authority. Not anymore. Since I understood her life better, I practically adored her. If only we could endure being together in a long term relationship. But there were other consideration to worry. Why worried when the goings were exciting. Hope for the best! I still worked late at night. She too. On some days she left office on the dot to cook and would called me over to her home for dinner. After the meal, a glass of wine in the hand we sat on the couch relaxing with soft romantic background music playing. She leaned on me sipping wine while I fondled her body, slowly removed her clothes. I stripped then carried her to shower. It was fun time soaping rubbing each other. I cast my eyes on her curvy body, buxom bosom, narrow waist, nice broad hips and protruding fleshy bums. A beauty to behold and hold. The scar and bruises had healed with some traces which would take some time to fade away. In every view, she was a beauty and I didn’t miss telling her ever so often I hugged and kissed her. Seeing her in the nude I got aroused and horny. I rubbed cock along her thighs, extended to her groin as I soaped her body. I was so tempted to take her there and then but withheld as I thought her bruises yet to heal completely for penetration.She guessed me rightly and said, “Pussy have almost healed. She can receive cock. You can shaft cock in pussy slowly. I had waited long for us to consummate.”She rubbed my cock and sent cock shooting loads of sperm in no time.”Cock stored such voluminous semen in the scrotum. So wasteful, pussy didn’t receive it.””When the bruises healed completely, your lower mouth pussy will have plentiful semen. Now your upper mouth can drink it. Where you prefer cock to dump semen?””All depend on situation. Of course pussy the choice. When those monthly period come then in mouth. I can satisfy your craving every day of the year.””I love you darling being so considerate.””Being my man I will take good care of your needs as you take care of mine. I count my blessings I have you.” We continued to chat merrily, hugged and smooched each other. After the shower, I carried her to the bed. I was gentle though the doctor advice to abstain from sexual intercourse had long lapsed. She had strong sexual drive to make love. I spent long time fore-played her to a steamy libido. I ran my palms along the whole length of her body, kissing as I stroke and massaged her buxom breasts with one hand and suckling the nipples alternating with my mouth. My other hand slipped to her belly button and downward to her groin playing with her bushy hair, labia and her pussy. A marvel sight to behold. My lips gradually moved down belly button, waist, hips, and pubic hair, licking lavishly on her clitoris, labia and dug my tongue into her pussy sending her to twitching movements. My face turned to her spread thighs as I got into 69 position with cock at her face.”Ohhhh..that’s great. I love cunnilingus,” as she put cock in her mouth while I simultaneously licked at her pussy.”Pussy has sweet aroma I love,” as I sucked with slurping sound. “Cock taste marvelous. A salty taste……….Ooooo……….Umm…”We spent quality time licked at each other’s genitals.She exhausted muttered, “I love how you bring me sensations running through my body. I never had that good feeling from a man. My previous men before the pervert husband, whom I found lacking, didn’t give me what I as a woman want and need. They merely wanted sex and one-night-stand with me. I was so stupid to believe their words they loved me. I was naive to believe their sweet words so I went to bed with them. After they fucked me they simply disappear. I was so pathetic in pursue of love. Now with you will it be another failure and let down? Am I a slut in soliciting you?””I love your frankness with me darling. Believe me. I will never leave you. I will give you all the wants and needs you so wanted. You’re my love forever.””Oh my darling you’re so loving, tender and caring. You’re the man I want. I’m glad you want me too despite my past.””Darling everyone experience mistakes. We learn from mistakes to improve ourselves. All that matter is we are a loving couple now.”We continued to heavy petting to set the stage for sexual intercourse. She had multiple climaxes, wriggling spontaneously as I finger fucked her pussy. She screamed excitedly, “Ooooo…Ummmhhh…Wowowowo…Ouch….let’s match make cock and pussy,” pulling me up with my erected cock positioned at her pussy entrance. “Wait. I don’t have a condom.””Fuck me bare back. I desire flesh to flesh touch.””Not scare I plant a baby in your womb and the world know?””I am prepare to be mother. Don’t you want to be a father?””I think it is not time yet. But I’ll be responsible.””Fuck me well and good!”I lay between her spread-eagled legs, my erected cock eagerly found her pussy. I humped gently, pushing it in slowly, staying inside her for a few seconds and then withdrawing it gradually up to my forehead, motionless for a few seconds and then slowly inserting inside her. I rocked in and out with regular motion. I wanted her pussy to accommodate comfortably my cock. She began to move and then I fucked her using long slow hard strokes. Mrs. Lou locked her legs around my ass and pulled me into her. I began to fuck her harder and faster and she felt another orgasm on its way. She was at the mercy of my impressive organ as it pounded her pussy.Finally my cock was buried deep in her and Mrs. Lou sighed feeling completely full and afraid to move. This was a new sensation for her to be this full as my cock touched areas within her for the first time. I lodged my cock deep inside her pussy waiting for her to start fucking me. She was so hot and she squeezed my cock in her tight pussy. I fucked her through one orgasm after another before I filled her pussy with semen. My orgasm was as intense as hers as our bodies locked together and we moaned and groaned loudly. As I ejected load after load of sperm into her pussy, Mrs. Lou felt the hot semen yelled, “Oooo…My…my…Goodess.. fill my womb…Oooo…Ummmhhh…Wewewe….could still taste sperm in my mouth and now had sperm splashed in my pussy too….What great sensation..stay locked in me for a long time….” After a lengthy period conjoining, Mrs. Lou could feel cock softening but even then it still filled her pussy. As cock slipped out of pussy, I slowly lifted off her body. Mrs. Lou felt the void in her pussy as my cock disengaged and she gasped, “So sensual feeling surged in my whole body I never felt before,” as the cool air surrounded her exposed pussy. I rolled Mrs. Lou over on her stomach and looked at her buxom ass and could not resist running my hands over her fleshy cheeks. Her ass was so round and so shapely that I felt my loins stir with desire. I got to my knees behind her and kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks. I then began to kiss her ass cheeks and run my tongue lightly in the crack of her ass. Mrs. Lou wiggled her ass feeling very wicked as I tongued and kissed her. No one had ever done that to her and the feeling was incredibly naughty. Mrs. Lou felt that she was being made love to for the first time in her life.”I’m going to give you a massage now,” I whispered.Mrs. Lou just nodded her head accepting the offer. I then began to work on her shoulders and neck. Mrs. Lou cooed as I massaged her body. I worked my way down from her neck and shoulders to her lower back. Then I purposely bypassed her buttocks and moved to her calves, massaged her calves and then moved to her thighs where I spent a long time. Mrs. Lou could feel her body heating up again even though she didn’t think that she was capable of another orgasm. I then moved my hands to Mrs. Lou ‘s shapely fleshy ass and molded the soft globes in my hands.I liked the look and feel of Mrs. Lou ‘s ass and I thought about trying to fuck her in her ass but then decided against it. I would have plenty of time to try and take her ass. I was sure that she had never been butt fucked and didn’t want to scare her away. Instead I lifted Mrs. Lou to her knees and slipped my cock back in her pussy and fucked pendik escort bayan her doggy style. Mrs. Lou turned her head to the side and groaned when my big cock filled her. I fucked her in the doggy style position and caressed Mrs. Lou’s curvy ass. I sensed that Mrs. Lou was getting hot again so pulled out of her pussy and turned her over on her back. Then I positioned between her legs and fed my cock into her pussy again. It had been awhile since Mrs. Lou had a real cock in her and I filled her completely. Every fiber of her vagina tingled as the big dick made its way in. She was enjoying it so much that moment self satisfaction seemed more important than anything.”Oh yes, oh it feels so good, oh, oh, fuck me, yes fuck”, Mrs. Lou cried as she was close to another orgasm. As she exclaimed in pleasure, “Ooooo….Oohhh…Ummm…Ouch…wowowo…,” my strokes became quicker and she started meeting my strokes coming into her. She was so lubricated wet that my cock popped out of her pussy with a pop sound as I pulled out to my forehead. She glared at me exclaimed, “Oooo…wonderful…slight pain…more pleasure…sensation..,” as I galloped in and she resumed all over again getting the rhythm back. I was pleased pussy had recovered sufficiently to enjoy the pleasure she wanted and needed and didn’t feel that much pain any more as I continued to push softly deep inside her with her moaning and groaning sensationally to quivering in climax. We enjoyed copulating and our strokes got more intense and she was matching my every stroke. Then I slowed down again, and again she glared at me and I said to her, “I didn’t want to ejaculate so soon so I slowed down.””Continue to fuck me good.”I then raised her legs over my shoulders and started to hump her hard and fast penetrating my whole length. Her knees pressed to her shoulders, bums raised up curled like a round ball. I leaned forward smacked my lips on hers. I went on humping and looking at me told me, “Your cock is knocking at my cervix.” She stretched her hand to feel my cock which still had a few inches outside pussy, “Wow. A few inches stay out to stand guide. Oooo…Hooo…Ummmhh. So sensual pleasure..” She closed her eyes smilingly showing expression of pleasure and I knew that she was getting ready for her orgasm. There was squishy squashy sound from our conjoining organs and I tried to delay ejection and made her climax first. I sensed that she was in pleasure smiling and was about to reach climax. All the time I was humping her to make her cum fast before me. I then increased the tempo, concentrating on ejecting inside her pussy like there was no tomorrow. We had been wishing for the day to come when she could enjoy sex with pleasure. She matched me stroke for stroke and then I felt my sperm rising and it was a wonderful feeling as my scrotum tightened and a spurt of sperm shot inside her pussy followed by ejecting jet after jet of sperm. I held her tight and kissing her as she put her legs down from my shoulders and wrapped them around my waist. It was wonderful, de-copulated as we got back our composure. My finger continued stimulating her slow and steady to raise her libido. I moved my fingers in and out as she gasped loudly, “Wow…Wow…Oooo…Hohoho..Ouchhh..never feel so sensual…no man had given me so good feeling..,” arching her body. I slowly and gently opened her pussy as she writhed and moaned, her movements becoming more pronounced and legs kicking as she moaned louder, “Wow…Ooo…Ouchhh…..”Then she came, her pussy muscles rippling along my penetrating fingers. I let her orgasm a second time before I slide my fingers out. Then next aimed a finger at her pussy and I pushed it in. She gasped at the new intrusion. She got aroused in a short time, oozing wet and craved for sex again. I climbed between her legs, aimed my cock into her pussy. I grabbed her hips and started humping. She moaned, her body writhing hugging me tight. I didn’t want to disappoint her, mounted her and with a few slow humping my cock penetrated her pussy and my whole length tunneled all the way in. I picked up pace, after a few minutes she climax again and began to scream in orgasm, “Ouchhh…My…My….Darling…you make me so sexually fulfilling…”Her pussy tightening around my cock. I kept ramming my cock hard into her. Her body convulsed and shook wildly as she orgasm over and over. I lost track of how many times. Her body sagged down, head lay on the bed, groaning and quivering in exhaustion. I finally dumped another load as she moaned softly. She shrieked, body wriggling violently. I was afraid it was painful but hugging me assuring she had the most pleasurable sensation and not in pain. I was delighted she was enjoying. I continued to move my cock in and out, pulled to just about to slip out of the pussy and pushed back in, tunneling slowly to the cervix. As I continued with the rhythmic movement she wriggled and screamed sensationally, hugging me with nails scratching my back. She was quivering wildly tightening her pussy muscles on my encroached cock. We both reached climax simultaneously as I ejaculated and she quivering in climax. I turned her over on top of me and remained copulated, kissing and embracing. When it became flaccid and slipped out, juices flew out in abundance. As my cock began to soften, I pushed her down on the bed, lying down beside her, exhausted myself. We remained embracing to recuperate from our exhaustive romp. She looked at me and said worryingly, “Mark, with so much semen ejected into my womb I may have been impregnated.”I took courage to comfort her, “Maylene, I want to replace your sadist husband. I want to marry you as soon as possible to start our family.””Oh Mark, my desire to be yours forever. Yes I want to be your wife. You can fuck me as and when your want. Make me pregnant with our c***d soon.””I can’t wait for that to happen, grow your belly, your breasts lactate. I so eager for your milk darling Maylene.””Oh Yes you greedy hubby and daddy! Fuck me!”We giggled heartily and lay in each other’s embrace for a nap.She woke up while I was still sleeping. When I woke up I smelled food and went to the kitchen looking for her. There she was preparing dinner, when I entered the kitchen looking for her. I sneaked behind her and hugged her, lips sunk on her neck and smooched. I turned her around and plunged my lips on hers while my hands slipped under her blouse and fondled her breasts. She had no undergarment. I took off her blouse and lifted up her skirt and fingered her pussy. I was horny feeling her body. I proceeded to undress her. “Oh..Oooo…My…My…Can’t you wait….Dinner get burned…Ummmhhh…Hohohoh…””I want to eat you for dinner,” as I took off my clothes.”Ohhh…you so lovable horny….””Suck my cock. I need to relieve. My urge for you going to burst.”She gets on her knees and sucks my cock for few minutes. I couldn’t control and lifted her up onto the kitchen counter with her legs spread and thrust cock into pussy and fucked her. “No Mark…don’t eject into pussy….,” as she pulled out my cock then vigorously rubbed out a load of cum all over her tits.”Maylene when you’re ready I eject a full load into pussy. I desire to have our baby. I abide by you since you’re a great planner.””Yeah, a growing belly hinter our pleasure. I have not enough of sex. Besides wait till we’re married to have our baby.””We can wait so long I have you constantly.””You are so greedy. I love you. I am all yours, body and soul.” Dinner wasn’t burned. It was sumptuous. Maylene is a good cock. It would taste much delicious if I didn’t interrupt her cooking. I had no complaint and she laughed it off cheerfully. We continued to progress in our relationship, being together as much as time permitted. Our affair was still kept under wrap in the office. She was as stern and sharp tongue at me. But I noticed she found it hard to pretend when uttering with a tingling smile I occasionally caught her. It was better everyone didn’t know we are intimated. There was a rule on office romance, more so on superior and subordinate. We didn’t let the rule bothered us. I could leave the company or ask for a transfer to another department. On occasions I got the urge to touch her when she came to my desk. But the open office was too noticeable. When I couldn’t stop the itch to touch her, I would carry a file and walked into her room closing it behind. I grabbed her and kissed her long and passionately till we both gasped for breath. Sometime we arranged to go to her home on the dot and had fun time. Other times knowing I would come into her office and hanky-panky she would go to the ladies and took off her panties. She lifted her skirt and sat on the desk exposing wide her valley-of-love for a quickie. I rammed in, withheld ejecting but sometimes I shot jet into her pussy while leaning on her tightly. Then we disengaged double quick and used tissue to mop up our juices. I walked out of the room gingerly as if after I accomplished my paper work with my lady boss. The weekends were the best when we tried not to go to the office anymore and instead made love in her home. We continued to be lovey-dovey and all going fine for us like any couple but we were keeping our affairs shrouded in private. To our luck, an office function cropped up to give us an opportunity to be together over the weekend in a holiday resort away from office. My boss selected me to travel with her to that function. Nobody raised a ruckus. Instead my colleague looked at me pitifully expecting me to get thrashing day and night at the function. They were right about the thrashing. We had our own world thrashing each other in bed! At the end of daily event after cocktail and dinner some adjourned to the lounge and drank. Instead we retreated to our individual rooms to shower. Then I sneaked into her room. She was anxiously waiting in the nude. As she opened the door, I wasted no time grabbing her, swept her into my arms and carried her to the bed. I put her down and undressed in double quick time jumped into the bed. We were in heat with our hands all over each other. I was fully aroused and stood erected eager to have sexual intercourse. She was soaked wet when I touched her pussy. Still I fore-played her, gamely withheld penetration to drive her libido high. I sunk my tongue darting inside her pussy salivating the labia in my mouth. I slipped a finger in, found the G-spot and stroke it softly sent her recoiled and clamped up her legs. I continued stroking looking at her facial expression while she quivered and rocked wildly. Her hands seized my neck pulled me onto her. We positioned 69 and sucked each other’s genitals with her screams of pleasure of “Oooo…Ohhh…Ouch…Ummm..Oh…Good..”It was time, no longer satisfied with petting she wanted cock inside pussy. She said loudly, “Come fuck me please.”I didn’t wait a second, got between her legs and humped in. As I pumped with increasing tempo, I felt her body shaking in orgasm once more. She cried out for me to continue thrusting as she squeezed my cock hard with her pussy muscles. I tried to lock in longer but the spasm was spontaneous and soon I ejaculated into her. She put her hands on my balls and squeezed them as my sperm shot into her for what must have been a full minute as she yelled, “I am not in fertile period so no worry. Eject into me.” “Wonderful. I can give you all the semen your pussy can received.”The whole night was spent romping in bed with soft romantic music played. We danced snuggling intimately. It didn’t take long we got steamed up craving sex. Dancing her towards the desk, I pushed her lying onto the desk with legs spread wide exposing her pussy. I bend forward nibbling her earlobes and neck. She was so stimulated, quivering violently. I positioned and plunged my cock into her wet pussy. It was smooth sailing inside to her cervix. I jerked in and out rubbing the inner walls. With each jerk she quivered squeezing my cock and climax as I ejaculated jet of sperm into her. We recuperated then went on to have sex again repeatedly.It was delightful, no work, just the two of us hard at work driving ourselves to attain lots of pleasure. I didn’t count how many times we had sexual intercourse but judging by the dampness on the bed-sheet we might have achieved a record! We were spent, energy expended in our quest for pleasure. I had no doubt I found my ideal partner and quite unexpectedly too. Call it we were destined for each other? We were inseparable and always found time to be together. We simply craved to be with each other. Needless to say we were sleepy eyes in the day and could hardly concentrate on the events. It was a change from the hectic office to have fun. We had more extra fun of our own making than the rest of the attendees! The day was long and night was short. It was a marvelous opportunity for us to get away from office and be together. We simply couldn’t get enough of each other.Things pretty chuckled along joyfully for us. One evening we had a conversion about us together. I had a lingering question about our relationship which was developing well. We needed to be sure both wanted each other. Sex was fulfilling but there was more than sex to nurture a lasting relationship. In our case of different status. I asked her “You are my boss and wealthy so would a better man than I suit you?,” I kissed her and said “I love you lots and lots darling.” She replied glazing and hugging me, “I am yours don’t you see? I love you with all my heart, wealth and body. Status not important to me. I want your love. You mean a lot to me. I can’t do without you. You want me long term?” “Sure I want you for life darling,” I wanted to be sure I said, “Sorry for asking. We had found love with each other. Intuitively we had connected and committed to an intimate relationship in a natural progression. I am glad I am able to help you gain back your life. In many ways we are compatible; sexually we were adventurous trying various positions with our cock and pussy but not anal sex which we both loathed. No more toys only our natural genitals can bring us to our paradise.” I tried hard not to bring back her horrible memories. Sometimes we slept in bed she still woke up screaming and I would wake her and hug her. Often I felt her pussy wet and would copulate to calm her with pleasure. Hopefully with times, I could make her forget her dreadful past. I only wished I had the gut to go public with her then we could get married sooner. As both foresee there were no encumbrance in our marriage and we wanted to be together all the time. She had an idea how to circumvent company policy of office relationship. If there was no manager and subordinate relationship which could influence performance assessment then it might be permissible. In simple language either I moved to another department not managed by her or I resigned. I was prepared to resign if there was no alternative. She went to talk to the CEO about our relationship. To her surprise, the CEO congratulated us and said he would promote me to head another department. He doesn’t want me to resign as I was an exemplary employee whom he had heard about. Things seem to fit nicely for us. We couldn’t ask for more. On my transfer post, all my colleagues gathered to give me a send off dinner. They said I was fortunately to get away from the shrew! I thanked them adding things were not as bad as they thought if they knew better her predicament. After my transfer we felt less pressurized to remain under cover. We were seen together though not as often as when we worked in same department. Initially no one besides high management was aware of our relationship. We went lunch together and no one batted an eye or had a hint about us. We didn’t make an attempt to disclose. Just let it be as natural for the news to break out. We knew there was no compunction to hide any more. I moved to live in her home. We cohabited to have quality time together. Soon we decided to tell her staff at a dinner we arranged. Everyone gasped open mouth when we walked into the restaurant holding hands. In a jovial happy mood, I announced we became an item and jokingly said “I had tamed the shrew that is going to marry me soon”. Sure we stunned them but quickly they calmed down and congratulated us. In return she said she would change her attitude and be reasonable treating them now that she had resolved her past troubles with all thanks to me, giving me a passionate hug to the applause of everyone. After that dinner, we were a dovey-lovey pair in public. All things came to a beautiful end when we got married few months later. I cherished her and we both accommodate each other differences which are few in between. We love and grew our love day by day. We have family plan and in the pipeline production for little feet running around the house. I learned a lot about human relationship in this saga. One thing for sure, I was positive, compassionate and rational in approaching issues. I was also an emotional guy and I saw beauty no matter how nasty she was to me. There must be a reason for her to exhibit such obnoxious characteristics. Fortunately I saw her intrinsic beauty and pursued her sincerely to find love with her ultimately. I hit the target right. I got the trophy prize!

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