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Subject: My Little Buddy My Little Buddy Part 1 By Chaim Reactions are welcome at ail English is not my mother tongue, so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Support Nifty to keep this site open and free! We headed to the playgrounds and the boys started to run around. The boys were kicking Little Mason’s ball. The little boy had some real energy, he was running around and keeping up with his buddy Joe. I went to them and we made small talk for a while as they panted as worked up a big sweat. The boys wore similar thin cotton shorts that immediately became see-through when wet. They didn’t seem to care who saw what. they just played and ran around carefree even though their privates were visible and no longer so private. I saw Little Mason and Joe still had rather small boy cocks, although they have grown and developed considerably the last year. I looked at little Mason’s shorts and saw he had a good size already. I liked to look at his endowment, but I did it very discreetly. I didn’t want them to know that the sight of near-naked boys turned me on. After a while Joe left us and I sat there with Little Mason in the sun. It was good to have him around for the summer. Everyone calls him Little Mason because his father’s name is Mason and that led to endless confusion. I smiled at him and Little Mason turned around, jumped in my arms and gave me a hug! Just before we unlocked our brace, I swear I felt his little boy cock poking me in my stomach. I wondered, wow, could a boy like Little Mason already have these kind of feelings toward me? When I let him down, the boy beamed up at me and exclaimed, “I am glad I got over to stay with you! We can have a lot of fun, but I’m tired. Can we go inside your house?” “Yep, me too little man.” We walked home and went straight to the kitchen and had some milk and a sandwich. We were all sweaty we needed to take a shower. I asked Little Mason, “You want to take a shower?” The boy nodded and we headed up stairs to my bedroom to take a shower and to hangout. I handed Little Mason a soft white towel and fresh pair of his boy briefs and set the water temperature for the shower, “When you’re done just leave the water on. I’m gonna shower after you. Okay?” “Okay, Liam.” I went to my room to start a game and after a few minutes Little Mason called out, “Liam, please, come here.” I went to the bathroom and Little Mason was standing out of the shower with the towel covering him, the boy shivered. “What happened?” “The water is too cold.” I laughed at him, suddenly he looked real little and vulnurable. “Okay, let me fix that for you.” I adjusted the temperature and Little Mason turned around to face the water again. The boy’s sweet white boy ass was exposed to me. I stared at it for a moment and I couldn’t help but notice he had a firm little boy ass. Little Manson’s ass looked so good, it was marble white, smooth and firm. I gathered myself and he jumped in and hung his towel on the door. I got a good look at the back of his entire naked body. Little Mason’s ass was so nice and moon shaped and his legs were surprisingly well formed. From behind he looked like a really little and young. I couldn’t believe he was so close to me! I went to my room and I was rock hard. I was a little confused to be honest. I couldn’t stop thinking about his smooth boy ass. I was lost in my horny thoughts and wondered what would be next. Suddenly I heard Little Mason coming into my room. Little Mason looked at me whispered, “You’re next, Liam.” “Okay, boy, thanks!” I looked at him and my cock jumped in my boxer shorts. I hoped he wouldn’t notice my arousal, although the bulge was now clearly visible. He smiled at me and stood so close to me I could feel the warth of his body on my skin. My cock trobbed and I almost blew my load right there. My excitement must have been almost palpable. Little Mason was only wearing some tight white briefs that showed half his ass cheeks and nothing else when he walked past me his boy ass shook a little. He had a small frame and a cute ass with some sexy smooth legs. Little Mason grinned at me, flexing his beautiful boy ass and he posed for me like a model. Oh, shit! He really was teasing me. I noticed he likes to tease me, to keep me under his wonderful loving control. Although I still didn’t know he did it with that intention. I groaned very softly as I needed to do something. My hands trembled and I wanted to touch every part of his smooth soft body. It was my dirty mind, but I totally got off on it. Little Mason’s young body hadn’t started to develop much yet, his body was smooth. Below his belly button the smooth skin continued through the area, that would soon develop pubic hair, into the base of his small boy penis. Little Mason’s boy cock had that outward droop so typical of young boys, not hard but not hanging down either. I licked my lips when Little Mason turned and I could see his back and ass tighten. Fuck, did the boy have a hot ass! I never had an ass so round and perfect like that. It felt like a magnet and I felt the attractive power of it. An attraction so intense that it was hard to escape. There was no way I was imagining this, I think any guy would agree, Little Mason had a beautiful ass and he was sexy as fuck. I somehow made it out of my room but I was definitely in a horny fog. I felt warm and my mind was racing. This morning I didn’t have a chance to jerk like I usually do. So, I stroked my cock, and in my mind, he was on his knees sliding his mouth up and down my cock. I loved the feeling of his warm little mouth, hitting the entrance of his throat. He was moaning out his gratitude for my efforts, and looked up at my face. I instantly shoot a load on the glass shower wall. kocaeli escort bayan Shit! I can’t be thinking these thoughts? My cock was still at attention sticking straight out from my body, as I lathered my hair. As I rinsed the shampoo from my hair, I heard the unmistakable sound of the toilet lid banging against the tank. I opened my eyes and there was Little Mason. He had his back was to me, but he was clearly taking a piss. I turned away from him to hide my still erect cock. There is no way he hadn’t already seen my erection when he entered the bathroom. I heard him flush, and gave him a moment to leave, before resuming my shower. I finished my shower and toweled myself dry. I went to my room and walked in to an incredible sight. “What’s going on?” “I love this.” Little Mason was in my room watching a video of a Korean boy band on YouTube, singing and dancing. He moved a little with them and I said, “Mason, feel free, you can dance.” Suddenly the teen boys on the screen began to shake their asses on the video. My mind was racing again. I teased him, “I bet you can’t dance like them.” Mason smiled, “Oh yes Liam, I can! Watch.” Little Mason bent over and stuck out his little boy ass. The kid had rhythm, wow! He was making his boy ass jiggle and I swear he was good. He looked so sexy and I was on fire again. Little Mason was like a machine shaking his little boy ass. I loved how easy and familiar this young boy was to me. I knew I wanted to feel that ass on my hard cock so bad. I wanted to taste it and stick my tongue deep inside his little sphincter, rimming his cute little boy ass badly, “Mason, wow! You can dance, little man.” “Really Liam?” he seemed happy to hear my compliment. “Yeah, you’re good, but you would be the best dancer ever if you had more practice. Do you want to practice some more?” “Yeah I want to dance more, it’s so much fun.” I hesitated and looked for a different disc in my very private collection. We started with another Korean video, not suitabble for the prudish YouTube. He listened and moved with the boy band. Soon he closed his eyes as he danced absently with the music. He ran his small fingers through his blonde hair giving me the opportunity to take in his beautiful body. He finally opened his eyes and he caught me taking in his tasty boy body. He smiled at me and made his cock dance up and down a few times. Seeing him bounce made me smile back. I told Mason to copy the guy on the screen and to watch the screen. I sat on the bed and just watched him from behind. Mason danced with his little ass towards me. The Asian teen on the screen was actually sensual and very sexy, but I wanted to show Little Mason some more possibilities. After some dances I took another disc. This disc seemed to be more attractive. Sexier gay, it was soft porn. I hoped it would help bringing out what seemed like his shyly repressed desire. First he watched the nearly nude dance and looked up from gazing excitedly at the soft-core gay porn. Suddenly he said, “Damn, Liam. You’ve been so damn nice to me. I’m really like that! I mean, thanks, man!” I smiled when he stepped to me and gave me a firm hug. The thrill that shot through my groin as our cocks touched was mind blowing. I pressed our bodies together, but Little Mason quickly broke our embrace, and left stammering, looking for words. I looked at him and said, “Well, cool. Glad you like them, little dude. I always thought those dancers looked really hot. You can watch those discs when you like.” The dancers on the screen was quite young, and they looked smooth and toned. The singer wore just skimpy red briefs and Little Mason eyes were fixed on them. Was it his cock or those briefs that intrigued Little Mason? The singer’s cock looked nice, but not too big and his clearly visible balls looked great. “He looks very nice, little man” I said more to myself than to Little Mason. My boy mumbled, “Oh, yes, he lookes great and he is a good dancer.” We watched the disk. It getting Little Mason excited as he watched the screen. The boy wanted to be one of those lucky boys. My own cock was raging in my boxer shorts. Little Mason’s little bulge became prominent in his briefs and came into view. The tented patch was wet. It wasn’t yet a lot of moisture, but it was enough for me to take notice of. I decided to tease him again. “Uh oh, did my little guy wet his briefs?” I asked playfully, and he responded by sticking his tongue out. “You’re a little bad boy, aren’t you?” Before he could answer, I moved back in with my fingertips, digging into his ribs with reckless abandon while he giggled uncontrollably. Eager I leaned in and my fingers moved on his belly to his chest, he reacted with a laughter. When I found his smooth arm pits, he clasped his arms to his sides, trapping my hands and encouraging me to tickle him. Finally, after what must have seemed like an eternity to him, Little Mason called out for mercy. “Liam, stop it, I give up.” he wailed through a fit of giggles and he panted, “You win!” Little Mason started to dance again. On the screen the dancer pulled his skimpy briefs off and started to spread his ass cheeks and show his tiny asshole to us. Little Mason hesitated amd looked at me. “Come on, Mason. Do what he does. You have to learn.” Mason dropped his boy briefs to the floor slowly. On the screen the dancer kicked it to the side and guy was a sight to behold. He bent over and we could see his asshole. “Mason come on. Just like him.” I was horny as fuck. Mason reached back and began to spread his little ass cheeks like the dancer on the screen. I went closer, my eyes right up to Little Mason’s little asshole and it looked beautiful. This tiny ass hole was begging to get fucked, his cute little kocaeli sınırsız escort balls barely hung between his legs. “Come on, Mason, shake that beautiful little ass, boy, just do it.” Little Mason began to move his knees out and in and simultaneously shaking his little boy ass. Wow, he was a natural! “Turn around and face me.” Little Mason turned around and looked at me. I could tell he loved doing this. He asked shy, “You really think I’m beautiful?” “Oh yes, boy, you are beautiful. Just dance, show me your movements. Do it!” Little Mason smiled happy and he started to dance again and his little boy cock was bouncing around. Mason took orders well. The boy was puckering his lips and making them wet. What a sight! I swear there was a wet spot forming at the tip of my cock and getting bigger and bigger as I watched him! My god! My cock was drooling a river of pre-cum! “Keeping licking your lips.” I was rock hard and stroked my cock in my boxer shorts. Little Mason stopped, he seemed intrigued and excited. The guy on the screen sucked on his fingers and replaced them with his microphone. Sucking an licking it like a cock. Little Mason asked me surprised, “Why is he doing that?” “Because it makes it more fun and it feels good. I will show you, come sit down.” The boy made some squats and sat down at my feet, panting a little. Little Mason looked at me and licked his lips, he wanted more! I brought my fingers slowly to his open mouth and gently push one, later two fingers inside. Little Mason delicately sucked them, it was just a reflex, but he didn’t feel any shame now doing so. I smiled and ran my fingers around his wet lips. “Good boy! Just spread your legs a little wider, boy!” Little Mason did and admired the outline of my cock in silence, his blue eyes followed every move. Little Mason looked longingly at my toned chest, my prominent little nipples. The boy whispered totally impressed, “Wow you have a nice chest, Liam!” I smiled and flexed my chest muscles playfully and my hard cock throbbed inside my boxer shorts. Little Mason whispered still totally impressed, “You still are a stud!” “Well boy, I can see the eagerness in your eyes. Well, don’t worry, you look great yourself. It is great to have you here!” I looked at him, he was really a smooth willing boy, who was kneeling there in front of me, with his smooth legs spread wide. Naked he looked so good, I looked down between his legs and saw his boy cock and smooth balls exposed to the world. “You want to follow my suggestions, orders and wishes all the way. I like that, boy. Forget your doubts and mixed feelings. Don’t be scared, enjoy it all.” Little Mason looked up at me, totally under my spell. I was sure, all he could think of was that he was going to suck my quivering cock! “Well, you are an eager young boy, aren’t you?” He swallowed his eyes focused on my bulge, “Yes, oh yes!” Little Mason croaked with a trembling voice. I wanted to fulfill the boy’s dreams and needs and did my best to go slow with him. My new little boyfriend was so young, so vulnerable, so sweet. He still had to learn and accept so much. I dared to take a step, I looked into his greedy eyes and knew that he was ready. “Here, little friend you can use mine.” I pulled my boxer shorts down and took out my cock slowly. It was throbbing and dripping like a faucet. I knew I overstepped every line, but I didn’t care anymore. I waved my cock at him, “That’s okay, boy, shall we take the next step? I love to do this with you. The dancer showed us, he liked sucking, now it your turn, boy.” Little Mason stammered, “What would I have to do?” he wasn’t sure about this, this was a new, weird, scary and sensational situation. I took my cock showing it to my cute boy. I still saw the mixture of fear and the excitement on his boy face and I said, “Yeah boy, I’m sure we will have a lot of fun together, boy.” Little Mason reacted confused and shy, he mumbled, “I don’t know, but want it, Liam.” He looked at my cock and saw a big drop of pre-cum leaking down. I catched it on my middle finger and brought my finger to the red wet lips of the excited boy in front of me. “Lick my finger, boy, it’s good to taste my cum. Just be a good boy and taste it.” I knew the drop was not enough cum for Little Mason to get a good taste, but I wanted him to swallow it anyway. Little Mason hesitated before taking the drop of pre-cum inside his mouth. After some seconds, he slowly licked my finger clean and tasted my cum on his tongue. He smiled and clearly loved the taste my cum, because he licked his lips again! I whispered to him, “Here just kiss and lick my cock, boy.” He looked at my cock and smiled again. “Wow, never seen such a big cock before.” “Come on boy, don’t worry, lick my cock head, it will not bite you.” That came out naturally and it felt so good to convince him slowly. Little Mason smiled but hesitated just a second before he put his wet lips on my cock head. He quickly pulled away and a long string of pre-cum was stuck to his little lips. He grinned at me and licked his lips, it was his victory, he did it! “Come on boy, just lick it like a ice cream, you know it doesn’t taste bad, you will love it.” I encouraged him to go on and to suck my cock. “Here, get on my bed.” Little Mason stood and stepped on my bed. He went on my side and moved with his blonde head in my lap. The boy’s cute little boy ass was up in the air and angled. Wow, what a sight! The boy’s ass looked so sweet and juicy and the boy had a natural arch in his back. This made him look so ready and eager to be fucked. It was way too early for that, but it almost seemed like he offered his ass for it. “Aw, that feels so good boy.” Little izmit anal yapan escort Mason was now bobbing up and down and I started fucking his mouth gently with my rock hard cock. I played with his ass, felt it, stroked his marbele white cheeks and I couldn’t believe how soft it was. I put my index and middle finger in my mouth and coated it with my saliva. I began to rub and play with his tiny little asshole. The little boy was moaning and gently moving his soft hairless body with me. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I knew my load was coming. My full balls were sharp, they was burning with my desire to unload. I trembled, lost control, my desire took over. Within a very, very short time, I felt his orgasm closing in on me, so I held out as long as I possibly could before I groaned, “Try to hold on boy. Oh shit, I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” I panted, “Ugh, here it is, boy.” He looked so beautiful with his tiny boy lips around my trembling cock. “Oh fuck!” I nearly yelled and I shot what seemed to be endless streams of hot cum into his little open mouth. I looked as his totally surprised face and saw he was swallowing of my load as much as he could, but a lot of it was pouring down my cock and balls. My little cute cocksucker didn’t skip a beat. Little Mason kept my hard cock in his little mouth and waited for the last drop. Little Mason raised his head up and his mouth was dripping with cum. He was licking around his lips and seemed to love it. “You like that, boy?” I asked him, “Oh yes, I love it. Hmm.” I loved the way how he said that. “You like to be Daddy boy, don’t you?” “Why do you say that, Liam?” “Saying what? Daddy?” “Yeah.” “Well because in my house, I can be like a good daddy for you and you can be my boy.” “Can I be your son?” Little Mason’s voice sounded hopeful. “Yes you can, be my son in here. Outside people will not understand.” Little Mason smiled happy and nodded his head and whispered, “Wow, thank you Daddy.” he lightly moaned in pleasure as I stroked his smooth body. To my surprise he took my hand and brought his to his heaving chest. I slowly began to pinch his little boy nipples. I hadn’t noticed how hard they were. The boy groaned with pleasure. He whispered, “I like that, Daddy.” I played with his little boy nipples with one hand and moved my other hand to his trembling boy cock. “Your penis is all hard, boy. Do you like what your Daddy is doing to you?” “Oh yes, Daddy. It makes me feel so nice. Do you feel nice doing it to me Daddy?” “Yes! Oh yes, that’s why you are my good little boy, because you make Daddy feel so good.” Little Mason loved it and panted, my boy was on the edge, having his own cute and heavy boy orgasm, while I was rubbing his nipples and smooth chest. “Oh yes! Believe me boy, this is what I’ve been dreaming about for a long time now.” As I touched his boy cock with one hand, his orgasm hit him. Little Mason quivered as his orgasm rocked his small smooth body. He groaned and began shaking. He cried out as he reared his head backward overwhelmed by his orgasm. Little Mason had been on the very edge ever since all of this first started. Now, he was nearing one hell of a cum shooting explosion. He was smart enough to realize that he was nearing the point of no return. I pulled the boy close to me. I dove down, wasted no time in using my tongue to swirl around his smooth boy balls. My nose was very close to his tiny asshole and while I slithered my tongue all around his beautiful balls. I breathed in his anal scent. With his voice cracking, he yelled out, “Yes, yes, yes! Daddy!” I was jerking on his penis with fierce intensity. Crying out, Little Mason screamed, “Oh fuck, fuck, shit Daddy, here, here, I’m uh, ah…” Just as his cum was entering the base of his cock, building up some awesome and devastating pressure, his mind went blank. “Oh Daddy, hold me!” I hold him tight and his boy cock was now firing ropey strands of boy cream directly on my body. He panted, “Ah! Ah!” and groaned. Little Mason’s cock heat was wet and the boy panted and slowly came back to earth. My own cock was still hard and I knew I’d be ready to go again. I felt his hot boy cum on my skin and as we hugged my mind began to see trillions of bright stars exploding in my head. I felt the force of my own orgasm. Holy shit, my cum exploded from my cock. It felt exceptional good, my piss lips opened as the endless firing of my cum exploded from my body. Little Mason was a bit shocked at the force of my orgasm as my load hit us with an unbelievable power. Being the natural cum lover he was, he greedily accepted my cum on his smooth skin as a gift. Rope of creamy richness fired repeatedly on us, and Little Mason was surprised to discover just how much juice my balls and cock could produce. “Lick up our cum up, don’t waste it, sweet boy.” I raised up to my legs and spread eagle so he could have access to my cum soaked body. “Come on boy, lick up your own healthy cum.” Little Mason was really a natural. He ran his tongue around on my chest, my belly and he went down to my balls and cock. “Go lower, boy.” I brought my knees back and held them with my hands. “Yes, Daddy!” Little Mason was a sweet boy and good. He lapped up all his cum and after a sudden hesitation he gave my ass a good licking. “Come here, little one.” Little Mason raised up and looked at me with a look of desire. “Wow, it’s so nice to call you my Daddy.” I put out my arms and he came to me and we hugged. I felt an overwhelming desire to kiss him deeply and stick my tongue in his mouth. I didn’t care that he had my cum in his mouth and on his beautiful face. We laid on my bed kissing passionately as I grabbed his little ass and held him close. I could feel his little hard cock rubbing on my stomach and my little boy was moaning in pleasure. He loved being my boy. Reactions are welcome at ail English is not my mother tongue, so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Support Nifty to keep this site open and free!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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